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  1. this is what happens when Singhs can't preserve maryada, what happened in 1947. And then we still didn't learn in 1984 - what use are small kripaans? A paper maryada is useless when there's a proper rehit of regular pratice of defending ourselvs, I think taking amrit is now becoming a ritual, and well those that aren't taking amrit are also heading on some nasty slope, drugs anyone?
  2. I can't believe the video got taken off, would have loved to have shared it or watched it again.
  3. This is seriously annoying. The video is eye-opening! This partition border seriously makes things difficult in helping the sikh community over there!
  4. Another year later, and I think someone posted a PDF of this book on SS forum recently! EDIT: found the post, and it links to this -
  5. Maybe this topic should be stickied in the yudh vidiya section?
  6. yeah, that's what I meant by other way. You shouldn't really post links like that as they are not very legal, but I am sure not too many people will be bothered. Just trying not to get this forum in trouble. A more legal way is to use the HOTSTAR website with a VPN lol
  7. I am not subscribing to the whole Star package just for 1 drama on Life OK broadcast in poor SD quality. I am going to have to watch it the OTHER way but at least it is in HD! I am very behind, by a few months now.
  8. It's mostly cultists that start sentences off with "Bhai Randhir Singh said this .... " or "Gursikhs like Bhai Randhir Singh were .... " etc. But "Purataan Singhs like Bhai Randhir Singh" is a new one. Seriously?? And is over a a century enough to be a Purataan Singh? Cultists throw around his name as if he is their Guru or something?!? Is this the way you guys start discussions?
  9. funny stuff
  10. Make sure you tie something like an underturban, something that can be padded enough to take the pressure of the overturban without hurting your head or giving pressure to any veins.
  11. When I am in Kartarpur, many shopowners have Baba Vadhbhag Singh's pictures up, I think a lot of the Radasoami photos up as well. Always been past the Baba Vadhbhag Singh gurdwara when going to Gangsar gurdwara as it is a neighbouring gurdwara. Thamji sahib gurdwara is hidden inside the Kartarpur shopping centre.
  12. can he become a Nanak-Shahi sikh, a murid or something similar?
  13. I think it is good to know some of the descendants, maybe they can bring some sikhi knowledge which hasn't been corrupted by sgpc. I know some Sodhis, no idea if they are descended from Guru jis. But I know they are nihangs in uk.
  14. why can we not have sikh centres built up in UK where the Singhs go on hunting expeditions and practise jhatka? Get Nihang Singhs to run them and also associate any gurdwaras that respect puraatan rehitaa.