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  1. sukha and his giant feet....wa was the dal panth thinking !
  2. due to his massive feet dancing is not possible for him...much like shiv ji if he danced the world it self would end
  3. is chatka the process of killin : ie with one blow or the rituals that go with the process, ie chandi di var etc
  4. well tru skool got good motivation againt anti drinking songs,
  5. Dear all i have not been to Hazur Sahib for a while, is the sevadar that goes into the room of Shastar still the one wid the stevey wonder glasses. *mans a legend*
  6. jogi re read the post, he is sayin people whom (like him self) who check the forum everyday could be classed as sad, this isnt an insult possibly even being slightly humble
  7. if its off topic why dnt u create another thread about it...
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