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  1. chatanga1

    Is Sikhism a religion

    What an absurd thing to say. What makes you think that the 10 Gurus were different? You are saying that you do not believe the Gurus after Guru Nanak Dev Ji . Very observant for a 15 year old. Do you believe that the bolded part was always true? Why do you think you are an athiest? The Sikh Parasite Network is nothing but a group of fools who cannot handle debate and discussion unless its on their own terms. Esp that Aman creature. However if you are beginning to identify as an athiest I think you would be more welcome there than here.
  2. I would go with Nara's here as it fits in with the rest of the story. Yes I was thinking the same here. The King was very confident that no other man could take his wife in their arms as he has. But despite his confidence he was still proven wrong.
  3. This charitar also smacks of the lack of communication between the 3 people. Why did the King not try to extract a response from his son before passing a death sentence? Why did the King not try to extract any information from his Queen about what led up to her raising those allegations?
  4. To me, it resembles the root story in that, "you play along, or pay the price." The Prince wouldn't play along and he (almost) paid the price.
  5. In this charitar the man is only mentioned upto the part of impregnation and absent thereon. The main character in this charitar in the woman, who is proven to be astute, confident and focused. When the King dies, she very confidently manages the Kingdom and when she becomes pregnant she very confidently manouveres that situation to her advantage. To me, this resembles the confidence of the Queen in the root story, where she has manouvered the King into giving his own son the death sentence. Because of the way she she did, the King not realise that a charade was taking place.
  6. In a previous Charitar, we had a similiar scenario where the King find his wife with another man, but in that charitar the King decided to let them live as it would bring shame/ridicule on him if the populace were to find out his Queen had been found with another man. IN this charitar however it shows how the King managed to enact an alternate ending whereby rather than ridiculing him the populace actually praised him. Yes, I agree with that. After finding her missing, he showers affection on her so as not to give his plan away of finding out what she is up to .
  7. From this Charitar, I see that the woman very readily accpeted her paramour dying. She brushed off his death sentence without any concern, even though she had very strong (lustful) feelings towards him. We see this in the root story, that the Queen had very strong (lustful) towards the Prince but was totally disconnected to the fact that he had received a death sentence because of it.
  8. This charitar also tells about false relationships. The woman in this charitar became a "dharam bhen" of the other woman. In the base tale the Queen is the Dharam Patni of the King but she also has ulterior motives.
  9. chatanga1

    Arabian Nights And Charitropakhyaan

    Brothers, firstly an apology to all for contributing here sporadically. I have been in Panjab for all of August and had a lot of work to do when I got back. Gurprasad, I acheived my minds life-long desires by visiting the houses of my Guru, for which I yearned to see for years. Now I am at peace concerning those. Whilst i was in Panjab, I had some time to do some reading and I purchased another copy of 1001 nights. In this edition I found so many similarities in the stories of 1001 nights that also featured in Sri Charitropakhyan Granth. I am going to share some of those soon. The first one I want to share is the story of when the woman hid a man in a trunk in her home and told her husband that there was a man hidden in there. Then as the man went to check, the woman raised her arms to her head and questioned her husbands trust of her.
  10. You just were? I know you are lying.
  11. chatanga1

    Dhadrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    Must have been some other person then who looked and dressed exactly like your coward cult leader.
  12. How were you be able to read and understand Gurbani by yourself?
  13. chatanga1

    Dhadrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    ghagri asked what business did grewal have going to sauda dera. But the coward himself went to stay at the houses of darshan rogis biggest supporters in USA. Are these USA rogi chelas supporters of this so-called "one maryada"?
  14. chatanga1

    Dhadrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    می دانستم که می میرم ...
  15. chatanga1

    Dhadrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    Well it's apparent what who won here.