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  1. i dont understand. if the Gurus ate meat. then why the dilemma? when did this whole notion of vegetarianism come about? even if a conclusion was reached, that as a sikh you must not eat meat. what would be the point if you still craved for it?
  2. koee aan milaavei mera preetam pyaaraa, haon tis peh aap vechaaee! but if you cant find the compassion within yourself to see the world through bhai khanaya ji's eyes, how are you going to see guru sahib? i've failed once. i never recognised my guru. our neighbour was moving. and he dropped over a box, telling us to leave it at the gurdwara since his dad wont be needing it anymore and doesnt know what to do with it. we left the box lying there on the floor. went to bed. woke up the next morning. opened it. and found a real aged bir of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. and the agony was indescribable. fancy that, you walk into darbar sahib tall and proud thinking you're a real good sikh and all. and when sachay paatshaah comes to you, you dont even know He's there! forget doing seva. the Lord stayed on the floor the whole night! and then i go around knocking on doors asking for darshan of my madho. yuck.
  3. naam japo. vand chhako. dharm ki kirt karo. those are the rules you follow. read bani. worship bani. fall in Love with bani. and god will fall in love with you. i've heard that He never punishes the ones that yearn for Him. the aim of Guru Sahib is to take you closer to your own self. that's all that matters, isnt it beastie? eating meat doesnt make you a bad person. i dont think it does. but when you see your preetam in every jee, you just dont want to eat it anymore. what's the point of becoming a vegetarian but still crave for meat just because everyone says it's the right thing to do. as for that sakhi about guru sahib. if you take guru gobind singh ji to be your guru, then tell your mind to shuttup. a disciple never doubts his master. guru sahib knows what He's doing, we dont. =)
  4. and the very same people walk into darbar sahib on sundays and matha tek in front of Bani... there was beadbi of Guru Sahib in some hindu mandir here. and some of the singhs were crying uncontrollably even while telling the sangat about it. and you find yourself thinking; what prem! what sharda! and the next minute. you find the same blokes baring their kirpans in front of guru sahib. ack. whatever happened to sikhs like bhai khanaya ji. whatever happened to the discipline, the purity, the righteousness of the khalsa. blah.
  5. wow. meray raam, har jan kay hao baljaaee.
  6. i dont understand. God had said not to eat the apple. so sex is prohibited? but your other post about virgin mary...it's contradicting. how does this explain the original sin that we're all born with?
  7. me? it couldnt really be easier though. bathe in His Love in the morning and sing His praises. and remain dyed in that Love for the rest of the day and serve. dedicate your every breath to Him, your every action to Him. put your Love into action. as for the whole science of meditation. id much rather fall at my Guru Sahib's charan and wait for Him to bestow His mercy upon me.
  8. it never occured to be that one could be refused amrit. we take so much for granted.
  9. it's the striking truth in it that makes it so beautiful.
  10. but i don't understand. why is it important for us to cover our hair?
  11. you said it gurl. nowadays, women no longer have to stand behind and get their message across with the help of men. but that's how it was in the olden days. women did not just simply come out and speak their mind. they were expected to keep their thoughts to themselves. that is why the role women played, as important as it may be, was not recognised. Guruji gave us the same status as our brothers but it has taken all these years for it to be fully accepted culturally. or so i think.
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