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  1. dalsingh101

    Anger after Paath

    You know I must be going senile. I forgot one of the most powerful things for a Sikh to calm anger and anxiety down. Get some Sukhmani Sahib going on.
  2. They seem like a rich family anyway bro. To have a young guy like that spring out the readies for a TV channel isn't a cheap move.
  3. dalsingh101

    Anger after Paath

    I'm shocked anyone actually still uses common table salt these days. Get rock salt or the Himalayan stuff as standard.
  4. I think Samurai has a point. If this same story played out with a mona and not a keshdhari, I don't think the mona guy would get a fraction of the sympathy and benefit of the doubt like this guy is (noticeably by mainly amritdhari/keshdhari Sikhs).
  5. Yeah that's a thing. She probably didn't plan to have him killed but battered about a bit, but the other Singh (and his mate) lost the plot and went overboard.
  6. dalsingh101

    Anger after Paath

    I'm an advocate of incrementally building up the time. In any case I think intensity is more important than quantity. Start with 5 minutes and then build it up to 10, then 15, then 20 maybe. If your doing it and enjoying it, when you've finished your session, add some more to it. Remember, you want to pierce through your thoughts. Once you inevitably find yourself drifting, refocus on the sound of syllables of Waheguru. A lot of people have some of their most intense experiences when they first start simran. Enjoy. And just let go of everything.
  7. It's even more murky than that. That first guy allegedly raped her. I don't really have much sympathy for rapists myself.
  8. dalsingh101

    Anger after Paath

    No brother: Inhale through the nose Exhale through the mouth Keep the tip of your tongue fixed at the point on the palate throughout the simran.
  9. dalsingh101

    Anger after Paath

    Try this: Inhale through the nose (slowly and steadily) and say WA - HE (slowly in your mind), hold the breath in for a second or two and then slowly release the breath saying GU - RU (in your mind) - when you exhale the tip of your tongue should be resting on a spot just behind the back of your teeth. Whilst you are doing this keep your eyes closed and focus your eyes on a point on your temple about an inch above the bridge of your nose. REALLY FOCUS on the sound of the four syllables WA HE GU RU (in your mind). If you're not ready for this yet, you might have to do verbal simran for a bit (as opposed to quietly in your head).
  10. dalsingh101

    Anger after Paath

    It will attenuate over time. They may not completely disappear but they will become more and more unimportant as you master letting go of the thoughts. Brother, whatever works for you. This is an individualised journey. However I did find slowing it down and focusing on the syllables of Wahe (slow inhale) and then Guru (slow exhale) very helpful. I think we try a few different techniques at the beginning and find what suits us best.
  11. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-6483771/Why-CBD-hottest-new-wellness-trend.html
  12. You got to say. This b1tch is gangsta. She obviously has a thing for dastar wearing men of status and wealth. She was allegedly sexually abused (raped) by that TV executive. She got that other Singh (with his gora co-def) to burn his ar5e alive in retaliation. Does her time and then comes out and pulls this politician. I wonder if she ever gives a thought about the Singh banged up for her? Does she support him? Keep in touch etc. In prison, people might be laughing at that Singh saying, you're doing all this time for this bird and she's gone and married a next geezer. I wonder what it is about her that made so many blokes do crazy things around her?
  13. dalsingh101

    Anger after Paath

    It might be that now that you are not constantly numbing yourself with the substances, and are doing simran (one effect of which is to let the subconscious and suppressed conscious rise), you're finally having to face these emotions. My own personal experience has been that it takes a bit of time and practice to really let that stream of consciousness (it's like a babble of all things) disperse. That's one of the biggest challenges of simran - letting the thoughts go, and it does take practice, and you may well have ups and downs when you start trying this. As for the issues underlying the anger, you might want to gently confront these in your mind - at your own pace. Avoid triggers that set these outbursts out if possible. Go somewhere quiet until the feelings subside if possible. Try a different speed (slightly slower), and remember to come back to focusing on the sound of the jap when the mind wonders. It really helps to break the thinking process up a bit. If you start with just a few odd seconds away from the ramblings of the mind in your japing session then you're already actually making progress in disrupting the thoughts (whether you realise this or not). Try japping to audios as well. I like this from Dasam Bani for instance. I think it is gentle yet powerful.