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  1. Any ideas when Sant Baba Jagjit Singh Ji Harkowahal are attending UK?
  2. Whats the latest kirtan jathas performing in London at the moment?
  3. I would like to listen to his kirtan any one have the programme details?
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sikh What would you like to add here?
  5. This is a poem my friend sent to me: I am upset and cant wait to unite with god, I mediatate all night and day, I want to meet him, When will my sins and bhagti be complete to have his dharshan, I love him, I am inlove with god, and have no interest in others, they can laugh when i do simran, they can laugh at the clothes I wear, but they do not understand my situation, Meditating all day and night I have no other wishes, I can forget about every thing once my surat is in samadhi mode, and be high!
  6. A fakir/mahapursh who all ways is meditating and is very high in his spirtual path. Told me that people who eat meat... those spirts then make the human who ate the flesh ill and doctors cant find what is wrong.
  7. Can any one recommend a good interior painter? for my house No freshis painter though. Thanks.
  8. its this website... it was running very slow ill try again wen i get back from work
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