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  1. If your experiencing it then just accept it with reverence and swallow. Consider it as one of your fruits of meditation. God bless
  2. Your attention is divided and focused on the cat rather than the simran so you aren't fully able devote your surti to the primary task. I struggle even if there is background noise. My ears love to run in the direction of external sounds rather than listening to the jaap or within. I find it terribly annoying.
  3. Listen and watch the live simran camp broadcasts. Highly recommended.
  4. Amrit vela simran. Good for japping along with if you struggle to do it on your own.
  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7398813/Desperate-pleas-dying-British-father-wife-choked-crazed-Norwegian-bodyguard.html I thought Amitpal had used his kirpan in order to defend himself hence all the references to a steak knife in media reports. But it appears the daily mail has a photograph of knife used which looks like a regular knife from knife and fork set. Really tragic news as I had met Amitpal and his wife a few times.
  6. https://punjab2000.com/mr-amitpal-singh-bajaj-rip-official-statement-from-the-family/
  7. Commercialise is something those Gurmukhs definately do not do. I presume there is a deeper reason why gyan is no longer openly available. I know some other closely linked Gurmukhs frown upon personal publicity. They believe that the only praise should be of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and not the individual giving the explaination or guidance. They work on the principle of Koi Aan Milave Mera Pritam Pyara. They emphasis on the word "koi". The person came showed the way, gave guidance and attached you to shabad guru (naam) & nirankar and left. No personal trace or link left behind. If you were lucky enough to be there at that time you got the gyan otherwise not. Most likely the Gurmukhs of MySimran.info have adopted the same mindset.
  8. MySimran.info few years ago had loads of akath katha videos on their YouTube channel. For some unbeknown reason they took them all down. Sajjan_Thug found a few on the vimeo site and posted a link here. Within 1 month they have taken these down also. They must have seen the post. What I can't figure out is if someone claims to speak the Truth why start hiding knowledge away.
  9. Here is a useful tip from Bhai Sahib. He explains that some people say they only hear Shabad from one side. I.e right ear. He says Shabad is everywhere yet we don’t believe. He says slowly take the Shabad to the side you don’t hear it. Then observe if it can be heard there also. listen at time index 1:04:30
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