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  1. Where did he ask for weapons ban ?
  2. There is a British source from the late 1800s that says the Charitro Pakhyan teaches how to be a just ruler. Here you have a direct link between CP and rulership (rather than it being erotic tales) I'll try and post the quote when I've got acces to my notes.
  3. amardeep

    Taajudin's Diary

    Many years ago when I was reading through the Twarikh Guru Khalsa, I’m pretty sure I read some passages where the author said he had talked to punjabi Muslims who had returned from Mecca. And they had also seen materials related to guru Nanak there. This book is from the 1880s. I’ll have to look it up again.
  4. amardeep

    Bhangra/Gidha Vs Sikhism

    I havent been able to find references in dasam bani since sridasam.org was closed down
  5. Yes that’s how it’s spelled
  6. It probably says Siri instead of likhi. In Ganda singhs collection of hukamname most of them begin with Siri Guru jio Di aageya hai.
  7. Wonderful. I read it earlier today and was planning to post it here on the forum.
  8. What do you think so far - does the charitars warn against deception in many forms, or does it teach deception in many forms ? In many forms = deception through flattery, telling the truth, boosting egos, etc.
  9. The empire of the Sikhs by patwant singh
  10. amardeep

    Nihangs and Fish

    Two hukamname from Guru Hargobind to the Benares Sangat forbid fish.