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  1. Raam katha jug jug atal..... There are many arguments which could neate most of the things you are saying, one being Sri Raam being tricked by Mareech the maternal uncle of Ravan and the brother of Tharika (not sukreiva or whatever you are saying). Mata Gujri was antarjami, she knew Gangu would decieve her, yet she still went along with him. Its called leela or play.... Guru Sahib had the power to crush mughal forces. Anyway whatever Sri Valmiki may say or Tulsi Das may say.... Sri Satguru Gobind Singh Ji stated the truth in Beej Ramayan is Sri Dasam Guru Granth.. as for akaal das.... Sri Raam killed adharmi rakshas', protected rishi munis, preformed many jap taps... tu kini kamai kithi before you dared bismirched the name of an Avtar? Tu Guru Sahib naalo vadda ya.... laddo vando aise bewakoof de!
  2. hasnt been on here for time!!!!!!!!

  3. If caught red handed the gurdwara pardhans and comitees will be too embarrassed to take legal action against cameras because that would result in more exposure. Either way no jurisdiction apart from the sovereignty of Satguru has power inside a Gurdwara. Therefore in order to protect that sovereignty no laundering of money can occur. Therefore the children of Satguru have every right to preform sting operations.
  4. what about maharaj sri satguru granth sahib having refferences to khusre? these admin cut shud put a patti on their eyes when reading maharaj too. sorry bout the language but this admin cut gets me emotional! How dare they raise the finger to guru after all he gave for us. we truely are ungrateful admin cut!!!
  5. hit the nail on the head!!!!! it is this perspective allot of our people dont get, instead they get on the sikh version of the talibani sharia wagon and point and shake their fingers in contempt.
  6. please give the direct reference in suraj parkash which rejects raagmala otherwise please keep referenceless remarks to your self
  7. its a shame they dont have any proper kirtan
  8. balbiro pabhi di gutth chaj naal ni khich hoyi, haje ve bandria vang tappi janda. Kameena, gadhi chor. This man is a murderer, who has the blood of many nihung mahapurush on his hands, ehdia andhra nu khich ke ehnu sooli te tangna chaida! Balbir Kutha Maro Jutha!!
  9. Ive heard of Mitra Piare Nu Haal Mureeda Da Kehna but naamdhari guru, jagjit singh, alters the word of Sache Patshah Sri Satguru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj http://www.beantpatshah.info/index.php?opt...r&Itemid=30 see for yourself
  10. what a boad of lollocks!!!!!!!! Sache Patshah was samrath, he had the shakti to complete Sache Patshah Sri Satguru Aadh Granth Sahib Ji Plus the whole naamdhari tradition is a lie as their Guru, Jagjit Singh isnt even complying to the vachan which Sri Satguru Amar Das Ji made, and may I add, a Satgurus vachan is attal. Naamdhari Guru, Jagjit Singh is a matharu, a tarkhan. And Sri Satguru Amar Das Ji gave vachan that the gurgadi would remain within the family. Matharu doesnt seem to fit with Sodhi does it now!?!?!?!
  11. all hell would break loose for namdharis if the gurgadhi was given (even though sache patshah is samrath gurdev) to Sri Satguru Granth Sahib Ji. I suppose it would be too much of a sharam di gall, ke pehla sau saal sache patshah nu pitth kar ke hun, ohnadi hakumat mannini.
  12. There is a website called Change.org which gets ideas from the general public and passes them over to Barack Obama's Administration. One idea which has been submitted is: Recognize the 1984 Sikh Genocide by India and press for Justice Please go to the website below and vote on this idea, you need to register but it seriously only takes a couple of minutes maximum and the idea has the chance to become real policy for America. We need to be in the top 3 in the Genocide category by midnight 31st December 2008 to make it into the second round. https://www.change.org/ideas/view/recognize...ess_for_justice The final top 10 ideas will be presented to the Obama Administration on Inauguration Day and will be supported by a national lobbying campaign run by Change.org, MySpace, and more than a dozen leading nonprofits after the Inauguration. Please forward this via email/ facebook /myspace etc as time is running out if we want to make it into the second round! Just make sure that links comes out correctly as this forum seems to shorten it. --------- UPDATE --------- We have managed to get into third place and if we stay there till midnight the idea is through into the next round. But that doesn't mean we should stop voting. To the people who havent voted, this is absolutely nothing to do with Sikh Politics or Khalistan but instead for Justice and closure to the tens of thousands of families who lost loved ones just because they were Sikhs. The least this will do is increase exposure to the world of the atrocities that occurred. __________________
  13. the ndtv new ramayan versian is ssooooooooooooooooooo cool but still nothing beats the original ramamanand sagar version
  14. amardeep im really surprised, your acting like an Idiot. Do not underestimate the Shaheeds, if Chandi can be in the form of a Talwar why cant Shaheed Singhs fight with weapons? Stop acting like a child...
  15. not only that its like a drug for me, theres an anand in it which no other form of worship has.
  16. Akaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaluh!!!!!!!! Sat Sri Akaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaluh!!!!!!!!
  17. and iv heard that they should feed their babies a tigresses milk to make them like tigers
  18. allah hu akbar!!! oh no its happening to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. south indian religious movies are the best, their costumes are waaaaaaaay better than crappy north indian dramas. Especially shiva hes usuall all blue or green
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