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  1. Shaheedyian, I agree with you but this is not about mine or your personal belief. It is an issue of divine command and how our lives have to be in tune with it.And this at all levels: spiritually, emotionaly, moraly, physicaly and socialy. And this at all times for everyone. Hence why the statement that abandoning shari'a after a certain point is a great danger not just for oneself but also for other who may follow that sad example.
  2. I don't care about being Pro Persian or Pro Shia. If an Iranian Shi'a is a dickhead I'll say he's a dickhead. I sure am deeply in love with the Persian and the Indian civilizations in the same way I love French literature or German classical music. It doesn't mean that I consider all Iranians, Indians, French and Germans to be demi gods. During the summer Ahmadinejad said that academic titles were just a piece of paper when he defended his home minister who lied about having a PhD from Oxford. I felt deeply insulted because I know how much hard work lies in a PhD. And my Iranian colleagues in academia and in the press felt equally insulted. Hence why they wrote a letter of protest against Ahmadinejad. Just because someone has the lable Shi'a and Iranian doesn't mean they're perfect. I may be against the concept of Israel because it is the very negation of the spirit of Judaism, that doesn't prevent me from having Israeli acquaintances that I have met at SOAS or in Paris.They know my position about Israel it doesn't prevent me to have interaction with them when it comes to discussing literature. If you Mithar write something that is correct and just I will say that it is correct and just, even if I don't share your view of the world or might even be opposed to it. Thanks for taking back the insult.
  3. Mithar: - I am not a British MP - I am not a Socialist. In fact our family is right wing. - I have never ever condonned the massacre of innocent people. And yes Galloway is a disgrace. So if you don't mind I'd appreciate if you don't compare me to that idiot. I have never insulted you directly , in fact I don't even know you. Thanks.
  4. Press TV should get rid of Galloway and Ridley. They are a disgrace. Otherwise they have some good programms. Maybe they should put less fake American accents. It's annoying.
  5. Shaheediyan, let me give you an example: Suicide is haram. Suppose a man or woman reaches the height of enlightenment and commits suicide? That person has gone against God's law. The first pauri of Japuji Sahib confirms that this is not possible. Neither meditating for thousands of years, or ataining absolute purity is the basis. First and foremost is total obedience to God's orders (hukm) and to be in his acceptance (ridha). This is why shari'a is for all mankind. When I speak of shari'a here I am talking by the summ total of all laws that God sent humanity via legislative prophets such as Moses, Mohammad, Abraham etc.
  6. "Samira Jassim was arrested on January 21. She is allegedly linked to the Ansar al-Sunnah insurgent group." Why am I not surprised...
  7. It isn't sharia that is the obstacle it's the excessive reliance on fiqh without akhlaq i.e. the clinging of a sharia without a soul that is an obstacle. Shari'a isn't a cane for a man with a broken leg, it is God's law for all mankind.
  8. That's like having someone come at the end of a porn movie saying:"This is how people behave nowadays. Such a shame". Give me a break. The sakhis are funny,exciting,hilarious and actually quite well written but please don't give me "it's for educational purposes" story. That's like showing a porn movie in sex education class "Alright kids, this is how it's done in the world of adults. And don't forget boys, never let the soap fall when you have a shower with other boys."
  9. As I said: I don't need to be told graphic stories about anal gay rape to know that homosexuality is a sin. But as I said I don't mind if people read these stories. They shouldn't pick up on others when it comes to slave girls when they themselves have 400 or so stories full worse stuff. That's all.
  10. That's one way of looking at it. But to be frank: I don't need to shown a gay porn movie in order to know that homosexuality is a sin.A simple list of dos and donts would suffice.
  11. With whose permission did they send it to you? Or is that another Indo-Scythian trait: stealing. You must have learnt that from Madra and Parmjit I guess. The Charitropakhyan is excellent erotic literature. It has great humour and funny stories. It would make wonders if ever filmed. As much as one my appreciate the style of it I find it hypocritical for Sikhs to pick on Islam's sexual costums when they themselves have two thirds of their Dasam Granth full of well written stories with let's explicit content. It's like watching a good French movie with loads of sex in it. Doesn't mean I agree with the content. But I will say with a French accent: ziz was really well filmd, ze way he place ze camera was parfait. What I mean is that if someone writes a tale about homosexual rape and if it is well written I'll say that it's well written. Doesn't mean I condone homosexual rape.What I don't like is people going on about slave girl sex when Dasam Granth has loads of it itself and more. I would understand the holier than thou attitude coming from a Catholic nun because apart fron the Song of Songs Christianity hasn't got any really explicit erotic literature. Whereas Sikhism holds the all time Hugh Heffner award for the huge proportion of colourful and spicy 400 or so stories of the Charitropakhyan. Keeping in mind the fact that the Chaupai Sahib is from the Charitropakhyan itself it makes it impossible for one to say: Erm but this was written by poets. What I mean is: You guys have 400 stories worthy of beating Caligula and the Marquis de Sade any day in terms of sheer amoral decadence. Be proud of it celebrate it. Don't try and hide it. Be proud and stop picking on others for having let's say less exciting sexual fantasies. That's all I am saying. Vive le Charitropakhyan!
  12. Imam Khomeini (ra) himself said that there is a point where excessive clinging to shari'a can be an obstacle on the mystic's way to God. That doesn't mean you stop following shari'a. It means you have to see it as a means not the aim.
  13. The decadent lifestyle of the Shere Panjab is well documented in both Indian and French accounts. And in any case your Charitropakhyan makes any sensual description of jannah look like softporn compared to the tales contained in the Dasam Granth in which may I remind you there is plenty of female slave enjoying going on. So please spare me your holier than thou attutitude that consists in trying to portray yourself as morally superior when all well know that two thirds of your Dasam Granth are about let alone the rahitname that explicitly allow slavery. Maybe you should spend more trying to justifiy the tales of anal rape and zoophilia in Dasam Granth before you even try to talk about the issue of female slaves. As for the Muslim marriage: quote me one passage in gurbani that allows women to refuse themselves to their husbands. Show me one passage in gurbani that prohibits men to beat up their wives. You quote Hilli yet you forget that you're quoting his opinion on the matter and that in fact the opinions on the issue of slave girls diverge aming the scholars. Your arguments therefore lack substance because you are forgetting the element that unfortunately some scholars missed themselves in fiqh: akhlaq. It's once thing to give fatwas based purely on jurisprudential abstract principles and it's another to give them with akhlaq being the foundation stone of it. Ask any specialist of fiqh: You can twist fiqh to allow anything under the sun when you take akhlaq out of it. And that is what you have done. I leave you to your long re-reading of the tales of adultery, zoophilia and homosexual rape in Dasam Granth. I am sure that will give you and idea of what a "lustful master" really is about.
  14. Dear Mithar, I mostly write in French nowadays be it academically or be it for the Iranian press (there is an Iranian francophone magazine for which I write). Dear Chatanga1, there is no passage in gurbani addressed to Muslims that says Muslims should give up divine law. All Baba Nanak (ra) was emphacize the spiritual aspect of things that many people had forgotten.
  15. Kam1825 wrote: "Bahadur just because some dervishes state a lineage does not mean it is the truth. Anyway you said ages ago on the forum, possibly before Sheikh Cerny committed suicide that Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji married a muslim female and had two daughters but i still not seen any proof for that yet!" 1. Could please refrain from mentionning the circumstances of my friend's tragic death as desired by his family. Thank you. 2. I don't live in London anymore and so I don't have the opportunity to check the SOAS library where the book is found. 3. Indeed you're right. Just because some Nimtullahi dervishes write that Baba Nanak was a dervish doesn't make it true. Samewise just because some Sikhs write that he wasn't a Muslim despite going to Mekka doesn't make it true either. Mithar wrote: "I suspect it’s because it is all a part of his very creative (yet entertaining) imagination." The book and the reference exist and I will comment on it in the future but at the moment I have three articles to finish. So if you don't mind be patient and learn French.
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