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  1. I just found out it is illegal to hunt anything in India. So how does one practise shikkar in India?
  2. exactly, we need to follow grihast jeevan which requires to get a life partner at a decent age ie marry young. This was promoted by Guru Nanak and is an important part of sikhi! And since we no longer respect this, our community is falling under th 5 vikaar/panj chorr.
  3. a Singh also requires sanjam kiriya, do bethaka (squats) and pressups (dand). this will help in sitting in asan.
  4. are you also ready to train with shastar as well? nitnem is important even for sehajdhari sikh, but for one who takes khanda dee pahul, shastar pooja via shastar training is Guru hukam.
  5. Read Chandi Di Vaar in your nitnem, also maybe Ugardanti and Shastar Mala. If you concentrate on the battle in Chandi di Vaar you can expel you anger during the paat
  6. no my ancestral pend is around Kartarpur.
  7. I think we need to start with the sehajdhari sampradaiye such as udasi, sewapanthi, some nirmala, Nanakpanthi, NanakShahi, singh sikhs. These sikhs are more able to influence hindus than the current brand of mainstream sikhs.
  8. These are my ends lol There's also Gangsar gurdwara which is next to Baba Wadhbhag;s ?Gurdwara?, at least I think it's a gurdwara. I think there's alsoa place somewhere nearby related to Painde Khan.
  9. At the end of the last century, wasn't there an emphasis for men to be clean shaven and look like boys? What influence did this have on the mindset of men?
  10. Would SWAT be able to help as well, since they do langar for the poor on the streets? I have jhatka maryada on facebook so will try to get in touch.
  11. Firstly, I think British school food should be neutral without any sacred food being served. Also please consider this topic for other countries which may have this issue, possibly Australia? Obviously this isn't a solution for schools in islamic countries! However, as we know, some schools are forcing Halal meat. So why don't we do a positive spin on this? Since some schools are forcing sacred food from one religion onto students. Then why not demand langar in these schools as sikhs require their own sacred food in cases where neutral food is not available? We should seriously ask for this demand, as sacred food should not only be available for one minority. Would be good if there was some kind of SACRED FOOD ACT / LAW or AGREEMENT. And since langar should not be commercial, it should be served by a sikh volunteer and should also be free, obviously open to donations. I think organisations like SWAT already have the infrastructure in place for serving langar in public. Would local gurdwaras be able to help and provide langar and volunteers for this? The positive thing about this is that concept of langar gets out more in public, and educates young learning minds about sikhi traditions and community kitchens. And obviously anyone can partake of langar as it's free. It would also be good if we can add jhatka langar in as well. Outside of Gurudwara jhatka langar mahaprasad is allowed. Obviously would need Singhs who knows jhatka rehit to help out in this CAN WE HAVE SOMETHING TEMPORARY IN PLACE before the start of the NEW ACADEMIC YEAR in SEPTEMBER 2018? How can we get this out there?
  12. thanks for the info, you should also post on Reddit the community needs these resources.
  13. sgpc is always confused. SGPC has been confused since it was created during Firanghi RAAJ!
  14. sgpc is a committee, it is not Guru and is not the panth! It has too much power since colonialism. Even calling it Shiromani is an insult.
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