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  1. Panjabi Vocabulary Builder Thread

    I will have to through this whole thread, I don't think I know the meaning for most of these. Will Whatsapp some punjabis and see what they think lol Is this topic publicly viewable?
  2. TV serial on Maharaja ranjit Singh is starting

    It's on Life OK, does this hurt it's ratings?
  3. Brown People's Inferiority Complex

    To start getting rid of inferiority complex, we first must not stop wearing turbans - removing turbans gets apney into follow the gora like a gulam sheep pehd chaal.
  4. who chooses the panj piyaray, and how do we know they are not playing dress-up bana, ie they just wear the bana and shastar but have no training and therefore are not really following rehit anyway?
  5. Sikhs in india

    and how do you embed fb videos like youtube ones?
  6. I thought Nihang Singhs have a weapons license? Slightly confused? Or was it because the weapons were carried from Pak?
  7. Jats Celebrated Selling Daughters To Mughals

    I have actually never heard the Sansi Surname amongst any jatt relatives or in fact any jatts I know ye, I mean these africa east Singhs take amrit at 6 years old, but they wear starch pagh that you put on like a hat. that's proper against maryada. I rememeber a kenya uncle gave me a starched pagh once when i was learning to tie turban LOL
  8. TV serial on Maharaja ranjit Singh is starting

    lol why did you post this in this topic?
  9. Power (Bachan) of a Brahamgyani

    very nice
  10. Meaning of the word "Jatt"

    Possibly. But I have heard Guru Arjan also use a different term,' jatro', for jatts, but never this jamini-tattu. I don't think any background that has closeness to farming or landowning, such as jatts, lobanas, kamboj, Saini and sometimes Rajputs, has any derogatory terms such as tattu connected to the roots of their names. I think it's more of a term made up by people who have some jealousy or envy. (There's nothing envious about being a jatt these days, many are in a rough state at the moment, both inside and outside india): ਇਹ ਬਿਧਿ ਸੁਨਿ ਕੈ ਜਾਟਰੋ ਉਠਿ ਭਗਤੀ ਲਾਗਾ ॥ इह बिधि सुनि कै जाटरो उठि भगती लागा ॥ Ih biḏẖ sun kai jātro uṯẖ bẖagṯī lāgā. Hearing this, Dhanna the Jaat applied himself to devotional worship. ਮਿਲੇ ਪ੍ਰਤਖਿ ਗੁਸਾਈਆ ਧੰਨਾ ਵਡਭਾਗਾ ॥੪॥੨॥ मिले प्रतखि गुसाईआ धंना वडभागा ॥४॥२॥ Mile parṯakẖ gusā▫ī▫ā ḏẖannā vadbẖāgā. ||4||2|| The Lord of the Universe met him personally; Dhanna was so very blessed. ||4||2||
  11. Asa Di Var by Namdhari Gurmukhs in 1985

    yes please, a year later?
  12. Just sad that even though it is these Khatri sikhs that are preserving the turbans and are more likely to be carrying kirpaanaa, they can't use that mentality to get drive these symbols to get the annakh and yurt into the correct survival mentality.
  13. I don't think religion means this.
  14. this is what happens when Singhs can't preserve maryada, what happened in 1947. And then we still didn't learn in 1984 - what use are small kripaans? A paper maryada is useless when there's a proper rehit of regular pratice of defending ourselvs, I think taking amrit is now becoming a ritual, and well those that aren't taking amrit are also heading on some nasty slope, drugs anyone?