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  1. When we know the difference between Container and Content, then we will have knowledge.....
  2. I've personally visited their location 1 year back......they are really helping A LOT OF people in need. May God bless them.
  3. I'm sorry as it didn't help you. Please continue with whatever helps you. God bless you. One more additional tip in regards to "How to handle the thoughts": try NOT to think about a thought that comes; just start thinking something else. e.g You're standing on the road watching the traffic, you see lot of cars going but you don't start thinking about each car and/or the person sitting inside. Same way, you your mind (road) will always have lot of cars (thoughts), the secret is NOT to entertain the thought and do NOT attach to your thought. Just watch and let it go; just like the same way we just watch the cars and don't get attached to what we saw. This is one of the tried and tested method as taught by various Saints.
  4. don't use that much hot water. just the warm water is enough. In regards to quantity of water, use enough water that covers your whole feet. I am assuming that you are using standard size bucket and not using bath tub. Moreover visualization is perfect but only when you know ALL ins and outs of it. So, I would suggest without visualization as the starting point, may be just recite Waheguru during the soaking. Rest is up to you.
  5. Please increase the quantity of salt from 1 tablespoon to 3 tablespoons (exactly 3). For dehydration, drink a glass of water (slowly by holding each sip in mouth for couple of seconds) after the soaking. That should kick in the process.
  6. Either use Himalayan salt or any other authentic Sea salt. In regards to the purpose, it will help you......I would say "Try it first and there's no harm and see if it helps".........If it helps, then research why and how it helped, there could be lot of reasons ranging from Minerals in the salt, Basic setup of body to Spiritual reasons, Removal of Negative energies etc. etc.......
  7. Try this BEFORE sitting for paath or simran. Fill a small tub/bucket (so that you can dip your feet covering ankles) of Hot water. Put "Himalayan/Pink Salt" (1 table-spoon) Soak your feet in that water for 15-20 minutes (do NOT exceed 20 minutes and no less than 15 minutes). Now, dry your feet. Get rid of that water by pouring it down the toilet. Flush the toilet. Now, do the Simran and/or Path. Hopefully, you'll see the difference in first sitting.
  8. good one......take it which ever way you enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NY2gKc17YwI
  9. Religion: In an ideal world, it is a school (having its rules/regulations/rituals) where one studies Spirituality (subject). In other words, a religion is just a way to understand (based upon one's preference/environment/background/culture etc.) the Spirituality. But unfortunately these days, the religion has been converted into a mere box in which we try to fit our definition of God. Actually, all religions tend to follow the same path which eventually leads to a separate dedicated religion.
  10. So, you'll be presenting the evidence that Amrit vela and/or Dawn could be marked by remote location (Punjab's time)?? I'll be eagerly waiting for that proof. I think either you misunderstood or don't want to understand that Astral travel or ESP has nothing to do with Amrit vela and/or Dawn zone (evening time suggested for prayers). No-one is arguing about ESP or Astral travel, the problem is: When you're suggesting that 'By following the remote location's Amrit vela and/or Dawn time through ESP or whatever, one can reap the same benefits regardless of the local time'.
  11. Yes, strictly in technical sense (as per the rules of this working universe) your advice is completely wrong. It doesn't hold any water. Because you didn't understand the meaning of Amrit vela (it has everything to do with the Space AND Time) But from higher point of view, nothing is right or wrong. Right advice: Is whatever way enables a person (seeker) to easily move towards the path of God. Also removing the bottlenecks which is creating obstacles or giving excuses to the seeker for not moving on the path of God. Wrong advice: Is when the seeker is burdened with useless/technically-wrong techniques/rituals/dos-donts and thus missing the main-point. The seeker is already confused about techniques and then the adviser is replacing one technique with another technique (and that's with wrong one) Now, you decide (based upon the above definition) whether your advice was right or wrong? Moreover, even going with your logic "Well, the vibrations being emitted by all historical Gurudwaras in India would be very strong. One just needs to be at a spiritual level (obviously very high) to be able to tune the mind to them. It will be a lot easier for a person to tune his mind to those frequencies, if he has physically been to those places (Gurudwaras) and done intense meditation there." What about the frequency of THE ONE which is OMNIPRESENT? Every Soul did actually came from THE ONE (nij ghar), then he/she should try to tune in the mind to that ghar instead of any historical Gurudwara (which is also emitting the frequency from the real source)? Think about that. So, even going with your approach (expand it a bit farther to real Nij Ghar), you should have suggested that God is everywhere, you could do the path during the evening time (as per the clock).
  12. The correct advice should have been (in case the person is sleeping at the ambrosial hour for the reason not under his control or exceptionally long days or because of the life-style or job etc... ) Do the nitnem whenever you wake up; instead of suggesting to follow Punjab timings. For your reference, if I remember correctly, Sant Baba Isher Singh Rara Sahib wale spoke about that in one of the bachans and/or deewans...i.e to do the path whenever you're up and before starting your routine. Somewhere He also mentions that the days are very long in London and therefore everything has to be done by the clock......something along the lines..
  13. You may expect any answers ranging from one-end-to-another. Can you answer the following question? Is it okay to eat Pizza or I've to stick with Pasta when I'm hungry? In other words, if you're Spiritually hungry (i.e want to get an inch closer to God), then do meditate on whatever you're comfortable with reciting. Moreover, it is also a fact that the plant has more potential to grow into big fruitful plant if it is kept in the same soil where it was first sown. In other words, it would easier for a person to follow the religion in which he/she is born because of all the support from the family members and other resources. So, as long as you're getting closer to HIM, you're on right path. But DO MOVE the path and not just in talks.
  14. I've been using British Berkefeld for the last at-least 6 years. You also have the option to use specific Fluoride and Arsenic candles/filters within the upper chamber. Basically, the best option is: Physically filter the water using some filter (avoid RO filters, distilled water, any water with 0 reading on TDS as it is known to leach minerals from your body IN LONG RUN). Remove the old memory/energy of water. Anti-clockwise spin to water. Put the new memory/energy of water. Clockwise spin to water. Other important tip: In case you don't have the access to filtered water, then feel free to drink the tap water ONLY AFTER running the tap for 2 to 3 minutes and then drink. The reason is the movement (The vortex is the primal source of movement in nature) of the water is known to create structured water. The movement will NOT purify the water but it will capture the impurities within the internal structure and will help your body. Simplest way to create Structured water With your left hand, begin stirring the water in large circles in a counterclockwise direction. Gradually reduce the size of the circles until you are stirring only in the center of the container. Th en slowly increase the size of the circles until you are stirring large circles again at the outer edges of the container. Reverse the direction of stirring so that you are making large circles in the clockwise direction. Gradually reduce the size of the circles, as before, until you are making very small circles in the center of the container—then increase the size of the circles again. Switch hands and stir using large circles in the clockwise direction with your right hand. Gradually reduce the size of the circles and then expand again. Reverse the direction of stirring so that you are stirring in the counterclockwise direction with your right hand. Repeat the process of reducing the size of the circles and expanding them again. If possible use wooden/copper/silver spoon to stir. There are many many ways to create the structural water by using: Magnets, Crystals, Movement, Light etc......but most of the time the people on internet are just making money out of it. I personally found the following easy to carry: https://www.quantumbalancing.com/vortex_magnetizer.htm
  15. Yes, I also feel the same that these days Sikhs are moving towards "Talebanisation"......and I could easily see that within 2 more generations (if not yet), the real Sikhism will be totally lost. Anyways, this is the pattern that every religion follows. So, for dancers who are looking for a dance which is specifically designed to go with the natural rhythms......, then here it is: Paneurhythmy (by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov)
  16. Recently, on this forum there are lot of topics revolving around the lines of What sikhs should or shouldn't do... What is allowed is sikhism or what is not allowed... What constitutes a spiritual progress IN sikhism... Who is right as per one's thinking vs the other... and so on....... After reading all the above mentioned topics, one looses the interest in sikhism because we've reduced such a beautiful philosophy into sheer dos-and-don't and then we argue over it. Anyways, I was reading some other topic and the context in that topic really resonates with what's going on these days. Here is some food for our mind: Continually challenging everything is not courage, but lack of focus. Some believe rules means that everything is forbidden unless it is permitted. Others think that everything is allowed until it is forbidden. - May be we're not focussed enough on the real-UNCHANGING-TRUTH that we're arguing about anything/everything that is part of the illusion. Rules (dos and don'ts) are meant to help us. - Seems like most of the times, they limit our possibilities. Break the rules that limit you more than they enable. e.g a fence is installed on the borders of the farm to PROTECT the farm from harm, but when the fence itself starts to destroy the farm, then it's clear that the original intent of fence is not being served and therefore no longer needed. "Sometimes it’s better to be kind than to be right. We do not need an intelligent mind that speaks, but a patient heart that listens." — Gautama Buddha Good read: https://medium.com/personal-growth/why-its-better-to-be-human-than-to-be-right-4deecd5b9799
  17. come on Singh123456777, everyone has to feed his/her family; as long as you're doing it with "dasa nauha de kirt", all is good. The questions that you're putting to bhagat, the same question could be put to you in regards to doing ONLY bhagati; can you survive without doing any work in practical life? I'm not saying that you've to agree with everything what BhagatSingh says. If you can't say good for anyone, then at-least don't say bad. Personally, I don't find it bad (infact it is good) if anyone thinks that the work he is doing (as long as it doesn't harm anyone) is the duty that God has given to him. Eventually, work will become God; anything that brings you closer to God is good. I wish if I could enjoy my work as BhagatSingh does. In the Spiritual circle it is a known fact that you have to perform your duty (worldly duty) with sincerity. Even in the meditations, we can never succeed without WORK. Now, the question is: What is work? Work is rest. All true work is rest where credit seeking little self is absent. e.g see the hero fighting in a war. The body works automatically, as it were, the mind is absorbed in the work to such a degree that "I'm working" is entirely gone, the small enjoying ego is completely lost. Let the body and mind be continously at work to such a degree that labor may not be felt at all. All work is nothing else but the burning of our wick and oil, in other words, all work is nothing else but making our body and illusions, practically nothing from the standpoint of our own consciousness. Rise above them and that is work. Now, in what mood and mode does successful work become natural for us? There is something higher which puts all our working powers at their best. That higher is nothing else but being in perfect harmony with the universe, being in tune with the divinity, practically living in the true Atman or God within us and being raised above the little ego or selfish desires. In order for our work to be success, we should not care for the results. Follow work for the sake of peace and nirvana connected with it. Do our work selflessly and skillfully. e.g [ A employer will give promotion to its employee only when he is satisfied that whatever work is given to employee, the employee is doing it happily, selflessly, and skillfully. Same way GOD wants us to just do our work. ] It is an feeling that one has to feel and that feeling cannot be described in words.
  18. You are 100% right that "Nothing is impossible". But my dear, the problem is: you're putting the time and energy on the wrong side. There is no point in pursuing what you wish for; moreover, frankly you won't get what you're wishing. Instead of trying anything/everything to get him back; put the same amount of time/energy/path/thoughts to pray to God to give you the right direction in your life and give you the strength to come out of it. This would be The Perfect medicine for you, which you'll realize after some-time. Moreover, belief me, this love/attraction (the way you feel it now) is nothing more than a fever which goes off once reality checks in at the later age. This is my experience. Any well wisher can tell you that you're going into wrong direction and what is the right direction, but it is YOU who have to take the proper action to steer your life in good direction; YOU do have the choice to take the help of GOD. Re-read what dalsingh101 have suggested.
  19. You are right. Only God knows what actually happened. I heard that sakhi in one of the deewans of Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji.
  20. Yes, it does imply that there were two entities from OUR-point-of-view as both of them are playing their part in the big plan. The two entities are: GuruJi as we know Him and His upper state manifestation Akaal (in Sakar roop). Qus: Now the question arises why there is a need to exist in some form/shape. Nirankar could just sort out everything (punish wrong, reward good, mukti etc. etc.) by just a furna without ever taking a form; why HE need to send Gurus/Sants in the first place in the lower words to help souls to remember their Nij ghar? Ans to me: I still have hard time to see all the sufferings around the world (child raps, children hungry, and so on....) and still believe that there is God (the way we perceive Him). I can't remember the tuk which says something like: "Bhagat ke bandi kaun chudave......" which literally means who would save us from the order of Bhagats. In order to calm down my monkey mind, I tell him.....Kaal (Time/Mind) did the worship of Nirankar and won the reward of the rulership of 3 worlds and have also taken certain promises from Nirankar. Now, the Nirankar does have to fulfill all His promises towards Kaal along with a plan to make sure that the Jeev Atmas does have a chance to come back without breaking the protocols of lower words. So, in other words, Gurus/Sants/Form-Shapes are there to make sure that we understand as per our limited senses. So, it means in order not to break the protocols of lower-worlds, Nirankar needs to tone down in chain-reaction to Nirankar --> Akaal --> Guru Nanak --> and so on.....i.e Middle Pillar path within the 3 worlds. Same way we have to be at the child's level to teach him something which he'll always remember; we cannot afford to stay at our level and expect that the child would understand. May be that's the reason Guru Nanak Dev Ji said: ਮਃ ੫ ॥ ਨਾਨਕ ਸਤਿਗੁਰਿ ਭੇਟਿਐ ਪੂਰੀ ਹੋਵੈ ਜੁਗਤਿ ॥ O Nanak, meeting the True Guru, one comes to know the Perfect Way. ਹਸੰਦਿਆ ਖੇਲੰਦਿਆ ਪੈਨੰਦਿਆ ਖਾਵੰਦਿਆ ਵਿਚੇ ਹੋਵੈ ਮੁਕਤਿ ॥੨॥ While laughing, playing, dressing and eating, he is liberated. ||2|| I asked the exact same question to Spiritual guide couple of years back and the response was something along with lines: It was supposed to be an example so that we can understand and not the only truth. Actually, if we take this tuk at face-value (without going into deep), then we do have questions: - Where is the Shabad? We might be very quick to say: It's within us......but still the question remains: there are so many stages/states/levels with so many different dhunis and so on. We may wrongfully call any sound that we're hearing in meditation as Shabad; but who is going to tell us the difference between real Shabad vs others? - Surat needs to follow the Duni (but which duni and what place). It is a Maya/Illusion world, without the real Sant, it is very easy to get distracted by false illusions. How do we know that the Source from which Duni is coming is appropriate and not leading to dead-end? And even if the Duni/shabad that Guru Nanak Dev Ji is talking about is the same as we understood. Duni is a big thing, but our useful/useless mind can't even distinguish between simple optical illusions, what to talk about THE SHABAD. Moreover, even Shabad cannot travel to the Nirankar. Shabad is the boat which will carry us across the ocean whose malah(driver) should be the Guru/Sant but once we cross the ocean (3 worlds) then the purpose of Shabad/boat is served and we no longer have to carry the Shabad; same way as we don't carry the boat on shoulders after crossing the river. Then it is Guru/Sant's responsibility to do our marag darshan. Obviously, this is all theory as per my understanding at this-point-in-time and cannot gurantee anything.....I might be totally wrong......but this is the current reality for me from my current point-of-view. ਇਸ ਮਨ ਕਾ ਕੋਈ ਜਾਨੈ ਭੇਉ ॥ Does anyone know the secret of this mind?
  21. You may be right, but all the interpretations (how and where BabaJi went or Samadhi etc.) has one common element and we're missing that by indulging in how and where. i.e He took instructions from His Guru (call it Nirankar, Sakar). He may have gone to Sachkand or in Samadhi on Nirankar or something like this. Moreover, there are other pointers that we can take from Guru Nanak Dev Ji's: - He started udasis only after this incidence - In all of Guru Ji's bani, he did recommended the society of Sants
  22. Yes, as per the sakhi, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaaj had a Spiritual Master/Guru (in Sakar form) and He did NOT start the udasis before getting initiation. Here are more details: Guru Nanak Dev Ji used to take bath in River Vae (in Sultanpur) everyday. One day He went in river and did not come back for 3 days. During this time He went to Sachkhand to meet Himself (His Self in base form). The Nirankar (in Sakar form) asked His form (Guru Nanak Dev Ji) why He had not started preaching the jiva till this age; to which Guru Nanak Dev Ji told Him that there is a rule in lower worlds (Mat Lok) that one needs to have Guru. To this Nirankar (in Sakar form) agreed to be Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Guru. And gave BabaJi the updesh of "Satnaam" and then the Mool-Mantar (till Gurparshad).
  23. In order to really answer this question in black-and-white; 2 things are required: - The person answering the question should have visited/reached the Sachkhand. Because without actually reaching there, how could one tell what path to take? - Plus, He/She is willing to answer the question from truthful point of view; instead of answering for the sake of questioner's spiritual progress (so that the questioner's belief's are not shattered; but sometimes they need to be shattered). As you can see from the above: Expecting a real answer from any internet forum or from a normal person is not going to work. Therefore it implies that both parties (pro-living-master vs anti-living-masters) arguments are sheer understandings of their beliefs at this-point-in-time. Sometimes one party wins because they presented good arguments, but sometimes the other party wins. All in all, its like cheering for a sporting event from a distance. Pick the team, Join the team, and then cheer without pointing fingers at other team. My current understanding is: First let's sort out the definitions first: Perfect-Living-Master = Sant = Brahmgyani = Guru = Satguru = Spiritual-Master = Spiritual-Teacher = The one who has already reached the Nij ghar (Sachkhand or whatsoever that place is called). 1. All of the 10 Gurus did have Spiritual-Master even though Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji was present (Gurgaddi was not given till 10th patshah). 2. All the Puran Sants in sikhism and also in other religions did have a Spiritual-Master. 3. In the whole Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, it is nowhere mentioned that a Living-Person is not required. But there are many places where the importance of Sants are disclosed and their society is recommended. 4. Without the Sant/Guru, the spiritual progress is possible only upto certain point but in order to reach the ultimate truth, a Living-Sant is required. 5. For Anti-Living-Master party, they always say Shabad is the Guru; but we need to digest this: even the real knowledge as defined/shown in Guru Granth Sahib Ji cannot be fully understood without Sants. e.g The same tuk/line which till yesterday meant something different, but as we progress the meaning changes. In the same vein, how could we be so sure that our understanding of the same tuk will not be changed on next big spiritual stage? In other words, our understanding is always relative. If our understanding is relative, then who would have the real knowledge? Saints........ There is a reason elders have said: There is only one Truth and that Truth could only be found by the help of person who are the truth and not who know the truth. Everyone is entitled to its own understanding. Problem comes when we try to define the things as we understood and then try to enforce our thinking to others, saying that we're right in our understanding....thereby missing the whole point of the discussion and thus start debating instead of discussing. The real intention should have been to discuss the best possible way.
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