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  1. Has anyone read the Pothi Saruktavali written by Pandit Hardiyal Jee? What are it's contents? I'm thinking of reading it in two weeks time. Its tikaakaar is Bhai Bhagwan Singh jee Giani. I've heard that all great Nirmala Gianis have done a Tikaa of this.
  2. I agree with Shaheediya. I learn so much from TSingh Jee's posts. I think we are blessed to have such a member in our forum here. I'm really looking forward to reading his books.
  3. T Singh Jee, do you also have a website for your books. I don't live in the UK, so where can I order your books online?
  4. but California is the most multicultural society in the US. They are also a very open minded people living there. New York is also multicultural, but it's too crowded and since that is the place where 9/11 attacks happened, people there have become a little narrow minded. Also it might be a good idea to move to a place where there are alot of Indian people living. America is not the same place it was before 9/11. Before 9/11 you could have lived anywhere in the US without fear. But 9/11 really screwd things up for Sikhs in the west.
  5. "no go zones". What do you mean by that? Do you mean the racism? then I think that the South should be avoided. But also the North western states of the US. Californians are the best.
  6. Why would anyone have allergic reaction to Hindu Bhasha? It's a language like any other.
  7. That's an impressive structure. God bless that ruler of Dubai.
  8. The second link with him talking on the radio was just too funny.
  9. Yes, that's what I have heard as well. Doing Bhagti in the morning with an empty peht is the best.
  10. You're right!! never noticed that before. good eye!
  11. Matheen has a good point. We need to follow the teachings of these great mahpursh, not imitate them as if we are on the same spiritual level. I don't know what the point was behind posting these pictures, but people who are thinking of doing Kakaar dhi Dhil after seeing this picture should only do so if they think they are on the same spiritual level of Sant Ishar Singh Jee.
  12. I think that Sant Ishar Singh Jee had very beautiful Kesh. A very heavy full set of kesh even at old age.
  13. Pir Sahib may by the spiritual descendent of Mian Mir, but it doesn't mean they hold the exact same beleifs. I doubt that Mian Mir jee who was so close to Guru Jee would have beleived that Guru jee was a follower of Prophet Mohammad as Pir Sahib jee beleives. Just because they are from the same sompradhaya as Mian Mir Jee does not mean they are of the same spiritual or intellectual level as Mian Mir Jee. When Hindus claim that Guru Nanak Dev Jee and other Gurus were HIndus, we Sikhs jump up and down in anger and use the most filthy language against them, and will even beat them up if they are in front of us. Yet why do we remain quiet when Muslims claim Guru Nanak Dev Jee was a Muslim? far from getting angry, most of us actually get impressed that they "honoured" Guru Nanak Dev Jee by considering him a Muslim. Why this double standard for Muslims and Hindus? When someone says that Guru Nanak Dev Jee was a Muslim, it means that Guru Nanak Dev Jee considered Prophet Mohammad as his Rasool and that Guru Nanak Dev Jee was below Prophet Mohammad. Personally, as a Sikhs I just cannot digest this, and I will not lie, but my blood pressure does go up if someone claims Guru Nanak dev Jee is a follower of Prophet Mohammad. I consider Guru Nanak Dev Jee more dear than my father, and just as I would feel angry if someone spreads lies about my father, similarly I would also feel angry if someone spreads lies about Satguru Nanak Dev Jee. How would Muslims react if some Christian leader (lets say) like the Pope told them that Prophet Mohammad was a Christian and that he did not consider starting the Islamic faith? do you think Muslims would feel honoured by this statement? I -- D O N 'T -- T H I N K -- S O!!!!
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