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  1. no offence , but I find it hard to believe this sakhi, it doesn't feel right. its over dramatised and is against principles of Gurmat. such as "Ja ka kaheya dargah chale, "
  2. I am gonna pay more attention to it. its still there in my left ear ... v faint... its neither annoying nor pleasing...it doesnt fill my head yet but with practice i think i will update how it goes... it only recently started when i was able to japa waheguru at amritvela with gurus grace... thats why i thought it due to tiredness. but i guess its a good sign of keep japping at amritvela.
  3. yesterday at work .... I randomly started hearing a cricket / tinnitus type sound... it was mainly focused on left ear ... even now theres something faint sound in left ear... could it be due to tiredness or khuski or does it mean anything ?
  4. Ragmaala

    Practical Ways Of Avoiding Lust

    @Lucky veerji , I am newly married. What do you suggest is moderation in such matters? And how should one proceed when in Grihast Marag ? you can pm me if you want Great to read your posts @HisServant @Lucky after such a long time . Where did you guys disappear lol
  5. Ragmaala

    Dream about Dying

    yeah Thanks to waheguru g!
  6. Ragmaala

    Basics Of Sikhi Very sad news

    this is v sad ...waheguru
  7. WOW THAT IS AWESOME,,, i have never seen or heard that before, thanks for sharing sat...
  8. These definitely seem like good signs based on what Gurbani says. I would recommend that you start a sehaj path of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. 1 page per day. If you dont know Gurmukhi, start off with the English Translations. All these signs are very clearly mentioned, plus you will get your questions answered straight from the Guru. Its very powerful and amazing, when you are on a certain ang, and the relevant queries of mind are mentioned by Guru Sahib. Panktis that come to my mind are: Jo Nar Dukh Meh Dukh Nai Mane... ( not feeling dukh during dukh...) Mera Mann Loche Darshan Ke Tayi... ( intensse desire for darshan of waheguru) Nindya ustat tyagni ...( no effect of compliment & insults)
  9. Ragmaala

    Mann tikah da mutlubb

    this is also gud link
  10. Thanks! that makes a lot of sense.
  11. The safest bet would be not to share this information with someone in real life. I have heard sakhis where dreams start coming true in life of abhyasi.