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  1. Types of Sleep

    You can make effort on this side, but once the surti crosses over into deep sleep you are no longer in control. You will have to patiently wait for His grace, and it will happen when you least expect it.
  2. Confused about Kundalini /Rom Rom

    Rom rom simran instructions: Be One With the Cosmic Pulse Day One Blessings to you! Welcome to 40 Days to Be One With the Cosmic Pulse. Japa is typically thought to mean repetition of a mantra. But really Japa is the process of awakening a mantra. Your own pulse should do Japa. You should not do Japa. Realize that inside you, there is a continual Japa. The beat in the body continually repeats Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam, without any effort on your part. Yogi Bhajan said, “Meditating on your own pulse is the hardest meditation a man can do. But take the worst criminal on the Earth and make him meditate for 2 ½ hours on his pulse and after ninety days, give him a gun and tell him to shoot you. If he can handle it, spit in my face. That much cleansing can happen in consciousness.” Let meditating on the pulse totally cleanse your consciousness. Let it bloom you. Whenever we chant Sat Naam, we always think that we are chanting. When we think we are chanting, really this is our conditioned superficial “I” that is chanting. Realize that we have been chanting in the pulse all along. Listen to the mantra in the pulse. Be receptive to Japa. Allow your witnessing consciousness to contemplate: who is the one who is beating this heart? Meditate on the Japa of the pulse, and may Guru Ram Das always be in your heart! Yogi Amandeep Singh
  3. Good Afternoon,

    From 1 to 4 year i was trying to search a book about anhad nad, then i read a paragraph written by you but still i am aware about these this .

    How to Hear it ?, Exercise, Shifting Awareness, Listening the Sound Current, Following the Sound Current in hindi.

    Please suggest and guide about this how to fell the presence of God.





    1. mahanpaapi
    2. Sat1176


      Dear Friend,

      There are loads of posts in the meditation thread of this forum about anhad naad. I'm am no teacher or experienced enough in anyway to teach anyone. Everything I know and have experienced to date has been shared somewhat in the posts on this forum. Please take sometime to read the posts and those of others. You will gain many insightful tips of the journey we are on and guidance we have obtained from our Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib, and by speaking to others who also have some knowledge of this spiritual subject.

      To get to anhad sounds one has to learn to still the chatter of the mind. Using the aid of a mantra and by paying close attention to the sound of the mantra the continuous chatter of the mind begins to calm. When the wondering of the mind ceases then grace happens of it's own accord and slowly by slowly one begins to hears inner sounds. Sometimes they are subtle and faint and sometimes  they are loud and spontaneous. When they are loud then one should seek a teacher who can offer some guidance on which sounds should be listened to and which should be ignored. 

      There are also a few books on this topic in the downloads section. Please feel free to download and read,

      Which book have you been reading?

  4. I would also say that a mala is a symbol of bhagti. Maybe mahapursh use it as a reminder to keep some of their surti connected to naam/paath, during the time the are out in public and way from their bhoras. Maya always tries to cast it's net in various ways. Rest is their mauj.
  5. It's actually quite a good question. I think it's more to remind us when we see such photos. You would think their avasta has transcended above the need to use such tools.
  6. kaam Lust

  7. Showing basic HTML view when viewing in IE

    IE Debugger shows error on the line. see the following errors : SEC7113 Error: "CSS was ignored due to mime type mismatch" also ips.setSetting( 'date_format', jQuery.parseJSON('"mm\/dd\/yy"') ); Error : 'ips' is undefined
  8. Showing basic HTML view when viewing in IE

    Only got IE at work :-( Happens as soon as I login. It's like every HTML tag as CR LF after it.
  9. Showing basic HTML view when viewing in IE

    Is there any admin still around? Still not working.
  10. Admin, For the past two days the forum is not loading properly on IE 11. I just see HTML links when the page is loaded.
  11. Keep doing your simran. Leave the rest to waheguru. Take Amrit when ready.
  12. Read this post on Facebook. Enlightening read. ANHAD SABAD Anhad means continuous or nonstop. Sabad in Gurbani means the utterance of God. So Anhad Sabad means Divine Utterance which is still going on in the universe. It is not an utterance in the physical world where sound is produced by striking two material parts which dies as the energy that produced it is used up fighting the resistance of the media in which it travels. Anhad Sabad started in sunn, the materially void infinite space and is still going in sunn which encloses the whole universe: "Antar sunnun bahar sunnum tribhavan sunmusnum" p-943. It is this Sabad that created the universe:"Ek kwaa-ay te sab hoaa” p-1002" and it is with this Sabad that it is destroyed and created again: "Utpat parlo sabday hovay. Sabday he phir opat hao-vay" p-117. God is fully expressed in Anhad Sabad and it is also called Naam in Gurbani. Naam carries in it Divine Hukam/ Will, Divine Plan of creation, preservation and destruction, Divine Intelligence/ Wisdom/ Consciousness, Divine Laws and everything what God is. It created everything and is in everything:"Jeta keeta teta Naaon. Vin Naavain naheen ko thaaon” p-4. Naam or Anhad Sabad stays in every creation of God as Soul. So God extends into us as Sabad or Naam. Guru Nanak calls this Sabad as His Guru: “Sabad Guru surat dhun chela” p-943. It is to this Sabad, Gurbani is advising us to connect to hear our Creator or Father and it is with this Sabad that we link with Naam which cleans our mind and we can connect with God Himself. Without this Sabad everybody is in spiritual darkness and Sabad enlightens the mind: "Jeean andar jeeo Sabad hai jit Sauh milaava ho-ay. Bin Sabday jag anher hai Sabdey pargat ho-ay." p-1250 This Sabad can be heard by taking our consciousness inside where it resides. The only way to do it is to silence our mind form its thoughts of the physical world or Maya. Naam Jpana is means to do that. This is done by cyclic utterance of Gurmantar and listen to it attentively till our surti is lost into the chant of it and we disconnect from our thoughts and land into sunn or mentally quiet state where Naam or Sabad reside. Even a short experience in that state is very relaxing and peaceful. If practiced in the company of experienced practitioners one will soon start hearing the Anhad Sabad in your ears (can be mistaken for tinnitus problem). The sounds generally heard are: ringing of bells, flute, chirping of birds in the morning, sounds of crickets in nature in the evening, rebab, sitar, drums, your own heart beat etc. When these sounds are heard in sunn state it is direct link to Sabad or Naam. It is then that our mind start getting cleansed up of dirt of Maya and getting closer to higher spiritual stages. We are advised to hear these Sabads: "Mun dhovo Sabad laago Har sio raho chit laa-ay." p-919 As the mind gets further cleansing by regular Japna, it will start hearing Sehaj Dhun- a high frequency sharp low volume note which goes on all the time. This happens when mind reaches third sunn or dasam duaar or doorway to enter divine mansion. At that point all other nine doors of the body are closed and the tenth one is reached where Anhad Sabad goes on day and night and is heard by following the Guru's advise: "Nau dar thaakay dhavat raha-ay. Dasvain nij ghar vaasa paa-ay. Othay Anhad Sabad vajay din raatee. Gurrnatee Sabad sunaavania." p-124 When time comes for union with God Anhad Sabad changes to Toor (sound of long horn played outside Gurdwaras and temples) "Binvant Nanak Gur charan laagay vaajay Anhad Tooray"p-917, followed by Naad, a loud low frequency humming sound before you are let into Sach Ghar or Divine Mansion: "Anahad Banee Naad vjaaia p-375". When mind makes entry into Sach Ghar, Anhad Sabad changes to Panch Shabad which welcomes the child of God to His House; who is the Emperor of the entire universe: "Vaajay panch Shabad tit ghar subhaagay" p-917. Mind then is fully awakened to its spiritual self by the Sabad. "Dhun upjee Sabad jgaaia." p-1039 Free from bondage of Maya, mind sees nothing but Parkaash or Divine Light/ Jot and finally meets Beloved Lord: "Pargati Jot milay Ram Piaray." p-375 Even Gurbani reaches the Gurus through Sabads. They translate the meaning of Sabad into local language for people to understand it and practice on it. God's language is not Punjabi but Sabads the meaning of which only the Gurmukhs understand it: "Sabde upjay amrit bani Gurmukh aakh vkhaavania:"
  13. Ajaapa / Simran Saas Gras

    Bhen ji, There are definitely quotes in gurbani that state one should do simran whilst performing your daily work. It is perfect way of keeping the mind focused and not wondering on useless thoughts. However to reap the full effects of naam simran, one should spend some time in focused dhyan with eyes closed. Only then will the mind go inwards and the journey truly begin. As for bypassing Verbal japa and going straight to saas saas and mental simran, it really depends on your avasta. Are you able to listen and focus on the dhun of the gurmantar be said in the mind or does your mind wonder? The key point it where is your dhyan when doin simran, has it escaped through the eyes and focused on external objects or it inside the body listening to the Dhuni of the gurmantar. Hope that answers some of your questions. God bless