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  1. @Ragmaala if you can hear them in sleep or dream state then that is a very good sign. That's where you ideally want to hear them from what I understand. It is the stage where mind has seperated from poan/body and mind is being awoken by shabads on the other side. Its good that your seperated from body when listening to loud anhad because there is no load/stress on body. Yes the sounds can get quite loud the more you concentrate on them. It should give your more reassurances that they are not just any old sounds. I have had similar experience where whilst listening to the sound my body became very heavy and I couldn't move my arms legs or head. Took good 45 mins before I felt normal again. Was like I was super drowsy and body was too heavy to lift. If that happens just come back slowly and don't rush yourself to gain body control and trying to force body parts to move. It's always frightening when something happens the first time because you have never experienced it before. Especially if the sensation is overwhelming and unexpected. You seriously need to listen to the q&a's by Bhai Simranjeet Tohana from the links I posted few days ago. You will understand more now your experiencing yourself. Keep going veer.
  2. Great question in this video. Loads of us have this question about why no Anand when listening to the anhad sounds yet?
  3. Listen to these q&a from Gurmukhs on the path of naam simran. Absolutely mind blowing avasta. There are 37 videos uploaded in all. People will learn so much if you take time to listen.
  4. Really genuine heartfelt interview by Bhai Balbir Singh Ji from USA.
  5. @Kaur1510 I don't do Mool Mantar anymore only Gurmantar jaap. I did Mool Mantar jaap many years ago. These days I just do enough Gurmantar until any Anhad sound manifest in the head/ears then I try switch to listening to these and ease off the Gurmantar until my thoughts begin to come to the forefront. Then I slowly bring back Gurmantar whilst keeping Dhyan on anhad sounds. Benji this is not a sprint, it's a marathon. Do what you can when you can and don't beat yourself up. Build up slowly. Just keep persevering even if it's few minute bursts. I don't have specific routines which is not what you want to hear. You need to find what is working for you, whether that is in the morning, evening or night. Let's say I'm doing chores (cooking, vacuuming or ironing) at home. Keep reciting Gurmantar and keep your focus on the sound of jaap don't let your surti run away on other thoughts. Do this in parallel to doing your work. That's what I do. Why waste time thinking nonsense. Keep Dhyan on Gurmantar. If your day job requires mental effort then obviously you can't do both. Then I just use my time when I travel to work or some free time during lunch break. Go for a walk or find some where to sit and jap.
  6. The Bhai Sahib in this recording makes an excellent clarification starting at 22:30 seconds about poan shabads and their confusion. Poan shabads are sounds you hear externally from two objects striking, voices when talking to someone. Anhad are crickets or birds chirping in the initial stages because mind has not seperate from air. You need to keep listening to these shabads with concentration and where comfortably possible try hold breath for few moments and listening. According to him the sound clarity will improve and you will begin to hear sound like chumta, gungeroo or tallyia. Listen carefully to the entire clip for those who want to progress. Some important points are made regarding being able to put your yourself to sleep / sunn via simran first otherwise one may not be able to sleep afterwards and mind body may become unbalanced.
  7. @Jageera watch this video and listen very carefully. It will begin to make sense. And one who doubts what our Veer @HisServant has experienced.
  8. @HisServant your post reminds me of what Osho said in one of his books or film. Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru. You have just made the best post of this entire forum mate. If that is not Brahmgyan I don't know what is. Truly a blessed Gurmukh. An inspiration to us all.
  9. Useful jugti for those who don't hear anhad explained. Listen from 29 mins but whole video good.
  10. If your experiencing it then just accept it with reverence and swallow. Consider it as one of your fruits of meditation. God bless
  11. Your attention is divided and focused on the cat rather than the simran so you aren't fully able devote your surti to the primary task. I struggle even if there is background noise. My ears love to run in the direction of external sounds rather than listening to the jaap or within. I find it terribly annoying.
  12. Listen and watch the live simran camp broadcasts. Highly recommended.
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