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    Sikh History, Gurbani sangeet, indian classical music, computer, affection with nature & its creations, Ayurveda & ancient traditions, classic literature.
  1. jaspinderji, you have added large number of threads for a private book firm Jawahar Singh Kirpal Singh Amritsar Sahib, for Sikhi books. It could be done only in single thread by quoting the publishers' websites. Displaying advertising material on a large no.of threads in a stereotyped way shows some type of publicity for the book seller. please don't mind if you are not connected in any way with the firm.
  2. only one file of 16-17 mb is available and no loads.Palji
  3. this song fills inspiration even in dead souls & reminds us that Khalsa is Khals (pure).
  4. unable to get the files, plz check up pal ji.
  5. I did not like chamkeela at all. But when I listened his dharmik songs, : Sathon Baba: and :Talwaar main Kalgidhar dee haan: my mind was changed and I remember that when he was killed, I weeped each and every time whenever I listened, Sathon Baba Khoh Liya tera Nankara. I remain only upto his dharmik renditions, which are classic ones.
  6. for photos of the Raag Darbar and Shri Harmandir Sahib: http://www.flickr.com/photos/43343492@N05/
  7. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Here is link to view/listen Alaukik Raag Darbar( in Nirdharit Raags) at Diwan Manji Sahib, Shri Harmandir Sahib held on 8-9/10/2009 celebrating Gurpurb of Shri Guru Ram Dass Ji, Chauthi Paatshahi. This is a tradition being carried out since long. http://bambuser.com/channel/khalsa http://bambuser.com/channel/sgpc
  8. Respected RS Freed, U R always great. I heartiestly thank you.
  9. it remembers us the ancient days read in rich Sikh History. I thank the poster.
  10. chatanga1 probably referring late "Sant Sarwan Singh Gandharv" Dumeli Wali, MA,(Anandpur Sahib) who had been a great Kirtnia alongwith player of almost of the instruments. He also contributed a lot by writing Volumes 1 to 6 of Gurmat Sangeet Books titled "Sur Simran Sangeet". In the books, there is lot of detailed description of Gurmat Sangeet, Raagas as well as notations of Gurbani Shabads in various raagas. The books are in very simple & folk language in Punjabi.
  11. veer Kam1825ji, highly thanks for the recordings of Sant Sujan Singhji Keertan. It is gr8 service.
  12. Respected Veer JB. you might have read the Saakhi about Honourable Sixth Guruji, Shri Guru Hargobind Sahibji, when a poor sikh identified "Sacha Paatshah" & "Jhootha Paatshah". It replies your question. Recently, we are seeing a great tussle related with wearings, which has become a serious issue. I donot want to name it as everybody has been learning it from media.
  13. regarding nindya, I request Nirvair S to learn definition of Nindya. To call true as true, white as white and black as black, I dont understand is called so called Nindya. moreover, he is also using this forum. Perhaps he does not know that this is "SIKH AWARENESS" FORUM and not propoganda forum.
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