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  1. Dal you talk a lot about the Khalsa being brave and tough. yet since I edited one of your posts in 2015 due to disgusting language you’ve held a grudge against me. You act like a sensitive little school girl forever holding a grudge. Get real man. This is just a Internet forum, Panthic issues are not solved here - go into the real world and be useful to others rather than always sitting at home. I always fail to understand how people can get so serious about a internet forum and gain hatred towards people they don’t even know. Get a life and get over yourself.
  2. Dal are you trying to incite violence? Be a man and do your own dirty work if you’re having a bad day. Get a life fix yourself up you got some mental issues man.
  3. What are you talking about? I haven’t deleted such a topic and if someone deleted it it would probably be because it ran out of hand - not due to the topic itself. Are you having a bad day again dally ?
  4. I did notice it but thought it was such a stupid statement that it did'n deserve a response.
  5. The Khalsa of Guru Gobind Singh would come closer to a modern understanding of (western) religion. It still differs however. The notion of one scripture (sola scriptura) is not present in the early Khalsa due to several granths having holy status , nor of one institution as a centre of worship. The Sikhs of old had gurdware, bungas, akharas, thikanas, dharamsalas etc all as their different kind of institutions. Nor Is there only one way of being Sikh as there are the four samprdayas that each follow a different code of conduct, with different outer symbols and with a different philosophy of the Ik oankaar. So even the theological emphasis differs. All of this is strength and power. But for the people looking for a “religion” in Sikhi, they would find early Sikhs rather confusing. With the Singh Sabha you start to get Sikhism with its sola scriptura (out with dasam Granth) one institution (only a gurdwara could qualify) one rahit, one form of symbols, one God only known as Vahiguru and one kind of Sikh. With Sikhism you have a religion
  6. Welcome to the forum then little brother. Feel free to browse around and ask the Sangat here any questions you might have.
  7. I agree with your definition of Indian “religions” above. I merely disagree that Sikhi - as per scripture and tradition- can be regarded as a religion as understood in its modern usage. But Sikhism (notice I said Sikhism and not Sikhi) as understood in its post Singh Sabha form is definately a religion.
  8. I think Sikhi has morphed into a religion in the last 100 years. Prior to the British raj, sikhi wasn’t a religion. It was plural and diverse in nature breaking it free from the narrow confinements of religion.
  9. The way I understand religion is - a closed and narrow way of life with clear cut boundaries, - an in-group and an out-group that Is setup as an enemy of sort. A religion also has a somewhat fixed theology and practice. Dualistic in nature
  10. Depends on how you define a religion.
  11. The most amazing thing about the Ardaas is that it is a living document that can be updated from time to time. I think within 20 years it will be updated to include the situation of the 80s and 90s Punjab. I also hope the Afghan ardaas will include the tragic terror incidents of 1 july 2018 where the Afghan Singh leadership was completely wiped out.
  12. Apart from the beginning, the ardaas is written by the panth and could easily include Mata Sahib Devi. It has changed over time as it reflects different historical events etc.
  13. Yes in Jammu i think but they’re almost integrated into the panth from what I’ve heard. They still keep the name but regard Guru Granth Sahib as Guru now
  14. Also check some of the earlier discussions on this on the forum. There are many sources in the other threads.
  15. He was a Sikh yes according to the bansavalinama. I don’t think anyone disagrees as to whether he was a Sikh. The question some people raise is whether he was amritdhari.
  16. This is a very good question. I have wondered for a long time about this sidelining as well. In Christianity you have an exalted position of Mary, in Hinduism on the devi and in Islam on Fatima. Whereas in sikhi there is no central female figure.
  17. I didn edit it - must have been one of the other admins. Singh by that definition a clear majority of the panth are khusre. Please tell us how you are not a Khusra by that definition. What kind of weapon training do you do and how has your skills become beneficial for others in terms of protection and security ?
  18. Lol I am really beginning to think you got some mental issues. Sort yourself out! People here are also noticing how you have your good days and your bad days. Yes I find nothing wrong with asking competent people to comment upon and edit my essays to improve them. And I asked you because I found you competent to do so. Only a pathetic loser who thinks they know it all would find it weird to ask others for critical feedback. Actually a loser like you. A pathetic internet warrior living an anonymous life behind the screens for years doing nothing but bicker and bicker like a lonely guy A couple of days ago you began a weird rant of how smart you are and I should know you aren’t unintellectual. It had nothing to do with what we were talking about; it was just you praising yourself! You apparently didn understand that at no time has I questioned your intellectual abilities; all I have stated is that you’ve turned into a nasty arsehole in recent years. Being smart isn’t mutually exclusive to being an obnoxious arsehole. Fix yourself up you got some mental issues man.
  19. Have you read the census reports? And I am very well aware of colonialism and it’s horrors - I merely stated that the early reports talk about female infanticide also meaning it’s not a new recent thing amongst Sikhs. No one asked for your opinion on what I would have been like during colonialism so not sure why you’re bringing that up. But now that you’ve brought it up, I assume you would have been one grumpy pathetic loser conpletely loyal to colonial rule talking about how bad everything is and how stupid everyone are yet you wouldn’t be doing anything to change the situation lol. Pretty much like you are now. Nothing would have changed lol just the same loser incarnation.
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