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  1. It's a common question we all have is should we do more baani da paaths or Waheguru Simran? Here the gurmukh speaks in favour of simran starting at 46 mins.
  2. This video is really good. 49 mins of simran plus lots of useful information on naam simran plus anhad journey there after.
  3. Hello Veer

    If you do not mind, may I know how old you are? In 30s, 40s or 50s. Your posts are very touching

    1. Sat1176


      Mid 40s now

    2. Kaur1510


      Achieved a lot,  thanks for motivating others

  4. Just be careful what you say or think when your listening to anhad. That is why it is advised to only start listening to it when your have done loads of gurmantar abhyas. Mind has achieved some control over rogue thoughts.
  5. Don't think so. Nothing wrong with discussing around other gursikhs. Just no point discussing with every Joe Blogs. I was recently listening to a katha and the gurmukh stated that be careful when listing to anhad bani. Because its like taping into the strongest power source ever. If you are listening whilst have negative emotions then you give those negative emotions/thoughts power making them stronger. Likewise you can see the power behind this shabads. They can be used for both negative and positive outcomes. This could be why there is so much secrecy around this path.
  6. Another good akath katha channel. Daily simran on you tube at 7.30am India time and evening simran and akath katha.
  7. Chapters 1 to 3 http://www.ratwarasahib.com/EnglishBooks/05 Discourses on The Beyond Part 3.pdf
  8. Have a listen to this. Explains amrit varkha, thunder, lightening and milaap of Waheguru.
  9. Don’t think you lost it , but more that you have been drawn back into worldly thoughts. So anhad recedes into the background.
  10. I think you already have the answers when you stated your state of mind was disturbed. I was listening to akatha katha yesterday and the bhai sahib stated that when mind is nirmal and pure then anhad sounds will automatically manifest. Just persevere. This channel is seriously good. They are doing sehaj paat at home with gurmantar and akath khatha explanations inbetween. You guys are now my motivation. *Salute* to you for your progress.
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