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  1. the "father of mankind" is a comment by the translater..it is not written in the real Bani.. i got confused also when i read it..
  2. does Guru Nanak have a big "role" in Shia Islam? do they consider him a holy man, or was he just a stranger passing by their country?
  3. how disgusting. stealing from a sacred place like the Harmander Sahab..have people no shame!!!
  4. sounds interesting. most of my shia friends are also iraqis, but they had never heard of Guru Nanak before. do u know how many followers Guru Nanak made in Iraq? i heard something about the "president" of the country became a follower of Guru Nanak but i dont know if its true or not.
  5. amardeep


    hadeeth is like the janam sakhis of Guru Nanak Dev Jee.. it is writings about the Prophet Muhammad. Bukhari is an author who wrote all of these storys down, and a lot of them are false lies degrading Muhammad and Islam .. yet they are looked upon as "sahih" by sunnis meaning they are reliable sources and that these incidents really have taken place (for instance it is mentioned that Muhammad beats up his wives, he orders the murder of a woman, he tortures people and behead them etc).
  6. who attended the conference, and how was it? was it about what diverse religions say about science? for instance the Quran mentions plants in pairs, the SGGS mentions millions of planets etc..
  7. amardeep


    Islam is indeed a great and good religion.. i think that the hadeeth of bukhari and muslim have wrecked up its image.. the "harsh" verses from the Quran is mostly during warfare. Muhammad did do raise the womens status..
  8. Sath shri akal being born into a sikhi family does not mean that God wants u to be a sikh. it has to do with karma...your prevous actions tells which religion you will be born into.. saying that it is Gods will, it would imply that you had nothing to do with it,. kind regards.
  9. javanard u wrote: Next to the tomb of Shaikh Bahlol, a companion of the 7th Imam Musa al Qazim, there is a room dedicated to Gurû Nânak Devi Jî Mahârâj and the Shi'as of the area take care of it and have great respect for Mahârâj. can u please provide me with a source that explains this further? it sounds really interesting..
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