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  1. Why human incarnation generally hesitant to perform miracles? It is very difficult to accept the human incarnation while alive. Only very few blessed souls who are already liberated and accompanied the Lord to help Him in His mission can recognize and serve the living human form of God. The repulsion to accept a co-human being even as a greater person is very difficult. Then you can never imagine any human being to accept another human being as greatest God. The human form of God is just similar to any human being. If any specialty is exhibited, people fear and run away. To become close to the human beings, no specialty should be exhibited. If the closeness is achieved, the recognition is lost. To get recognition if some super natural aspect is exhibited, the closeness is lost. Between closeness and recognition, which is better to be retained at the cost of the other? The recognition destroys the freedom to discuss with the Lord and clarify the doubts. When Krishna was looking as an ordinary human being, Arjuna bombarded Him with all questions and clarified His doubts. However, when Krishna was in the state of cosmic form (Viswarupam), Arjuna shivered with fear and no question could come out. The brain was blocked with shock and even the doubts did not arise. When the doubts remain un-cleared, the ignorance continues. Therefore closeness is better than recognition. The husband hears the advices from the wife in close association. Therefore through closeness, even if the identification is not there, the soul can be guided into the right path through convincing the soul by preaching. Instead of convincing the soul by exhibiting the super power, which induces the conviction though fear, it is better to induce the conviction through the super talent exhibited in preaching. Even if you think of the human incarnation as a preacher (Guru), there is nothing wrong. If you do not recognize Him as God, His crown has not fallen on the ground. I will just give an example. One woman was a very close devotee. She even used to argue and fight with Me on the points of the spiritual knowledge. One day, she quarreled with Me for not showing any divine vision. The Lord in Me gave a shocking vision of God Dattatreya. She became unconscious for one hour and even got a mild heart attack. From that day onwards, whenever she comes to Me, she is always with terrible fear. She simply accepts whatever I preach. The recognition has come but the closeness is lost. Therefore Jesus said, “Those who believed Me without proof are really blessedâ€. This means that the devotees who recognized the Lord through the knowledge always have close freedom and clarify all their doubts and hence they are blessed. They gain the complete devotion. If the proof is shown, the closeness is lost and the gap appears. The doubts are not cleared due to fear. Neither the devotee nor the God enjoys the close association. The realization will never come because the ignorance remains due to un-cleared doubts. Therefore the theoretical recognition arrived through the knowledge is always the best. The practical proof develops not only fear but also the attitude to fulfill the desires and solve the problems using the divine power. The attention is diverted from the path of realization. The real bond of love can never be formed. If the power is recognized, the whole situation is diverted. The mentality is always towards tapping the powers towards personal solutions. The commercial bond grows. The friendship becomes more and more intensive if the qualities of the human form of God become more and more similar. I heard some people telling that Sri Satya Sai was printing notes and smuggling the foreign goods! I told them that this allegation is false in the case of Sri Satya Sai, but I told them that in future God has to come in human form with such talents also so that the smugglers approach Him closely and slowly get salvation.
  2. other religions including Sikhism, whether major or minor are in the lines of the Major religions like Hinduism, Bhudhism, Christianity , Islam and Science (Atheism). Science is mentioned as a religion because atheism is mentioned as a religion under the headline ‘Nastika matam’. Religion means a line of thinking (Matam). Jainism is almost similar to Bhuddism. Their argument about seven fold existence is discussed separately in different branches of Hinduism. The Persian religion concentrates on the worship of the fire which is similar to the branch of Hinduism called ‘Soura Matam’ in which the natural object, sun, is worshiped as God. This concept is discussed in the topic of representative worship (Pratika- Puja).
  3. Shri Datta Swami is the present Human Incarnation Shri. Lakshman commented that Shri Datta Swami is the human incarnation and such statement shows the love of God towards His devotees. Smt. Vasumati, wife of Shri Bhimashankaram, told that such a statement is only to encourage the unity in the team without any differences. Swami replied: This angle may be also correct because God treats His devotees even more than Himself. Narada told in his bhakti sutras that the real devotees can be considered as God (Tamayahite ….). But apart from this angle, the other angle may also be true in which the human incarnation and the devotee may be simultaneous incarnations of God as in the case of Rama and Hanuman. Hanuman is very famous for his firm faith on the contemporary human incarnation, Rama. But while remaining as the most obedient servant of Rama, Hanuman was a simultaneous human incarnation of God. Apart from these two angles a third angle may be possible where the master may be a soul and the devotee may be God as in the case of Sandeepani and Krishna. Sandeepani identified Krishna as the Lord but kept silent on the request of Krishna. Apart from this there may be a fourth angle in which the master is a false human incarnation with ignorance and ego and the servant is a real human incarnation. For example, Bade Baba, an egoistic soul declared himself as the master of Shirdi Sai Baba, who is the incarnation of God. Sai Baba agreed to this and served Bade Baba as His master for some days. God will not mind His position in the bond provided there is love and God will act as per the desire of the devotee. Dasharatha acted as a father and Rama acted like his son based on the request of Dasharatha in the previous birth. In this bond Dasharatha loved Rama without any ego as in the case of Bade Baba. In fact, Rama the God, is the divine father of all the souls and Dasharatha was one of the souls. Rama did not mind to be his son and treat the soul as His father to fulfill the desire of the devotee. Similarly, Krishna and Yashoda. Therefore, the ways of the unimaginable God are always unimaginable and any unimaginable turn can happen at any time. Parashurama was the human incarnation and Rama was a simultaneous human incarnation. Parashurama was affected by ego and God left him and He was insulted by Rama. The human incarnation also must be very careful in resisting the ego to maintain the unimaginable God in His body. Sai Baba, the human incarnation was always chanting that He is the servant of God (Allah Mallik) to please God present in His human body and His statement means that He is aware of the truth. Sai Baba, Akkalkot Maharaj and Ramakrishna Paramhamsa were simultaneous human incarnations of God. But, for the devotees the human incarnation should be the God just like the live wire itself is treated as current. But the human incarnation is very careful about his angle to maintain God in His body throughout His life. When Krishna gave Gita, it is said that God spoke (Shri Bhagavan uvacha) and it is not said that Krishna spoke (Krishna uvacha). When Arjuna asked Him to repeat Gita at the end of the war, Krishna expressed his inability. Krishna is the PA and God is the Boss and both are coexisting in the same office room, which is the single human body. This does not mean that the God is modified into Krishna or Krishna is modified into God. When Arjuna insisted, Krishna told Gita again based on his knowledge learnt from Sandeepani. The second Gita given by Krishna called, as Anu Gita is not at all famous. This clearly shows the existence of both the God (Bhagawan) and soul (Krishna) in the same human body. But this is the angle of Krishna and the same should not be the angle of the devotees of Krishna. For devotees, Krishna is God as the live wire is the current. If devotees take the aspect of God and soul (Dvaita) in the human incarnation, the devotees are lost. God has taken Krishna as the medium to give His experiences to the devotees and there is no other way to experience God directly. Hence the angle of the devotees must be advaita towards the human incarnation. God selects this two-in-one system for His divine play also. When God has to act as a human being to test the faith of His devotees, He cannot act as a real human being acts and therefore the human being (PA) acts directly. Similarly, when human incarnation has to act as God, the human being cannot act as God and the God (Boss) acts directly. Therefore, in the case of the human incarnation, whenever the context of the direct action of God comes, God acts directly through the human being only since in the human incarnation the human being is only expressed medium. But some people misunderstand because even though God is speaking directly, externally it looks as if the human being is speaking. They feel that the human being is boasting as God. In a cinema the males play the male role and females play female roles. Hence, the cinema is very effective and attractive by their natural actions as the males and females. In the olden days males also acted the female roles but such female roles were not exhibiting the natural actions of females. Hence the old dramas were not as attractive as cinemas. Thus this two in one system is a wonderful combination of Nara and Narayana in the human incarnation with natural actions to serve both the purposes according to the contexts.
  4. Do not worry about the concept of Lord coming in Human form You need not be discouraged that a specific human being has become God and that you have no opportunity to become like that in this very human life. The analysis of human incarnation shows the coexistence of unimaginable God and a selected soul suitable for the specific purpose of the divine mission of the God (Dvaasuparnaa….). When the divine program needs different angles of various suitable talents, God can simultaneously enter into the human bodies and make simultaneously existing human incarnations. Therefore if you make yourself suitable to the divine mission of God, God can certainly enter your human body and do a specific work needed for the divine mission through yourself. In such case you are also the human incarnation acting in a specific direction of the program. Datta Swami is a selected soul for the purpose of generation of divine knowledge because He has the talent of the knowledge of scriptures and science suitable for that line of work. All the devotees who are working in this divine mission have different lines of talents and God has entered their human bodies also and is working in their lines of the program. Therefore, all the devotees who are already working in this mission are already the simultaneous human incarnations of God. That is how Datta Swami views His devotees. The devotees of Datta Swami do not accept themselves as simultaneous human incarnations and this shows their submissiveness, which is the basic characteristic of Lord Datta. Datta Swami, sometimes declares Himself as the human incarnation of Lord Datta and therefore only Datta Swami has to be doubted! Therefore, the devotees who are going to join this mission in the divine service are the future human incarnations. The cosmic vision of the Lord (viswarupam) shows several heads and several hands. This means that the human incarnation is a complex of several divine brains planning in the mission and several divine hands working in the mission. Hence, the concept of Shankara is now concentrated to some extent only so that it is neither a single human incarnation nor that every useless human being is also the human incarnation. This is the middle golden path avoiding both the extreme ends. This divine mission is teamwork of a selected number of simultaneous human incarnations working in different channels like fans, lights, TV screens, etc., in a hall. The same current is working in different channels through all these electronic instruments. You cannot say that an insulator into which current can never enter is also an electronic instrument. At the same time you cannot say that a specific light in the hall alone is electronic instrument. Therefore, let us join together to carry on the propagation of this divine knowledge using our various talents in the service of the Lord without any feelings of difference like superiority or inferiority. The difference in the channels of talents has nothing to do with the superiority or inferiority. You cannot say that the light is superior and the fan is inferior. In Gita the Lord mentions that He is the best talent among each category. If all this best talents are grouped together, such best group of talents, which is a team of best divine personalities, forms the total picture of the Lord. The Lord says that He is Adishesha among serpents, Garuda among the birds and Arjuna among Pandavas. Adishesha, Garuda and Arjuna are sincerely involved in His divine service in all the times. Hence, His total personality is a composite of all these best souls. He is Krishna among Yadavas, as told by Him in Gita. Therefore, He did not specify Himself to be Krishna alone, even though Krishna is generating the divine knowledge (Gita). Krishna is also one of this composite.
  5. God exists in the same medium for the sake of a soul God exists in the same medium for the sake of a soul so that God can preach the soul and the soul can fully experience and serve God fully with full satisfaction. The soul is in the human body in this earth and is in the energetic body in the upper world. Therefore, God exists in these two media only. One is the human form in this earth and the other is the energetic form in the upper world. The soul also enters the births of plants and stones (Sthavara), but there is no need for God to enter such inert medium because neither knowledge nor service with satisfaction is possible in such medium for plants and stones. Therefore, God does not enter the common medium for plants and stones. For the same reason God does not enter the bodies of animals and birds also since the knowledge is not possible for them. God may enter the body of animal like fish, tortoise etc., just for a very short time to kill the demons or to do some work suitable to such body only. Such form is not for knowledge and service of the soul. The soul should accept the God in the common medium and get guidance and further get the satisfaction to serve God, whether the soul is in the earth or in the upper world. For this, the soul should first conquer ego and jealousy towards the common medium. If the soul misses God in the common medium in this earth, it wills also miss God in the common medium in the upper world also (Ihachet Avedit…Veda). To remove the repulsion between the common media, the soul can serve the common media or at least serve the statue or photo having the form of the same common medium. For a human being, service to humanity is advised for this purpose only. For this purpose only, service to the statues of human forms of energetic bodies of the upper world or the past human incarnations in this world, is recommended in the form of rituals by which one worships the statues and photos in temples. The whole plan of the entire ancient tradition is excellent, provided you are using it for a specified period and develop further. If you become stagnant, we have to criticize you and open the limited purpose of that level so that you will try to go up realizing the limited value of your present level. The school is good without which the college cannot exist straightly approachable to the student. But if you sit in the school only through out your life stating that the school itself is the final college and University, then we have to show the right place of the school in the entire educational curriculum. You may misunderstand us as if we are criticizing the school. We are not condemning the school; we are only advising you that the school is not the final university. We are fully supporting the entire pattern of the original ancient tradition and we are condemning the twisted concept of treating the school as the final University.
  6. God comes again and again in human form to preach- Negligence of present human incarnation Identification of the contemporary human incarnation and selfless service to it is the total essence of the total spiritual knowledge. The starting point is the direct atheist or the scientist (an indirect atheist) misled by the ambition of the follower of Advaita (who think soul is God). Whenever Veda uses the word Atman in the context of God, it means only the particular individual soul, which is charged by God called as human incarnation. When it is said in Veda that the space is generated by the soul, the word soul means the human being charged by God like Krishna who came as the human incarnation. Krishna says that He is the source of the entire creation and the first item of the creation is space, which is the first of the five elements. Gita clearly says that God comes in the form of a human being (Manusheem …..). But the serious objection to the human incarnation is that if there was only one human incarnation like Krishna, only one human generation was blessed and therefore God must be partial. To avoid this blame, Krishna told that He will come again and again (Yadayadahi …). But the same human body of Krishna is not seen again and again. This means that God is beyond the human body and hence God is beyond this entire creation. God takes a fresh human body every time just like the soul. The human body is only a shirt which can be changed often (Vasamsi..Gita). Unfortunately, the human beings due to repulsion between common items neglect God in the human body. The human beings do not recognize God existing in a particular human body and treat that particular human body as an ordinary human being only (Parambhavamajananto…Gita). As long as the human incarnation is alive, no human being recognizes it but recognizes it after its exit. Krishna said that a human being recognizing Him as God is very rare (Kaschitmam.., Samahatma Sudurlabhah…Gita). But, today most of us recognize Krishna as God. In such case how Krishna said this? Is not Gita Universal, which is applicable to all times? A simple analysis of this point shows that Krishna said this in view of negligence shown to Him by the human beings in His lifetime. Hence this statement means that many do not recognize the alive human incarnation and several only after its exit recognize it. This statement also clearly proves that Krishna was speaking about the human incarnation (Himself) existing in His time only (Contemporary human incarnation) and this does not mean a single human incarnation generalized for all the times. If Krishna was the single human incarnation generalized to all the times, this statement becomes wrong because later on several human beings worshiped Krishna. The recognition of Krishna as God exists during several human generations after Him (a long span of time) and only a short time (His life time) is related to this statement. This means that there is no single human incarnation generalized to all times.
  7. Shri Datta Swami;Nostradamus’s Great Genius By Dr. Nikhil, Dept. of Energy, University of Florida, U.S.A. Michel Nostradamus was a brilliant French prophet and physician of the 16th century. He made deeply insightful prophecies in the form of encrypted verses called as quatrains. Large portions of his prophecies have come true. In his letters to his son César Nostradamus and King Henry II of France, he clearly revealed that his prophecies were divinely inspired. He was a great devotee and made these prophecies on the command of God. He had a sound knowledge of astrology and planetary movements. Although the visions were natural or instinctive to him, he integrated them with astrological calculations and planetary events. However, he lived in the troubled times of the Inquisition. To avoid persecution and the hatred of evil people, he codified the prophecies into obscure verses such that their literal meaning hardly makes any sense. The language used by Nostradamus was highly symbolic and he often additionally encrypted his prophecies by the use of anagrams, scrambling the order of events, using different languages, etc. He admitted that he knew and saw much more than what he wrote. However he did not reveal all that to the public since the majority was not prepared to understand all that he had to say in the right spirit. Thus today we have only a small fraction of what Nostradamus saw; the rest was censored by him due to its unsuitability for the public and due to the inevitable negative reaction of political and religious leaders towards predicted future changes. The censored part was not simply details of future events as one may be tempted to think but it also contained the philosophical content, which formed the background of the future events. It was mainly this philosophical content that Nostradamus was afraid of revealing in his time of the Inquisition, when anything different from what was accepted by the Church, would be quickly branded as heresy. Thus when we read his quatrains, especially those with some philosophical significance, we have to be sensitive not only to what is said but also to what is left unsaid. Numerous authors, thinkers and amateurs have delved into the details of these quatrains, sifting for some clue to the unraveling of critical future events and personalities such as World War III, the Antichrist, changes in world politics and global catastrophes. However the prophecy that is most spectacular and has the potential for maximum benefit to humanity is the prophecy of the Great Genius. There is considerable agreement that a great scholar will emerge from the land bounded by three seas. He will be well versed in the scriptures and science and Thursday will be holy to him (cI-50). He will uproot fanaticism and establish his spiritual philosophy (cIII-95). This quite obviously indicates that the said scholar will be a Hindu from India . Contrary to some opinions, He will not be a military general. His conquests will not be military conquests but they will be philosophical conquests—spiritual conquests. With His compelling philosophy He will demolish all fanaticism, rigidity and misinterpreted twists in all religions. A significantly noteworthy point is that He will not only correlate all the world religions, but He will also correlate science and spirituality and establish a universal spiritual philosophy (cVII-14). Although Nostradamus has accurately predicted some of these details of the Great Genius, he has left a great deal unsaid about the identity of this Great One. Away from the din of contradicting opinions and speculations among commentators and scholars, about the identity and time of arrival of the Great Genius, He has already taken birth. True to prophecy, He was born in a small town in south India (peninsular India ) and is a great scholar of the Hindu scriptures and the scriptures of other religions. He is also a scientist and a professor. However, he is not an ordinary scientist or scholar of the scriptures. He is known to His closest devotees as an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. Lord Dattatreya (Datta) is God in the three forms, Creator, Maintainer and Destroyer of creation. This God, who is beyond creation manifests through a human form called as a human incarnation or Avatara. Thus God gives Himself to His devotees. Datta is this God who is ‘given’ to His devotees in the form of an incarnation. Thursday is the day that is particularly auspicious for the worship of Lord Datta. This Great Genius, who is an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya, is known as His Holiness Shri Datta Swami. Shri Datta Swami has preached Divine Knowledge that is so revolutionary and outstanding that highly elevated spiritual souls and scholars and have declared that such knowledge has never been revealed before to mankind. His Divine Knowledge consists of a logical and scientific analysis of the knowledge given in the scriptures and which supports experience. It explains the nature of the soul, the spiritual goal, which is God, and the path to reach Him. Complete assimilation of this knowledge leads to devotion and service, which brings the ultimate grace of God. In the past, the coming of Christ, the Savior was similarly prophesied by prophets before Him. Their prophecies were also in a symbolic language. But many people took the prophecies literally. When the Christ actually came, He was neither a king nor a freedom fighter who would free the Jews from the tyrannical Roman rule. He neither established a kingdom of the Jews nor did He destroy the Roman Empire . He was a king in the symbolic sense. In fact He was the King of kings. He established the kingdom of God on earth. He freed people from the slavery of ignorance. The Christ came, accomplished His mission on earth as per the prophecies and went back to the heavenly abode. Two thousand years have passed since; yet some ignorant people have still not recognized Him. They are still waiting for the Savior to come! We are in a similar situation today. The prediction of the Great Genius is in a highly symbolic and encrypted language. Mature and sensitive people quickly grasp the inner meaning of prophecies and scriptures. Rigid and immature people lack insight and are under the grip of ego and jealousy. They insist on the literal meaning, however ridiculous, and refuse to accept the reality that is staring them in the face. The prophecy of Nostradamus is not scripture. However prophecies similar to the prophecy of the Great Genius occur in many scriptures. This is indeed the same as the second coming of the Christ mentioned in the Bible and the incarnation of Kalki mentioned in the Hindu scriptures. In these scriptures again, similar symbolic language is used. Whether it is the prophecy of Nostradamus or the words of the scripture, ignorant people are sure to miss the real meaning. They fail to derive any benefit out of it. The Divine Personality of Shri Datta Swami and His Divine Knowledge require no support from either prophets or scriptures. God is self-resplendent and requires no flickering candles and torches to illuminate Him. But our tiny minds require the crutches of scriptures, prophecies, logic and miracles. God in all His divine kindness has provided all these supports for us. While preaching His Divine Knowledge, Shri Datta Swami not only quotes from various scriptures but also correlates crucial philosophical concepts among different scriptures (cVII-14). In the past, adequate clarity and correlation of many such concepts was not provided. Hence there were many contradictions between different philosophies and religions. The greatest achievement was the correlation of science with spirituality. Many preachers and scientists have attempted this correlation in the recent past; but none can compare with the outstanding philosophy of Shri Datta Swami. A careful reader who reads and analyzes with patience, will soon see the wonderful panoramic picture—a coherent universal philosophy—that emerges from the teaching of Shri Datta Swami. It addresses all the main aspects required in a universal philosophy: 1 Unimaginable Absolute God who is beyond creation, 2 The primordial cosmic energy which is the basic fabric of the entire creation, 3 Science, which is the analysis of this energy and its different manifestations, which are matter, energy and awareness. 4 The science of miracles: evidence of the inexplicable powers of God (cIII-2). 5 The soul, its nature, its spiritual effort and its approach to God 6 The spiritual path that includes Divine Knowledge, devotion and service to God. 7 The worldly path, which includes the interaction of an individual with society and the laws governing it. 8 Correlation of the philosophies of different religions and science This is the real Grand Unified Theory. The grand unified theory that the physicists hope to achieve is far from a complete and comprehensive theory. It does not include philosophy, God, scriptures or even the soul. It is restricted only to the material world. At the most it can be called a partial theory. The universal philosophy given by Shri Datta Swami will form the framework of analysis of scientists and philosophers of the future. Within this framework, both scientists and philosophers will have adequate scope to investigate further and ‘fill in the details’. We are most fortunate to be living in this great age. Yes, the world is plagued by terrible injustice, oppression, degradation of values and suffering. But behold, the Great Genius has arrived! Christ has returned—in flesh! Bhagawan Kalki has incarnated! He has come riding the swift white horse of modern electronic communication, which travels at lightening speed. He holds the blazing sword of Divine Knowledge and chops off the heads of ignorance in people’s minds. He will establish permanent world peace. He will fulfill all the scriptures and religions of the world and end the gap between science and spirituality. At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami Anil Antony www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace antonyanil@universal-spirituality.org
  8. God can enter two human bodies at a time When God becomes the human incarnation, He enters into a human body as said in the Gita (Manusheem Tanumasritam). The word asritam means the entrance of God into the human body. Another verse in the Gita clearly states that God is not modified into the human body which means that God has not become the human body (Avyaktam vyakti mapannam). The current entered the wire but the current is not modified into the wire. The current has not become the wire. If God became the human body, God should also perish when the human body perishes. When the divine work is over, God exits the human body. When the Lord left the body of Krishna, it was cremated by Arjuna as said in Bhagavatam. Therefore, you should not think that a particular human being is God. God has not become that human being. God only entered that human being. God can enter any human being provided the human being is eligible for His entrance and is suitable to His work. God can enter two human bodies at a time for two different works. The fan is moving and at the same time the electric bulb is glowing simultaneously. The same current has entered the fan to give air and entered the bulb to give light simultaneously. God entered Rama and Hanuman simultaneously. Through Rama God wanted to show the path of ideal human being (Pravrutti) and through Hanuman God wanted to show the path of practical devotion (Nivrutti). The first criterion for His entrance is eligibility which can be achieved through practical devotion. The proof of love is only service as said in the Veda (Sayuja Sakhaya, Kurvanneveha). The second criterion is the suitable efficiency for the specified divine work. The fan is suitable to give the air but is not suitable to give the light. The bulb is suitable to give the light but not the air. Between these two, eligibility is more important than suitability. If you want to select a person for a job in your office, you must give importance to eligibility first and then only to suitability. If the candidate has good character without corruption, he is eligible to your service. The talent required for your service can be developed in him by giving a short training. Even if the candidate is suitable with already acquired talent, he should not be selected if he is corrupt. He is suitable but not eligible. Therefore, God selects the human body of a devotee which is eligible by practical devotion. In such case even if the talent is absent, God will grant the talent in a moment by His grace. Therefore, to reach the divine knowledge God selects a particular eligible human being. Such selected human being becomes a scholar in no time by His grace. Even though several scholars exist who are suitable for His divine work, He will not select them because such corrupt scholars are not eligible. Jesus selected the eligible fishermen to propagate the knowledge but not the corrupt priests who were suitable to the work. Any country develops by selecting eligible candidates and by giving them suitable training for the profession. Therefore, the education must give eligibility and the specific department should give required training. Eligibility comes only by spiritual knowledge. Today the education is giving suitability only from the beginning and forgets imparting the eligibility at any stage. This mistake in the education is responsible for the fall of India. The fruits of programmes of the Government are not reaching the needy people due to corrupt officials, who are selected by the only criterion of suitability that is imparted from their childhood. At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami Anil Antony www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace antonyanil@universal-spirituality.org
  9. Type of Devotion-God undergoes the misery of His devotees Devotion is of two types. The first type is called as Bhakti, which consists of prayers or songs through words and emotional feelings through mind. This Bhakti gives temporary happiness only. Knowledge is related to intelligence, which is the discrimination of real and unreal through logical analysis. By such discrimination, you can realize that all the forms of matter and all the feelings of awareness are unreal. When you have realized that all the forms (Rupa) and all the feelings (Guna) are unreal even before the level of yourself, which is pure awareness, your life becomes completely an entertainment in both happy and unhappy situations. The self realization makes you a spectator of the cinema which consists of both happy and unhappy scenes. You will reach the state of an actor who is entertained in all the scenes of the drama on the stage. Thus the knowledge gives you permanent happiness which is called as bliss. Therefore, knowledge (Jnana) is greater than devotion (Bhakti). Here, you must note that the Bhakti is related to words and mind, whereas Jnana is related to intelligence. Hence, both devotion and knowledge belong to theoretical phase only which is limited to words, mind and intelligence. The second type of devotion is called as Para-Bhakti, which is related to practice or sacrifice of service. This divine devotion (Para-Bhakti) consists of divine service by sacrificing work (Karma Sanyasa) and by sacrificing the fruit of work (Karma Phala Tyaga). This second type of devotion is far superior than the knowledge. The Bhakti and Jnana are selfish because in both your aim is the attainment of bliss by yourself. The divine devotion or the divine service is completely different, which has no selfish aim. In this divine service, your aim is to please God and not to please yourself. You have to receive the continuous loss and displeasure in the divine service. In this stage you are achieving the nature of God. God always enjoys the fruits of the sins of His devotees and is thus subjected to continuous misery. His aim is to make His devotees happy. God is serving His devotees. Service is always sacrifice to make others happy at the cost of self -happiness. The Veda says that God is bliss (Anando Brahma). The Veda reveals the meaning of this statement by further saying “Eshahyeva Anandayati†which means that God makes His devotees happy. Therefore, when we say that God is bliss, that does not mean God is continuously enjoying the happiness. It means only that God is making others happy continuously. In fact such a definition only, is the proof of God being bliss. How do you say that the fire is hot? Since the fire is making others experience its heat, people say that fire is hot. Similarly, if you make others happy, then only you are the embodiment of that happiness. Now the point is whether God is continuously unhappy by such sacrifice, which is His service to His devotees. The answer is that God is continuously happy through such sacrifice. He is deriving happiness continuously by enjoying the misery of His devotees. He is not unhappy to enjoy the sins of His devotees. Therefore, He is happy always and making His devotees also happy. At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami Anil Antony www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace antonyanil@universal-spirituality.org
  10. The significance of present human incarnation When you read the scriptures, which are the discourses of past human incarnations, you will get so many doubts demanding clarification. If the original Lord is not available, we have to depend on other fellow human beings for clarifications. Suppose you are studying a correspondence course. When you get a doubt, you have to depend on your classmate, who is studying the course similarly. He is not competent to clarify your doubts and you will be poisoned by his wrong interpretations. Suppose you are studying the same course in a college and the lecturer is explaining in the class. Whenever you get a doubt, you can ask him then and there and you will surely get the correct interpretation at the correct moment. The clarification is important at the correct moment because without clarification the latter part of the lecture may not be understood or may be misunderstood. Such a facility does not exist with past human incarnations and past scriptures. In this light alone, Jesus modified all the Old Testament and gave the correct interpretation as and when people asked Him questions and doubts. If Jesus is not in the present generation, He must be blamed for being partial towards that generation alone. However God is impartial and therefore comes in every generation. The present generation is very much blessed because of the facility of computer technology. You can clarify your doubts through this computer system without any strain of traveling to the human incarnation in person. All the divine preachers in this world are in contact with God and are doing the divine preaching to various levels of devotees. Their preachings may be mixed with some ignorance and it is not their fault because such mixing with ignorance in various proportions is required for various lower levels of human beings. The complete and pure knowledge without any trace of ignorance can be grasped only by a very few highest devotees. The number of advanced research students studying under a professor is always very small. Therefore the direct human incarnation is recognized by a very few top level devotees only. The number of elementary school students are always many and the number of elementary school teachers are also many. As you rise in the level, the number of students and the number of professors become lesser and lesser. Therefore you should not aspire for a large number of followers. For the direct human incarnation, there will be only a very few deserving devotees of such a top level. But such top devotees are spread here and there all over the world. Therefore there is a necessity for propagating the top most divine knowledge of the top most human incarnation, all over the world. But the number of followers will not be high but will be the very least. Jesus said that His path is very narrow and that only very few people travel on it. Lord Krishna has told in the Gita that only one in millions can perfectly understand Him (Kashchit Mam Vetti…). Therefore the aim of the topmost human incarnation is not to have a large number of followers, since it is impossible. The aim is only to see that the topmost knowledge reaches the few deserving devotees, who are spread all over the world here and there. If you wish to have a large number of followers, then divine knowledge has to be adulterated with ignorance. The naked truth should not be exposed in such a case. Diamonds are always in few in number whereas gravel stones are many. The lower level devotees and the lower level school teachers should not be criticized. The levels of school, college and university are obviously required due to the existence of human beings in the corresponding levels. Therefore you should not criticize the students in schools and colleges. Today you are a student of a university. But one day you were in the school and in the college. Without the guidance of the school teacher and the college lecturer you could not have entered the university. The direct human incarnation of the Lord is the topmost professor, who has a few post graduate and research level students. God, being the head of the university level in spirituality, the schools and colleges are affiliated to the university and work under His leadership. It is the huge system of divine preachers. The school teachers and the college lecturers are working under the guidance and will of that Professor alone. The system is split to suit the various levels but there is no split in the preachers. The whole system of divine preachers is perfectly working due to the grace of that Supreme Preacher. There is no split in the preachers. Mixing up ignorance with knowledge is inevitable and is done according to the level of the students. There is only one Supreme Preacher in a generation and He will be covering all the preachers and religions under the concept of Universal Spirituality. Some lower preachers may oppose this concept and it is not the fault of those preachers. Since the students of some lower levels do not agree to this concept, those preachers have to proceed according to their psychology. The supreme preacher knows this fact and only smiles, if any preacher of a lower level opposes this concept. It is by the internal wish of Supreme Preacher only, that preacher opposes Him so that he can have a grip on his students who are of a lower level and do not like this concept. It is a very long journey to transform the entire Universe and make it realize this concept of Universal Spirituality. But one day or other this divine goal will be achieved and the entire world will be like one family with one Divine Father. The various cultures and religions need not disappear. But the innermost single continuous thread of the garland of gems with various colors will be realized by every human being of this universe. Such a state is called as WORLD PEACE. Please remember that the divine preachers in this entire Universe are not at all split. They appear as if they are split in order to have a grip on their corresponding students, who are really split. All these divine preachers are connected by their innermost souls and are working by the grace of that Supreme preacher, who is the Lord in human form. The difference in the preachers is only apparent to satisfy the different psychologies of the followers. One preacher may criticize another preacher in order to satisfy his followers but all these divine preachers are internally united and are working on the single program of transforming this entire world to realize the Universal Spirituality, which is the Absolute Truth like the one Absolute God. All the original preachers like Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad etc. are brilliant diamonds and all their followers are like black pieces of charcoal. The diamond and charcoal are made of the same carbon atoms. Similarly the preacher and the follower are human beings. In the diamond there is a regular crystal structure. The charcoal is amorphous, without any crystal structure. Thus the correct logical interpretation makes the scripture shine like a brilliant diamond. The same scripture without regular logical interpretation becomes a black charcoal.
  11. Identity mark for recognizing the human incarnation of the Lord The real characteristic properties of the Lord as declared by Veda are the Special Knowledge (Prajnana), the Love (Rasa or Prema) and the Bliss (Ananda). Veda also says that these three characteristics must be experienced by others if the possessor is having really those characteristics. The characteristic property of the fire is heat. Any person who is near the fire should experience the heat and then only we can say that the fire is hot. Similarly the Lord in human form must make others to experience the Jnana, Prema and Ananda. Veda says ‘Esha Hyeva Anandayati’, which means that He creates Bliss in the hearts of others. The Lord should not be recognized merely by the miracles because even demons performed these miracles. Miracles are only associated property like jewels. Moreover the Lord in human form always hesitates to perform the miracles unless special emergency arises. The reason for this is that the Lord is dwelling in the human form, which is a product of this nature (Prakrithi). He is living in the nature. Therefore the Lord follows the rules of the nature and these rules were formulated by Himself only. No administrator will like to contradict his own rules. Even in the emergency when He voilates the rule of the nature, He keeps the voilation as a secret. When the administrator voilates his own rule, he will not propagate about that voilation. He maintains the secrecy of the voilation. Only demons voilate frequently the rules of the nature and also advertise about the voilation because they did not frame the rules. When Lord Krishna made artificial sunset by covering the Sun with His Sudarshana Chakra, He kept it as a secret. People thought that a cloud covered the Sun. Voilating His own rule itself is a mistake. Exhibition of voilation of His own rule by Himself will be another mistake. In that situation the life of Arjuna who was His closest devotee was under threat. In that emergency only the Lord voilated the Prakrithi and used His super power (Maya). In the eighteen days of Mahabharatha war He never used His super power. Bhishma wounded the Lord with severe arrows. Even then the Lord did not use His super power. Therefore miracles are not the real characteristics of the Lord. Rama never performed miracles except in the case of ‘Ahalya’ and in breaking the bow of Siva. Krishna also performed the miracles in the child hood to save His own life and to save the lives of His devotees. All these situations were the cases of unavoidable emergency.
  12. The right spiritual knowledge alone is the real beauty and the real identity mark of Satguru (Lord in Human form) The beauty of a prostitute glitters by applied color, clothes and jewels etc., (makeup). Such artificial beauty is miracles, stress relief methods, boons to solve worldly problems etc. The real beauty can be seen when the makeup is absent and the real beauty is guiding you in the right path through spiritual knowledge to save you from the hell. Veda says that the right spiritual knowledge alone is the real beauty and the real identity mark of Satguru (Prajnanam Brahma, Satyam Jnanam….). Scholarly devotees identified Krishna through Gita, Jesus through Bible, Mohammad through Q’ran, Buddha through preachings etc. The ignorant emotional devotee selects a pseudo Satguru and falls in the pit of eternal hell. After selection of Satguru, you should become ignorant emotional devotee. While selecting your wife, you should be analytical using intelligence. After the right selection, you should be ignorant emotional lover without any analysis. You should not reverse this. One selects the wife through ignorant emotion and then starts analyzing her! But the doubt is about the procedure to be adopted after realizing a wrong wife (or husband). If it is the case of selection of Satguru, reject him immediately and select the Satguru again. This is not sin. People misunderstand that a selected Guru should never be left at any cost. This is wrong because, the selected Guru in the school is leftover and a new better Guru is selected in the college. “You should not leave Guru†applies only to Satguru. Suppose you have the Professor as Guru, you need not leave him in the school, college and university. If you go back to the simile, what should be done in the case of a wife or husband wrongly selected by emotion? You should stick to her or him by adjusting yourself. But this is valid only in worldly affairs (Pravrutti). If she or he opposes you in spiritual path and does not change in spite of your repeated efforts, you should leave her or him. Ramanuja left his wife for the sake of Nivrutti. Similarly, Meera left her husband on the advice of Tulasidas for Nivrutti. Of course, even in Pravrutti, if she or he is creating a constant hell here itself, you can leave him or her in the extreme case and this is justified because such a hell here is disturbing you from Nivrutti indirectly. At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami Anil Antony www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace antonyanil@universal-spirituality.org
  13. I already told that Lord comes in every human generation, He is here now. You have to find Him out by analysing His divine knowledge. The procedure is given in the following web-site http://www.universal-spirituality.org
  14. Lord is only one, but He comes according to the requirement at several places at even same time according to the plan and need of the situation. In the Chemistry laboratory the practical procedure is given to you and the salt is given. According to the procedure you have to analyze the substance and find out the name of the salt by yourself. Veda says that the infinite true special knowledge, which cannot be preached by any one and which generates love and bliss in our hearts is the main characteristic of the Lord. He possesses super powers but does not use for exhibition due to egoism. By these confirmatory tests you can find out the fullest form of the Lord (Paripurna Avatara) who is Lord Datta himself. Of course all the preachers are the human incarnations of the disciples of Lord Datta. Some are the partial incarnations of Lord Datta like Kalavatara, Amsavatara etc.,
  15. No word can indicate God Several statements of Veda clearly speak that God is completely unimaginable under any circumstances. Silence can only indicate God. Silence means that no word can be used to indicate God. In the creation every imaginable item has the specific name, which cannot be used for any other imaginable item. For example the word pot means only a particular object. The word cloth means another particular object. You cannot use one word for any other object. But God can enter any item of the creation. Therefore, the name of every item can be used to indicate God because there is no specific word for God, who is not at all a specific object. Even if God does not enter an item, the name of that item can be used to indicate God, because you are keeping that item as the representative of God. For example God never enters the inert planet like sun. But still Sun can represent God due to some similarities. God removes ignorance. Sun removes darkness. The lotus buds are opened by sun. The ignorant intelligence is also enlightened by God. Therefore, sun can represent God to some extent. Therefore, the word “sun†can also represent God. Thus, in one extreme end no word can indicate God (Yato vachah-Veda). At another extreme end, the name of any item into which either God can enter or any item, which can represent God, can indicate God. All the prayers of God by thousand names (Shasra Nama) indicate God. When a word indicates God, it is the name of medium into which either God entered or which stands as representative God. This means you can experience God through a specific medium when God enters it. Alternatively you can also imagine the experience of existence of God through a representative item like sun. You can experience the existence of God through Lord Krishna because God entered and exists in the human body of Krishna. In case of sun you can imagine the existence of God through the properties of the sun. Thus, there is difference between the worship of human incarnation and worship of the representative item like sun, statue etc. Veda says that you can worship sun as God, which means that sun is not directly God (Adityam Brahmaiti…Veda). There is difference between the direct worship of king and indirect worship of his photo. In both cases the king is pleased. But in the direct worship the king is extremely pleased because every bit of your service is experienced by king directly. When God enters the human body, God has not become the human body. God is in the human body. Therefore, the human body is not God. You can only experience God through human body. Therefore, by seeing the human body you have not seen God, but you have only experienced God through that human body. Therefore, God is invisible. Of course, a devotee can be satisfied by treating the human body as God and can feel satisfied that he has seen God. From this angle Veda says, “A blessed fellow has seen God†(Kaschit Dhirah…..). _________________ ANIL ANTONY antonyanil@universal-spirituality.org http://www.universal-spirituality.org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
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