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  1. These are must read books for any spiritual seeker. They contain invaluable deep discourses on bhagti. Available now in pdf format on the Ratwara Sahib website. Download volumes 1 to 5 http://www.ratwarasahib.com/c/englishbooks
  2. Everyone who needs inspiring to walk on the simran path needs to watch this video. Unbelievable what avasta he has reached in only a couple of years. We can only pray and hope to attain such feats.
  3. Golak goes Contactless

    It's going viral on Facebook.
  4. Merge I think. From everything I read and been told is eventually you want to get central. Look at the instructions again from Sant Isher Singh ji.
  5. Golak goes Contactless

    I felt exactly the same when I first saw it. I didn't know whether to laugh or gasp at the shock. The number of jokes that came in my head was embarrassing and inappropriate.
  6. I have been playing with the tones since I watched those videos. For a long time now I was unable to hear anything but have been increasing my simran throughout the day trying to get back into the swing of things. So I tried the technique that is described in those videos of focusing on the right ear which is my dominant side. It is the side that in the past I have heard stuff from before. After a few minutes low and behold the high pitch tone appeared which I recognised. So I put my dhyan on it and slowly by slowly the intensity increased. Not to something I couldn't handle but much louder than the initial ringing you hear. I have never heard it that loud before. So I kept my attention on it for some minutes until it felt like my whole right side of my brain was resonating with the tone. It was no longer localised to my ear. To say I was surprised by the sensation was an understatement. So after that I decided to direct my surti towards the left ear whilst still listening to the sound. The resonating sound changed into a vertical bar like sensation and it slowly starting moving across my head to the left side. Shortly after that it felt like it had moved to the left side of my head it felt like the left side had been lit with by something and my left side also started ringing a similar tone. After a while the tones split and I could not contain my excitement and now for the first time I was hearing two sounds in the head simultaneously, which became quite loud the more attention I gave them. Slowly as I tried to keep some kind of lock on both sounds in the left and right, they would merge for brief periods and you could feel a vertical bar like sensation of sound running between the eyes going upwards into the forehead. For the first time in my life I may have had glimpse of what it is like to hear the sound in the trikuti region. As before it was always localised to my right ride. Please note, that I have not got the foggiest idea of what I'm playing with here, but whatever it is, something is definitely resonating more profoundly than a high pitch sound that starts in the beginning of the ear drum. But it is definitely not localised to my ear drum anymore. Over the next couple of days, whenever I would look for the sound, it quickly appears on the right. Sometimes it now starts off as the sound of crickets in the night which slowly turns into the high frequency sound which then increases in volume. When you stop giving it attention then it disappears. However it now turns on randomly during the day on either side as I carry on my job and I am more aware when it does. If I am able to close my eyes and devote attention to it, then the volume increases and you get a type of sensation that your brain in your head is resonating with this sound. Is it intoxicating? Not yet. It takes a great deal of concentration to be able to keep an lock on it. I have heard and read that next stage after japna begins with dhyan avasta. I now appreciate it more when they say first learn to concentrate on the gurmantar and develop stamina in a thoughtless still state. Because when you are just trying to focus on a sound, it is much more difficult to maintain unless your foundation is strong, and you definitely notice your monkey mind taking random thoughts which can become very annoying when your trying to concentrate on something and surrender to it. During the day I'm practising on the gurmantar a lot more. Then in the night when the house is quiet and all have gone to bed, I try and focus on the sounds. I am also noticing during the day when my air is balanced in both nostrils. You can feel the flow in the trikuti between the eyes really easily. Whatever changes may be happening in my surti I am definitely feeling more inwardly aware of subtle changes in my head and hearing is becoming more inwardly sensitive. Waheguru
  7. Golak goes Contactless

    It's a Sikh Awareness exclusive! Was sent to me by someone who went to do kirtan at Papa Toe Toe Gurdwara in Auckland, New Zealand.
  8. Golak goes Contactless

    A gurdwara in New Zealand has started accepting card payments as well as cash in the golak. Imagine the queue building up for people of who want to give darshani petha via card. Some gurdwaras are too forward thinking that the essence is lost. Unbelievable!
  9. Am i going to sunn the right way ?

    What is the sooooo sooooo sound. I've lost you guys on that one. Are you referring to the sound of air as your exhale and say guroooooooo?
  10. Good question @HisServant about sunn. I also am suffering from the same confusion as it happens quite frequently with me as of late. Although I do like to do simran when lying down as body is most comfortable in that position so I can focus purely on the mantar rather than being distracted by uncomfortable body aches. Never the less if I meditate on the train on the way to work in a seated position I also tend to loose awareness for a few minutes at a time. Here is something I read in favour of both approaches,. which doesn't make choosing a path to explore any easier. My concern is that lets say we force ourselves to remain aware as we drift into a meditation state. Unless shabad of some kinds is pargat or doesn't become pargat. We will wonder without an anchor point. Everything I have heard to date suggests shabad must be the focal point of the journey inwards. Japing until you fall asleep/sunn: Remaining altert: Whenever I teach a beginning meditation course, I talk about the relationship between meditating and falling asleep, for, as you have discovered, they are more closely related than you might think. And certainly closer than we want them to be! We tend to think of the three states of consciousness – subconscious sleep, waking consciousness, and superconscious meditation – as linear, with “sub” and “super” nicely separated by the waking state. In fact, all three meet at what you might call the horizon line of awareness. Meditating and sleep also share certain characteristics. Both involve the cessation of physical action, mental activity, and sensory input. The all-important difference between them is that to enter superconsciousness requires an increase of energy, whereas to enter subconsciousness requires a decrease. We go to sleep when our energy has run out. If we are filled with energy — mental or physical — we can’t enter subconsciousness, but have to do something with all that energy before sleep will come. One of the challenges of meditation is to learn how to increase our energy in a non-physical, non-mental, totally relaxed way. At first this seems impossible, but gradually we learn. For all the energy we need is already within us. It is a matter of learning how to direct it. Another obstacle to entering superconsciousness is that we already have a fixed habit of what to do when we withdraw our energy from body, mind, and senses: we go to sleep. What is happening to you (which is common) is that, finding yourself with your energy withdrawn you naturally go where you are accustomed to going, which is sleep, not meditation. The key to breaking that cycle is the concentrated application of will power and energy, which makes sleep impossible. Naturally, this takes time to learn. In meditation classes, I draw a diagram to illustrate this point. I’ll try to explain it in words here and hope you can see what I mean. Think of a capital Y. Now imagine that Y is lying on its side, with the single straight line pointing to the left (as you look at it) and the V opening to the right. The leftmost point of that straight line is waking consciousness. When you decide to sleep or to meditate, you travel along that straight line, to the right, closing down as you go all your usual expressions of energy – talking, moving, thinking, hearing, seeing, tasting, feeling, etc. – until you reach the intersection where the V meets the straight line. At that point, you have a choice to make. If you continue to decrease your energy, you fall into subconscious sleep. If, however, at that point, through devotion, techniques, concentration, willpower, etc., you increase your energy instead, you go into superconsciousness. It’s like watching a movie. When you watch a great movie it is easy to be fully concentrated on it and be full of energy, but if the movie is boring and uninteresting, it’s easy to lose focus and feel sleepy. If during the course of your meditation, your energy decreases, you sink back past that junction until you find yourself suddenly on the “low road,” not meditating at all, but dreaming and sleeping. The solution is simple. When you find yourself suddenly subconscious, increase your energy through any one of the many methods you have to draw upon in Kriya Yoga or whatever path to Self-realization you are following. Eventually, you will create a superconscious habit stronger than your subconscious habit, and this will cease to be a problem for you. https://www.ananda.org/ask/ive-been-falling-asleep-while-meditating/ Another form of guidance I read was do bakhari bani until you notice that you speech is becoming less clear, distorted or incomplete. This is the time that one is approaching the sleep juncture. At this point one needs to build more focused concentration on the mantar so that you slip through into mediation and not fall into sleep. The posting I read suggested this would lead to the next level of astral awareness. I only once ever recall this happening to me when my surti awoke in a dark place, wondering where I had come. I guess this was the goal all along but I didn't realise it at the time and no one pointed it out to me clearly afterwards.
  11. For those who read this thread in interest and are searching, this video is one of the most revealing I have ever watched.