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  1. Khalsa Rehat - Nihang Perspective

    Any idea of the years these were completed in ?
  2. Khalsa Rehat - Nihang Perspective

    Wanted to share this video here from decades ago, of Baba Trilok Singh Ji from Tarna Dal, Khiala pind Amritsar. Baba Ji is also the nephew of Baba Thakur Singh of Damdami taksal.
  3. Thanks. I have had a look at the first few pages. It is nothing but propaganda and to think that these muslamics in india are still spreading this rubbish.
  4. Yeah, Amardeep that's what I read. Now personally I dont believe it went to the length detailed in the Charitars but it provided the necessity for Guru Sahib to write this Granth.
  5. Thanks for the article. Another historic place taken over by the religion of peace.
  6. Hopefully that will be in next weeks episode. But I don't think someone like Anita Rani would press the Sikh case at all. She doesn't seem to have any clue from her original episode of what life was like then.
  7. What is Sidhi, Nidhi and Ridhi?

    Oh yeah. How dumb I am. I didn't get that at all.
  8. Yes lets have a look at 22. These Charitars are supposed to have some kind of background as to why Guru Sahib wrote this text in the first place according to Pyara Singh Padam.
  9. Yes the guy seemed geniunely shocked when he learned of the hatred towards his grandfather, who had pakistan written in big letters across his house. What the hell else did he expect? It shows a guy who is only aware of the pakistani version of partition (like 99.9%) of pakistanis. As for the old man, he was crying at his fathers house, yet it wasn't half as big as houses that mnay Sikhs and Hindus were forced to leave in partition. Nevermind his bloody house, look at the state of the historical Gurdwaras that the pakistanis were supposed to preserve. What book was he quoting from, I didn't catch the title.
  10. Anita Rani has done a follow up series to her original program which aired on the Beeb last night. It is very interesting for anyone who wants to know more about partition. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0916mmk/my-family-partition-and-me-india-1947-series-1-episode-1
  11. @paapiman Do you want to discuss the 22,23 and 24 Charitars?
  12. What is Sidhi, Nidhi and Ridhi?

    Thanks. Wil have a listen to that. Havent heard of Nidhi before.
  13. The Historian - Bhai Karam Singh

    http://sikhbookclub.com/Catalog/SearchBook books by karam Singh on there but in Panjabi.
  14. That video is quite shocking to listen to as well. Good share Pappiman. Sikhs even went as far as to stop Chaur over Guru Granth Sahib. So many today are calling Sachkhand Sri Hazur Sahib maryada manmat as well. (arti in front of Guru Sahib).
  15. I read this book. It was shocking to read, how shallow the intellect was in it.