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  1. Thnak you for the reply. I apprecite that practical implication sof mentioning verybody. i am not sure i expressed my question qite as clearly having read it again. What I wanted to know was, is there any basis in the scriptures for saying that the renewing of the Nashaan saab on Baisakhi is for the boys/men of the famaily and to that extent the girls are excluded. I can not beleive that to be the case
  2. Can somebody answere for me the following query. On Biasakhi, the Khalsa was formed and the sikhs gathered and moved forward as one family. Equality of both sexes has been an important part of the faith. So why is it that on Baisakhi, when also the Nishaan Saab is renewed only the male's of the family are mentioned in any parth or ardas. Is this something that the scriptures provide for is is it something that over the decades we have let grow
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