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  1. I stand by what I said. For example I searched for the word 'Hindu'. Here are the Resulting links (in order) : - - - - - read this last link...very disgusting remarks about hindus And it goes on and on and on. Really disgusting :cry: Is this what Sikhism has become ? Its not the Sikhism I know. What about all the common heritage between Hindus and Sikhs. I hope I'm not in the minority when I say Hindus & Sikhs are brothers & sisters. These hate mongers who want only destruction. I believe if Guru Gobind Singh Ji was alive what would he make of these people...certainly he would not recognise them as being his followers!
  2. Don't bother. Just propaganda. Obviously only searches extremist Sikh websites. Adding to the poison in this world.
  3. On the general point of rituals...are we sure that Sikhism doesn't have any rituals ? Bowing before the guru granth sahib & fanning the guru granth sahib. Aren't these rituals too ? Doing any sort of devotional act in a disconnected manner...is that not a ritualistic act. Surely rituals are not bad in themselves, only when performed without sincere devotion.
  4. The video & video makers are paranoid & disrespecting the Hindu religon. quotes from the video....."bihar they beya"..."musilman veer"...disrespects havans, disrepects others Sikhs that don't live up to his ideals. Dislikes people of different religons coming together for the betterment of India. Sikhs have always helped the Hindus ( may be because they didn't see any difference between themselves & the Hindus ! ). Critises Krishna & the Gita. etc etc I gave up after 1 hour. Granted the speaker is charistmatic, but he has his own agenda.
  5. vijaydeep singh I agree with much of what you say. Yes 'Hindus' need to be better educated about their own religon. It has evolved over thousands of years and there is much to be learnt from it. Yes the Kashmiri Pandits have been treated very badly. By the way I think Muslims use the term Kaffirs for all 'non-believers' in Islam.
  6. Isn't that the job of the the Police force now (in the west) ? Times (& gegraphical location) have changed, surely.
  7. I don't think Hindus change their eating habits to be more accomodating to the west any more than Sikhs/ Jains / Muslims or any other religon. Anyway whatever the eating habits, these are not in conflict with the indigenious society, so I think you've missed the point.
  8. N30 - would you say the Kirpan is a symbol or is it a weapon ?
  9. It means not doing things which the society at large finds disturbing. So in this case wear a very small kirpan, certainly under your clothes. However if the wider public still finds this unacceptable, there is nothing to stop you wearing what you like at home. I do not think you need to prove how devout you are by confronting the largely Christian country you live in. Ultimately you will be no less a Sikh, if outdoors you do not wear a kirpan but at home you continue observe the 5 Ks.
  10. Why not compromise a little ? Not everyone share your views. If I start to follow a sant and he says that I must carry a gun always, should I, knowing that society outlaws this ? Should I do this at home, privatley, or should I brandish my gun in a holster around my waist whilst walking in public. In the West we live in an alien environment. With rights come responsibilities. What may have been OK two hundred years ago to do in public (in India) may not be now (in the West). Asserting our rights too vigourously will alienate the indigenous population who will see favouritism and this will sow disharmony & lead to greater intolerance.
  11. So how did a Sikh become Prime Minister then ? If what you say is all true this would not be possible. In what other country in the world are the two highest offices (prime minister & president ) held by people from the minority communities. Can you imagine the USA having a muslim president ? Look at the hard objective evidence. Don't base this on your personal grievances.
  12. I meant not just the people who immediately died but those that were killed during the dark period that followed 84 in Punjab. Both those people killed because they didn't pay the extortion monies of ugarvadis & those killed by over zealous police. An inferno of hatred was unleashed ( although I might add most right thinking Sikhs & Hindu took no part in this & continue to not be affected). I pray that those dark days that are now over never return to Punjab. Unfortunatley some people ( especially foreigners/NRI ) continue to support the lunatic fringe & I think we need to speak out against this.
  13. Like you said "god knows the truth". However because of him thousands died. His legacy has been hatred and fear. So maybe the article isn't that off the mark.
  14. I don't think forced marriages are a problem in the Sikh & Hindu communities in the UK. Unfortunatley by lumping all the south asians together they give this impression. This occurs mainly in the Muslim community. Also the media often confuses arranged and forced marriages. Arranged marriages are not bad, but forced marraiges are.
  15. . Thats what you think. Tell that to the families of people that died ( Sikh & Hindus ) who were not interested in all this,but who will continue to suffer all their lives anyway.
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