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  1. Ps. And stick to Waheguru Gurmantra and do intense kamai, and stop jumping from one mantra to another.
  2. For me it would be for my 15-20 years younger self 1. Start working out since grade 7/8. It would give you the confidence to go through college and uni comfortably. 2. Stay away from a 10 year toxic relation that ate away your spiritual wealth. 3. Never get too excited or too happy 4. Follow your gurus hukum to the 100% especially control your eyes.
  3. Thats quite a bold statement, I would ask for guidance from him but i would be very careful in making him your murshad. Just be careful. See how far he can take you. Just hope he doesnt bind you in some way. Keep us updated
  4. https://www.facebook.com/charanjit.singh.7777 Still nascent, Are you talking about him ? Is he the author of book?
  5. This thread is hilarious. When did all this happen ? Lol
  6. So basically he is saying to focus on the third eye and do jaap of oankar ? Am I correct? Versus japa of Gurmantra. Interesting technique nevertheless. Did you try it ?
  7. Thanks for the tip veer ji, will def keep it in mind. I didn't have that problem since then, it seemed to get better on its own, so thats good. But it was def. v uncomfortable at that time.
  8. Between 12 to 6 is considered Amritvela, roughly.
  9. I have not heard the water flowing sounds only the insects/ringing. Once Swami Rama was sitting besides river Ganges and he mentioned how the flowing ganges sound is a perennial sound and very meditative. So indeed its an important sound along the journey. Also, the spinning/ nausea sensation has been better. It was probably a combination of mental stress and oversleeping.
  10. Before you watch this video please set your bias aside. Listen with open mind and be like a bee who extracts nectar from various flowers . Just replace the words Radha, Krishan ji with waheguru and Guru Nanak ji. His words have sweetness and a great magnetism , one can feel that Naam is pargat inside him. I have not come across any hindu mahapurush like him. The summary of video is importance of continuous Naam repetition while sitting, walking, eating etc. He explains that Nirantar Bhajan is very importany and many other subtle jugtis on how to tackle mind. Waheguru Ji. Hope the abhiyasis can benefit.
  11. I think Dasam Bani has this effect. I noticed vibrations in heart area once only when doing Brahm Kavach path. In the last two months, my spirituality has declined. @Sat1176@Mooorakh @Lucky Just yesterday, my ringing/insect sounds increased but I had this spinning sensation, headache , nausea and vomited several times. I couldn’t do anything else not even look at phone. So I was just focusing on breath. I also overslept that day and maybe that had a role in it ? Have you guys noticed any connection between increased ringing and dizziness/nausea. Even right now i feel slight sensation of spinning and some ringing. Uncomfortable feeling. Thanks.
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