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  1. Punjab again bags no1 spot http://www.tribuneindia.com/2007/20070915/nation.htm#4 Long Live Punjab
  2. Dera Sacha Sauda After death PAPPU goes 2 GOD. God: Mang ki mangda hai. PAPPU: Mainu kisi sohni kudi naal mila dao GOD: Mila tan dene han,pr tere nam de hisab nal. Je tu SARDAR HAI TAN JASSI NAL MILA DENE HAN. Je Muslman a ta SANIA MIRZA nal , je tu BRAHAMAN ta PRINYKA CHOPRA nal, je tu jatt a ta ISHA DEOL nal. Hun das tera ki naam ae. PAPPU to GOD: ji mainu sarian kurian nal mila deo, Mai SACHE SODE TON AYA HAN TE MERA NAM "GURMEET RAM RAHIM SINGH hai." [ /size]
  3. i am interested to become a pilot.can anyone help me to find out good flying clubs in US for indian students
  4. Interesting article. Delves into the reasons behind the rise of the Deras in a rational rather then rhetorical way. Sikhism in its current radicalized form is disillusioning many Sikhs and leading them to fraudish godmen. Too much negativity from the past political problems and the over emphasis on identity has chased many away. People will always have spiritual needs so I guess they try to take the easy way out. Its obvious to a calm rational mind who is to blame here no matter how much we may scream and shout... http://www.outlookindia.com/full.asp?fodna...8F%29&sid=1
  5. I want to know that if through naam simran can we access akashic records and can we have astral projection,if yes how long it takes any book recommended (through GURBANI)
  6. [/col i want to read a book by yogi bhajan titled "Teaching of yogi bhajan" does anyone has a ebook of it.
  7. but some people say banis of nitnem is panj granthi
  8. Following link is katha of JAPJI SAHIB by Yogi Bhajan .some of the files have poor sound :quality.http://www.keertan.org/andromeda.php?q=f&f=%2FKatha%2FJapji+Sahib HAPPY LISTENING SAT SRI AKAL
  9. what is panj granthi steek and Dakhni onkar? what is it significance
  10. i want someone to help me find torrent file for kundalini yoga video
  11. ITs general question of what career r u thinkng or already pursuing.And how are you going to help the community may be when you get little older? please share your view.
  12. we have read again &again to have company of sadh sangat and saints.what if we dont find that company.For eg i live in city where sikhs are less in no .so what should i do then
  13. i want to know accroding to Gurbani and Sikhi what is subconscious mind .? Is it WAHEGURU ITSELF
  14. can anyone teel me where can i download this book "7 spritual law of success" by deepak chopra
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