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  1. kdsingh80

    Talibanisation Of Sikhi

    These kids are wearing rag tag turbans. Just take turban cloth and tie around head. Nobody these days wear these type of turbans.
  2. kdsingh80

    Talibanisation Of Sikhi

    Bishen singh bedi patka is out of fashion. Now there are other styles including tube patka , which can be worn in 30 seconds but give dastar look
  3. kdsingh80

    The guy who tried to kill Rajiv Gandhi

    I guess first they thought he was associated with some organization but later on they realised he was just an angry victim of 1984. Also Rajiv did not show much anger towards him and he completed his life sentence in 2000.
  4. Very interesting interview , especially the part that so many kharkoos were just Govt agents
  5. kdsingh80

    Sajjan Kumar Gets Life Term In '84 Riots

    Just thanks real fighters like H.S Phoolka . I wish Sikhs will unite under his leadership.
  6. Pakistan these days again is fuelling the movement. The general secretary of Pakistan Gurdwara prabandhak committee Gopal Singh Chawla has given inflammatory speeches for Khalistan .His photo with Hafiz saed is quite famous. Infact during Kartarpur Corridor the posters of refendum 2020 were their in Kartarpur Gurdwara.
  7. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/congress-sajjan-kumar-convicted-in-1984-anti-sikh-riots-case-delhi-high-court-cancels-acquittal-1963593
  8. kdsingh80

    Kartarpur Corridor

    Sidhu only has one ambition and that is to be CM of Punjab. On the other hand Captain is now getting old . His sons and grandsons are totally useless and failure in politics. Sidhu is extremely dangerous threat to them . When he entered congress captain was missing in press conference while Sidhu was with Rahul Gandhi . Moreover in road rage case captain tried his level best to punish Sidhu. He even took Sidhu to supreme court as high court acquitted him. Sidhu yesterday insulted captain by saying my captain is only Rahul Gandhi Imran is ok but he also took help of radicals to come to power. The Asia bibi case where angry mobs were on streets his govt was mild on them. The question is who control Pakistan , army , isi or radical mullahs. In that scenario there is not much hope from him India refused to talk to Pakistan on any platform but for Kartarpur they had to send two ministers their , this was considered a googly. Not at all . Infact there was always a talk that Captain is more of a Modi's CM rather than of congress.
  9. kdsingh80

    Kartarpur Corridor

    When you have corridor going to Pakistan then expect full drama. At present one man who is in headlines is one and only Navjot singh Sidhu. His rift with Badals and captain Amrinder is well known. First he went to Imran's swearing ceremony and hugged General Bajwa for which he was criticised . Later on he went and praised imran in Pakistan . On the other side captain Amrinder refused to go to Pakistan , and openly told that he told Sidhu not to go . Also in Kartarpur there were posters of refendum 2020 and One Pakistani minister said that Imran has thrown Kartarpur googly to India. I guess everybody wants to do poltics here. Sidhu now want to be Sikh leader becoming an alternate to Badals and Amrinder. BTW if sikhs of punjab has some self respect then they should kick captain Amrinder out . The way he has shown his attitude toward kartarpur corridor
  10. kdsingh80

    Kartarpur Corridor

  11. https://m.hindustantimes.com/india-news/nearly-15-killed-as-train-mows-down-people-watching-ravana-effigy-burn-in-amritsar/story-MVw7YMK9czXCN5oBCOaxSI.html
  12. kdsingh80

    Sikh-Hindu Clashes in India (UP)

    It happened in August. https://www.indiatvnews.com/video/aaj-ka-viral/aaj-ka-viral-truth-behind-hindu-sikh-clashes-in-up-s-shahjahanpur-459915
  13. https://indianexpress.com/article/india/punjab-farmers-take-to-rearing-male-buffalo-calves-only-to-sell-for-meat-5299905/