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  1. Commercialise is something those Gurmukhs definately do not do. I presume there is a deeper reason why gyan is no longer openly available. I know some other closely linked Gurmukhs frown upon personal publicity. They believe that the only praise should be of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and not the individual giving the explaination or guidance. They work on the principle of Koi Aan Milave Mera Pritam Pyara. They emphasis on the word "koi". The person came showed the way, gave guidance and attached you to shabad guru (naam) & nirankar and left. No personal trace or link left behind. If you were lucky enough to be there at that time you got the gyan otherwise not. Most likely the Gurmukhs of MySimran.info have adopted the same mindset.
  2. MySimran.info few years ago had loads of akath katha videos on their YouTube channel. For some unbeknown reason they took them all down. Sajjan_Thug found a few on the vimeo site and posted a link here. Within 1 month they have taken these down also. They must have seen the post. What I can't figure out is if someone claims to speak the Truth why start hiding knowledge away.
  3. Here is a useful tip from Bhai Sahib. He explains that some people say they only hear Shabad from one side. I.e right ear. He says Shabad is everywhere yet we don’t believe. He says slowly take the Shabad to the side you don’t hear it. Then observe if it can be heard there also. listen at time index 1:04:30
  4. I thought it was as follows: 1) Swaas Graas simran by chanting Gurmantra to stop the thoughts. 2) Enter the Sunn (going to sleep to rest) 3) Stay awake by dhyaan when free of thoughts. (Now try and stay awake without falling completely asleep but still in that thoughtless stage) 4) The divine words appear in Sunn. (This is called Sehaj Dhun. The fine high pitched sound) 5) Anhad Bani (the divine music) appears. (Countless other sounds are heard here including the 5 anhad sounds), aka shabad ghanaray) 6) The mind enters the Sunn (third Sunn). 7) Naad (word of God) appears which will help us cross the Bhavsagar (the dangerous ocean). (This is when one hears the single loud sound of toor/naad/combination of the 5 sounds/ek shabad) This is the jahaj that carries the mind across. The mind unites with God in Sehaj Ghar.  
  5. I think because something needs to become pargat looking straight ahead before you begin to raise the surti upwards. Also people begin to raise their eyes upwards creating a strain.
  6. He seems to stress though that you should always walk on this dhyan path under guidance. I would therefore recommend that anyone wanting to walk on this path and following along the videos make contact with him and take 1-on-1 advice. Tell him what you hear and then take it from there. In the little contact I have had with him I have found him to be very helpful and approachable. He gave me some pointers and told me to feel free to come back to him whenever I required. There is nothing like having 1-on-1 guidance at your disposal should the need be required. You can then tell him as you progress and he can tell you directly what the next steps are and if your heading in the right direction.
  7. Listen to what you hear. I think it depends on how deep you are within plays and important part in what sound you hear. Keep gurmatar going softly in the background whist keeping dhyan on the sound you hear. Some people stick with gurmantar and take themselves very deep before they switch to more distinguishable sounds.
  8. Someone seeked clarification via PM of what was said in this video. Thought I would summarise some of it here. 1 Doing loads of waheguru simran leads to rom rom simran. This can be felt like if all your body hair or pores are standing up. For example like when your cold, nervous or even tickled. 2 You do Waheguru gurmantar simran to bring all your thoughts to only one word/akhar "waheguru". Eventually your mind becomes still and you slowly quieten the jaap of even waheguru leaving only a silent awareness called Sunn. 3. All that now remains is your awareness of looking at the darkness in your head but no words of thought or mental chatter remain. Just a calm presence/awareness. 4. Then people start hearing sounds. These sounds people describe and whistling or teeeteee or peeeeee or like crikets etc. Because we are not used to listening to these types of sounds and are used to words of language we find it odd and think they are meaningless and useless sounds. We still want to use words or receive words. We are not aware that the language of the Waheguru is anhad sounds/anhad bani and not words. We have not developed practise or love/pyaar in listening to these sounds. People fob them off as teetee, peeepeee tinnitus etc. Not knowing that these sounds would lead you more closer/deeper towards Sach/Truth/Nirankar if only you listened to them.
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