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  1. https://m.hindustantimes.com/india-news/nearly-15-killed-as-train-mows-down-people-watching-ravana-effigy-burn-in-amritsar/story-MVw7YMK9czXCN5oBCOaxSI.html
  2. kdsingh80

    Sikh-Hindu Clashes in India (UP)

    It happened in August. https://www.indiatvnews.com/video/aaj-ka-viral/aaj-ka-viral-truth-behind-hindu-sikh-clashes-in-up-s-shahjahanpur-459915
  3. https://indianexpress.com/article/india/punjab-farmers-take-to-rearing-male-buffalo-calves-only-to-sell-for-meat-5299905/
  4. kdsingh80

    Radical BJP Subreddit . Terrorist threaten Singhs.

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1991_Punjab_killings I don't know any group took responsibility because sikhs always blame GOI for this
  5. https://indiansforguns.com/viewtopic.php?t=504 https://blog.ipleaders.in/obtain-gun-license/ The laws are same.Important thing is your record and the need of gun.If you join some shooting club you have very good chance to get licence
  6. kdsingh80

    Radical BJP Subreddit . Terrorist threaten Singhs.

    It happened in 1989
  7. kdsingh80

    Nihangs and Fish

    Amritsari fish is one of the most popular dish in South Asia.In lahore the dish is known as Sardar ki Machchli because the the sikhs migrated to Lahore from Amritsar bring that dish with them.That must be 19th or early twentieth century So I guess for Amritsari Sikhs fish was never a taboo
  8. kdsingh80

    Nihangs and Fish

    It is also found that couples that had fish in their diet also likely to become more pregnant and have high fertility. When Sikhism is struggling is with low fertility your article support the opposite
  9. That site should be renamed , Tejwant philosophy.net. That guy has weird concept some of Atheistic Sikhism , with no god , no divine power death is the end concept .He just interpret Guru Granth sahib in own way and write pages and pages on it saying that Guru granth sahib our only Guru.Several people including me has asked him Sikhs need to just obey Guru Granth sahib then why to give so much importance to 5 ks , he hardly has any answer
  10. Ambedkar died natural death , even her second Brahmin wife met him when he was in hospital.His wife died natural death in 2003.She lived her life as widow of Ambedkar.some dalit leaders too saying that he was poisened but no one ever get a single evidence.Please remember any planted agent would had gone to her home after finishing her target , she lived as widow. http://www.womensweb.in/2018/05/savita-ambedkar-discredited-caste-woman-may18wk3/
  11. These are B.S conspiracy theories with no truth in it
  12. https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/dalit-sikhs-on-the-edge-as-khasi-tribal-anger-rises-in-shillong/story-tq0IVn10r4nys4BeyVwbvI.html
  13. kdsingh80

    How Sikhs are so rich and wealthy?

    Christians and Muslims too are minority but they are not rich.It has more to do with Bania mentality.Jews , Jains and Parsis all are very good businessmen with Bania mentality
  14. The population of Buddhists in India is 8 million out of which 87% or 7 millions are Dalits , so may be 4-5 millions embraced it