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  1. That’s awesome veere ! Its all Guru jis grace he works in mysterious ways
  2. Nai veerji, i only did it for 3 weeks back in 2016. Thats the reason I started sehaj path of Dasam bani so I can cover all banis atleast once every 4-6 months.
  3. When you read pita ji di baani an interesting side effect is that it motivates you to be physically strong and fit. I just worked out a little bit after two week break. Hopefully, Guru ji keeps it up from this body. Good stretching and exercise of legs is needed to stay for long sittings of meditation.Just sharing my random thoughts
  4. @Soulfinder So taking inspiration from this thread, I had an idea why not start a sehaj path. So I have started reading of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji on ipad with a sooksham ardas. And planning to do an hr of reading everyday hopefully . Just finished 28 angs , which includes about halfway of Akal Ustat. Maharaj is jaani jaan and will forgive this keet for any mistakes. I am no one to do anything. I am not this body and not this mind, Maharaj gave the furna and maharaj will make it happen to forgive my countless and innumerable Sins.
  5. Bro, dalsingh101, samurai, chatanga are different people. They are not the same. Rest Admin can clear up any misunderstandings.
  6. I read it few times many years ago like 10 years. Wow such a long time. But since you reopened this thread , I am doing one page from Gutka Sahib everyday after Rehraas Sahib now. I hope by mentioning it here I dont get haumai and my Nitnem does not get broken. Lol. If it does then its a sign from Guru ji to stay quiet , lets see. Thanks veer for reminding about this. Its a very long baani so I will finish reading in few days.
  7. Waheguru !

    No one should be abusing anyone. These things don’t look good on the front page of a Sikh platform. I don’t know the inside story. By abusing others we are only doing damage to ourselves mentally and physically.  Krodh is a very tricky vice, it can attack unexpectedly. 
    External situations should not influence one’s internal state. 

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    2. dalsingh101


      @moorakhI know you won't be abusive for no reason- "

      Ask his family if this is true. To his credit, he did pretty much admit to having this as a problem when he first started posting here. He might be bipolar?

      What he is saying is no big deal, but jumping onto multiple threads. like Jadungar did was weird, he could have kept his kalah phallocentric obsession to one thread. lol

      Given people are on lockdown now, more are likely to visit the forum. Seeing Jafudhus implosion isn't exactly going to give any feeling of solace to new visitors. But as I said previously, better he gets his poison out here than towards vulnerable members of his family. 

      I just think he shouldn't ruin multiple threads, and should contain his outbursts in one thread. 

    3. mahanpaapi


      Agreed with Ragmaala virjee, the tone, content, and energy conveyed just defeats the whole purpose of learning  and communicating; and taking responsibility is the best way  out not blaming others even if apparent reason may be so. And May Sri Guru Maharaj ji Bless all.


    4. dalsingh101


      And all of you above remember that Jabudhoos outbursts started solely because I responded to his attack on KDS as someone trying to push some nefarious agenda because KDS supported certain newly imposed rules in India. Whatever KDS's political stance, he has been a valuable member and contributor for many years, and provides useful (and in my opinion, needed) intel from a backhome perspective. When I simply pointed out that Jabewakoof does exactly what he is accusing KDS of, he had his 'breakdown'. Now anyone else would've responded to my comment within that thread in whichever way they wanted (you all know I'm not the excessively sensitive type - whatever he had to say, he is entitled to), but Jageera went and trolled a hundred threads over it - and all revolving around some really weird racial phallocentric thing????? Remember, this is no big deal for me, and I will comment and contribute like I have always tried to. And for the record (and I've said this before!) I don't think Jageera is an apna, I think he may be a sullah troll? And I think the last thing any of us are concerned about right now is the pressing danger of (in his own words) 'negro lunds'.  

  8. Oh no penji lol Thats good you are doing better. I also have a sore throat since 3-4 days but Maharaj is doing kirpa and it will get better. As per Bhai Simranjeet Singh Tohana, saas giras increases Brahma Agni and that builds up our immunity. He posted a video regarding this. But given my sore throat I have been unable to follow this
  9. Regarding the ringing type sound and the washing machine type sound I spoke briefly with Bhai Dharmjit Singh and Bhai Simranjit Singh Tohana. I am sharing here for benefit of others. I am not sure how much helpful it will be but here it goes anyways. Bhai Dharmjit Singh Ji was very motivating and encouraging. He did bachan that the sounds will get louder, and keep listening to them. Bhai Simranjit Singh said that the teee teeee peee peeee sounds, as well as the machine/drums/nagara sounds are signs of kundalini awakening in sukhmana and are sounds of ‘khat chakar’. He said do as much Sehaj Simran that you can do , and if the vichars stop stay in Sehaj. Basically in line with what @Lucky veer ji emphasized as well.Thanks all
  10. setting: I was doing antarghat simran, I am obviously not in Sehaj, some vichars here and there were coming, faint ringing and machine type sounds were being heard. so I am experiencing these small jerks and 2-3 seconds span of sleep maybe, and Suddenly I wake up. During these small period of sleep I sometimes experience as if I am repeating a phrase, or eating something very vividly , or some pictures/visions, very blurry. Going through the thread I realize this is the path of Maya as you mentioned ? @Sat1176 @Lucky So obviously I need a lot of work, lots of Saas Giraas ? to get my surti pakki. @Lucky is antarghat simran still advisable given that my surti is not pakki yet ? Any other tips ? the ringing is really present as I am typing, and when I wake up the machine type sound and ringing are def noticeable . Thanks
  11. From 26 minutes onward , Bhai Sahib talks about ragmala and how 84 raags are playing inside us. Waheguru Waheguru
  12. Penji, do you mind sharing what you mean by losing sweetness of mouth due to ignorance. Did the sweetness come back and what steps did you take if any?
  13. Exactly!! Thats what I am hearing too , but its way subtler than the one in video. Hope my journey continues to grow Its been a long time... I am going through this thread from the beginning, so many subtle things starting to make sense now.
  14. I am sharing some more maybe someone had similar experiences. Last night I became aware during dreaming. The details are very blurry. I felt these sensation of vibration and sounds , cant really explain. Also felt sensation of numbness and tingling in body and arms. These sensations were neither pleasurable nor painful, just there. There was a feeling of a little vulnerability. I don’t remember the rest. I have been paying more attention to my ears. I have also noticed a whooshing sound in ears that coincides with pulse and last for 4-5 beats 1-2 times per day. In medical terms its called pulsatile tinnitus but obviously its not medical. Has anyone experienced these whooshing sounds ? Also, I noticed a distant sound which sounded like a washing machine in far distance. This was a very subtle dim sound. Lol i went down to check if someone had the washing machine on but nope. Please shed some light for me , thanks @Lucky @Sat1176
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