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    your stomach is a graveyard if you drink water as well.
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    Pray truth for all and Sat Sri Akal .

    A good few months ago, when i was gonna get my head beaten in , by the comiiteee of my local gurdwara , i started this discussion about a translation of a line of Gurbani by Sant Gurbachan Singh. on my recent visit to Panjab , I bought a copy of "Gurmat Martand" by Bhai Kahn Singh Naba. He gives exactly the same meaning as Sant Gurbachan Singh . Just wanted to share this wiv the sangat.


    ps also Panth Prakash of Bhangoo in english is available now. didnt know that Panth Parkaash was written as a reply to an english officer (murray) enquiring about Sikh history.
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