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  1. Yes....unless all the different writers on there went to the same ghetto English school, had the same teacher and practised their linguistics skills together in the back alleys of a Tottenham sink estate.

    I have seen this weird trend where teens write like this like Kalay from hood. The strangest thing is when I see Indian girls from India! writing like this. I cannot help but nod my head in disbelieve. How hard is it to write "see" and "you" instead of 'c' and 'u'?

  2. After a few weeks i told killa i still like him and dat, he was like preeti ur a good girl but i don’t c u in dat way at all! I was hurt as i wanted a future with this guy, i was like why not etc he goes he has his reasons, i knew he was hiding sumting from me, so i kept at him......

    “preeti how can i marry u and have babies wid u, u shagged quite a lot of guys in the manor, and that Luton paki he is mans enemy now, i cant have kids with a women who has fucked my enemy , i will become a laughing stock.......

    I ran out of the room crying, i never wanted to speak to him again i thought what a evil admin cut, i belled him that night, he was like look “I’ve never even touched a women, Im a dick in alot of ways and have messed up in life but i got a clean slate when it comes to my izzat (honour) – i know everyone makes mistakes, but i don’t want people sayin yeah i fucked killaz wife , how are mans gonna take me serious, - in the future they will come up to my kids and taunt em and say ur mums a good admin cut etc (my enemies will)

    LOL that was quite funny

    horrible English though. A 29 year old writing English like that LMAO!

  3. Ive just been looking at Patshahi 10 org (in your signature) and they have on that a bir of Sri Dasam from 1698, which is naturally excluding zafarnama, and mitr pyare nu, as they chronologically came years later.

    So was Sri Dasam in pothis only, or were there a handful of saroops here and there?

    As per traditional Sikh history, Sri Dasam Granth was composed into a single volume by Bhai Mani Singh Jee. I don't know about the authenticity of how old that Granth is. But it may be possible that some Sikh may have composed it into a single granth earlier but it was not prevalent otherwise why would Bhai Mani Singh Jee have to painstakingly do the job himself.

  4. yes brother, but this was accepted by Guru-Panth centuries ago, with no argument until recent times.

    It was accepted, but it is an innovation none the less. Personally, my view is that I'm not for or against it.

    I have personally thought that the Singh-Sabha did not fully understand the intricacies of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib, and this can be seen by their version of Benti Chaupee, which ends on verse 25, because verse 26 begins " kirpa karo hum par Jag Mata", and they have taken this to mean the Goddess. Only upto verse 25 is read in Sri darbar Sahib. I think that as some hindu-phobics get scared by the chaubis avtar, some scholars got scared of certain words in Sri Dasam and cut it in places as seen in Benti Chaupee.

    This is a common misconception about why Singh Sabhiyas did not read Kirpa Kari ham par Jag Mata when reading Choupi Sahib. The reason they don't read it is because the subject matter from 1 to 25 is the same. It changes from 26th pouri where it is clearly referring to Charitro Pakhyan Granth. While Choupi Sahib is a part of Charitro Pakhyan in Sri Dasam Granth, but it was composed separately. I beleive there is even a Gurdwara in existence where Chaupi Sahib was composed. This is similar to Zafarnama which although is a part of the Hakayats in Sri Dasam Granth, but it was composed separately from the Hikayats.

  5. Good question veerji, maybe the Singh Sabha Reformist Sikhs can shed some light on the reasons and causes of these events, and what actions should be implemented to reverse them.

    I'm not a reformist, but I can tell you the perspective of the the Singh Sabhiyas on this issue. The Singh Sabhiyas were Dasam Granth supporters, we know this from their writings. But the question is why did they not support doing Parkash of Sri Dasam Granth at Akal Takht. The reason is because the Dasam Bani was originally in separate pothis. It was composed into a single Granth by Bhai Mani Singh Jee. So from this we can deduce that Dasam Bani in the form of a single Granth (Dasam Granth) was not there during the time of Guru Gobind Singh Jee even though Dasam Bani was in existence in separate pothis. So doing Prakash of Dasam Granth alongside with SGGSJ can be seen is an innovation by Sikhs. Being a supporter of Sri Dasam Granth does not automatically make you a supporter of doing Prakash of Dasam Granth. You can be a staunch Dasam Granth supporter and not support such innovations.

  6. Sikhs were the scapegoat for the 1947 violence. When violence happened it happened from all sides Hindu, Muslim and Sikhs. After 1947 violence was over the Hindus and Muslims were getting friendly with one another, they did not want to blame each other for the violence. So Sikhs were very conveniently brushed as the main perpetrators of violence when the truth is, of the three communities involved Sikhs were the biggest losers. It was in response to the Anti Sikh media campaign that Gurbachan Singh Talib wrote his book setting the record straight.


  7. 146

    Sant Singh to his wife (from France?) – 18th Sept. 1915

    We perish in the desert: you wash yourself and lay in bed. We are trapped in a net of woe, while you go free. Our life is a living death. For what great sin are being punished? Kill us, Oh God, but free us from our pain! We move in agony but never rest. We are slaves of masters who can show no mercy. The bullets fall on us like rain, but dry are our bodies. So we have spent a full year. We cannot write a word. Lice feed upon our flesh: we cannot wait to pick them out. For days we have not washed our faces. We do not change our clothes. Many son’s of mothers lie dead. No one takes any heed. It is God’s will that this is so, and what is written is true. God The Omnipotent plays a game, and men die. Death here is dreadful, but of life there is not the briefest hope.

    I think the original in Gurmukhi must have been beautifully written. I wish I could read it in the original.

    These letters are wonderful to read. My grand father fought in France and in the middle east during WW1. He was only a teenager at the time. Just wondering, but are these letters available to read in Punjabi? These letters in the form of a Punjabi book would be well received amongst Apne.

    So much of History is written in the form of letters. Too bad people don't write letters anymore. emails have taken over. But writing letters was such a beautiful thing. I have preserved so many letters in my family going back to my grand father's time.

  8. This Kul thing is the biggest scam going. Any Tom, Dick and Abdul makes out that they are of the kul of some Gursikh and Sikhs go ga ga over him. The biggest scam of recent years was that descendent of Rai Kalha who takes the Ganga Sagar on tours to fleece Sikhs of their hard earned money. I have seen women place gold rings and bangan as charawa to the Ganga Sagar. Does anyone seriously believe that Guru Gobind Singh gifted the Ganga Sagar as a means of fleecing his Sikhs?

    HAHA true. that descendant of Rai Kalha carrying the Ganga Sagar is the biggest scam artist today. Why the hell do Sikhs give him hard earned money when that same money can be used for better purposes such as Gurmat Parchar.

  9. I'm just wondering, but if they did fire him because of his caste, then why did the firm hire him as a practice manager in the first place? A practice manager is no small position. Could it be that maybe this might be similar to one of those cases where a person is not good at his job and gets fired as a result but then cries about racism in order to get monetary compensation? I think we should wait for the conclusion of this case before we blindly swallow this story as it is written in this article.

    BTW, if they win, hopefully the girl will buy a shirt that actually fits.

  10. Kam1825 jeeo

    When will you be uploading more katha of Giani Mohan Singh ji Bhindranwale.

    Listening to their katha is pure anand.

    I know that Giani ji published 'Gurbani Paath Darshan' written by Giani Gurbachan Singh ji, but I was wondering if Giani Mohan Singh ji has written any literature himself? Does Giani ji still do katha every sangrand? Do you have any literature relating to Giani ji? Information on giani ji is scarce. It would be interesting to read anything in relation to the jeevan of Giani ji.

    Please reply this time bhai sahib : )

    Rabb Rakhe

    True. Giani Mohan Singh Jee's katha is pure anand. I wish we had more of it online. He has so much Gian and surprisingly we hardly see his name being mentioned within Panthic circles. It is hard to just find pictures of him online. I only know of one picture of his online.

  11. family members? lol

    apparently kids of committee members cut their hair, so this would be rather far fteched lol

    True. But it should be appreciated that the Jathadar brought up this issue which has been known to so many people. When the SGPC was formed during the Akali movement, the Sikhs associated with this movement were highly religious during the time. Their religiosity also extended to their family members who observed the Sikh rehet maryadha word for word. My grandmother tells me how her father who (like many Sikhs of the time) was a part of the Akali movement was highly religious and that meant the family also had to observe Sikh rehet maryadha.

  12. As I see it , the reservation system is simply an officially sanctioned cronyism and nepotism.

    Instead of going forward India is going backward; just give it a few decades and the results will appear.

    BTW there is a Bollywood film being released on this subject. Apparently some states - inc Pb, have banned the film.

    Stars Amitab Bachchan and Saif Ali Khan. Reports say that Dalits object that a high caste Saif is acting as a dalit in the film!



    Isn't Saif a Muslim? his family were Nawabs of Pataudi.

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