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  1. we don't deserve it cuz we can't handle it.....look at all the politicks at our gurdwaras...if we can't handle that then how would we handle running our own country...we aren't ready for it
  2. SSA everyone, I have recently gone through a long and rough period through my life for reasons I do not wish to share. All I know is that I have lost faith in Waheguru and would like to restore it. I have never been very religious, I just do my Japji and Rehraas paaht everyday, or try to. I've been through so much that I'm not what to do except for this. I know Waheguru Ji will protect me through all these terrible times but I have lost touch with that hopeful side of me. Please any suggestions as to how to help me restore what I once had would be great. ~Kaur Ji P.S. its deep i know and a bit personal to help out with, but it would be great if any of you could relate through being like this at one point. P.S.S. I apologize for not knowing where to put this post...sorry
  3. SSA everyone, I am not a newbie at this site but have been here for a while, so why the introduction??? Well I am starting over and am going through some what of a hard time and seek the help of my brothers and sisters of the sangat. Look forward to starting this new beginning. ~Kaur Ji
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