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  1. Again don't let your Mind ruin the game. Identify that it is YOU who is allowing your mind to run the game. Don't fight, just work with it.......e.g If you're getting bad/different thoughts, tell him that he is free to go/think anything that he likes, but you're NOT going along with it....i.e not thinking about the thought he introduced. Moreover, negative thinking is the biggest enemy. But do NOT expect that someone else will come and help you, HELP YOURSELF.
  2. In order to understand the solution to YOUR meditation issue, first, YOU need to personally feel the examples below (not exactly but something which you personally can relate to, otherwise its just a theory which is waste). e.g Let's say you need to go somewhere urgently for an very concerned task and the only way to go there is via bus and but there is only one bus which goes to your destination; you go to the bus-stand to catch the bus and you see it just started. Now, you ran very fast for about half kilometer but eventually got on the bus. The moment you got on the bus, there is a calmness for few minutes (even though you're still worried to your concerned task once at the destination but for that moment you forgot your destination and just enjoy what you've achieved). The moment of this calmness is "Let it go"; because you got on the bus in-time. Another example might be: You're in rush to go somewhere and you've an urgent need to use the washroom. The moment you use the washroom, there is a couple of seconds where one enjoys the relief (without thinking of next urgent task on hand). Same way, wherever you feel unbalanced/irritating/uncomfortable energy during meditation; just let it go. Do NOT try to do something, do NOT try to think of something.....just be in the moment. Look for that short moment of calmness and enjoy it (as explained in the above examples). BE THERE and enjoy while the Universe/Guide/Guru is planning your next move and thinking about how HE would be able to help you......JUST BE THERE AND RELAXED....think of it as an Art and not War.
  3. das

    Sikh Censor Board

    Doesn't Five Takth jathedars also speak the language of SGPC? Most of the time (not 100%) these days, the jatherdars are mere persons who have studied religious books without ever tasting the real thing. In either case, its very hard to find the real Spiritual person who could shed light on these kind of matters. But I think if we encounter a real Spiritual person, then he would most probably ignore these kind of things....just like we sometimes ignore when 2 kids are fighting for the choice of chair with a specific color, but none of them wants to sit on it. In other words, kids have missed the main point: do they want to sit on the chair that they are fighting for? Now, may be we as an individual consciousness (without depending upon external authority) should decide whether any thing teaches us some good moral values or takes us away from moral values. The life would be much simpler. Crutches are good way to support the unbalanced walk, but just don't depend on it for the whole life.
  4. paapiman: Why don't you register some thing like: www.AnythingOrEverythingVsSikhism.com where you can just compare any/all things with box-wali-Sikhi?? From my personal experiences, it seems like the real Sikh religion is already lost. What we've now is the corpse and even we (so-called care-takers) are actually eating it. I always wonder what Guru Nanak would write about today's so-called Sikhs if HE chooses to come again and preach. I'm pretty sure that today's Sikhs will stone Guru Nanak about saying anything against their pre-conceived MIS-understandings. But if you think about it: This is nothing new, every religion/stream/group starts from Real and then eventually with the power of Maya; it reduces to mere concepts which people use to debate but no-one is willing to dive into the deepths. That's how matrix works. Someone really explained Why Religion is both good and evil... Religion is the Wal-Mart of spirituality. Wal-Mart helps get global goods into pretty much every town, it’s easily accessible to all. People can buy goods with little effort. They can have a job whereas previously there were few jobs in town. But at the same time, Wal-Mart is a parasite that kills other small businesses, exploits its workers, and leads to the problem of slave workers overseas. Low Prices here comes with high price to living conditions elsewhere. Same with religion. It has convenient books anyone can read, convenient answers, buildings you can go to, people who preach to you as you just get to sit and listen. It helps bring the potential for spirituality to MANY more people who otherwise would be too lazy or isolated (in terms of location or access to literature) to hear of it. Therefore it’s a mass solution that, ultimately, aims for quantity over quality. But the price is that other smaller, perhaps more spiritual streams of knowledge, can become denied to these followers. For instance, someone becomes Christian… they get indoctrinated with the Bible, then are told Gnostics are agents of the devil. There, the entire stream of Gnostic spirituality has just been denied them. Thus they are like people who could once only crawl on their belly until religion handed them a crutch, then they were able to hobble around, but the crutch made them dependent so that they could never walk or run. It’s a help in the short term, that hurts in the long term.
  5. So true in general. Any act (good/bad) is done by a person and therefore should not be dogmatically associated to certain association. Obviously, when the person belongs to certain association, the association's name is bound to be used. But in general, it is the Person's Act and sometimes collection of persons do run associations on the shared principles which eventually gets corrupted. This line of thinking always help in all situations.
  6. I think that the awakening might be fantastic (only when one reaches), but the process is very destructive, cruel, and sometimes depressing. Every bit as we know it: be it culture, religion, truth is damn wrong in the real light of Spiritualism; I found the following quote very real. "Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It's seeing through the facade of pretense. It's the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true." - Adyashanti
  7. Isn't this the mind's habit? Desire to attain the thing which has given us enjoyment/happiness; and there is no enjoyment greater than Spiritual experience. Our Mind thinks (that's the only thing he does) that we can have the same experience if we do all the hard work of meditation and may be if we've less distractions then it would be better. Yes, in reality it would be better but that's NOT how the Matrix operates. e.g [ There was method of drawing water from a kind of well in which a wheel is pulled by horses or bulls, and it brings up the water. Once a horseman came with his horse and wanted his horse to drink water. That horse was thirsty and wanted to drink water, but the noise scared the horse and it would jump. So, the horseman asked the proprietor to the well, "Will you please stop this noise so my horse can drink?" The proprietor replied, "But if this noise stops then the water will also stop." Same way if we expect the whole world to behave nicely or have less distractions, and think that then we will be able to meditate, forget it! Or if we expect that we'll get some extra-time apart from our daily chores, then we're wrong. We should do meditation while doing our duties towards our family. ] The Secret (do NOT tell anyone) is: The sustenance of Spiritual enjoyment does NOT come from our attachment to that Spiritual experience or hard work alone. It comes from Kirpa and Kirpa comes when all of our hard-work/techniques/thinking have exhausted and at the end we understood that there is not other way around it we just Surrender. All the other things: like kirat-karo, accept the will, do your duty etc. sounds like it is the way to reach higher states, but the point is: These sayings are merely pointers stating that you're just the puppet in the hands of Environment you're in (Matrix/Maya/Illusion). Everything (some had to do hard-work to earn little money and some needs very light work to earn lakhs, diseases, relationships, finances, careers etc.) is bound to our previous karma. So, instead of fighting with the environment to overcome some issues, just accept whatsoever it is AND at the same time continue your seeking; eventually we'll get what you really seek for: Kirpa. There is another Big question - Do you have a choice to ignore your duties? I guess not unless one wants to ignore the needs of the near and dear ones and are ready to let them suffer because of our desire of non-desire. So, at-least for me: I want to go away from these worldly affairs (family, career, and all that) but I do NOT have the guts to leave my duties/punishments as I don't wish my children to suffer. There is a saying in Punjabi: "Gaal paya drum te vajana he penda ha" i.e "You've to perform the task that is given to you against your will"; in other words, here is the brief: We've to perform our duties (or whatever you call it) because there is no other choice. Secondly, as we've to perform the duty, then why not perform it with happiness and enjoyment. In-fact, perform the duties cheerfully, selflessly, without attachment. It will bring Contentment (believe me it is very great experience) And here are some things that I DO KNOW but do NOT practice and therefore I didn't take advantage of these; but may be you want to. In other words, it is Theory or Borrowed-Knowledge and NOT Self-Knowledge. How to be always Happy First create a condition in which we are always happy but that requires human effort. There are 4 happiness giving techniques: Veerag, Patience, Contentment, and Vichar. Contentment is the first and foremost virtue that should be cultivated. It comes only when we have done our duties to our fullest capacity and selflessly without worrying for the results. It is a virtue that always helps and never disappoints the seeker. Secondly, don't fret over the past and don't be worried about the future. The present is going on. Thirdly, Happiness is within and the source is the center of consciousness, love, and wisdom. Try to get Self-Knowledge. Life is very short and we should learn to enjoy every moment by remembering the Lord of Life, and always assuming our body to be a shrine of His living presence. We are not body, we are Soul which is always in Bliss. I guess that's enough of ranting.......
  8. das

    Why Sikhi failed to spread

    Your line reminded me of a one songs' line as: Aithe bandyan de rabb bahute ne Par rabb da banda koi nahi
  9. das

    Please someone guide me!

    Yes please continue doing meditation with whatsoever technique you're following. Do you see any harm in continuing meditation (exactly the same way you're doing)? Your efforts (meditation-without-guru or say without-naam-dhan or initiation, or baptism, or whatever name you prefer) will help you in the following way: - To keep away from bad karma/deeds. - To clean your mind. You can pour milk in a bowl only if the bowl is clean. So, do meditate, it will help you in direct/indirect way. Basically clean yourself internally. And the best thing is to do physical seva in Mandir/Gurdwara or in general of any needy, that would help to clean your older bad karma along with check to your ego. And continue meditation along with that. In other words, seva of humanity and meditation is a good recipe. Don't indulge in this-method-vs-that-method or mine-vs-there. That is the game of illusion. e.g if you're dying with thirst and someone offered you water; you don't ask if the person is from this creed or that creed. Meditation is the act of Selfless Love which is possible only with Faith. May be search for "Ishwar Puri" in youtube and that might help you on your path.
  10. das

    Dhadrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    There are couple of quotes from Socrates that I personally like: Question: What should be discussed? - Strong minds discuss ideas, Average minds discuss events, Weak minds discuss people. Question: Where to learn from? - Smart people learn from everything and everyone, Average people from their experiences, Stupid people already have all the answers. Question: How to change the bad habits? - The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the New.
  11. das

    kaam Lust

    The root cause is: Previous Karmas Solution: Pray to God to give you strength to get rid of this thing. Don't request him to stop it, because it is you who needs to work on it. God can work with you but NOT for you. Whenever you get the lust feeling, try NOT to think about it; just start thinking something else. e.g You're standing on the road watching the traffic, you see lot of cars going but you don't start thinking about each car and/or the person sitting inside. Same way, you your mind (road) will always have lot of cars (thoughts), the secret is NOT to entertain the thought and do NOT attach to your thought. Just watch and let it go; just like the same way we just watch the cars and don't get attached to what we saw.
  12. das

    Nitnem - Who compiled it?

    I don't remember the source, but I've read/heard somewhere that Bhai Mani Singh Ji actually separated/broken-into-words the Guru sahib i.e originally it was Larivaar saroop (continuous words without any break), and he wrote a saroop with separate words for easier understanding. Now, I don't know if this story is right or wrong; but this is what I've heard.
  13. das

    Mind Control

    What you've said is ultimate reality but that kind of vision is possible ONLY when one has already won the war on Maya and have removed all the veils of Illusion (Mal/Vikshape/Avaran). This stage is called Gyan and comes only after the "Purity of Mind" and "Upsana of Guru". Till Gyan stage is not reached, all of what you've said is purely theory and Mind canNOT be controlled that way. Give it a try and you'll see. What we're doing is pretending/faking this theory by thinking (mind is already involved in thinking). These days majority of Sikhs (and other religions) have gone astray and is following the black-and-white theory, e.g Sikhs claims We believe in Nirgun and worship Nirgun only. Problem is we don't know the Nirgun, and if Nirgun is not known, then how to worship him? Just concentrate on Shabad and no need to put dhayan on any sakar/physical thing. They don't even acknolwdge the concentration on Sri Guru Granth sahib Ji, even though we all bow to GuruJi. It's saying like I want to hang the clothes on the wall but don't want to put a nail on wall to hold the clothes. i.e we need something to put the dhayan on, in the later stages, that dhayan will be switched to Nirgun but that stage is very far. We see God in all etc., but then we go to Gurdwara to judge the kathakars/kirtinas. The problem is we fail to understand the reality behind the core concepts and just take the facts on face-value. Most people in every religion (ours included i.e Sikhs) believes in Boxed God (God in a box which satisfies certain pre-conceived notions). May be its the way Kalyug works, otherwise there will be Peace, Calm, and Love everywhere!
  14. das

    Ajaapa / Simran Saas Gras

    You cannot beat the mind; best way is to work along with him. Controlling the mind does not mean stopping the thought process. Control of the mind means using it properly, and knowing the method of using the forces of the mind. It is necessary that we learn to observe, understand, and train the functions of mind at the various levels of consciousness. Techniques to make Mind one-pointed Do not try to stop Mind from thinking something. Do not play wrestling with your mind. Just try to see what kind of thoughts mind is thinking and where it is going. Do not give Mind the permission to run, but do not stop it from going there - instead give it full control by saying "Mind if you want to go there, you can go; but I am not coming with you.". After some time, the Mind will become steady and would not run. This is the most commonly used technique. During meditation build your determination, and tell your mind, “At this time my mind is only for meditation. I have to meditate and learn to go beyond this mire of delusion and confusion created by my mind. I am not going to identify with the thought patterns going on in my mind. No matter what happens during these moments I will be not disturbed, no matter what happens. Let my preoccupations come forward later. I do not want to be disturbed.” This way, we will build our sankalpa shakti. Sankalpa shakti (determination). This technique for those who has somewhat better control on their bhuddhi. In this technique, student divides his mind into 2 parts: One the owner, and other the servant. Being the owner of Mind, it instructs the other part (servant) not to run and eventually Mind gets trained. This technique is for advanced. Under this technique sit down for dhana and stop thinking. Empty your whole mind and watch from where the thoughts are coming. You will notice that thoughts come from outside. Throw these thoughts before entering the mind and destroy the thought. It would be interesting to know the Mind in terms of Bird. Mind is a bird. Greed and Honor are its 2 wings; Attachment and Hatred are its mouth (chuanj) and it resides on tree named as body. Good (Shubh) and Bad (Ashubh) are its food. The technique to control this mind in terms of Bird: Prepare a cage of Vichar and put this mind inside this cage. (i.e always think about what is not-changable). Cut the wings of greed by using scisor of Veerag and Santokh. Give him the food of rememberance of Atama.
  15. As both Lucky and Sat have already mentioned that you cannot take a backseat after getting the naam. * Guru can give you the spark, but it is YOU who needs to work on that. There's no way around it. * There is a big possibility that you could go astray but Guru is there to contain that and may bring you back on path if you've karma is good enough. Or through Kirpa. * Your faith WILL be tested by environments/circumstances, so be prepared for it. FAITH should be like this; only then you can succeed: Let's say, I'm going to jump from a mountain without any fear; because I know that only 2 things can happen: * Either Guru will place his hand under feet and won't let me suffer; or * Or He will give me wings and I could fly. There is NO 3rd option. From my personal experience, one can attempt the above but some times, the circumstances are such that you question; and that's the time, you loose. But Guru is great, as he won't leave you alone. Now, above is the example and in no-way asking anyone to try jumping from mountain. ---------------- Many Saints have mentioned that Faith is more important than the Puran Guru. Puran Guru cannot do anything, if the student doesn't believe Him.