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  1. Dhandrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    There are couple of quotes from Socrates that I personally like: Question: What should be discussed? - Strong minds discuss ideas, Average minds discuss events, Weak minds discuss people. Question: Where to learn from? - Smart people learn from everything and everyone, Average people from their experiences, Stupid people already have all the answers. Question: How to change the bad habits? - The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the New.
  2. kaam Lust

    The root cause is: Previous Karmas Solution: Pray to God to give you strength to get rid of this thing. Don't request him to stop it, because it is you who needs to work on it. God can work with you but NOT for you. Whenever you get the lust feeling, try NOT to think about it; just start thinking something else. e.g You're standing on the road watching the traffic, you see lot of cars going but you don't start thinking about each car and/or the person sitting inside. Same way, you your mind (road) will always have lot of cars (thoughts), the secret is NOT to entertain the thought and do NOT attach to your thought. Just watch and let it go; just like the same way we just watch the cars and don't get attached to what we saw.
  3. Nitnem - Who compiled it?

    I don't remember the source, but I've read/heard somewhere that Bhai Mani Singh Ji actually separated/broken-into-words the Guru sahib i.e originally it was Larivaar saroop (continuous words without any break), and he wrote a saroop with separate words for easier understanding. Now, I don't know if this story is right or wrong; but this is what I've heard.
  4. Mind Control

    What you've said is ultimate reality but that kind of vision is possible ONLY when one has already won the war on Maya and have removed all the veils of Illusion (Mal/Vikshape/Avaran). This stage is called Gyan and comes only after the "Purity of Mind" and "Upsana of Guru". Till Gyan stage is not reached, all of what you've said is purely theory and Mind canNOT be controlled that way. Give it a try and you'll see. What we're doing is pretending/faking this theory by thinking (mind is already involved in thinking). These days majority of Sikhs (and other religions) have gone astray and is following the black-and-white theory, e.g Sikhs claims We believe in Nirgun and worship Nirgun only. Problem is we don't know the Nirgun, and if Nirgun is not known, then how to worship him? Just concentrate on Shabad and no need to put dhayan on any sakar/physical thing. They don't even acknolwdge the concentration on Sri Guru Granth sahib Ji, even though we all bow to GuruJi. It's saying like I want to hang the clothes on the wall but don't want to put a nail on wall to hold the clothes. i.e we need something to put the dhayan on, in the later stages, that dhayan will be switched to Nirgun but that stage is very far. We see God in all etc., but then we go to Gurdwara to judge the kathakars/kirtinas. The problem is we fail to understand the reality behind the core concepts and just take the facts on face-value. Most people in every religion (ours included i.e Sikhs) believes in Boxed God (God in a box which satisfies certain pre-conceived notions). May be its the way Kalyug works, otherwise there will be Peace, Calm, and Love everywhere!
  5. Ajaapa / Simran Saas Gras

    You cannot beat the mind; best way is to work along with him. Controlling the mind does not mean stopping the thought process. Control of the mind means using it properly, and knowing the method of using the forces of the mind. It is necessary that we learn to observe, understand, and train the functions of mind at the various levels of consciousness. Techniques to make Mind one-pointed Do not try to stop Mind from thinking something. Do not play wrestling with your mind. Just try to see what kind of thoughts mind is thinking and where it is going. Do not give Mind the permission to run, but do not stop it from going there - instead give it full control by saying "Mind if you want to go there, you can go; but I am not coming with you.". After some time, the Mind will become steady and would not run. This is the most commonly used technique. During meditation build your determination, and tell your mind, “At this time my mind is only for meditation. I have to meditate and learn to go beyond this mire of delusion and confusion created by my mind. I am not going to identify with the thought patterns going on in my mind. No matter what happens during these moments I will be not disturbed, no matter what happens. Let my preoccupations come forward later. I do not want to be disturbed.” This way, we will build our sankalpa shakti. Sankalpa shakti (determination). This technique for those who has somewhat better control on their bhuddhi. In this technique, student divides his mind into 2 parts: One the owner, and other the servant. Being the owner of Mind, it instructs the other part (servant) not to run and eventually Mind gets trained. This technique is for advanced. Under this technique sit down for dhana and stop thinking. Empty your whole mind and watch from where the thoughts are coming. You will notice that thoughts come from outside. Throw these thoughts before entering the mind and destroy the thought. It would be interesting to know the Mind in terms of Bird. Mind is a bird. Greed and Honor are its 2 wings; Attachment and Hatred are its mouth (chuanj) and it resides on tree named as body. Good (Shubh) and Bad (Ashubh) are its food. The technique to control this mind in terms of Bird: Prepare a cage of Vichar and put this mind inside this cage. (i.e always think about what is not-changable). Cut the wings of greed by using scisor of Veerag and Santokh. Give him the food of rememberance of Atama.
  6. As both Lucky and Sat have already mentioned that you cannot take a backseat after getting the naam. * Guru can give you the spark, but it is YOU who needs to work on that. There's no way around it. * There is a big possibility that you could go astray but Guru is there to contain that and may bring you back on path if you've karma is good enough. Or through Kirpa. * Your faith WILL be tested by environments/circumstances, so be prepared for it. FAITH should be like this; only then you can succeed: Let's say, I'm going to jump from a mountain without any fear; because I know that only 2 things can happen: * Either Guru will place his hand under feet and won't let me suffer; or * Or He will give me wings and I could fly. There is NO 3rd option. From my personal experience, one can attempt the above but some times, the circumstances are such that you question; and that's the time, you loose. But Guru is great, as he won't leave you alone. Now, above is the example and in no-way asking anyone to try jumping from mountain. ---------------- Many Saints have mentioned that Faith is more important than the Puran Guru. Puran Guru cannot do anything, if the student doesn't believe Him.
  7. I don't think anyone can "have god reside in your mind"; because He is already there but we cannot find Him. e.g Butter is hidden in the milk but becomes visible only when someone does follow the process of churning. Same way God is there, it's just a matter of: * Finding reasons Why we cannot find him? - Because we're finding Him in the wrong place. - and our Mind does have faults. * And once we're aware of those, we just need to follow the process of removing those veils. Sat has already explained what really means by "Raab da mann wich vasna a.k.a Raab nu labh lena", but it comes with KIRPA.
  8. Head/Hair care

    Traditionally Desi Ghee is used on the head when one is engaged in serious meditation.
  9. Navel displacement - Dharan

    It seems like you've a raw idea of the next generation equipment. But remember to get the Patent, otherwise your free and helpful innovation might be tagged as pseudoscience. Traditional healers might not have the vacuum cleaners, otherwise why would they use many different kinds of cupping techniques (Wet, Dry, Myofascial, Heating, Myofascial). Anyways, humor aside, creating vacuum inside a cup is not equivalent to the suction. The technical name is: Myofascial cupping where mechanical suction equipment is to create the required vacuum and once vacuum is created, then the mechanical force is required. I don't think vacuum cleaner could maintain the vacuum unless constant suction is created which might have the different effect. In India, the technique (creating vacuum with the help of horn, cotton ball ) is very well known and century old; which is known as "Singe Lagvane" (in village terminology) a.k.a Horn Therapy. The Nabhi Pump is the modern innovation but not as effective as the Horn therapy but at the same time it is very easy to implement.
  10. Navel displacement - Dharan

    Dharan is also known by Solar Plexus. I personally found that the best option is to use the Vacuum Method via "Nabhi Pump". But there are couple of other techniques which might be useful in your case: Look for "How to fix Solar Plexus" section in this page: http://satgur.net/Issue/Details/29
  11. Yes, you're blessed but at the same time you've to play your part in this ongoing movie/game/life. Being blessed is different than taking the advantage of being blessed. I'm not suggesting to put extra focus on worldly things; just put the focus on Simran and take the life as it comes; do whatever you've been assigned to....be it job, or whatever. In other words, let the Waheguru be your driver. I'm saying this because at one point in time, I was feeling the same. The more I feel/desire/wish/want to be away from the worldly duties, the more I feel depressed and lost peace of mind; But as soon as I left the desire to be attain something or run away from something, magically the peace of mind returned. In other words, just keep enjoying Simran, and learn to see ALL tasks as given by your Commander/Friend/Guru, then you will shine. Just leave the desire to be desire-less. e.g when you enjoy your Simran during Amrit vele, did you breathing disturb you? Obviously not, in-fact it helps. It is because breathing has become part of us and has never stopped us from doing anything. Same way, change the point-of-view and see every task as the God given and just move with the flow. Enjoy the Present, CONCENTRATE ON THE PRESENT. If you follow HIM, then worldly things will follow you, don't worry; just play your character joyfully and not by constantly complaining. I know, I know it is very easy to write but very hard to practice. But that's the play! I love this song from late 1970s: Aanewala Pal Janewala Hai--------------------------(The moment that is to arrive, is about to pass by,) Ho Sake Toh Isame Jindagee Bita Do-------------(If you can, in it, live your life…) Pal Jo Yeh Janewala Hai Ho Ho---------------------(This moment, that is about to pass by.) Ek Bar Yu Milee Masum See Kalee-----------------(Once (I) met this innocent blossom) Khilte Hue Kahaan Khushbash Mein Chali.-------(Blooming, (she) said, I am leaving happy.) Dekha To Yahin Hai, Dhundha To Nahin Hai,----(When I looked, it was right there , When I searched, it is not there,) Pal Jo Yeh Jaanewala Hai-----------------------------(This moment, that is about to pass by.) Ek Baar Waqt Se Lamha Gira Kahin----------------(Once, a moment fell from (the grasp of) time somewhere) Wahaan Dastan Mili, Lamha Kahin Nahin---------(There I found this legend, The moment was nowhere,) Thoda Sa Hasaake, Thoda Sa Rulaake------------(Making you laugh a little, Making you cry a little) Pal Ye Bhi Jaanewala Hai------------------------------(This moment is also about to pass by)
  12. Advice Confused Gurdwara

    Scalar waves/energy is produced when two electromagnetic waves of the same frequency are exactly out of phase (180 degrees opposite of each other) and the amplitudes subtract and cancel or destroy each other. Scalar waves can be created by wrapping electrical wires around a figure eight in the shape of a mobius coil. When an electric current flows through the wires in opposite directions, the opposing electromagnetic fields from the two wires cancel each other and create a scalar wave. And this is nothing new, human body is producing scalar waves. At the core, the DNA antenna in our cells' energy production centers assumes the shape of super-coil (series of mobius coils) and are generating scalar waves throughout the cell and throughout the body. Same way when Ida and Pingula (+ and -) oppose each other. Human body has always been a transmitter and receiver of scalar waves. As we know Human body is able to generate scalar waves automatically, we do have capability to generate intentionally Scalar waves either by pure concentration of mind or by mechanical process (e.g singing in Sangat with concentration). Mechanical method eventually uses the power of mind. In very simple terms, human body is most complex form of machine which has billions of different sub-systems which can produce anything provided one know the technique; at the core it is the Mind power or say, Mind does have the knowledge to produce anything. Scalar waves occur in 4D and the thoughts also occur in 4D. So, anything is possible: ranging from free-power-source (Free Energy) to Wish-fulfilling (Radionics; mostly used for healing); but at the same time remember that as we (humans) have NOT fully understood the working of Prana (some form of Scalar energy or vice-versa), therefore it carries the risk factor that we're not aware of. Scalar waves does have the capability of destroying the karmas but at the same time also produces more other type of karmas. Its a chain. In other words, we do NOT know what we do NOT know. At the end, I would suggest that pursuing Radionics and as well as Scalar waves/energy have NO benefit in terms of offering any Spiritual benefit; Just follow your path and let the things happen at normal pace. On the contrary intentional scalar energy does have all the ingredients required to pull you away from real Spirituality. But if you're under the guidance of Spiritual Guru, then he will take care of you; and sometimes will bluntly cut off your experiments for your benefits. Again but sometimes even Guru does NOT interfere in your free-will; it's very complex. All in all, scalar energy has unlimited potential; e.g water stored in a dam has great potential and if the person (even with real good intentions) does not know how to release water, then he could create disaster.
  13. Advice Confused Gurdwara

    As both Xylitol and Chatanga1 have mentioned the importance of good Sangat, and therefore I would like to expand on that. I personally have felt the same as you (mrhsinghk) but I was guided by the guides about the spiritual significance of the good sangat. You can do the experiment as follows: * Go to any Live concert of any singer/comedian/performer/sports/anyevent and enjoy the performance LIVE. At the same time record the entire performance. Once at home, try to play the same recording event. Do you feel the difference? If you've ever attended a Live concert you will immediately say: Watching and Listening Live is another world, especially if music is involved. Do you know why? Just because of the collective consciousness of the number of people. In Live concert, the Raw emotion of many people are acting as one. It simply means that humans have the capability to tune in their consciousness with another and both gets the benefit. But again, the requirement is Good Sangat which could also be found in the company of more than one at home; in-fact, the best company/sangat is with oneself (with our own Atma). But there are very few who could enjoy the sangat of self/atma, but rest of us are better off finding a place where there is maximum potential of finding a good sangat and Gurdwara is the best place (relatively) with the max probability of finding a higher level spiritual person with whom we can tune in our consciousness in the huzoore of Maharaj. At the end, it's always nice to hear the things which subtly we want to hear, but that may or may not be the truth and could be a mere illusion. das
  14. Advice Confused Gurdwara

    I would suggest you to continue GO to Gurdwara during the time when Lot of Sangat is there and Kirtan/Meditations are going on. Here are the very reasons: Even though I agree on the condition of Gurdwaras politics and all that, BUT at the same time, You do have the option to listen-to/sing-with-sangat the Kirtan. Nonone is going to say don't listen/sing; just don't participate anything outside. I know a lot of persons in our local Gurdwara who came in Sangat and listen/sing and then do seva in Kitchen or Jhore-ghar but don't indulge in useless conversations. It depends upon us. NOT going to Gurdwara and doing path at home sounds soo good but after a while you will notice that you will start debating on the need of going to Gurdwara, and then you will start missing your Nitnem also; and eventually you will notice that your Spiritual progress has slowed down and stopped. Basically, it is the trap of the Mind/Maya; e.g when a stranger wants to kidnap a child, then first he will attract the child with some sweets and when the child comes under his umberella, then he will execute his evil plans. Same way, the thought of stop going to Gurdwara because of any reason is just a trap because at the core no-one is stopping you to listen/sing the hymns with the sangat. The real reason for going to Gurdwara or any other Spiritual place is NOT to have the darshan of God as HE is everywhere; the real reason is the company of the holy (relative as compared to us or say higher in Spirituality); in Sangat there are always some physical persons present whose auras/vibrations are so good that it will encourage you to go higher. Also, keep in mind that in the Sangat Spiritual beings (not in their physical bodies) are present which again help us to go higher in Spiritual path. When we sing with the sangat i.e singing in combination will bring many great benefits because of the hidden-transmitters-receivers in the human body. Today, we have lost the knowledge of the importance of the singing the Spiritual hymns in the Sangat and along the Sangat; but if you study Scalar waves, Radionics, may other Universal Laws, and old traditions of Mantar & Tantar; then you will understand the Raw power of singing with the Sangat. At the end, I personally would suggest the following: GO to Gurdwara when a Kirtan program is organized and when a LOT of sangat is present. Sing (so that you can hear your own voice) with and along the sangat. Once in a while do attend the Ardas if you cannot participate every time. DO seva of Utensils and/or Shoes or any other Seva, but just don't indulge in talking; you can receite Waheguru-Waheguru while doing seva. Do this for 40 days, and then see the difference yourself.
  15. Couple of days back I was just sitting idle and thought to read about near-death experiences and came across this website which have 100s of near-death experiences from which some are quite remarkable. e.g a man coming back to physical body after being buried for 3 days, another man coming back after 7 days of physical death where one of his arm was eaten by worms; yet another man coming back to physical body after 22 days. So, I thought I will just share the website with you guys: http://www.near-death.com e.g in one of the near-death experiences, one women asked the following question in the higher realms. I really liked this; I wanted to know why there were so many churches in the world. Why didn't God give us only one church, one pure religion? The answer came to me with the purest of understanding. Each of us, I was told, is at a different level of spiritual development and understanding. Each person is therefore prepared for a different level of spiritual knowledge. All religions upon the Earth are necessary because there are people who need what they teach. People in one religion may not have a complete understanding of the Lord's gospel and never will have while in that religion. But that religion is used as a stepping stone to further knowledge. Each church fulfills spiritual needs that perhaps others cannot fill. No one church can fulfill everybody's needs at every level. As an individual raises his level of understanding about God and his own eternal progress, he might feel discontented with the teachings of his present church and seek a different philosophy or religion to fill that void. When this occurs he has reached another level of understanding and will long for further truth and knowledge, and for another opportunity to grow. And at every step of the way, these new opportunities to learn will be given. The above example could be applied to everything in life.......what we perceive/understood real-teachings or truths at this level may not be whole truth and on the next level we found another real-truth and consider it to be absolute; but then on next level all the learning of previous level seem to be partially accurate and yet on next level we found next-level's-truth and this goes on and on. But all the levels have its own importance and act as the ladder for the next level; hopefully there is one-last-level which is permanent!! e.g in Kindergarten we're taught 'A' for 'Apple' but later on we learned that 'A' was just a alphabet and 'Apple' was the symbol so that we can relate to 'A'; then next-level that there exists another language with entirely different alphabets; then on next-level we learn that ohh all the alphabets in all the languages serve the purpose for humans to communicate; but surprise waits us on next level that any language is not important for communication because humans do have the capability to communicate with thoughts; and yet on next level we learn that even thoughts are not important as everything is one and same and therefore we're already constantly communicating and this goes on-and-on....... in other words, for each level, there are certain Truths which we always stick to very religiously until the next level comes!!! At last, I'm not writing these things to teach someone or to prove or disapprove anything; I'm writing this because it feels good inside......sometimes just by writing I feel light, relieved, some burden-offloaded.....I don't know. So, sorry about my rant after the website link.