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  1. I am more than unwelcome on what I did not realize was a hostile and hateful pro-Khalistani militancy forum. I actually thought sanatan Sikh sampradaya were welcome to post here as well as Hindus and Muslims. Kindly deactivate my account.
  2. My birth name is Muslim. Why would I want to hurt Muslims? A lot of communities got mixed up and messed up and unjustly treated through centuries of war and sectarian strife didn't they? All the same I don't support human rights abuses by anybody or against anybody... and I support a strong nationalist India that isn't broken into more Bangladesh-like states which actually do exterminate their minority populations. I enjoy Hindu religion, my ancestors were Hindu... because there are incredibly wise and beautiful teachings there... and would much rather be discussing those things rather than dirtiest politics. But, it has just become a pro-Khalistani forum, with a Hindu and other religion section... not entirely sure why. Personally I don't view Khalistani militancy as any form of authentic Sikhism...
  3. Perhaps you could update me... did not Bajrang Dal respond in terrible fashion after jihadi's bombed a train and killed karsevaks? Again, isn;'t this ample evidence of foreign government manipulation of India to set off communities against each other? And why do you persist in blaming me for what they do? Hindu is a location name, an ethnicity is it not? And Sanatana Dharma is the actual religion. I never said Bajrang Dal were spiritual people. I even told in earlier thread RSS are among them, some drunkards even and vicious people of no religion,,, but also some are family men and spiritual. In other words, you cannot lump all together as being the same, either all good or all bad. These are political groups in any event united by ethnic loyalty to Nationalist Hindustan. I definitely do call Khalistani militants as murderers, because they are continuing to wage a war against India, and in particular certain religious groups that do not meet with their approval, like Taliban. For a fact I have never committed a murder or justified acts of murder the way you support Khalistan movement continued struggle, which is just a branch of Pakistani ISI. It doesn't matter if I am Hindu or Sikh or Muslim or atheist really, now does it? So attack on my character does nothing. The points of debate would not change. Now, I said I would leave as you want so much, why do you continue to open discussion with me?
  4. It is sad what passes itself off as "Sikhism" these days. Khalistani jihadism is definitely not "Sikh."
  5. And the Khalistanis who lob grenades into prayer halls and shoot old men and old woman... they are SANT sipahis to you?
  6. Well, when you are the moderator whom I am reporting abusive insults to... then of course I would expect no less than more of the same. I will gladly take leave of such a vicious anti-Hindu, pro-jihadi forum masquerading as "Sikh" website. good luck with creating a Khalistan. doubt you will succeed in anything but getting a lot of Sikhs killed.
  7. I wasn't aware I was in a Court of Law and a responsible party required to prove the case? I have nothing to rely on other than what news media has reported about it and wasn't aware it was point of contention that Indira propped up Sant Bhindranwale against Akali Dal for Congress Party, and he went his own way. You "consider" ? You consider that jaggi is a murderer without any proof or conviction. By the same vein you must be a spy for the bajrangi terrorist brigade. You are propping up their lies and excusing their crimes on this forum. I am not the judge, the jury or the policeman. I have only news media reports where the NIA claims in it's charges against him, that he is in custody with evidence which investigators have compiled. Are you calling Punjab Police also Bajrang Dal terrorist brigade now? May I ask, what crime did Bajrang Dal commit against Sikhs? They have to my knowledge agitated long against anti-Sikh violence. But in any event, I am of course not a Bajrangi.
  8. I'm just surprised that I receive sanction for replying to abusive comments, but abusive personal insults like these are allowed on what is supposed to be a "religious" website... no less such low insults are not even respectable for common websites. The more insults and slanders you sling, the more you cheapen this site... I'm sure they will delete your comments and ban me later and give me the blame. Nevertheless, what you spit out of your mouth becomes kalunk on your own face. I am what I am in the eyes of the Divine, no more and no less. Your opinion of me is meaningless... but it's unfortunate such tenor of hostility and abuse is permitted because it has a "chilling" effect on discussions, and is just another form of "bullying" one side of an opinion.
  9. I wasn't aware that unclear comment written by Jageera was owned by you as well. Now you call me "imbecile." Well there are articles about how Indira Gandhi propped up Sant Bhindranwale to weaken Akali Dal in Punjab and be her man, through her favorite son Sanjay, married to Sikh Moneka Kaur... which I consider a kind of political spy for Congress Party, but I concede he was a man of integrity and not corruptible by her. Perhaps you can explain to me how this is a lie?
  10. You should never call anyone a "cheap whore" it just shows your incredibly bad manners and hostility towards women. India's wheels of law turn incredibly slowly... it was the same for Hindu's accused of terrorist bombings as well, nothing "targeting Sikhs" here to arrest Jaggi for terrorism charges. That is not to say Sikhs have NOT been targeted, but those days are gone and it was shameful event in Indian history.. and BJP was not the cause of it. I'm sorry but horrible actions committed 30 years ago are not pressing agenda for any country... except israel which was created over fake victimization claims... and continues to extort sympathy and "reparations" money in billions playing the "victim" card. Wealthy Sikh pro-Khalistanis in Canada, UK, US, Australia, Germany, etc are not doing anything politically to press the matter in International Court. Why then Gujaratis or Biharis who have their own current issues and problems? It is just a horrible matter, a stain that won't ever go away in history... but it can never be "fixed" and successive new governments aren't going to focus on it... the longer the time, the farther the concern becomes to new governments. Do you plan to justify continued terrorist attacks by Khalistani militants for another 30 years in reply? And if so, what does it gain them and their families or even Khalistan cause? And to what purpose to wage war against India and then cry about resulting arrests? So, you didn't say he was innocent, but you frame your comments to say he was innocent, okay. Pragya Singh Thakur was in jail for 9 years and endured torture as well, possibly rape. But she is Hindu... so in your view she doesn't matter.... system must be blamed on Hindus... It is not nearly enough, but would it have happened if Rahul Gandhi was in power?
  11. Your thinking is so off not even sure where to begin. India never spent "billions of dollars to suppress Sikh faith." Indira Gandhi placed Sant Bhindranwale in a political position to be her spy. He was not corruptible like that and turned the tables on her, so early on she lost control of the situation in Punjab. She used Sikh General and Sikh Chief of Police to try to suppress the Pakistan and China funded secession movement of Khalistan but quickly made an even bigger mess of things. Originally, it was an act of suppression against independent state of Khalistan... so poorly implemented, Indian Army defiled Harmandir Sahib and put lives of 1000 families into crossfire. For this act, Indira's own Sikh bodyguards executed her as an evil tyrant. But where is the suppression of "religion?" Well, they surely managed to do that to indigenous people of their own respective countries... but the insane anti-Sikh pogrom was started by Rajiv Gandhi, whose wife and entire family are Christians.. and with chief lieutenants Jagdish Tytler also a Christian and Sajjan Kumar, a Hindu. Seeing as everyone was the exact same ethnicity, including Sikhs, how can it be divided along "ethnic" lines? How is the state of India doing this exactly? Sikhs are very well-respected and have always been. A lot of the commotion stirred in 1984 included false news that Sikhs were poisoning water supply and such mischief, but today? Sikhs remain one of the most powerful and wealthy constituents. I have never defended rape and murder of anyone. Why do you defend continued Khalistani militancy? A violation of anyone's basic human rights is a risk to everybody, even Hindu's. So why would anyone support human rights violations? I used to be amrit chuk in Akhand Kirtani Jatha... I'm an American. And India is far from being the worst "rape-infested" country on the planet. It is a "struggling" democracy... but pushing it over to jihadi side will definitively destroy that. America has more people in prison that any other country on the planet... moreover they have "secret" prisons where torture and mind control are being done, perhaps you've forgotten Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo. I will give very sad case of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, abducted with her children in Pakistan, raped and tortured at US Bagram Air base where she was shot, her infant believed to be dead, her son traumatized... and she was extradited to US and sentenced to 86 years in super max detention for alleged assault in which she herself was shot and no one else injured, acts committed in Afghanistan, after her illegal abduction in Pakistan. What did you say again? Oh, and of course, What do you call what Pakistani rape and grooming gangs are doing to Sikh girls and English girls? I wouldn't exactly call it "safety" and it isn't attacks which happened 30 years ago. In the Kaljug the whole world is burning more and more... it cannot all be blamed on Hindu people. But I don't understand the justification for continued war by Khalistani militants or helping jihadi countries break apart India... as being any kind of solution.
  12. You must have missed the part where Thakur Dalip Singh Namdhari paid Khalistan Liberation Force to eliminate his rivals. You also left out the part where the pro-Khalistani guy "Jaggi" whom Chatanga1 was defending as an innocent victim is part of the investigation for funneling funds and intel to the 2 KLF shooters, and even provided the name of one of them, Ramandeep Singh (Canadian), and therefore implicated in terroristic mass murder plot. In my view, they are all "Sikhs" the problem though is the pro-Khalistani angle... which I criticize for several reasons, namely no realistic hope of ever creating a Khalistan between nuclear stats of India and Pakistan... and also that mass murdering of sanatan Sikh sampraday has long been the tactic of Khalistan movement, and is not any sort of "nation-building" at all... only manipulated terrorists who act out of jihadi interests to wage war on India, and destabilize Punjab. I remain puzzled as to how Chatanga1 tries to pin this as some sort of "justification" for mistreatment by Hindus... and that BJP government deserves war waged on it by Khalistani militancy. As I said, foreign nations are manipulating Sikh Panth into divide and conquer tactics.
  13. Chatanga1 calls me a whore, and I am making a drama... of course. Ban me if you want, I would expect no less from absurd anti-Hindu bashing site pretending to promote spirituality.
  14. And what exactly are you doing to HELP those FIRS of Sikhs viciously attacked in 1984 and unjustly beyond by police over-reach? Do you think "BJP" has a magic wand or that old issue of anti-Sikh pogrom from almost 30 years ago is pressing issue for government to focus on? It is issue for Sikh community to be sure, but... time moves on. Congress government did a lot of damage to those cases for a long time. New party is in power now. They are working on economy. But... you accuse me of "protecting killers of Sikhs" while sitting in my home. How do I do that exactly? The logic of it seems elusive. But of course, that IDEOLOGY OF BLAME... only way to sulk with imagined wrongs for which to hate wrong persons. Really? A sampradaya (सम्प्रदाय) is a religious lineage or succession of gurus. In what way are they not? Okay, you "reject" them fine. Why are you justifying their murder? 1. No Khalistani ever put forth evidence to prove the outrageous claims... and those claims were always used to justify murder. Who was the dera baba in UK the Khalistani's shot claiming he sat on top of suitcase where Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji was... everyone who knew him denied he would ever do this and no one ever saw him do it. In the end, an unarmed man was shot and killed for believing differently than Talibani-Khalistani Sikhs. And they told no end of lies against him to justify their murder. When Punjabi has a wedding, and they are drinking, smoking, dancing in hall with Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji... do you MURDER HIM?> No... most times you turn a hypocritical blind eye, because... well he's your wife's brother or something. Khalistanis only advocate murder of Sanatan Sikh sampraday... in their Taliban-inspired terror campaign to RULE over others with THEIR version of Sick-ism. 2. If Sant Nirankari or anyone put their feet on Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji, he probably deserves a sound beating... but I neither advocate the crime of murder and it would never "please" me... I know you have to make up falsehoods to justify your imaginary reasons to hate. It's okay. I feel sorry for your parents because your bad manners are a reflection on them, and you did not ever learn to discuss or debate properly with people. It makes sense though, seeing as you embrace Khalistani-Talibani ideology... which has horrible hate for human beings... especially women. But I feel most sorry for your daughters because you have such disrespectful low opinion of women you call abusive names instead of having discussion. Fortunately I do not have to live in household of your mentality. Isn't this your method to deal with Khalistanis? You advocate the same for people who support Khalistan, and make no bones about it. Yet you see the destructiveness in others. So deceitful. If someone is throwing bombs or bullets, and police intervene and do the same, you still cry injustice? What a self-pity party so unbecoming a "warrior." Or, do you think lobbing grenades into prayer halls should be LEGAL? Maybe we can make an exclusion in the legal code that... since Sikhs were brutally mistreated in 1984... since Sikhs don't like dedhari gurus... since Sikhs have been so grievously misunderstood in their efforts to create separate homeland.. it should be legal and acceptable that militants lob grenades. Maybe you should take up legal profession and try to change the laws. Best of luck. I do not see application of criminal code against lunatics as being destructive... and if such miscreants were allowed unchecked it would truly be "destructiveness." When did I ever sanction torture and murder>? In your imaginary blame vendetta of course. Congress govt did that. Khalistani separatism isn't a "human right's issue, it was a war. You don't get a separate state because you go on mass murder rampage either. If you win the war... maybe... but you lost the war, and there will be no Khalistan... nowadays, its just a hate campaign against Hindus, and a murder rampage. And the biggest hypocrisy? So many pro-Khalistanis back Congress Party... and they sling Congressi jingoism and anti-BJP and anti-Hindu rhetoric and stand behind jihadis. Who gave the Hindutva such a label? Of course it was the same Congressis who conducted legalized pogrom against Sikhs in 1984.
  15. I explained that Sant Nirankaris have not got history of going around blowing up people the way Khalistani militants have. That makes me inclined to view the Khalistani's as the aggressors since they have been so aggressive to everyone else... and Sant Nirankaris have not. What is "Hindutva rule" exactly? Some mythical Hindu's only state somewhere? Doesn't exist. And why shouldn't India with clear Hindu majority have democratic representation of majority in government? Who would you prefer "rule" in India anyway? Italian lady? Communists? Don't tell me, muslims Do you really believe in your drivel? Move to United States of America. Throw a grenade into some actual "pakhandi Baba's" dera. What will happen to you? 1. You will likely be executed by police in staged encounter. If you survive, you will most certainly be arrested. Then, because of the nature of domestic terrorism laws you will disappear into a black site prison not even your lawyer has access to... and you will be tortured. Would I be responsible for this outcome? What authority do I have to tell NIS or Punjab police what to do or not? If someone is implicated in a crime which includes murder, no less connection with foreign government, such as Khalistan Liberation Force... his condition will be much worse. You have this need to make it my fault, or even my desire. That in order to justify hate. I clearly explained everyone suffers from unjust police brutality in India, except maybe someone rich and that should be reformed. But to advocate in favor of reform... you still have need in your mind to make me the enemy... so create a fiction about how I WANT their to be injustice. If someone is IMPLICATED like your friend Jaggi... in high treason and mass murder agenda with banned terrorist group working in collusion with foreign government against interests of the state in which he is ACCUSED of committing crime of funding and passing information to actual shooters... then of course it will go bad for him. If he were in Australia, Canada, America, England, Germany.. would it really be much different? You see, Khalistani militants are fighting a WAR... against the WRONG TARGETS... and they have NO HOPE OF SUCCESS... and so become petty criminals only. And yes, condition of life for criminals who break major laws... is suffering. But I did not do that. I did not even wish it.
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