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    Plants and trees come under the concept of chaurasi, therefore plants and trees have souls.

    The two sons of Kuber were cursed to turn into trees and that they would only recieve liberation if Lord Krishna was to uproot those trees ie killing those trees.
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    ill tell you something never ever ever unless you some form of protection from Tantra or Kala Alam go to a Pir or Udhasi, because not all of them can be trusted. Usualy what happens is that these people will get rid of your main ailment but then give you a minor one which cause you to keep going back and give them money to "sort" you out.

    With me the very first Udhasi dera that i went to was one which was in my family, some of you may have heard of Kala Sangha and the Baba Kahan Das Ji Dera, Baba Ji's gaddi is within our family (naanke side) and when i went there my Grandmothers brother told me about the order and he said that I had protection from any form of Tantra/ Kala Alam due to A) me being Amritdhari Wearing a kirpan and C) for being Nitnemi. And it was totally on that basis why i went to visit a few Hindu Tantrics and a few Pirs.

    I once even tested a Pir Baba and i had an experience which i would never forget, which made me even more paka in my Nitnem, and after when i got back to Kale Sanghe i got shitttar from my Nanis Mama for testing the guy, because he said if he cant do anything to you he can send something to follow you and torment your family.

    Because there are two types of Jadoo, one is Apaa Jadoo which involves rituals and the other is the most dangerous Masani, which is the type of jadoo which causes possesions because its the ruh of a dead person.

    Apparently what they do is that they (the tantrics) wander around siveh and look for bones of the deceased, and its now common that there is always one person on guard whenever a funeral pyre is being burnt. Because its with the bones of the dead person they bring back its ruh and they bind it to do the tantrics bidding. And the most thing that the masani/ ruh wants is mukti and the tantric will make it do its bidding if it wants its mukti.

    Theres two ways in which the masani can get its mukti one is by the tantric releasing it and the other is most common way, where whoever the masani possess will harm him/her so much until he/she comes to an untimely death hence releasing the Masani.

    My Nanis mama also said that sometimes when he confronts these entities they ask for mukti but he cant give it because if he does then the person who the masani is possessing will take that person with it too. So he has to force the entity out by hook or crook, and sometimes he has to resort to beating the masani with his "Bhairo" da baseball bat until it leaves the poor person.
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