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  1. Has any serious study been made of this Granth - year of Origin, authorship etc.
  2. Good find Chatanga. A new book has been published on the history of Afghan Sikhs and Hindus, maybe it contains some info also. I’ve recieved my copy and will post if there is any interesting info from Afghan sources on their rule over Afghan sikhs in Pashto areas and Punjab. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Afghan-Hindus-Sikhs-Inderjeet-Singh/dp/9385854380
  3. The 5 khands are the most fascinating topic in Sikhi
  4. Let’s see- is your silence due to there not being any evidence ?
  5. A bond man is a slave, not an employee. But fair enough keep justifying slavery all you want.
  6. Lol you are indeed a great ambassador for Christ. Slamming people for being obsessed by Satan and the devil and then say come accept Christ. Lol. Thanks for the experience of Christian missionary types. It’s always odd
  7. Yeah I was a talking about yes and no questions - not whether there are right and wrongs answers. These are two different things, stop attributing words to me that I didn say. What kind Of weird way of debating is that? The devil inside me? Dude this is too weird for me. I’m out. Maybe someone else wants to continue.
  8. When did I say there is no right and wrong answer? You jump all over the place, this is getting weirder and weirder.
  9. I made a post on Jesus - feel free to answer Therein when you have time
  10. Hi Letssee With a Christian on the forum I would like to hear more about the crucifixion of Jesus. If salvation is based on the belief of a historical event - the crucifixion and the resurrection - are there then any contemporary sources outside the bible that actually confirm that this event ever took place ? If not, why do Christians put so much emphasis on this event if it cannot be proven that it ever happened ?
  11. Did you even read those passages you copy pasted. The verse begins by saying “Those who receive His Mercy obtain the True One”. This is the aspect of grace. Yes people are esentually good in nature. No such thing as original sin. Whether the individual Sikh believes he is good or not differs, but thinking that you’re good is not a nice trait to have. It makes you proud, boosts your ego and probably limits you from trying to do further voluntary work (I’m good hence I don’t need to do more) stop saying according to Sikhism - it’s only according to your reading of things. I haven’t been struggling with anything in the above. Surely sikhi makes sense but if you’re looking for yes and no answers to all questions then you will have a hard time understanding Sikhi.
  12. If you want to think in binary terms of black and white then Sikhi doesn’t fit into that and you will have a very hard time grasping what Sikhi is about. Sikhi often takes a position of the middle path - it combines body and soul, the secular with the spiritual, intention with action, faith with action, politics with devotion etc etc. It’s never “either this or that” as you say So no, someone who thinks they’re a good person and boasts about it will not receive any good for his deed. Gurbani compares this to an elephant that has just bathed in a river and then goes rolling in the mud. You just did something good and now you’re defiling yourself with pride. Keeping the pride in check and empowering humility is another aspect of Sikhi. This is not about me not wanting to admit anything. Why would I want to hide anything under the carpet ? It’s not a competition (not that I cheat in competitions lol) As a Sikh you should strive to do good at all times. Does this mean that the individual Sikh do good 24/7 ? No of course not. But trying to implement a lifestyle of doing good, worship, sharing your food, sharing your wealth, spending time with voluntary work is the ideal lifestyle of a Sikh And what they are to strive for.
  13. Yes that’s the essence of it but there is also the aspect of Gods grace. There are more nuances. Like I said - it’s not a mathematical formula where you do X amounts of deeds and then you’re granted liberation. Gurprasaad (grace) is also an aspect - a person doing all the good deeds will not automatically get liberation if his intentions were that of a merchant or he got arrogant and kept posting selfies whenever he did a good deed - then Gods grace is not on that person. And that’s why I agreed with your quote.
  14. “It's been my experience, that people will be more humble, when they know it's all down to the Saviour, than when they think they themselves are good people and, eg, helped the old lady on to the bus (and etc).“ exactly. This is also the position of Sikhi. Can you tell more about paradise. There are some traditions/interpretations within sikhi and Sufism where people will say “actions and what’s on the outside doesn’t matter. It’s what’s inside of the heart that matters”. I have friends like this and often wonder about those interpretations. I’m not saying they’re bad peope, but it’s a fun way of diverting away from the scriptural principles.
  15. But what is the correlation between genuinely believing that Jesus was your savour and died on the cross - and living a moral life? And why should a Christian live without sin if he is already saved? For the masses of people wont that just create a situation where they at some point will relapse to sin ? you mention a deficit of rewards in paradise. What do you get in paradise? And what is the difference between what people get ?
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