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  1. Yes the word can mean both dust and powder. Powder is the correct word for this line, I just couldn't think of it at the time.
  2. chatanga1

    Gurbilas Patshahi Chhevin

    This plan still going ahead bro?
  3. For me the essence of this story is in the last four lines. The story in theme has been seen partly in another charitar. The Queen is worrried about having no son as heir to the throne. So she concucts a plan to produce a son (this was also in another charitar). However having produced no son for the King, he takes another woman as a wife. The first wife is jealous and hurt from this and she causes some disharmony in the palace by giving away large amounts of wealth etc. Anyway towards the end, the first wife slips away from the marital bed to meet a man (i personally think she wants to get pregnant by this man) and the King follows her and sees what she is doing. His first thought is to kill them both but then the news of the Queens infidelity would cause him humiliation so he overlooks her transgression. They carry on their relationship but without any intimacy. At the end the charitar ends in saying "anything that is broken can be mended, save for a mind and a mirror, " and then goes on to say "the biggest punishment for a servant and a woman is not to kill them but to forget them from thought..." This is powerful stuff. First the King has the wisdom not to kill both his queen and the person he found her with, for the sake of the Kingship and the rule. But the minister goes onto say that there is a bigger punishment than death and that is to banish them from the mind. Reading it, I think the Queen had a heartfelt desire to make the King happy by producing a heir, but fate decreed otherwise. She had only girls which only lived for a short while and died. She wanted to keep the rule going, but the King took another wife. Seems to be a little bit of everything in this story.
  4. End of the month? It's going to take you 2 weeks to open up the kindle and read? Fix up bro, you letting the side down.
  5. chatanga1

    The Tale of Kharag Singh

    Good work. I missed your post here and was about to share link.
  6. Here is Charitar 33. It is long compared to the ones preceding it:
  7. Thats a good idea but would be better off as a seperate topic as well. Just to make it easier to reference.
  8. chatanga1

    Introduction to Sri Dasme Patshahs' Granth

    Jwala Singh's video on Sri Dasme Patshah's granth Sahib. Does anyone know if this is the same Jvala Singh that posted here some time ago?
  9. chatanga1

    Introduction to Sri Dasme Patshahs' Granth

    I have looked at a couple of the Charitar translations. They seem spot on to me. I think this is definitely a steek that should be translated into English.
  10. Also the thieves being numerous were outwitted by one woman. This is a very valuable lesson, as life does throw up these situations at you, where you are dealing with several problems/issues at once. This charitar shows how clarity of thinking and planning saved this womans house. It looks to me like this is the message being told by the Minister. He is trying to tell the King that rash thinking leads to destruction of the house. Look at how the woman stayed calm, never allowing anger or fear to control her actions. She stayed calm and was very brave to do what she did.
  11. chatanga1

    Introduction to Sri Dasme Patshahs' Granth

    Haven't read it yet. Am downloading it at mo and then will look at some of the early charitars and see what it's like.
  12. chatanga1

    Introduction to Sri Dasme Patshahs' Granth

    One of the few to have completed a steek of Dasme Patshah's Granth Sahib.
  13. Have edited this as I was confused over the author of the steek. But here is the link foir anyone interested. http://www.damdamitaksalitaly.it/Pages/Gurbani/Gurbanisteek/STEEK SRI DASAM GRANTH SAHIB.html