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  1. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/sikhs-from-punjab-join-as-anti-caa-nrc-stir-at-delhis-shaheen-bagh-enters-second-month/articleshow/73279325.cms Sikh's are now a completely lost community. They don't even know where their benefits are. CAA is providing citizenship to persecuted Sikh's from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Yet many Sikh's are stupidly protesting like dhimmi's just to show solidarity with muslims which are actually taking their anger against Modi.
  2. Mahabharat happened in dwapar yug while we are living in kalyuga. In practical term of today's world it is called surrender. You have one yardstick for India and other for Other powerful nations. Which militarily powerful country is saint . USA , Russia ,China etc all these countries develop weapons of mass destruction but invade other small nation because they supposed to have some Weapons of mass destruction . I have not seen Sikhs opposing all this . Infact Sikhs outside India go gaga when USA allow turbanned Sikhs to serve in their army. Let's accept the fact if USA or any other nation will create Sikh regiment then large number Sikhs will join it and do whatever they are told . No amount of logic of peace and prosperity of people or diseased mindset will work Action speaks louder than words. Whenever Indian PM goes to USA or UK it is Khalistani Sikhs along with Pakistani who comes and protest. Why are Sikhs outside so obsessed with Kashmir. There are 100s of places where human rights voilations goes in world Sikhs do protests for them ? No The fact is even Arab nations don't care about Kashmir. Modi after August 5 went to several islamic nations. Some even awarded Modi. Apart from Pakistan and it's few friends hardly anybody care about Kashmir. so if Sikhs support Pakistan they will be viewed as pro Pakistan.
  3. Where did I support hindutva or national ism? Show me. Pakistan Supporting Khalistani Sikhs like you can only bark on forums. If your heart bleed so much for Punjab and Kashmir then come to India and fight.
  4. @chatanga1 And despite all this you want India to surrender more land to Pakistan so they can do this to Hindu and sikhs once again.
  5. Are you trying to say that there is delibrate attempt to change demography of Punjab apart from Kashmir. Anyway Kashmir's demography is not going to change anytime soon as people of any state prefer to migrate to peaceful area where there is booming business . Kashmir is not going to become anytime soon. Army was there to protect LOC not in civilian area .Kashmir was quite peaceful in 80s .It is from 89 separatist islamic movement took momentum Because Kashmir is now symbol of Hindu resistance vs Islamic supremacy. Why do you think Pakistan named its missile after Ghauri, Ghaznavi, Babur etc.If Kashmir fall it will be start of Ghazwa e hind So many Sikhs were also son of soil of West Punjab why they left it? Because Sikh area fell on the other side of border. Their area now fell in India if they yearn for islamic state they should cross the border A country like India will only disintegrate if there is economic collapse or civil war and that will starvation and deaths of hundreds of millions. Already we witnessed 1 million deaths when India was divided in two Source please ? It is Pakistani propaganda that Indian army is raping. so far they have used pellet guns which caused injuries mainly to protesters .BTW do you know who is present chief of Kashmir corps ? it is turbaned sikh Lt gen KJS dhillon . Large number of sikhs are deployed in kashmir. you should be ashamed that you are calling all these rapists. BTW You have no sympathy for Kashmiri pandits and other minorities who were killed by Kashmiri separatists.
  6. So Sikhs going to USA , UK and Canada is OK but Bihari's going to punjab for menial jobs is wrong? Bihari's go all pver india for menial jobs not only punjab. If sikhs have reduced their birth rate and youths are leaving it for Canada which results change in demography then its not india's fault. As far indian army in Kashmir is concerned . They came after Kashmiri's massacred the pandits 85 thousand sq km is already in control of Pakistan the dispute is barely about 10-15 thousand sq km. Those who want islamic rule should migrate it to pok.I already explained that giving an inch of land will mean civil war and disintegration of India. Army did not arrive in kashmir until 89. Only when Kashmiri muslim started throwing pandits out they arrived. Kashmiri's got fair deal . Their leader at that time Sheikh Abdullah also signed accession in India , so there was no question of Kashmiri's to demand full freedom . Despite terrorist India Kashmir valley is still 99% muslims . If India is such a terrorist state then why kashmiri muslims don't run on the other side of border. On the other hand peaceful Pakistan and Bangladesh has reduced hindus to 2% and 9% in their nations.India should learn from those countries how to treat minorities.
  7. Kashmiri muslims did not want article 370 or autonomy. All they want is nizam e mustafa , islamic state. It was Kashmiri youth who were throwing stones on army despite autonomy. The situation is Kashmir was already worse from past 5 years. There is nothing left for more worse.
  8. Because secretly Lot of sikhs are still in deep.love with congress .You can go to social media and see how sikhs are part of pro congress groups. They are just dying to pass blame to RSS and BJP for events of 80s.
  9. How Isro satellites tracked Fani, saved many lives https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/how-isro-satellites-tracked-fani-saved-many-lives/articleshow/69181406.cms
  10. https://www.timesnownews.com/mirror-now/crime/article/amritsar-crime-news-on-witch-doctors-advice-woman-kills-pregnant-neighbour-and-pulls-out-foetus/410546
  11. Leopards are like Big billa's. They are great ambushers but extremely coward if they have to face someone
  12. Lions and tigers don't live side by side with humans , leopards do. They have abundance of supply of dogs , pigs and other small domestic animals to eat. They can easily live in small forest or abandoned farmhouses
  13. Great Khali has started an Indian version of WWE to promote it for desi youths. And look at some sikh wrestlers. Supe khalsa one of very strong guy There is a Pakistani Wrestler khan baba he has challenged great khali but great khali told him to reduce weight . Super khalsa has accepted his challenge Then there is shanky singh , around 7 feet tall sikh wrestler
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