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  1. This is from sundeep singh from a forum at bcsikhs.com. It says this: There is an avtar that will come in the future, called both Nikhlaank and Kalki. Gurbani mentions him as well. He will clean up all the evil people in this world. This avtar is alive today. Giani Thakur Singh ji has told me that he is immersed in bhagti right now. However, he is not the Guru or Sant ji, it's actually an avtar of Vishnu sahib (I think, might be Shiva ji). Just wanted to add, that Baba Kulwant Singh ji of Takht Sri Hazoor Sahib has stated that 'in the future every sikh will have a gutka in one hand and a kirpan in the other.' Meaning that we're going to have to do paath continuously and fight continuously as well just to stay alive. So as you can see, the avtar coming doesn't mean that all our problems will be solved for us. Also, I don't know when He will come. Who knows how much fighting and carnage will happen beforehand?? -so get ready... The line where it says: This avtar is alive today. Giani Thakur Singh ji has told me that he is immersed in bhagti right now. Got me thinking and i got this from another site: The sword Bomjon has at his side, as reported, is a scimitar. The scimitar goes back to ancient Egypt. It is related to the god Amun, representing divinity. Amun was the god of air and is associated with the breath of life. He is the hidden one. Amun was perceived as upholding the rights to justice of the poor and aiding those who travelled, as protector of the way. Within Hindu mythology: Buddha is another Avatar of Vishnu. The tenth avatar is to be called Kalki Avatara. He will appear armed with a scimitar, riding on a white horse, and he will end the present age. After that, a whole new world will be created. He is from a hindu family keeping his hair and buddha was the last incarnation of vishnu. And he has a smicter, so maybe he is the kalki avtar which giani thakur singh is talking about. Could anyone who keeps in touch with gianji please confirm this and tell sangat ji if this is correct. Thank you.
  2. http://www.paldendorje.com/vdo.php Ram bahadur bomjon. This boy is a buddhist but he has not cut his hair. I have other links about him if you would like to know and he practices the tuma method which does not affect him when he is in the cold. There is more information about this on the net. He is learnt from the sakya tradition. What amazes me that he can sit all day without getting up or moving. He has gone without food and water for a long time upto 6 months maybe longer. He is about 17 years old. I have not seen anyone this young practice severe meditation like he does. If you know of any sikh saints who do severe penance like he does then please tell me as i would like to know.
  3. Interesting documentary. If you have any thoughts after watching it then please reply.
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