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  1. I thought fauja singh was the oldest torchbearer?! I smell a macchi....




  2. I always thought it was 'aad' as in 'half' ie 'addh' or even 'arddh' - rather than first.
  3. Aad Chand isnt that the crescent moon? ie the Chandra-vansi. also another symbol of ShivJi?
  4. Thats interesting re: origins of Udasi panth, Chatanga. Another version I read somewhere many years ago was that Udasi -mat was started by one of the four eternal child avtars: ie Sanak, Sanadan, Kumar etc (i think thats the names). I believe they were the children of Brahma.
  5. I dont know much about Udasi beliefs. From what I have seen I am quite inclined to accept their beliefs.
  6. I consider him to be a Brahamgiani avtar! And find it a shame, nay a disgrace, that he is vilified by mainstream sikhs. But c'est la vie! Thats sikhs for you!
  7. Baba Sri Chand is considered, by Udasi samparda, to be the avtar or incarnation of ShivJi.
  8. Banis of SGGS are begun with 'Mahala' 1, 2, 5, 9 etc; yet banis of DG begin with 'Patshahi' 10. Does anyone know why this is and what meanings they hold?
  9. I've never noticed this before. From the parkarma you can see the Nishan Sahib of Baba Sri Chand's Braham Buta Akhara. I noticed last year that the SGPC were doing 'beautification' work and trying to block any view of Baba Sri Chands gurdwara from inside the parkarma. Note the peacock feather atop the pole. Maybe someones got a detailed image of the Nishan Sahib? May Baba Sri Chand Ji's Nishan be visible for ever! Dhan Baba Sri Chand Ji, Bal Jati, Shiv Saroop!
  10. I've got a couple more pics that i find interesting. i'll put them up later this week.
  11. I have some more but irrelevant for this forum.........
  12. It is said that beings often migrate to where they can find sustenance or 'kharaak' ie dana-pani. ShivJi Maharaj is seen as consuming bhang (cannabis). On my recent trip what I realised was where I was living in Nawanshar area there is an absolute abundence of Cannabis plants. Not having seen such a plant before I didnt recognise it before; but its literally everywhere you look. Just growing on the roadsides, bushes and bushes of them , upto 6ft tall, growing next to houses on mounds of earth, lining the streets on both sides just like you find weeds or grass in the UK!!!!! That ShivJi's karaak is Bhang; I have come to the conclusion that ShivJi must reside in Nawanshar as that is where it grows naturally!!! Nawanshahr in Panjab is Shiv-Puri!!!!! Har Har Mahadev!!!
  13. Another thing i've noticed about the memorial gurdwara is that it is tucked away in a corner. From what a could gather is that even when walking round the whole complex it would be very easy to miss the building. Facing towards the Akal Takt, it is situated behind Guru Teg Bahadurs gurdwara, on the right hand side. You actually have to leave the complex by the stairs to get to the gurdwara. The term OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND is conjured up! A convenient compromise between those who wanted a memorial and those against it!
  14. A few sample pics from this summer trip to Pb. POV image from the Darshani Deori. This is the perspective with the new sun shade installed. Pics of the tasty fish in Harimandir Sarovar. I beleive they may be Carp variety, anyone confirm? Another close up image of the newly installed sun shade. Scene of the Op Bluestar memorial gurdwara. As of about last week the bulidings foundations were laid. Anyone see the irony, that of the heavy machinries that are provided by a Namdhari company? A diferrent perspective of the double nishan sahibs outside the Akal Takht.
  15. what cheesy touristy thing can I do in Panjab?



      only got a few days next week.



      J-SK I 'd love to take pics, but usually u just find rubbish tips in the street or raw sewerage floating by. Though someties u do find some gems to record for posterity b4 its destryed. Zulu, any places you recommend?

  16. yes that the literal translation. But I believe there is a somewhat deeper meaning to it.
  17. i've heard a few times that when doing ardas one should ask the guru to 'kushiyan baksho'. what does this really mean?
  18. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/indiahome/indianews/article-2099604/PATIALA-PEG-Views-Punjab-minus-gloss.html For those into Panjabi society/culture/issues etc I've just come across this guy. interesting story about a Panjabi film/documentry maker. Anyone seen his films? Apparently its all on Youtube. If its any good try forwarding the links on to others.
  19. Now I like David Starkey, he makes some good documentries. But I'm not happy that he says the 'Rochdale sex gang had values entrenched in the foothills of Panjab'. That would mean that Hindu and Sikh communities would be doing the same stuff as these (presumably) Mirpuri Musle. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2163918/Historian-David-Starkey-branded-racist-bigot-saying-Rochdale-sex-gang-values-entrenched-foothills-Punjab.html
  20. Sometimes if you have dandruff it is a sign of Yeast infection, you may also be having other (feminine) symptoms. The ideal way to sort this out is a dietary change. Remove, simple carbs/sugar from the diet, limit starchy carbs, saturated fat. In other words load up on fresh fruit and veg - not the dried or frozen variety either. Speak to a qualified naturopath for more details. Also what Matheen said. Natural yogurt will balance out the acid/alkaline ph thingy. Natural yogurt is also used to treat thrush/candida which I understand to be similar to dandruff. Take a high quality pre/probiotic. not the sugary rubbish you get from your supermarket, rather the high grade stuff. I'd recommend http://www.protexin....120-capsules/16. Hope that helps, but do speak to a Naturopath for the best advice. If/when you are in birmingham/midlands i know of a naturopath based in Halesowen. Otherwise, just check out your local guys, as it may require a few appointments over a period of time.
  21. Try Tea Tree essential oil mixed with Almond Oil (or any other base oil that you prefer) . Ratio of 1:20. several times a week. You may also want to add some lavender oil to it as well. But before you diagnose it as dandruff, simply try washing your hair every other day with shampoo for a couple of weeks. If it clears, then it wasn't dandruff, rather your hair needed a 'deep clean'. If it still persists then try the above.
  22. yea what neo said...........or if you want to get it over and done with as a quickie do what zulu says!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. R yous a desi-boi Scouserz?? There are a couple of threads on sikhsangat.com about kids who play with themselves. It must be near the top of the 'gupt section', as it seems many boys and girls go out to play then feel bad about it and tell the whole world via the forums.
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