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  1. He is the one in the middle - just in case anyone is confused.
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7486243/Interpol-launches-hunt-Norwegian-bodybuilder-choked-British-father-death-Thailand.html
  3. Rotherham grooming gang: Man who indecently assaulted young girls jailed for 18 years Mohammed Ahsan selected his victims ‘because of their vulnerability,’ say investigators https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/rotherham-grooming-gang-trial-mohammed-ahsan-jailed-operation-stovewood-a9113606.html
  4. If you've got more info on this, please do share. Otherwise anyone can claim anything brother.
  5. I hope this doesn't turn into an opportunity for some people to b1tch out over their childhood, but it is an interesting talk.
  6. From the british library's 'Bhai Maharaj Singh Collection'. Items taken off Bhai Sahib by the brits:
  7. What proper baffles me is how certain apnay achieve the pot-bellied look despite not drinking at all and being hardcore vegetarian?!??!?! Like what are you doing with your diet?? I think it's because it's hard to get loads of protein in with the veg diet, and it has a load of carbs in it, if you don't know how to regulate your food intake, and don't live actively?
  8. Yeah, as in: It takes 600 packs of beer to get that belly. lol
  9. Forget a six pack. Just allow the pot belly look. Please..... Especially for keshdharis. lol Just keep that belly flat, no muffin tops please. Let's give this a miss:
  10. Why don't you eff off and save some gorian from the 'wakandans' then you giddarh. You can make your own thread about that 'pressing problem' for the Sikh community. Thick c**t. And it's not anger issues you malaysian pu55y, that's just how we talk where I'm from. And if that is a picture of you - it looks like you've got bigger issues than smoking and drinking. That looks like someone on LSD whose had a piece of crack stuck up his arse for good measure too. To the regulars here. Watch out for this neo-nazi tosser. He isn't what he makes himself out to be. I doubt he is even a Sikh. Remember these tossers like to infiltrate Sikh forums and push their own agendas on them.
  11. @Jageera You're a piece of shyte hypocrit yourself aren't you: You post all that crap above, but forgot when you came out with this rubbish a few weeks ago. Coward, pu55y, retard.
  12. This is eye opening. Ex Scotland Yard police man Jon Wedger (who did 27 years service) exposes how high ranking police officers and politicians derail investigations into organised pedo rings, and try and intimidate people who persist in confronting these things. It's interesting to note how he mentions one of the hotbeds of such abuse being Southall, which most of us will know has a sizeable Sikh population. Sadly, we still get the odd dimwitted, cowardly apna (and apnee) who resent Sikhs who have been trying to combat the long-standing phenomena of the targeted grooming of people in our own community. Often they suggest that the phenomena is exaggerated, or that confronting leads to 'community tensions' (which their cowardly nature seems to make them petrified of?). Well, here we seem to have an informed, experienced perspective from outside of our community. The indifference of the police, social services and political class Jon Wedger alludes to here, echoes the sentiments of many in the Sikh community who've been trying to deal with this, or who have approached the establishment for help in dealing with their own family issues in this department. I've only seen the first hour yet, but I'd like to salute all those people who've been trying to confront and deal with this issue (sometimes for decades) in the face of so much obfuscation by people in positions of power. Keep it up, and all these efforts ARE bearing fruit as awareness IS increasing, despite all the attempts to malign people and cover up. Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
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