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  1. That will be awesome. Lot of brahamgianis start at that hour
  2. Absolutely brilliant, not only about a brief, simple and clear enunciation of the difference between jog mat and gurmat (that more than half a dozen books by various authors couldn't) but about overall bhakti...learnt that one must allocate at least 2 hrs both morning and evening to the gurmantar jaap..bhai sahib did it for over 2 years before Guru Sahib blessed him...a must listen..thank you sat veerji for posting..
  3. Bhai Sahib, This is a pavitar forum in which genuine seekers share their actual experiences and learn from each others personal experiences...Most posts are typically brief as well. It would be useful if we all kept to the same discipline. Thank you
  4. this is all stuff straight out of grewals writings - please stop posting in this forum..thank you
  5. Bhai Sahib, Anger and Ego (common to all of us) are at play in this situation. Your ego has stood in the way of you making the effort to learn gurmukhi and at least a basic understanding of what the teachings guru sahib is telling us about which would help us in crossing this terrifying world ocean. It told you that listening for hours is a good substitute for learning gurmukhi and making no effort to understand our Gurus teachings. Anger because someone stated that you should make an effort to understand Gurbani which went against your ego. So going forward if you were to make these efforts, maybe vahiguru will bless you with reduction in ego/anger and give you a better understanding of his teachings. (perhaps these comments may be from Vahiguru himself to turn you towards the direction of making more efforts on gurbani?) I wish you all the best while you take steps on this journey and may vahiguru guide you himself. regards
  6. Vahiguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vahiguru Jee Kee Fateh You refer to some audio tracks you have used to learn the above mentioned banis. Can you please share those links ? Also what motivated you to do these banis? Normally most people have not even heard of these banis leave aside done them?
  7. Please go ahead and share - thats the purpose of this forum to act like a 'virtual' sangat.
  8. @HK Sikh - I have yet to hear a better one than this - linking up the efforts we put in academics (how to be a good student and know your content) with bandagi. Academics, if at all useful (content keeps being revised hence the need for constant updation) will help us get a meal in this lifetime whereas bandagi is for this life and beyond; yet our time allocation for both these activities is inversely proportional to their importance.!
  9. Why do you repeatedly call Gobindey Mukandey as Gaitri Mantar? Giani jee talks of it as our equivalent of Gaitri Mantar but Gaitri Mantar is another separate mantar.
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