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  1. I'm tempted here you see to say "Where did Jatha's come from" ? then at this point we start arguing and debating so don't bother & we forget the bigger picture
  2. "God is the Master Plan and the devil :twisted: is in the technicality's" Basically, we forget the Master plan and sit and argue over issues that could be avoided, don't get me wrong i've had plenty of bunge with regards to what is right wrong within sikhi etc but i found its like a :bling: with people as everyone takes sides depending of their own comfort zones(beliefs) and knowledge
  3. 1,Ek 1,Ek 1,Ek 1,Ek 1,Ek 1,Ek 1,Ek 1,Ek 1,Ek 1,Ek 1,Ek 1,Ek 1,Ek 1,Ek we are all 1, someone said to me once, he goes, sikhs are 95% the same but they let the 5% difference affect out decisions and thoughts against each other :roll:
  4. Malkeet Singh does them I've just got the site online
  5. I feel that the family is suffering the pain, for their karams having to live with them care for them etc, its like a burden. Difficult one, coz one way you give others around him sukh !
  6. www.undergroundsikhi.com Sikhi with a new flava ! Something for Every type of Sikh, you just gotta download the tracks New Album coming Online SOON !!!!! WATCH THIS SPACE
  7. hahah mangurmach singh, you must have "marya karam" haha ask guru ji for re-birth
  8. i gotta agree, itys getting better and worse look at it this way its like a Siv, all the Punjabi sikhs that ignore there birthright, are loosing it and when you see a gora sikh(sorry to say the words) they are benefiting from it, so the dirt is being cleaned. Ask yah parents before 84, in the the west very few turbans/amritaris + we got radios/tv stations/internet etc, its on;ly gonna get better
  9. simple when you comb your hair wiv a plastic comb you get friction static try it also wood don't conduct so its better for your hair to be sliky smooth like lorel want it to be hahaha If you look into science of the head, you'll notice people loose heat from their heads ie: nrg loss, the khanga being at the top diffuses the the positive ions back into the body with the negative reflection from the khanga come on you scientists tell me 'wheres your reference!' I read that time back from kudalini yoga text
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