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    Mystical got a reaction from tva prasad in Guru Nanak Dev Ji is avtar of Vishnu???   
    This below was said by Guru Nanak Dev Ji to his disciple.

    Raj Nama

    Spoken by the First Master

    First, Nanak went to Mecca;

    Medina he afterwards visited. The lord of Mecca and Medina, Kaarun, he made his disciple.

    When Nanak was about to depart, Kaarun, the fortunate, thus spoke:

    Now thou art about to go, But when wilt thou return?

    Then the Guru thus answered:

    When I put on my tenth dress I shall be called Gobind Singh; Then shall all Singhs wear their hair; They shall accept the Pahal of the two-edged Sword

    Then shall the Khalsa be established; Then shall men exclaim Vaheguru

    The four races shall become one and the same; The five weapons shall be worn by all.

    In Kalyug they shall array themselves in vestments of blue;

    Khalsa is not limited to Sikhs only. Anyone with a pure Love for God is Khalsa (pure).

    You could even say this is the Khalsa Age or the Aquarian Age. "It is the age when kindness and spiritual group consciousness will be the only effective means of life. It is the end of the Piscean age where "might makes right" i.e.Hitler, Saddam Hussein etc."

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