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  1. From my understanding one should only move to trikute when doing dhyan of listening to anhad or looking at the nirgun/sunn/darkness. Gurmantar jaap should be done at lower levels like in front of mouth, throat, heart or nabhi.
  2. Can’t say I have ever heard that. They do say don’t just treat it as geet for it contains Brahmgyan. But we won’t appreciate the depths of the words until someone with higher insights explains the subtle hints contained within the words. Most just read and sing over them.
  3. Do you feel drawn to one particular persons teaching you have heard who you feel will show me the path? If you do , then take instructions from them and then just do the practical. Try not to look at every teachers preaching. This is very hard to do. I’m still fighting the urge myself to not listen to others, because I can spend hours listening but not doing. Give one teacher an opportunity to guide you for a while and see how you get on. Don’t just collect gyan from all because when simran starts gyan needs to be forgotten and if you have too much teaching in your head it just makes going inwards more difficult. Listen to enough to keep yourself motivated on the path. I didn’t appreciate these wise words when I heard them first years ago. I wanted more and more.... i believe you have spoken to a few now, start homing in on one to guide and help you. All I’m saying is don’t get trapped in all the gyan gathering. When you look back you may realise you wasted more time collecting that than doing the practical. Rest who am I to tell you what is right or wrong for you. When I look at myself this is the mistake I’m beginning to see. It’s like quick sand that is very difficult to escape. Keep a control now on yourself if you can. I am not in the least bit trying to discourage you, just trying to warn you because I see myself in your posts. All the Gurmukhs are satkarjog, choose wisely friend.
  4. You probably know enough already to walk quite far down this journey. Now work on the practical building not the theoretical understanding unless you need your battery charging. I should also practice what I preach HaHa. You shouldn't really have too many questions for Gurmukhs unless your having simran problems or experiences that you want to share or discuss with them. Honestly they get fed up with people calling them all the time. Don't become one of those. Keep it once every few weeks or months. Then they love to hear from you, and see how your getting on. Just shows them you not one of those who came and then disappeared never to reach out to them again. Don't become one of those who calls after every sneeze or tyre puncture to ask why it happened to you? Please do ardas for me etc etc.. When they do a natural bachan of their own choosing for you, then that is the most powerful blessing you will ever need. I was recently telling my teacher that I'm struggling to do simran for more than 15 mins before I drift into Sunn and I am going in and out in one sitting. I was concerned that I should be forcing myself to stay awake because I kept on hearing mix signals from everyone what I should do, even once from him. He said absolutely not. Don't force yourself because you wont be able to. Let sunn/sehaj come. Get to the stage when you are able to say Waheguru once and you have gone into Sunn. Leave the rest to Waheguru to work His magic. If you can fall into sunn / sehaj listening to sehaj dhun/anhad sounds then even better, but if not keep working on the gurmantar and let the mind drift into sunn when it wants. This has been bothering me for months and years now I think and I keep going round in circles because I'm stuck in same rut because I keep hearing different views. Rather than just letting it happen I kept on wanting to solve the issue when I should have just gone with the flow ages ago. Even Charanjit Singh Gorkhi said he used to drift into Sunn when he was doing simran, although he never used a term for it. The similarities are all there, but we can't rush these things no matter how much want to. Go with the flow bud and work on the practical abhiyaas. Give more importance to that rather than the Akath katha, if you feel you have heard enough now. Personally I stopped listening to all the Q&A now from Simranjeet Singh because it was pushing me back into more research of how to quickly get to others peoples avastas. It's great what he is doing, but for me now it is having a negative effect.
  5. The only advice I'm going to give is be very careful about listening to too many different people on how to do bhagti. I know we all look for shortcuts to move forward quickly. Your going to become so confused about which technique to follow and use and not going to get anywhere. Trust me on this one because it happens to me all the time. All that happens is we are collecting gyan from everyone like taking a karchi from every pateela. We are just sinking in the gyan and that is becoming a hindrance for us to progress and we don't have enough practical to match on each path. Pick one teacher and then follow their teachings. There is no point sharing what one teacher says with another asking for confirmation. It really pisses them off. Either you have faith in your current teacher or you do not.Don't mix and match. Because if something goes wrong who will you turn to? Pick one and then stay on that path and follow only their instructions. That way they know what instructions you have been given. You got so many different sources on this forum now. Please all pick one and then do the simran. Already we got : Bhai Simranjeet Singh Tohana Bhai Dharamjit Singh (Gurmat Meditation) Prabh Milne Ka Chao (Moga) and all their students all over the world. Bhai Ajit Singh (Guru Maneyo Granth Gurdwara, Slough) Bhai Nirvair Singh (Akal Sahai Waheguru Naam Leva) Bhai Charanjit Singh Khalsa (Shabad Guru Parchar Mission) Bhai Gurmail Singh Ji Mand ( Prabh Ka Simran Kendar Mand) Just listening to the above they all teach differently, even though they all learnt from Bhai Sewa Singh Tharmala. High level they all teach the same, but when it comes to jugti's they are all slightly different and teach at different paces and sequences beyond saas-giras simran. Hell even the saas-giras is slightly different. Now we have included Bhai Charanjit Singh Gorkhi into the mix. All that happens is you spend hours listening to the gyan and jugtis but not enough time doing abhiyaas. So what you have done is dirty your mind even more. When you now sit for simran, you will be wondering which technique should I use because nothing is happening with the one I'm doing. The gyan becomes the maya for us. If I look back at how much time I spent listening to all these guys. Imagine how much simran I would have done in that time instead. My mind would have been very much more still. Instead It now wonders in 10 different teachers directions. This teacher said this, this person said that. Why is nothing happening. It is seeking that next experience to progress. It is not still at all I'm the worst. I have been doing this for years now. Please don't make the same mistakes I did. My fastest progress came when I knew nothing and was just listening to one of them and did what I was told. Then I became too eager and wanted to accelerate my progress. I started listening to all of them on the list because I felt one was always holding something back and not telling me the complete picture. They all speak of higher avastas which any seeker would want to experience. They always dropped hints but never told you precisely what you needed to do. I wanted the next jugti, found it out, but it never worked for me. One becomes a jugti collecting addict, but mind is not of that avasta so they never work. Now I got so many techniques in my head that I don't know which one I should use or do next. When the student is ready your told the next stage 1-to-1. Listening to all of these people just muddies the water of the mind. I got to admit in the last couple of years so many gurmukhs are springing up willing to help. 10 years ago we had no one. The problem for us now is which teacher is the best, who will get us to Waheguru the fastest. LOL The problem is we are jumping boats too frequently and that is our downfall. Your going to listen to so many different teachers jugtis your going to end up saying I heard that one before. But never actually deeply experienced any of them. They will just remain techniques. My current teacher says forget everything now and start again and revert back to gurmantar. The day I stop answering your questions then your free to move on. But in the mean time don't waste my time or yours if you not going to stay put. Just get on with what I tell you and have faith in Waheguru, SGGS and your teacher to guide your on the right path. You know what guys, I still can't do it. So much gyan is coming out these days from all these sources above, that it is pure kun(ear) ras. You get high just listening to it. You think you learned something new which will help you on the journey quicker. But when it comes to actually doing simran abhyaas mind doesn't want to know and you can't take even a few steps. You rather spend your time listening to all the katha on this subject. But that is not bhagti guys, and deep down we all know it. I'm drowning friends with all these teachers, don't know about you lot.... I don't want to know of anyone else. There isn't enough hours in the day to listen to what they all have to say. Some of us are gristi and it's driving our families nuts that we are just listening to what all these teachers have to say. I'm not interested in other stuff these days. It's like this has become a full time hobby. LOL You can't even concentrate at work because your mind wants to listen what the latest teaching has been posted by one of the above.
  6. A lot disclosed in this one audio. WaheGuru
  7. Maybe they should come on this forum and help us out.
  8. Motivational explanation to those of us who are stuck on the insects. Have a listen to this video from time index 59:23. It explains why we are hearing the insects and how if we keep on listening with a still mind they will lead to more clear sounds within.
  9. What restraints should be put on the mind. Lok ladjyaya - Feeling embarrassed when doing seva or Simran Haumai - Ego Dubdha, Devesh, Nafrat - Duality (having second thoughts on the teachings), Revenge, Hatred Nindaya / Chugli - Slandering someone to raise one's own profile. Gossiping All these 4 lead to Hatred. What's left if we remove these 4? Pyaar
  10. That is definately one of the anhad sounds as my teacher mentioned yesterday when I asked about the water droplet sound I was hearing.
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