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  1. Not sure if it is 1 of the 5 but that harmonic sound is one I hear quite frequently. Good comparison.
  2. Very inspiring @HisServant Your definitely on a roll fella. I have recently heard that sometimes this loud sound which blasts at you at random times when you talking can be Waheguru communicating with you. You will have to analyse the conversation your were having with the other person when it happened. Sometimes Waheguru blasts you for saying something you should not have said or vice versa. He could be saying stop what you are doing and bring your attention to me. If the sound was so loud it stopped your conversation then you have your answer. This is maybe a skill you will have to learn to master for yourself. Notice the next time it happens during the day. If you doing or saying something which you should not. For example sometimes you maybe sharing spiritual knowledge with someone who is not ready to receive it or is not to be given that gyan and therefore it comes on right there in the middle of the conversation. This is Waheguru telling you off! Next time you maybe doing simran and it comes on, this Waheguru communicating to you in a positive way. Either way Waheguru is directing your attention on him for that moment in time.
  3. They are available online now on the Ratwara Sahib website.
  4. Nothing complex about it. Sit comfortably and relaxed. close eyes say out the words Wahe Guru, with slight pause between the wahe and guru. Don't go straight into mental meditation. Jap it out aloud and listen to the sound of your own voice as you say each part of the Gurmantar. the goal is not to let the mind wonder but remain focused on the sound of your voice so it listens to each repetition. If you see it wondering off or realise after its gone bring it back and start listening again. very well explained here
  5. ਇਹੁ ਮਨੁ ਕਰਮਾ ਇਹੁ ਮਨੁ ਧਰਮਾ ॥ eih man karamaa ih man dharamaa || This mind commits its deeds of karma, and this mind follows the Dharma. ਇਹੁ ਮਨੁ ਪੰਚ ਤਤੁ ਤੇ ਜਨਮਾ ॥ eih man pa(n)ch tat tay janamaa || This mind is born of the five elements. (Ang 415) The mind is said to be also made of the 5 subtle elements (Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Ether/Akash) As you do simran and start to transcend these 5 elements, you can sometimes see colours of these elements. Naam is said to resonate 24x7. Depends where you keep your surti. If mind is not listening to it then it will fade away into the background. Goal is to keep surti on naam and carry on your worldly duties. I guess this is easier to do if you job involves manual labour but if mental effort is required then will be more difficult to keep attention on both.
  6. I’m not disagreeing with your reasoning Das about spiritual guide need. Just your mention of that particular Sakhi where Guru ji vanishes for 3 days made me contribute some things I had heard which seemed more reasonable to me. God knows what truly happened. Didn’t mean to take the topic off track.
  7. Wouldn't that imply there were two entites, Guru and Nirankar and that Guru ji never totally merged or one and the same. My understanding was there is only one Waheguru, and that Guru ji reached that pinnacle state of experience and realisation and from that moment they set off to share and spread that realisation. Plus doesn't Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji state in Sidh Gosht that his guru is, "Shabad Guru, Surat Dhun Chela"
  8. This sakhi may have been watered down for the average person. I have heard two deeper versions. 1. Gurumaa states that when one does intense bhagti and enters Samadhi then it can take a couple of days to come back out of that stage. The 3 days of Guru ji missing could signify that he went into the deepest Samadhi for 3 days. 2. When a person reaches deepest levels of naam a stage arrives when the 5 elements separate or merge to together making you invisible as your being merges into nirgun form. The 5 elements can then be brought back together at will and you reappear in sargun form.
  9. Experiences of Naam Abhiyaasi Singhs | Giani Thakur Singh Ji
  10. Quick summary of the stages Japa -> -> ->-> -> Ajapa Jaap (Simran/Auto without effort) -> Sunn (no thoughts)-> Anhad -> Sehaj Dhun/Naad -> Sunn Samaadi Sass giras > Saas Saas > Antar Gat-> Rom Rom -> Dhyan avasta from here onwards
  11. The throat is a area where the pulse can be felt so don't find that surprising.