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  1. SIKH STUDENT CAMP 2006 20th - 26th August Its the time of the year where summer camps kick off around the world offering Sikh students the chance to experience pure bliss through meditation, keertan, seva, sangat and so much more. This year is no different and, stronger than ever, the Sikh Student Camp is back this August promising "an experience you'll never forget". Unlike some other camps, Sikh Student Camp is open to all, regardless of which background your from or what caste you are. As long as your at least 17 years of age, Sikh Student Camp 2006 is open to you. Easy now what am I gonna be doin' ? A Little bit for everyone, a powerful talk or two in the morning, group workshops or discussions loads of chances to ask yah Questions/queries etc then split for activities (Operation Aloo) in the nature reserve, bonfire night, Gladiators, football, archery, trampolining, and more! Also langar will be happening 24/7 and kirtan, with translations, simran, yoga...and so much more. What am I gonna get out of it ? In life, we all want something better, we're always searching for something extra, and "People" this is it, Sikh Student Camp! Millions of people are lost because our mind, plays havocs with our body, through emotions feelings, thoughts, organs etc and that has a knock on effect to our soul that end's up suffering the brunt, then we get confused and depressed etc (Sound familiar) ....... So here's your chance to come along and find out how all these characteristics can be controlled and how the great Sikhs of the past had such compassion, respect and honour, and held their spirit's high and kept the flags flying. Will I fit in ? If you can go to gig's, cinema's, restaurants etc.. coming to Sikh Student Camp will be a doddle. The camp is open to everyone, irrespective of your background. Campers come from all walks of life, each bringing their own experiences and unique perspectives. Loads of friends are coming with me, so how many more campers ? Planning for 150, we'll see it could be more or less, who knows until the day. Note: Visitors will not be allowed into the camp. SECURITY WILL NOT ALLOW PEOPLE TO ENTER, UNLESS THEY HAVE AN ENTRY FORM. So get yah forms in. What are the camp facilities like? Showers,(obviously separate males/females) rooms with carpets and sponge mats, no tents etc. Its got an in-built Gurudwara, playing field, nature reserve and lake nearby. Lets just say back to "school" type, which means you'll be ok. Is there an age limit? If you are 17+, then you are most welcome. Note: If you are below this age, you will not be allowed entry onto the site. What do I do now? Well watch the trailer, download the keertan from last years camp, and click apply to enter the Sikh Student Camp experience...! Apply now! Visit http://www.sikhstudent.org for the official camp website!
  2. Dynamic_Banda that was too funny!!
  3. This Saturday there's a Special Kirtaan Durbaar at Shepherd's Bush Gurdwara, London! Need a bit of a boost? Rejuvenate yourself at this special kirtaan programme. Including translations in English, amazing kirtaan and a special ardaas for those taking exams this year! From 6.30pm - 9.30pm we will be lucky enough to experience Kirtan sung by some of the most accomplished Kirtanis in this country and from abroad - many of whom will be performing in traditional and soul inspiring Raag. Thee Kirtanis doing sewa on the night include: Harjit Singh Khalsa (Mehta Chowk) Veer Manpreet Singh (India and London) Harjinder Singh Lallie (Midlands) - www.gurmatsangeet.org Bhai Amarjeet Singh (London) Gurpreet Kaur (London) Ravinderpal Singh (Southall) Sukha Singh (London) see http://www.Ektaone.com/ for previous recordings As always there will be Katha and translation in English throughout the evening. This promises to be one of the great Kirtan nights of the year - one not to miss!! Also included in this sublime night will be an ardaas for those about to take their exams!! Please please please tell all your friends and family, publiscise it at school, college, uni, work, gurdwara, forums, e-groups.. and dont forget to come yourself... When: Saturday, 6th May, 6.30pm - 9.30pm Where: Central Gurdwara, Shepherds Bush, Queensdale Road, W11. Tube: Sheperds Bush, Central line
  4. Sikh Student Camp 2006 is here! Its 2006 and Sikh Student Camp is back for the 5th year running! This year's camp dates are Sunday 20th - Saturday 26th August. and spaces at the camp are limited, so apply early. Remember the camp is not just for students - if your 17 or over, want to explore your roots and spirituality in a friendly environment and have a fun week along the way then this camp is for you! As well as info on Sikh Student Camp 2006, on this site you'll find last years camp trailer & photos (this years trailer is coming soon!). Sikh Student Website!
  5. The Sikh students of London present: Sri Akhand Paath + Kirtaan + Feed the homeless. When: Friday am, 10th March - Sunday am 12th March 2006, On Saturday the 11th - join us for a London wide Youth Kirtan from 7pm-10pm, and/or a Soup Run to help feed the homeless in London (the food for the soup run will be prepared at the Gurdwara - come and help!) Where: Shepherd's Bush Gurdwara, (nearest tube: Shepherd's Bush, Central Line) We need your help to make the Soup Run and Akhaand Paath a success. If you can help or require further details you can contact us on: Email: links@khalsa.com or Tel: 0774 246 8895
  6. LINKS & King's College London Sikh Society presents, "Faith & Science - Are you a believer?" A ground-breaking multi-faith talk by Davinder Singh Panesar. Whether you are Sikh, Christian, Hindu, Musilm, another faith or have no particular faith - come open the doors to your mind on the relationship of faith and science.. When: 6pm - 8pm, Thursday 23rd February 2006 Where: King's College London, Harris Lecture Theatre, London Bridge Campus. Nearest Tube: London Bridge (Jubilee, Northern & National Rail) For more details: email: sikh.soc@kcl.ac.uk / links@khalsa.com tel: 07903 990 4791 / 0774 246 8895 ALL WELCOME!! "through innocent love meet the eternal"
  7. Yo this is gona be a massive event!!!!!!!! make sure you book your tickets!!!! West London: 07742468895 Central & East London: 07711244863
  8. wwwwiiiikkkkkkdddd stttufff!! ** shall be there!
  9. Paintballing for London IS HAPPENING!!!! Date: Wednesdaay 1st March 2006 Venue: Maidenhead Arrival time: 9.45am Price: £17 So what does it include? - entry!! - 200 paintballs - Lunch (inc drink) - Coach It's a pretty amazing offer. We're booking 3 coaches.. 1 to leave from West London (likely to be Brunel Uni), 1 to leave from Central London (likely to be around King's or even Euston area) and one to leave from East London (Queen Mary's). So we're looking at having 150 students at paintballing from across London.. what can be better than that!! TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW!! I am sure that you are looking forward to this event, especially as Sikh Students in london rarely get the opportunity (even at "big events") to have so many people turn out and just have real fun. This event will be open to all!.. so make sure you tell your mates! For bookings and queries: W: www.sikhstudent.org E: links@khalsa.com T: 0774 246 8895
  10. The Kirtan supports the "fill a bag" appeal being run by United Sikhs! The appeal is about filling a school bag with school equipment and clothing for children in the Pakistani city of Bagh. This place was completely devastated by the Asian Earthquake and although some aid agencies are in the area... more help as always is needed! United Sikhs is sending Harsharen Kaur from London to Bagh to help oversee the relief efforts. Harsharen is paying for her own ticket and has the will and motivation to help. If anyone would like to donate to this cause.. costs include purchase of bags, equipment and freight, please go to www.unitedsikhs.org and go to the donate online button. In the subject please write: bags for bhag. Thanks
  11. yeh big fat, greasy oily ones!!
  12. keep at it!! practice makes perfect... well that's wot u always here... but if you keep puttin in the effort it will pay off...... one day!!
  13. bg you offering!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!
  14. do i get paid????? i'm not cheap!!!!!...
  15. gotta say that this was a truely fantastic event!! well done to the organisers!! the talk smashed it.. and the samosay weren't bad either
  16. its always wikd to get samosay!! and the talk aint gona be too bad either!
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