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  1. BAZ

    What or who is Kaffir?

    I cant answer for "those" muslims. They have their way of looking at things and other muslims have their view. What exactly do you mean by "historical Islam" anyway? To be a Muslim one needs to believe in the 5 tenants of the faith as described by the Porphet Muhammad who said Islam is built on five pillars: bearing witness that there is no god but God and Muhammad is His prophet, establishing the prayer, giving zakat, hajj, and fasting during Ramadan. U can still believe in God and not be a Muslim obviously.
  2. BAZ

    What or who is Kaffir?

    Obviosly John you dont know me very well as do some others on this board so your accusation of calling me narrow minded is baseless adn quite humorouos actually. Its not only muslims who cling to outward systems or ways to attaining God. God can't be attained through outward systems as we both know. Outward systems and practices are theer for us as a religious community to unify us and guide us in our daily living and dicipline. Sikhism has its outward system and so does Islam and they are beneficial for certain things. But ofcourse it doesn stop there. I completely agree with your last paragraph by the way.
  3. Actually I just found and read through some sources on this matter of the "incident" regarding Bibi Fatimah and the whole Fadak affair. I guess Javanmard this looking at these events from a Shia perspective. There is also a Sunni perpective which doesnt accept many of the accusations leveled against Abu Bakr and Umar and it can be found in the following 2 links if anyone cares to read through it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fadak and http://www.alinaam.org.za/library/dbeliefs/slegend_umar.htm (got this link from the previous Wikipedia link although some of what is in the other sections of the website sounds like a bit of baqwaas but hey u cant throw the baby out with the bathwater hunna)
  4. My understand has always been that Wahabis and Naqshbandis really dont see eye to eye. I would even say that Wahabis consider them to be a "deviant sect" just for the fact that they are sufi.
  5. BAZ

    What or who is Kaffir?

    John I see where you are coming from. For muslims who want to use the word "kaafir" to build a barrier between "us" and "them" will end up doing so because its the lower nature of man to do such things. People have always loved using religion as a tool to feed their egos. You said that Muslim saints "do not term people of other faiths as Kaffir as they are interested in the praise of Allah." Well you can't term a faith as kaafir. Faith is faith. The word kaafir comes from the word kufr (unbelief). In one way I must be a kaafir looking at it from a Sikh standpoint because I choose to remain muslim. There must be a level of unbelief in me towards the Sikh faith. According to some muslims I must have (and I have been told) that there is a degree of kufr in my heart when it comes to Islam because I dont always believe the way some of them believe. In some ways the term "Kaafir" is black and white when it comes to worldly matters (marriage, who pays zakat and who pays jizya etc). But in a more important spiritual way the whole matter is filled with degrees of grey between the black and white. At some level we all have kufr in our hearts and the purpose of any religion is to eradicate the kufr within and fill it with the light of belief.
  6. BAZ


    Who and what exactly are the "Paatrey" in the Sikh community?
  7. Is there an article on this on some news website? I tried searching on BBC but couldnt find anything there.
  8. BAZ

    What or who is Kaffir?

    "Kaafir" generally means "unbeliever". In the Quran people who are unbelievers are those who do not believe in the authenticity of the Quran or the prophethood of Muhammad. This does not mean that they don't believe in God in some form or another. In the Quranic chapter "Kaafirun" it says the following: 1. Say : O ye that reject Faith! 2. I worship not that which ye worship, 3. Nor will ye worship that which I worship. 4. And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship, 5. Nor will ye worship that which I worship. 6. To you be your Way, and to me mine. This surah was refering to the pagan tribes of Arabia who had many gods which they worshipped. I believe this is a Meccan Surah (verse from the time when muslims were a minority living in Mecca before they migrated to Medina after being persecuted by the pagan majority in Mecca). "Infidel" is one translation of the word "Kaafir" but so is "non-believer" but as you can see both english words have a different feel to them. Infidel is a harsher word. These days the word "Kaafir" is used by extremist muslims like a swear word and among many converts and forward thinking muslims this word has become a pain in the you know what.
  9. OMG is he still around? I met him years back a few times and got a funny vibe from him then too. Then I heard all that went down. Cults will prey off people who are disillusioned by the hypocrasy and corruption in mainstream organized religion. Cults will first welcome their victims with loving open arms and slowly feed them spiritual poison hidden in spiritual nectar. As time goes by the dosage increases until you can no longer tell the difference between the poson and nectar.
  10. Sat Sri Akal Vijaydeep Singh Ji, There is a hadith (saying of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH) that says that the muslims will be divided in 73 sects and all but one is on the right path. Now this can be interpreted by people in a few ways. Usually each sect such as Sunni or Shia will claim that the 1 sect that is on the right path is their sect but I think this hadith has a much deeper meaning. The same hadith also says that the muslim will have more sects than the Christians and the Jews so this hadith is also meant to be humbling for muslims so they cant claim to be better because they have less sects when they dont.
  11. Javanmard paaji, according to what you have said Sheikh Farid could not be considered a real muslim either as he was a Sunni or the Hanafi school (as well as a Chishti Sufi).
  12. When muslims use the english word "Prophet" they mean "Rasool" and/or "Nabi". Now even in the muslim world there is some confusion as to how these 2 terms are different from each other. My way of seeing this from a muslim point of view is that a nabi/rasool is a person who is commanded by God to deliver a message to the people and brings divine law. For example the Quran are not Muhammad's words (According to muslim beliefs) but the words of God. Even when you read it you can see that it is not written form the point of view of Muhammad (PBUH). When muslims stand by the Quranic text which says that Muhammad is the Seal of the Prophets and the last Prophet this puts them in a bit of a dilema I think because muslims as a whole are not certain on what "Prophet" means in this case. I see it as Muhammad (PBUH) being the last Prophet who will bring a direct message from God through laws or revealed Book. This revelation is a unfiltered message and does not come through the Prophets own mind or heart. Ofcourse there can be great men of God after this who are saints etc but in my opinion there is a big difference in their words and the words of direct revelation. In the end when a muslim looks at the english word "Prophet" then he or she has a certain definition in mind and I think this definition is different to that of a non-muslim.
  13. LOL good on you! But are you sure that Sikhism doesnt have Islamic and Hindu influences in it? Usually a new religion has aspects of the surrounding religions in it... doesnt make it any less of a religion in my eyes (these things could also be considered universal truths). I know that in Islam you can find overlapping of Judaism and Christianity. In Christianity you find overlapping of Judaism.
  14. Hope this day is filled with many blessings for you all
  15. OMG! LOL. This is soooooooooooo stupid. Political correctness has gone deep into the realm of stupidity. I have to admit though I do know some very stupid muslims... I know a "uncle" who sawed the cross off the King in a chess set he bought. I know of another uncle who bought a toy plastic farm for his kid and threw the pigs out. My daughter however loves pigs for some reason. He favourite animal at the zoo is a black pot bellied pig and she always pets it when she sees it. Her favourite toy is a fluffy pink pig which grunts and wiggles his nose. So we are not supposed to eat the animal but its getting stupid when piggy banks are banned! LOL.
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