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  1. I think is the ultimate path, just complete surrender. These last two days i was really down with fever, and vomiting and what gave me strength was imagining myself in the lap of Guru Nanak Dev ji and being protected by Him. Once you give all you worries to Baba ji he will take care. thanks for your kind words bhenji. Also I realized the importance of a healthy body. As long as we have health we should try our best to meet Waheguru JI because once we are old it will be really difficult. Hopefully Guru ji will provide more clarity.
  2. Yes, I was rushing to gain control of the body, that was the scary part. But if it happens again I will be more careful and try to relax into it. Yes I have been listening to those videos. Those are amazing and unbelievable amount of gyaan and motivation. Things make more sense and I have a more clearer idea on how to proceed. Thanks veer ji, its a good motivation to keep going and hopefully Maharaj does kirpa. Although been under the weather today with flu and fever lol. wjkk wjkf
  3. I had a weird experience that I wanted to share, maybe someone had something similar and can shed some light on it. Some background info, I have been going to waheguru japa sessions at a local gurudwara regularly in the last week, and have been actively listening utube videos regarding naam simran. Todays morning session felt more relaxing and peaceful than usual, and as the tabla was playing I felt the vibrations in my spine which were pleasant. Usually i get sleepy but today I didnt feel sleepy at all but felt very refreshed. So I came home and took a nap. When i was sleeping i became aware that I am dreaming. i cant recall the dreams. What I remember is that i started hearing combination of sounds some of which i cant recall. Sounds were a combination of ringing, machine vibrating, crickets, and electronic type sounds hard to explain. I started focusing on these and they kept getting loud and loud to a point where I got scared and uncomfortable. Then I realized my body was paralysed and I couldn’t move at all. That was scary. I started to shake myself off and was eventually able to wake up. its been 2 hours now. i can still hear a very mild hint of some ringing type sounds. Has anyone had something similar happened to them while sleeping ? Thanks,
  4. Wow what an amazing and beautiful transformatIon and kirpa of Guru Ji. thanks for sharing this link.
  5. @HisServant Thanks for your beautiful post, and sharing about your journey. This forum had been dry for while...its very beneficial to hear about other's experiences and re-affirming the faith within ourselves. On a side not, hows med skool applications going, that would be a great opportunity for Sewa.
  6. now this is what I call good practical advice.
  7. and I am trying to get rez lol being an IMG sucks, guys get into Canadian Med Skools if you can.
  8. Same feelings here. I never found any rass in his lectures even in the beginning. His keertan was not bad, but I always found his lectures to be boring and shallow. I dont know what happened to him recently...he is exponentially going down day by day.... imo he is never had any personal mystical experiences and thus he is disregarding the mystical aspects of Sikhi... plus seems like he is a v sensitive emotional guy, and is feeling hurt inside and thus lashing out. I think he should get married, have a family and chill out...if he is so against babas how come he is still bihangam himself ? Sometimes I feel sorry for him, but what to do , such is Life. The twists and turns are unpredictable, and it can destroy the greatest of men. The ship is still in ocean, who knows what will happen.... anyways , here is a link where he is talking against Braham Kavach & Giani Thakur Singh Ji.
  9. Here is an interesting story that I found on web ..... " in the biography of Shri Mantralaya Guru Raghavendra Swami, it was said that once Shri Venkatanadha (Swamiji was called as such before becoming a Sanyasi) went to the house of a rich person to seek an employment. The owner was involved in a function at their home at such time. The owner upon hearing the request of Shri Venkatanadha entrusted him with the task of making Sandalwood paste from the Sandalwood. Shri Venkatanadha obliged to the task and made the paste from the Sandalwood while chanting a Mantra in his mind. The sandalwood paste was later applied on the bodies of the invitees as a customary practice. Applying the sandalwood paste is said to cool the body. But the invitees started to feel an uncomfortable sensation of heat on their bodies on its application. The owner then asked Shri Venkata nadha for the reason of such happening. Shri Venkatanadha replied that he was chanting a mantra of a deity in its fierce form during the preparation of the sandalwood paste. Then the owner requested Shri Venkatanadha to provide them a remedy for curing the uncomfortable sensation of heat. Then Shri Venkatanadha chanted another Mantra through the power of which all of them became normal. Thus Shri Venkatanadha was a Mantra Siddha even before becoming a Sanyasi. This incident indicates that the attributes of the deity upon which we chant the Mantra enters into our body and can also affect the things that we touch. You can also read the biography of Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa to know about the experiences that he got while chanting a Mantra." https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-symptoms-of-mantra-siddhi "
  10. Its been 2 years since this post. I am glad i wrote it otherwise I would have forgotten. It was a good reference. Now I am thinking of the events that followed after this repetition. Some major life events , some minor obstacles. A month after 21,000 reps of Guru Gayatri Mantra, Guru ji got completion of Sava Lakh moolmantra from me. And unexpectedly, within a month I was engaged. It was never my intention to get married or look for rishta but somehow that happened. The other wishes I had in my mind , more important ones the career I wanted, never came to fruit. I am in no way bragging about anything, just a normal average person with usual vishe vikar who was able to complete the reps of these mantras. I am writing this , so if in future, 5-10 years from now, I can come back and see where I stood in 2018. If not for this post, I would not have remembered anything. Also, I find there is lack of stories or anecdotes or articles about Sikh mysticism/ spirituality , mantra meditation or practice etc. I wish more people would share their experiences. You can find tons of stories in Hindu traditions regarding purushcharanas and extended japa of mantras . This element is somehow lacking in online media. We have the greatest technology on planet...and only few know how to utilize it properly. recently, i have started the japa of Guru Gayatri Mantra with Gurus grace, so lets see what happens. By reading experiences of other meditators, I have understood that sometimes a single 1,25,000 repetition is not enough in itself due to your previous karmic burden. One should go for 24, 00, 000 lakh repetitions which will complete 1 purushcharana. And sometime several such prushcaranas are needed..... Another reason for renewed interest in Guru Gayatri Mantra was reading about Sant Attar Singh ji Mastuana sahib wale who did extended japa of this mantra, Baba Nand Singh ji who used this mantra as a sampat in Guru Granth Sahib jis path.
  11. I just read the above sakhi again. There was a new rass in reading it again. One must do dhayana of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's charan to increase their focus & concentration. I know there are some who believe contrary. But whatever works for you best. I believe in Mahapurush's bachan.. since they are the teachers sent by Guru Jis themselves. One must practise this technique, to experience the benefits. Waheguru....
  12. Thanks for sharing this video clip, amazing info packed in here I never knew about the Akal Purakh Kavach that is mentioned in Jaap Sahib!. waheguru!
  13. Reading such posts does make a big difference, especially for me. This is the only reason I visit SA. In normal daily life, its hard to find people who are walking on this path. So when I read such posts, it re affirms the reality for me, and pushes me to do Waheguru Japa or Moolmantra Japa. It motivates you to experience what others have experienced who are walking this path. In real life, I have only friend who has experiences but his path is a bit different from mine, he is a practitioner of Kriya Yoga. Good Job ! It is the greatest sewa one can perform, you will learn a lot !!! Guru Ji says, Vich Duniya Sew Kamayiye Ta dargah Baisan Payiye meaning we have to live in this world & do sewa ( performing action for benefit of others & selflessly , it has a purifying effect on you ). I have a medical background, this field is great for endless opportunities to do sewa. Everyone has guided you very well. Only thing I will add is to do ardaas for charan dhoor of a Saint . After reading Gurbani, two things that I have seen emphasized again and again is Naam & company of a realized being Saint. Till then Keep Japping!
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