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  1. chatanga1

    Is Sikhism a religion

    What does ਰਿਦੈ mean?
  2. chatanga1

    Is Sikhism a religion

    Ok prove to us that God exists using science. I asked you before but you never answered.
  3. chatanga1

    Is Sikhism a religion

    Garbage out my mind or not, you haven’t got an answer for it. You can’t have an answer for it. But I have an answer for it. You are simply following your cult leader ghaghri in distorting Gurbani. Adding words here, removing words there, thinking about the time ghaghri kissed you to make you a follower...
  4. chatanga1

    Is Sikhism a religion

    Ok, that's a start of sorts. Let's see how the argument proceeds... Oh twadi. Fell flat on your face. Why can't redefining mean the sun has become a dog, or a carrot is now a lion??? YOU were the one, angy, who redefined Gurbani to omit Guru Sahibs name. In YOUR own translation or redefinition or whatever you call it where are the following words: ਹਰਿ ਜਪੁ ਜਪਿ ਰਿਦੈ ਧਿਆਈ and the english words you have used to redefine Gurbani, where are they in the actual Gurmukhi: philosophy Guru mind. I can't find these words in the Gurmukhi above. You have not explained it yet. You have just posted your redefinition (ie distortion) of Gurbani. Thanks? Have a look at what he has written. My opinion is that, again, you have distorted Gurbani. You have entered words that don't exist in the gurmukhi text, and omitted words that do feature in the Gurbani. My view is that you need to forget redefining (distorting) gurbani.
  5. chatanga1

    Sarbloh Granth

    @dalsingh101 You were asking about translating something together. Do you want to look at this ? It's short but looks intense!
  6. chatanga1

    Sarbloh Granth

    This is a recent katha of Sri Sarbloh:
  7. chatanga1

    Arabian Nights And Charitropakhyaan

    I want to share these similarities betweeen Arabian nights and Sri CharitroPakhyan Granth: 1 - A description of women as fair as the moon 2 - Traders being commonly used as characters 3 - Says jewellers are not to be trusted 4 - in one story, the Queen is fearful that the King being unable to produce a child will end the royal dynasty, so she moves to get herself pregnant and has the child announced as the Kings own 5 - In one story, a man is told that his friend wanst to castrate him 6 - A place between two rivers also features as the setting for stories 7 - a wide variety of places is used from Egypt all the way to China 8 - the story where the man climbs the tree and sees his wife canoodling with her lover at the bottom 9 - the status of characters frequently involves Caliphs, Qazis, and Wazirs... 10 - there is a man mentioned in whose city the people especially women, throng the the castle for a glimpse of his beauty
  8. chatanga1

    Is Sikhism a religion

    Your bestest favourite dream is being kissed by ghaghri isn’t it? You must have loved that time(s) !
  9. Sibling? Wrong again. Sri Dasame Patshah Granth Sahib says that The Sodhis are descendants of Lav Kush. Do YOU trust Sri Dasme Patshahs Granth Sahib? The same Pracharaks whom you have labelled foolish do. How ? By kissing young men on the lips to impart naam jap techniques. That’s why you love ghaghri isn’t it.
  10. Could it be a charitar on “true love” as written in Sri Dasam Granth “ Jin prem kiyo...” ? The theme peculiar to other Charitars is noticeably missing.
  11. Found anything similar in there?
  12. Omg! Listen to the cult follower! Your guru ghaghri was born in which battlefield? The one where he soiled his pyjama and had to hide in some Biharis mud hut after shooting his own cult follower in his head? You’re right. I don’t want a man dressed as a drag queen trying to kiss me to give me some mantra like ghagri kissed harinder. You can carrying on kissing him all you like .
  13. I don’t know what brahman kavach is .You are really suffering from being a cult follower. What soul are you talking about? According to your cult leader ghaghri there is no soul. You are one of those cult followers whom ghaghri has been kissing so he can give them some mantar.
  14. Speaking nonsense is not part of gurmat but it is not anti gurmat. Thakur Singh’s nonsense is not a direct attack on gurmat. However ghaghris teachings that reincarnation is in the mind only or that kudrat is Rabb is a direct attack on gurmat.
  15. This charitar is pretty much straighforward in that it tells us of how a man's lust can easily be misused against him. The man in question holds some sort of threat to the King, but we are not told what status he holds. But he must be high up in the court structure to be able to threaten the King. The King has no idea on how to tackle the threat, it's the wife who comes up with the idea.