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  1. Actually spoke with him last week. Very polite Gurmukh who was very helpful.
  2. Some great videos from Bhai Dharamjit Singh on their YouTube channel. Although the recent ones have been heavily edited so they are not too revealing. Would be great to have regular sangat with Gurmukhs like these. Damn shame he is in India as he comes across as someone who really wants to share and help others on their journey. He doesn't hold back in the gyan he reveals which is very rare to find. When you do sangat these days you will find that most reveal snippits of information and never the whole thing. You have to put the pieces together yourself after listening to various sources all from the same group.
  3. A lot of us had doubts about the sounds we were hearing when we started out. There was no clear explanations that would dispel our doubts. Fast forward 5 years and listen to this katha. At time index 12:35 seconds he clears up the sounds we hear and what they are. What a waste of 5 years. I hope someone who follows this thread in the future doesn't waste 5 years of their lives searching like we did. Develop faith in the teachings and start your journey sooner friends.
  4. Most inspiring katha vichar. Those walking on this path of simran will gain a lot of guidance from this video if you listen carefully. For those who hear the high pitched frequency sound like peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee or teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Listen from time index 12:25 seconds to the video below (although advised to listen to the whole thing ). There were many posts in this thread when we talked about it and others ask if that was it.
  5. Brilliant khant simran explanation and walkthrough from time index 26 mins. Also how to take simran down to nabhi plus obtaining Amrit from gurmantar.
  6. Sukhman Nari, Shabad Ate Naam Da pheyt. Brilliant explanation of the sounds. How there are sounds originating from the sukhman nari and outside the body as well.
  7. Very good katha. Highly recommended for those who want to walk on this path.
  8. According to gurbani - "Satsangat kaisi jaaniye, Jithe eko Naam vakhaaniye". You will gain some gyan but faster spiritual elevation occurs when in the right "saadh"sangat as said by Xylitol above. I don't mean general saadh-sangat I'm referring to saadh-sangat where individuals there themselves have purified their own mind and achieved some avasta and the ability to help others achieve the same.
  9. Good relevant katha that is full of deep gyan.
  10. All three can be used to refer to same loud single horn sound. You can also call it Satnaam, ek shabad, ong, etc
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