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  1. Thinking back to the bird on the mans backside, it displays a symbol of freedom which the man will never experience because of it being carved into a delicate area. It is a symbol of freedom signifying an everlasting prison. And have you ever heard the phrase "a prison without walls"?
  2. Sikh Historical Sources

    Its a little unusual for such a prolific writer like Gyani Gyan Singh not to have many works published.
  3. Kanwar Grewal - All Songs Related To God

    Love this song. This guy is doing more for Sikhi with this song than Dhadrianwala is doing at the moment.
  4. Sikh Historical Sources

    I think maybe you should try and find out what happened to Khalsa Tract Society. Or get in touch with someone at Khalsa College, they might be able to able you. Any idea why it wasn't published?
  5. Dhandrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    Aap apni budh he jeti.
  6. That day in 1699...

    The Gurus weren't simply humans. The article is missionary trash.
  7. Dhandrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    This aproach didn't work work with the Bandai Khalsa. It didn't work with the Naamdharis. it didn't work with the Sant Nirankaris. it didnt work with ashutosh, ram rahim and bhaniara. it hasn't worked with darshan rogi, dhadrianwala rogi and other cult leaders.
  8. Dhandrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    You not being angry about darshan rogi and dhadrianwala make me even more angry. But you are right. I am angry that a pygmy like darshan has pulled such a stunt. The repercussions on the Sikh Panth will be huge. You seem very oblivious to this or maybe its something you want? If you didn't work it out from the inference then just leave it there. Nor do I. But darshan rogis kartoot and dhadrianwalas kartoot are definitely something that we can judge. Thats an opinion. just like I have an opinion of you. what rogi and dhadrianwala have done is FACT. rogi will never enter into any dialogue nor willl dhadrianwala. they don't have the heart or courage to do so. Ajnala with about 12 Sikhs went to his narakdwar headquarters when there were thousands of his cult followers there yet cult leader dhadrianwala refused to see him.
  9. yeah bro, I'm begining to think that there is a lot more to Charitars than meets the eye. it the subtleties that you need a hawk-eye for. Otherwise you are just skimming the story.
  10. True. It makes me think what was the need for the man to be arrogant. His wife would have loved him the same if he was true to himself. She had to take on another roop to bring him back to reality with a sharp lesson that he would always remember.
  11. Yes this is something that only the man would be able to see (although and his wife would have known about it. ) So its looks at possbily saying that this punishment for you is something only you know about and the person who did it to you. Could this allude to the fact that only the Queen and the Prince knew the truth?
  12. Dhandrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    i asked you about dhadhrianwala and his silence on darshan rogi 's new panth, and also about his closeness with rogi's american supporters. You replied: Where have you mentioned either of these two people in the above post? And then you ask: Well make it clear then what you are talking about. I am not asking you about any solutions you think you have. I am asking about this dhadrianwala guy who you seem to be very fond of. Anyways now that you have brought yourself to say "It's very wrong" why do you keep supporting him when he is wrong on such a fundamental issue in the Panth? Rogi has undermined 300 of Amrit Sinchar and dhadrianwala is supporting him. That to me is much more dangerous at this time than having an ineffectual Akal Takht. Of course. We can't stop you supporting dhadrianwala but I hope that you come to your senses very soon! At the moment theres only one way to deal with people like rogi. Just as the Panth has dealt with its own enemies in the past.
  13. Unknown Gurmukhi text photo

    Thanks for the correction. WOuld you translate it as follows: The soul which is an eternally perceivable thing, recognise it as unperceivable.
  14. The Flying Mosque at Kabul

    Dhan Guru Nanak