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  1. Harjas Pothi

    So could it be because the Minas began to lean towards Gurmat thought?
  2. Mirpur 1947 – The Untold Story

    It is in one of my many books on partition. I will try and find it out but dont hold your breath. What partition books you got?
  3. Guru HarGobind Sahib and Chandu Shah. Well spotted. Never noticed that.
  4. Harjas Pothi

    Could it have been written in competition to Guru Granth Sahib if it is part of Mina literature?
  5. http://www.sacred-texts.com/sex/kama/kama105.htm This "messenger/go-between/middleman" is also mentioned in the Kamasutra. His/her qualities are given as: A messenger should possess the following qualities: Skilfulness Boldness Knowledge of the intention of men by their outward signs Absence of confusion, i.e. no shyness Knowledge of the exact meaning of what others do or say Good manners Knowledge of appropriate times and places for doing different things Ingenuity in business Quick comprehension Quick application of remedies, i.e. quick and ready resources
  6. Guru Sahib also got rid of the "masand" system - a go-between the Guru and the Sikhs, after they starting doing manmarjia.
  7. Harjas Pothi

    Was this Kavi part of Guru Sahib's Darbar?
  8. Harjas Pothi

    concerning what subject? Any idea on the theme or subject of the text?
  9. I had this thought as well when going through some of the later charitars. I think it is one of those texts where more and more subtleties become apparent as you re-read them.
  10. Good observation. In some, not all there has been a middle-man, a messenger involved. Usually it has been a "das" or "dasi" - a servant of the person. In some the das/dasi has acted as instructed but in some they have acted for their own interests as well. You may be on to something there. Maybe it was an instruction from her to do so.
  11. Harjas Pothi

    Can't find under that title or author on PDL.
  12. In this tale, there is the act of stepping on someones head and in the most recent discussion there is the act of trying to get the man to pass through the womans legs. Both signify the same thing.
  13. Good point. Also one thing here is that the girl, like the Princess was happy or willing to establish relations with a man of their own age.
  14. I thought that way as well from the start of the text. Discussing the Anoop Koer stories made me think maybe there was something historical behind Guru Sahib's need to create such a text. But looking at that even it isn't clear that it is. I think if there was such am incident which resulted in such a large (and to some controversial) text there would have been much more written about it in history books. When I glanced at these (in Bindra's book) I saw straightaway that these were just names and labels used relating very little to the established stories.
  15. Plus this is a Brij language text. The word for 6 is "khat." That word would have been much more appropriate for "6".