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  1. This is typical pendu exploitation. It's been going on for centuries. Certain pendu farmers lack any sort of humanity whatsoever.
  2. Are you sure this is about women and not a metaphorical representation of the relationship between the soul (the bride) and Waheguru (the groom)?
  3. dalsingh101

    Christian Sikh or Sikh Christian

    wtf is this?
  4. dalsingh101

    Jagtar Singh Jaggi Petition

    Remember, by the time Anglos met Sikhs, they had already had centuries of experience of attacking and controlling societies via slavery (building heavily controlled plantations with Africans), as well as through other colonies they had usurped. I think these experiences shaped them, and gave them a sort of insidious 'social psychology' knowledge gained over centuries that they employed on Panjabis and that still informs how their society interacts with others to this day. Interesting to note how Sikh soldiers were heavily used in the opium wars to suppress the Chinese (in the Boxer rebellion). This is the kind of stupidity we need to educate our farmers against. Right now, hordes of the western educated ones think this is something to be proud of. These fudhoos need to recognise and acknowledge this was wrong. I think so. Anglos will be in for some serious shocks in the coming decades. Also, for those sections of our society that actually helped with oppressing other communities during colonialism via arms - they've got their karma coming back to them too.
  5. This one is very interesting in that it gives an example of a female being able to choose her own husband from prospective suitors. And the female is bad-ar5e, like a Chandhi character. She defeats all the males.
  6. Note the theme of emasculation here as well. ਰਾਜਾ ਕੌ ਰਾਨੀ ਕਿਯਾ ਦੇਖਤ ਸਕਲ ਜਹਾਨ ॥੪॥ Whole world transformed Raja into a Rani.(4)
  7. Are you guessing?# Did you check MK?
  8. This one is blatantly touching on ruling and governorship at the end. @paapiman Can you stick the original text up?
  9. What does this word mean?
  10. There are men who will allow other men to shag their wives whilst they watch! (and presumably jack off?), some will even pay the bloke to do his missus. But in this chariter I think we are being shown a complete fudhoo, and how he behaves. This situation of timid men having wives who are wildly promiscuous is still very common today. When I used to work in offices, I met plenty of married women who would shag anyone they fancied. I heard this one pretty blonde had shagged about 30 guys + before she tried to make a move on me (the new guy). (In hindsight) I'm glad I never jumped on it then. Like I said this is more common than people might think in society even today. The bloke sounds like a complete lulloo. I believe this is an example of a bad match. Where the wife has a very high sex drive and thrill seeking personality and the bundha is like a completely docile pajama trying to find a place for himself in society behind some sort of 'holy persona'. He obviously has self-esteem issues and the women is obviously not remotely attracted to him.
  11. Yeah, that's interesting. The English translation above doesn't allude to that but the Panjabi translation posted by Chatanga (line 41) says that Guru ji reprimanded the husband who would come to the Gurdwara and lay down all day. Can we get the original text from DG up? Again, I notice at this stage of the chariters, the shocking, violent nature of the earlier ones die down and they become more realistic or subtle. Could this be the literary use of shock tactics (or sensationalism) to draw readers in and then a shift to a more subtle didactic strategy?
  12. Yes. Going by extant hukam-namas from dasmesh pita's time, they seem to have had quite a sophisticated credit system in operation even back then. This would have helped Guru ji with acquisitions of various kinds during warfare.
  13. dalsingh101

    Jagtar Singh Jaggi Petition

    No, but we've been purposefully dumbed down from the colonial period (read link below). Especially with the promotion of rural activities, which were making the colonialists sh1t loads of money. That doesn't excuse our people's inability to see through this though - and after decades of goray leaving too..... I think with a particular caste, it wasn't always treating girls like second rate sh1t that caused issues - it was the opposite, making them think they were some higher being peasant queens that gave girls stupid confidence to slag about without shame. Yeah, I do think pendu mentality was a major contributing factor to the proliferation of grooming in the panth. Actually it's blatantly obvious, rural pursuits of drinking and bhangra paa-ing acted out in the west put apneean on a plate for sullay groomers.
  14. dalsingh101

    Dhadrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    That's the thing though. A lot of 'mahapurakhs' seem to collect weak-willed conformists around them. People who are more interested in social standing and wanting to project some particularly devout persona than actual seekers of truth. I think these low self-esteem people use the connection as some sort of ego boost? A lot of people who are weak willed or prone to hardcore 'groupthink' (i.e. incapable of any sort of independent thought) seem to congregate around 'holy' personalities. Some look like they are affiliating themselves for exactly the same reason people join gangs rather than any real spiritual inclinations.