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  1. WGJKK WGJKF Firstly, i am extremely sory if my experience has caused contraversy, however, what has been documented, regarding my experience with Gurbani is correct. This is not fairytale story. As you have read, my family were victims of black magic and after going to numerous Tantriks, doing nmumerous poojas, minimal effect had occured. Everythime my family went to a different tantrik/pandit to conduct a pooja, we were always advised to worship a different got, which in turn confused my family and me as we didnt know who (god) to turn to in times of need. We have some sikh family friends who are amrit dharis who approached us to see babaji, as they knew the situation of our family. Upon seeing babaji, who was from Husiarpur in india, our destiny improved. he very rarely spoke and had a white pagh. Cut a long story short, we advised him of what our problem was. The weird thing is, it was as if he knew what was wrong, he wasnt shocked in anyway. He didnt do no Ridh Sidh as it was stated above. it was by his grace. He did ardaas for us and showed us much respect. After about 3 weeks, we felt a massive imrove ment in our household and i was cured and my doctors we somewhat puzzeled how so many illnesses went in a short period of time. He said that you dont reach the abodes of Akal Puruk by just reciting names of gods/godesses. He advised us to read Bani for understanding and one bani in particular which is the sukhmani sahib. He didnt take money off my parents. After constant pressure to give him money, the babaji said that he has no intention of taking monies and for us to give it to my sister when she gets married. He said this is the best way of doing dasvand. I thanks the lord all mighty for putting us in touch with such a humble, loving, caring being.
  2. i have started doing sukhmani sahib and i was advised that the nitnem in the morning is essential and any paath done thereafter is a bonus. If i was to do my sukhmani sahib without doing nitnem then the deired effect woulnot be its fullest, is this correct. Nayan
  3. Sorry giuys, please forgive, i honestly didnt mean to cause unrest or cause offence. The reason why i ask is that my father does his pooja every day, Nitnem. My mother keeps her fasts and i got confused which path to take. I have been to gurdwaras and have found immense peace. I went to a mandir and the padits there had immense respect for the sikh religion. within the religion, i asked my mother, grand mother, uncles 'who do you worship' some one says shive, some one says kali, some one says laxmi. I asked my father and he said we all worship one god, waheguru. i think my moms side is really confused on who to worship. I spoke to my father, who stated that when we do naam simran, we can do it anywhere and everywhere. He said that a murti of shiva, shivalingam is a mere idol which people look ata as god, but realistically, it isnt. by having a muerti beside you, it cant save you from death, naam simran can. he also said that if your house gets blown away or if you have a Tsunami, your murti's get washed away, but with naam, as its enshrined in your heart, it stays with you wherever you go. I am sorry again for causing any dishearment. Again, thank you all.
  4. thanks guys! you guys are wicked, many thanks for your guidance. I am actually hindu/punjabi. my mom is hindu, dad is a sikh. I cant read punjabi all that much, can i get mukhti by reciting waheguru/mool mantar?
  5. thank you for all your support! the reason i ask is 3 years ago i had started doing shiv pooja. A while a go i had a dream of baba nanak. I have a picture of him and the dream was like this; I was sitting infront of my photo of baba nanak and out of the photo his hand came out and did a circular motion, as if he was giving a blessing. Here, i presumed that he was happy with what i was doing, this is why i carried on doing my shivaji pooja. am i presuming correctly? again, thanks for all your support and guidance
  6. greetings all, i have a question that is sitting on my mind. Lord Shiva, is he a manifestation of the Lord? I do my Japji sahib in the morning and do my shiv pooja their after, would i be doing anything wrong?. The reason i ask, i have a great pulling sensation to bani. when i do my Japji, i get a very relaxing feeling in my stomach and i want to do more. the other day, i was was doing my japji sahib and i felt like crying, but at the same time i felt shaant! I was driving my car and someone bumped into the back of me, denting my bumper. In a normal situation, i would have gone balistic. But, i was calm, couldnt find room in my soul for anger, i was just 'its ok, mistakes happen'. Just thought id let you know the power of bani.
  7. so is the 'Brahm kavach' charitra?
  8. WGJKK WGJKF Hope all are well! I am new to this forum and would like to firstly say that i hope god blesses you all and created more sikhs like youselves. Your Love and passion for Sikhism is great! I do my sukhmani sahib in the mornings and i have some Senchiyaan at off of Sri guru Granth Sahib Maharaj. I would love toy start reading them on a morning. What i would like to know is would i have to do my nitnem prior to me reading them, or could i do ishnaan and read the banis. Nayan.
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