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  1. A very subtle detail...first time I noticed a little vibration for a minute just near the xiphoid process, maybe the beating of heart. The previous sounds are still present in 1/10. Even though the mind is scattered its the grace of the GURU JI that he is making me hear these. Maybe he is trying to tell me I am with you, keep going
  2. Life situations have taken a toll on Naam Japa. Havent done japa in 10 days and i am really starting to see its effects. I started studying for an exam. Studying took away time from Simran. I felt bad and I was neither able to study properly nor do simran. Not doing simran is making the mind to go back to its old grooves. Studying really increases the treguni thoughts which drag the mind even down. I know our every Karam should be bhagti but its so hard to actually execute in practical life.
  3. Tiger Skin is only for those Mahanpurush Karak Avtars who are sent and certified by Nirankar Ji themselves to perform certain duties in this world. Its one of the highest representation and symbolism of Shakti and Bhagti. Bhagti sitting on Shakti,i.e. Bhagti with full control over Shakti. Shakti is the creative form of Nirankar Ji. Dusht Daman ji also used tiger skin during their meditations, and even helped A form of Shakti to fight against Demons, by manifesting many tigers from the Tiger Skin. Sitting on a tiger has way advanced symbolism than our minds can comprehend. Tiger is also the mind that we have to kill in order to meet Nirankar ji. .. Guru Granth Sahib ji mentions that Bhagat Kabir ji also used deer skin as his asana. Having said the above, what does it mean for a common householder like you and me ? We should just acknowledge it and thats it. Skins are not going to do anything for us. For us, a simple clean sheet to sit on or a simple woolen asana should suffice. An asana basically stores your vibrations so it assists in meditation as a beginner. Even if we dont have an asana its ok. More important than anything, TRUE SELFLESS LOVE IS ALL THATS NEEDED IN BHAGTI!
  4. I was calling 712-775-7270(Caroll, Iowa) from Canada. I thought it was free until I received my cellphone bill lol...extra 50 dollars. But its all good. So people from Canada just be aware.
  5. Couple of things : 1) when we take more than 16 pills/ month of codeine, ibuprofen, advil, aspirin, tylenol, naproxen, aleve it actually constricts the blood vessels and causes medication overuse headache or rebound headaches. Neurologists who specialize in headaches do a medication holiday for 4 months for these mentioned meds. But keep taking the meds that you are on. Just make sure not to take lots of codeine...( i worked with a neurologist in past) 2) def. avoid the triggers 3) try this exercise 30 mins am and pm for few weeks. Sit in a comfortable, spine erect, relaxed Position. Relax your face, forehead, arms, back, abdomen, and legs. Now bring your awareness to your nose, nostrils and breath. When the breath goes in focus it going through your nose, and into your forehead. Imagine the cooling sensation going through your nose. Same thing with breath out. No strain on eyes and no strain anywhere else. Relaxed. Try this regularly for few weeks... 4) plus you can try bhramari pranayam. Its good for migraine headaches. Do a search here or on youtube. try 3 and 4, give it sometime, and hopefully it helps .
  6. @Soulfinder Hello veer, What methods or medications have you already tried for migraine headaches ? And how many pills are you taking in a day ? Are there any triggers such as stress or certain foods ? Whats your caffeine intake in terms of coffee and tea ? How long have you had the headaches, and how often are they occurring ? Depending on your answers, lets try some methods for headache relief.
  7. Came across this video , thought i would share it here. Answered many of my questions. Sant waryam singh ji was also the first spiritual teacher of Bhai Simranjit Singh Tohana. Sant Jis bachans are 100% sat and in Gold, if we follow I am sure we can benefit. in the following video, sant ji talks about 4 types of baani. 2 key points that I found were : if one wants to reach somewhere in this janam and does not want next janam then they should do 8-10 hours baikhari baani jaap in initial stages, if one is busy with their work and want to wait till next janam then they should atleast do 2.5 hours baikhari baani as a beginner. May Guru ji bless us all with His Naam Japa
  8. veer ji ! Thanks for your kind words but i am truly no one... I am still full of sins/paaps, Mind still has millions Kamjoris, lots of filth...only Guru Sahb ji can do kirpa.
  9. Listen to videos regarding this on youtube. I really respect Giani Thakur Singh ji, follow what he says and just start I guess. ...meri mat thori raam... I don't really know anything No I haven't been doing this japa recently as it can take away time from Nitnem, and Waheguru Japa...actually whatever Maharaj thinks is best for me he will get it done through me. All the best !!
  10. @moneyandpower Thanks for your brilliant personality analysis of myself. I bow down to you. You have done great service as I feel so much lighter of sins. This was a misunderstanding on your part. I feel silly for defending anyone but for the sake of clarification it was meant to be Brahm, as in universal consciousness. I am no where near a Sant , not even close to their dust, but Guru Ji is samrath if he wants he can do kirpa on this keet and make me a Sant . May your words come true. A forum is supposed to be public imo, so everyone can learn from each other. Its not attention seeking, but I was just ticked off when someone is proudly declaring themself as a womanizer, and considering themselves a Sikh, telling others to do Naam Kamai. Maybe my perception is flawed, but thats what my perception was at the current moment of your post. good. I didnt know I was at the level of the preachers. Thanks for the compliment. Please do elaborate in a separate thread. At the time of registering with this username I was told by a Mahapurush to do jaaps of this path. So in order to imbue this is my daily life, I made this as my username, even my passwords from that period had variations of Ragmala. Also, I am a firm believer in the Baani of Ragmala, so I wanted to make a statement too. You can call it attention seeking, sure. Thanks lol I am neither a sheep nor a wolf...but hopefully Guru Gobind Singh ji can me His Singh, thats my prayers to Him. thanks again. Thats great for you man. Happy for you !
  11. this is a solid advice, i can say from experience!! especially glutes strengthening with glute bridges help so much for sitting long periods of time.
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