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  1. Its just an imnpression I get when listening to their talks esp if you listen to Harjaps immigration advice on youtube. They both just coulnt care less about what others think of them.
  2. ss.com has always had greatrer number of active members. The reason is that the subject matter and the quality of threads on that site is at a different level. If you look at the older posts/threads here you will realise that some serious, hardcore and in depth discussions take place here. The likes of which I dont beleive you will find on any other sikh forum.
  3. SOmehow I see Harjap Bhangal as a desi version of Boris Johnson. (our future Prime Minister!)
  4. lol No I did not and have not converted. just a 'joke' at the expense of those peeps getting hyper-excited at the spate of gurdwara mixed marriages these days. I'm 'amrit-shak', so is the missus. yes like you've mentioned it is more of a cultural thing rather than religious. However i'll also say that I dont believe it to be manmat either.
  5. From what Unbreakable mentioned, Ganesh Ji is worshipped whenever you begin a new journey/project, so that he may bless you with success/accomplishments in that matter. Hence you have peole doing ardas to him during weddings, start of a new job, moving to a new house etc. Incidently, we had a stylised image of ganesh Ji on our wedding invites. Got some raised eyebrows and questions from families when they saw no gurbani tuks printed on the cards but an artistic symbol of Hindu god!! (I just responded by saying that I've converted and we are having a mixed marriage in a gurdwara!! no-one tried to stop us BTW. lol)
  6. interesting stuff. were there ever any sikh or hindu courtesans of note?
  7. I'm here...I'm here!! My, My it really has been quiet here of late. GKaur is somewhat pre-occupied. dalSIngh has probs started a teaching course. N30 is in a shelter hiding from Sandy! - the storm or the girl?? Zulu's on a high. TonyHP is maybe having a rant on some other forum. Chatanga's trying to recover his lost barcha,....... I told him not to use bamboo!!! And all is quiet on the western front. I've been meaning to post a few pics up here but still pondering which ones yet. Maybe over the next few days.
  8. The best AKJ kirtan I've ever heard. Delhi Samagam. Brilliant! Thanks Sikh Chl, AKJ UK & SOPW.

  9. Then you may want to try the martial arts shops. Some sell some cool looking longstaffs, with patterns burnt into the wood.
  10. Good post, but lets not blame everything on Kaljug. Thats just washing our hands of our own resposibilties.
  11. I dont believe bamboo is an ideal material for a spear. It has way too much flexibility and wobble when thrown over a distance. Thereby reducing its accuracy. Something that is more rigid is better. Though if you just want it as a show-piece then try some martial arts shops that sell chinese/japanese bamboo longstaff.
  12. Ah yes thats the old un-official, desi way. No paper records, cheaper costs and better exchange rate. I remember our family doing it when I was a kid. Felt very sneeky , James Bond spy type of thing to me!!! lol Is that still a common way ? coz i've seen every other shop in India is a MoneyGram or Western UNion. So our peopple must be using those channels alot too.
  13. Whats the best (ie low cost and best exchange rate) way to send money to India? In the past it used to be some bloke that your massi knew who would do it and give you scraps of paper as a receipt but these days I've noticed a lot of Western UNion offices providing this service.
  14. I'm back.... I know y'all missed me. Soz for not being in touch. Woz rather busy..



      Aww shucks...only if you dont tell anyone...(I won the lottery of life!!!!)

    2. G.Kaur


      Haha I know it was something much better than that ;)



      Poor Hanuman ....someone give the baby some attention!

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  15. Ive just come back from a month in Panjab. And the panthic/community/political problems I saw there are immense. if Niddar Singh is the current 'hot topic' facing these jathedars/babas/parbandaks, then you dont need the brains of an archbishop to see where such myopic leadership will get us. Though an interesting turn of events, I must say.
  16. Mega lol!!! "Mummy, Junior said a naughty word to me!!! He's being a bad boy!" Jathedars must have time on their hands. They obviously are not busy doing prachaar themselves against their local dera-wallas, cult chums.
  17. WHen did the rigid rules start getting enforced that you must always cover your head.? 'Carefree'. That doesnt seem to happen these days. Nowadays you must always be careful that you are not breaking some protocol/taboo or other. keep hair covered , face the right way, wear the right clothes etc, etc, etc.
  18. Get my drift , man.....? thats what I've been saying all this time too. Why dont these ragis, paathis, granthis, gurdwara sevadaars, sants etc get a job and earn some real dollars!!!!!!!
  19. Niiiiiice poster. need some to put up in my local gurdwara in Bham. .....framed , too.
  20. No this is the original story from last year. BUT I thik its only a matter of time till it does happen again.
  21. I was on their 2nd ever flight. it was delayed going there by 1hour and on the return leg it was delayed by almost 6hours. No info was forthcoming and no food, drink phone calls were given, I very very peeved and was planning on complaining when I got back. However when I heard about these guys who were stranded I thought 'count my lucky stars and be grateful!' A big issue was made on Sikh channel or sangat tv at that time, but being old news now it seems everyone has forgotten about it. Oh well till next time when that crook of an owner sets up another airline company to fleece the tourists. I'd say stick to the well established airlines. Yes that includes 'Air india' too!
  22. it was a whistle stop tour of PB. only there for a week. off again in september , will try then. I did have some pics of streets and countryside strewn with litter and rubbish, tons and tons of it and of stenching open sewers. But of course everyone knows that Guru ki Nagri is full of crap!!!! Anyway i'm still getting into the swing of things. still developing that illusive photographers eye.
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