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  1. Vahiguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vahiguru Jee Kee Fateh You refer to some audio tracks you have used to learn the above mentioned banis. Can you please share those links ? Also what motivated you to do these banis? Normally most people have not even heard of these banis leave aside done them?
  2. Please go ahead and share - thats the purpose of this forum to act like a 'virtual' sangat.
  3. @HK Sikh - I have yet to hear a better one than this - linking up the efforts we put in academics (how to be a good student and know your content) with bandagi. Academics, if at all useful (content keeps being revised hence the need for constant updation) will help us get a meal in this lifetime whereas bandagi is for this life and beyond; yet our time allocation for both these activities is inversely proportional to their importance.!
  4. Why do you repeatedly call Gobindey Mukandey as Gaitri Mantar? Giani jee talks of it as our equivalent of Gaitri Mantar but Gaitri Mantar is another separate mantar.
  5. Is there any viakhiaya on Brahm Kavach and Shastar Naam Maala done by Giani Thakur Singh himself? I have found recitations of these banis by him but no viakhiaya. There are others who have done the viakhiaya but I am specifically looking for any viakhiya by Giani jee himself. Thanks for pointing me in that direction. This bani is totally new to me - have never heard of this while growing up or know of any gursikhs that have done this paath over the last 50 years. In particular for protection one has always done Chaupai sahib but never Brahm Kavach (historically that is).
  6. Lucky I dont know whether you were referring to this text http://www.truthseekerz.com/Andreas_Moritz.-.Timeless-Secrets-of-Health-Rejuvenation.pdf I found skimming through it very interesting. Thanks for sharing
  7. Completely agree Lucky. Its amazing how much people will waste on these issues rather than focus on the essential naam simran at amrit vela.
  8. Shall we end this by agreeing to disagree and moving on as this was not the main issue in this topic. best
  9. Excellent suggestion and direction Bhai Sahib. One request. Guru Arjan Badshah has not used the word "Sant" for Namdev. His bani is under Bhagat Bani. Please let us not change the nomenclature used by Guru Sahib himself. Thank you for your consideration.
  10. Pre partition Anand Karaj was done as soon as the Asa Kee Vaar kirtan was complete (around 6 am). Its only post independence when we got into this habit of excessive consumption that the anand karaj timing shifted to accommodate people's needs to fill up their stomach with breakfast before the start of the anand karaj.
  11. Akal Academy schools are highly rated and the one at Baru Sahib is the oldest and most well known. Weather wise, Baru Sahib (near Simla) is also very good. Best of luck with his admission process
  12. Bhai Sahib jee, Thank you for periodically posting wonderful links - can you consider going a step further and writing a brief synposis from the commentary / katha you shared to interest a reader further? regards
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