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  1. Sangat di Dhur (dust)

    Bhai Sahib jee, Thank you for periodically posting wonderful links - can you consider going a step further and writing a brief synposis from the commentary / katha you shared to interest a reader further? regards
  2. New Katha App

    This app is nearly 2 years old. Excellent app but will not work if you are not connected to the net.
  3. Bhai Sahib, To take Amrit, the Paanj Pyarea had to give their heads - both physically and clean their "maat" and take the Guru's Maat. In life you have to have a Guru and every Guru has his initiation requirements. If you want to have Guru Gobind Singh as your Guru you have to follow what he has asked you to do. Your writings are too full of "I" - your "maat" - pick and choose a kakar whereas the Guru requires total submission. If you are not ready for submission thats fine, but please abstain from the thought of taking khande de pahul without kesh. Best
  4. I have never heard of a Jyoti Jyot Purab of Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji. Its always a shahedee Divas. Our sants are ever out to change to prove themselves different. So tomorrow instead of a shahedee divas of Sri Guru Arjan Dev will we have a Jyoti Jyot purab for him?
  5. Any Brahmgiani At Present?

    Bhai Sahib, Which Babajee are you referring to in the above-post. Also what doed the abbreviation DMROG (books) stand for? Thank you
  6. Destroyed in marriage

    the link does not work
  7. sat veerjee, Bairagan is soooooooo comfortable that it is hard to describe. your back stays totally erect with little effort, the arms are relaxed and you can really really sit for long hours. dont take my word for it, just try it. best
  8. Absolutely awesome....speechless
  9. Vahiguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vahiguru Jee Kee Fateh

    Bhai Sahib,

    The japjee Sahib teeka by Sant Waryam Singh that you have posted cannot be downloaded. It shows the file is corrupted. Can you please look into this.


    h singh

    Jap Jee Sahib Puratan Teeka - Sant Waryam Singh Ratwara Sahib

    1. ibrute


      Does it resolve ?

    2. paapiman


      Daas was able to download it.

      Bhul chuk maaf

  10. Miserable death of a Nindak (Slanderer)

    Guest jee, The reference in Sri Sukhmani Sahib to a Sant is actually to Sri Guru Granth Sahib and not a human being. regards
  11. Bhai Sahib, All Sikhs since time immemorial have believed in, done abhiyaas of and in turn have been protected by the Mool Mantar that Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Sahib got for us from the Akal Purakh himself. However, in the narrative that has been given by this bhai sahib, instead of the Akal Purakh being praised for blessing us with the Mool Mantar, one of his creation, the African race has been tarred and a "Sant" has been praised. When we give such examples in a public domain isn't it our duty as a speaker to be more careful about what we say? In the west, he would be classified as a racist whereas in the Guru ghar where "manas kee jaat saabeay ikeah Pehchaano" is the hukam such description of an African would not be accepted by the Guru. Agree? Vahiguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vahiguru Jee Kee Fateh
  12. Baba Attar Singh Gursagar Mastuana

    Link does not work. Please check
  13. Sukhpreet29 ji, the aslee Kamaiyee valeah Mahapurakh will always tell you that there is a "purdah" between the Guru and his kamayee Valaa Sikh. Such sikhs will NEVER disclose their conversations with Guru Sahib. They may at best encourage you to engage in regular paath and simran and drop some hints about what may happen if Guru does kirpa on his Sikh. Knowledge of past lives and future events are known even to any ordinary human being with some meditative practise. The book, Many lives, Many Masters by Dr Brian Weiss will tell you this
  14. Chaar Sahibzaade Movie

    Anyone who has not seen this movie does not know what he/she is missing. Excellent presentation of the lives of Kalgidhar maharajas brave sahibzade.