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  1. What's a good shastar to have that is can even be hidden in plain site?
  2. I was going to use the argument that modern sikh families are marrying their children off at older ages (just look at the ages our Gurus and ancestors married at), when post-puberty hormones have taken control off these children's minds. Basically at ages that our ancestors would consider too-old, on-the-shelf etc, ancestors knew what children are capable of when they reach puberty; just read the love stories like Heer-Ranjha, Sassi-Pannu etc and also we lack parchar and knowledge of Charitropakyhan and others banis of Dasam Granth Darbar. BUT... The fact is some of the girls taken advantage of are very young girls, so the parents aren't keeping an eye on the vulnerable children. Are the parents too busy working and making money, or just too lazy? Why are their young children out in the streets in the way we describe in punjabi like KUTTEH-BILLEH! ? In my early years at uni, I started taking sikhi and marital arts more seriously due to these stories about muslims taking advantage of sikh girls. I even went to a few bhangra gigs just to see where this stuff was happening, but never really saw it there or in the bars, I always wanted to be able to do something about it! Unfortunately I got into the Singh Sabha kind, but my punjabi culture brought me back from these people that seem to hate themselves inside. But then, a few more years at uni made me want to avoid a lot of uni sikh-girls for marriage. I saw apni girls drinking, and it stopped me from starting drinking lolz Then I saw so many sikh girls, especially jattis, insulting our turbans. So in the end, the fire I had to try and help these girls got distinguished by unfortunate means. I am in a gora area, not surrounded by sikhs, so I can't seem to do anything. Then I see people from the desi areas around me (Southall, Hounslow, Slough) not taking sikhi seriously, or respecting punjabi culture, or just having some respect for turbans. I'm an observer, I can't do anything from here besides make provocative facebook groups, or post on sikhi forums! Sikh societies never liked my open minded questions.
  3. He could get married, didn't Guru jis and purataan sikhs and singhs marry before 18 anyway? In old punjabi movies, Mehar Mittal used to be the chara admi, that used to make a girlfriend and marry her, because he had gone past the normal age for marriage, ie charra was a term for someone who hadn't married by 20 or so. Since most of us are single at chhara age, it's not much of a biggie if someone is behaving sexually at 18, it's just a result of being married later than when even the Gurus would have recommended.
  4. I would recommend a different sangat for him, one with less judgemental parchar. Find some Singhs that fit this description. There was a time when I was probably doing some similar things, including being influenced by parchar from cults (not necessarily knowing the sikhs were from those cults). I also became veggie during my uni studies and gained a lot of weight, probably from potato-rich foods. So I wasn't as young as 15, but maybe finding a different kind of sangat can remove the influence. PErhaps also getting him into Raag keertan, actually taking part in the vidiya of Raag.
  5. Tell them you're not a muslim and that you belong to an ethnic Indian native tradition or tribe similar to how Aborigines are native to Australia.
  6. By the way it says dharam not "religion", I think that can make a great difference to the meaning.
  7. Refreshing!
  8. How much sewa is currently provided to gurdwaras local to the border eg Lahore? Can sewadaars get visas to at least go look after these gurdwaras if not further, by travelling by bus and train? Can organisations such as SGPC and others not provide this. If yatras can be done, then can this not be done? I think a special organisation or committee (tongue in cheek) should be set up which sends sewadaars specially for dekhpaal, looking after the gurdwaras.
  9. Is the way the term God is used in modern translations a misrepresentations of the Sargun aspects portrayed in Gurbani? Also what is the relation of Akaal and Waheguru with the Universe and eternity and infinity? Just trying to look at a few concepts.
  10. Is it listened to a lot? I remember when it first started, I haven't listened to it in a while due to sikhi TV channels and having a DAB.
  11. Why does it always say " You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day " , even on the first Like I click on in a day?
  13. And some sites are using this to say that Niddar Singh has been excommincated, when this doesn't seem the case?
  14. I see whenever there's quality control on SS, then SA gets more action ;)

  15. I have also heard the one where the hunter shoots some soft of jewel in Sri Krishna's foot, which kills him?!