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  1. No problem Valli Singh, He mentioned baba Vadbhag Singh in his glorious Panth Parkash Katha, which is available to download on the net, i cant remember which file it exactly was but it was before the 50th one as I have not gone past 50 yet. I have read the janam sakhi of baba Vadbhag Singh ji's life, a very good read i must say. Dhan Khalsa Panth.
  2. Adding to what valli singh said about baba Vadbhag Singh, he was a pooran mahapursh blessed with a certain duty within the khalsa panth. As baba Santa Singh also said that baba Vadbhag Singh was a full shastardhari, tyaar bar tyaar Singh Soorma, including carrying various shastar with him and chakars on his dastaar etc. Now his followers well thats a different story, but lets make no mistake baba Vadbhag Singh was a mahapursh and tyaar bar tyaar Singh. When baba ji with the Khalsa were fighting the malesh in the afghans, he really drove them back towards where they came from. The malesh did beadbi of a Gurdwara Sahib by burning it down, baba ji found out and took the dal with him where he defeated the malesh, then he found the ones who did the beadbi, the Khalsa then asked baba ji: 'what should be done to these paapis?' baba ji replied 'exactly the same should be done to them of what they did to the darbaar sahib'. Baba ji gave the hukum to the singh's to set them on fire while they were alive, badla was taken. Dhan Khalsa Panth.
  3. Fantastic, a very good site, once it is fully updated with all the articles the site will be great for the Panth. Listen to Jathedar Baba Maan Singh (Guru Nanak Dal) his kirtan is amazing. Baba Mehtab Singh's Gurbani Ucharan are amazing.
  4. Also you state in your article that Shaheed Baba Avtaar Singh Brahma used to practice jhatka, i did not know that, was baba ji firm in his dal panth maryada beliefs?
  5. Baba Kharag Singh is this the same one that was involved in the freedom struggle for Khalistan in the 80's? Sounds like a soorma if its the one i think he is ive seen a few pictures of him, Kamelroop Singh can you put some chanana on his jeevan? Degh Tegh Fateh
  6. Kamalroop Singh has started a morcha not against the AKJ ONLY, but the followers of this jatha to be more specific. Alot of what you say is true , most of it is some of your views i do not agree with, but alot of what you say had to be said against these followers of this jatha, in order to stop false teaching a front has to be created.
  7. Baba Bidhi Chand was a general , pure war genious.
  8. Vali Singh well done fantastic seva but can you put up the full history of the jathedars of the bidhi chand dal please if possible? or can you direct me to any books pothis available on their history as would like to read about the jeevans of the great sant siphais of this dal. If possible can you put up more history about baba Sohan Singh Ji, i know some sakhis about himm he was a true pooran Brahmgiani.
  9. lol mithar Look its simple pita ji gave him hukam not to marry because he wanted to , simple as that, why? JUNG JUNG JUNG ONLY! Thats it, simple as that just because maharaj gave him that hukum doesn't mean he was againt gristi life, baba banda singh had alot of work to do in punjab , im talking alot, plus baba banda singh was roughley the same age as maharaj 40-42 abouts when pita ji blessed him in nanded, then maharaj sent him on his mission to kill the malesh. Im talking not just about sirhind but how he raided all of panjab and beyond, sorted out the zimidari system of panjab with the internal politics of that time that the malesh were running on etc. Look this issue with baba ji getting married and so on, so fourth does not matter, theres no deep consipricey to it if you accept this then fine, if not life go's on and you can keep questioning minor issues.
  10. who cares where it came from lets just all do simran
  11. uumm not really i think you will find that Baba Binaud Singh and Baba Kahn Singh fell out with Baba Banda Singh Bahadur than more than just 'battle tactics' lol. It all started when baba banda singh got married the first time, then second etc, over jhatka, then when baba banda singh got hankaar and started bandai khalsa leading to the split between tat khalsa and bandai. Please dont believe me just read all the puratan granths suraj parkash, panth parkash too get all the details. lol again read puratan granths to find out panth khalsa full detailed history, budhal dal go's back to Baba Budha Ji in the 6th Gurus time.
  12. lolololololol - this view is totally wrong!!! The reasons why maharaj told him not to get married into gristi life is simple - maharaj wanted baba ji to concentrate only on JUNG, NOTHING ELSE!!! maharaj knew that if he got married he would start to forget about his purpose for his mission, which was JUNG JUNG JUNG. Many past jathedars of the panth did not get married, they did sole seva for the panth e.g Baba Deep Singh, Akali Baba Phula Singh etc. Redarding the hukumnama maharaj sent him it was basically a reminder to Baba Banda Singh Bahadur of what maharaj already told him, that as long as you do what i have told you to do you will have Fateh, when these orders are not followed then you will fall. e.g. this happened when Baba Banda Singh Bahadur split from Tat Khalsa after falling out with the then Budha Dal jathedar Baba Binaud Singh. --- then leading to 96 Crode Khalsa not helping Baba ji in Jung ultimetley leading to his capture and giving shaheedi. Yes Dasam Pita got married 3 times but that doesn't mean that Baba Banda Singh could , or me you or anyone else. That was maharaj and no one should ever try and bring on that view that whatever maharaj did we can do, or he could do because that is beadbi. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur did great things for the Khalsa Panth and his achievements should be looked at rather than the errors he made, at the end of the day he fought great jungs and destroyed everyone in sirhind that never raised a voice at the treatment the sahibzade were given, he gave shaheedi for the Khalsa Panth alongside many great things he did for Panjab. Dhan Shaheed Baba Banda Singh Bahadur.
  13. i personally think that karni nama and naseehat nama are defintley banis written by maharaj, the only way to understand these are by reading them in Gurmukhi, rather then the english, as this gives a much better understanding of banis such as these. PLus Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranvale also stated karni nama was actually the said bachan of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj.
  14. Akaal Ustat is amazing, its so deep but then so powerful, lets all read it as much as possible dhan dasam pita.
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