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  1. Man, you got to love this geezer - cally Monty Panesar a kunjar panc***aa! lol
  2. I hear you! Those latter types are simply kiers (cowards). But no one has the excuse of ignorance either these days. All the work of the past paid off. We got Sikh channels facing up to it. Mainstream media has had to face up to the grooming gangs (although they only seem to care about white girls and tried to deflect it on the wider 'asian' community). As for the old schoolers, they were pretty much compelled to go into some of the less savory things to eat. Waheguru will judge them - no one else.
  3. Some of the younguns have done great work. Regardless of what might come out in the smear campaign that is underway, Deepa Singh of SYUK comes to mind. At least more people are aware than ever and people (internal and external) trying to obfuscate or deny the issue will have a harder time than previously. Regarding the people who put in work and sacrifices in the past in the face of apathy. Whatever else, dasmesh pita can see who cared and who didn't. That matters more than anything else.
  4. No one mentioned anything about 'black meat' until you mentioned it......hhhmmmmmmm What happened? Some black guy steal your lunch money once upon a time? lol Just because the majority of people might be uninformed or ignorant, it doesn't make something true. The majority of Panjabis aren't Sikh. More of them are sullay. I don't like to perpetuate ill-informed horseshyte like you and many others, so I'll stick to the truth.
  5. Medicinal cannabis will be given to 20,000 British patients in first major trial of drug's impact - a year after it was made legal on the NHS Project, named Twenty21, was launched yesterday and will run until end of 2021 To test impact on chronic pain, MS, epilepsy, PTSD, Tourette's, anxiety, addiction Medical marijuana been legal since last November but impossible to get on NHS https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-7664057/Medicinal-cannabis-given-20-000-British-patients-major-trial.html
  6. I don't know what to make of this??? Can cannabinoids protect against liver diseases? Heavy alcohol drinkers who also smoke cannabis 'may slash their odds of getting killer liver diseases such as cirrhosis by up to 55%' Researchers analysed data on almost 320,000 heavy drinkers in the study Those who smoked cannabis had a 45% lower chance of fatty liver disease It's unclear why the drug has this effect, but it is known to be anti-inflammatory https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-7635429/Binge-drinkers-smoke-cannabis-protected-liver-diseases.html Regardless of this, I think there's so much anecdotal and scientific information on the potential, medical usefulness of cannabinoids now, the government should sponsor serious research into it.
  7. Diljeet Grewal, 28, had arranged to meet his victim at her home in north London As he opened the door he produced a knife and raped her in two-hour attack Jailed for 15 years for rape and aggravated burglary at Isleworth Crown Court https://dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7642629/Diljeet-Grewal-28-jailed-15-years-raping-woman-home-Hillingdon-north-west-London.html
  8. Don't worry about the white women and black man race traitor 'problem' and focus on your own self and your schizio abusive outbursts towards your family. You'd be better off for it. The only people I've heard talk so angrily about that 'race-traitor' crap, are those too ugly to attract a girl. Just so you know, Sikhs are not a 'race'. This guy stanks. He turns an important thread about the UK's police complicity with pedophiles (exposed by a police man no less) into some crap revolving around some neo-nazi thing? He's here to purposefully obfuscate the issue. his not a Sikh. Here's some pictures you might like......lol:
  9. Only a deceptive, fake like you would interpret someone shining the truth about certain issues in our community as throwing them under a bus. Maybe you think it's a good idea to hide the truth, but the only thing that is indicative of is your own inherent deceptive nature - nothing else. Have a look fudhu on this very forum, there are umpteen documented cases of grooming gangs here targeting gorian. They aren't made up of black guys. Fake machodayaa. You were the one crying about 'race traitors' you schizio. Gorian aren't exactly averse to going out with nonwhites are they. Or maybe you don't know because you live in some backwater or your repulsive personality keeps females away from you? If you have angry irrational outbursts on your own family because you're upset at your own life decisions - and even simran doesn't help - I don't think any female should go near you - you're obviously a wife abuser/beater waiting to happen. You properly obsess about this, hence you see it as some 'race traitor' thing. The worse neo-nazi interpretation possible. But being the schizio you are, you've forgotten your own outbursts in your fragile, weak mind. You want me to repost your crap to remind you? Forget about helping other people out and get your own mentality straightened out first mate. I don't want to be anything other than what I am. And I can tell you aren't a Sikh you lying c**t, even if you've tricked some other dimwits on the forum. Some of you others - wake the f**k up. This isn't an apna. Damn straight. Seeing as you like to post things, then delete them and pretend you never said them.
  10. A lot of gorian (and other non kaleeaan) love kalay blokes. I don't know what it is exactly but they do. Especially them shredded muscular types. Physical confidence helps too. Even if a kala is ugly but in good shape, they often have no problems with getting ladies. I'm guessing by your photo that you struggle? Are there lots of kalay in Malaysia that you've seen do this, or are you just repeating what you've heard from some far right gora? Because you don't ever hear English whites saying what you are saying. I think they know damn well quite a few gorian like kalaay over them. And as for gorian getting abused and groomed in hordes, some other communities taken that crown here.
  11. If you come from a SIkh background, don't you think it might be time to learn to read Gurmukhi now?
  12. I tell you a strange thing that happened today. When I was doing my simran and the cat made me open my eyes, I noticed my breathing still remain slow and steady. I actually felt really peaceful looking at the cat and doing simran. I should learn to ignore her when she brushes up against me when I'm meditating. I think because they are used to attention, me sitting there still, makes them try and get attention more. Normally the cat wouldn't brush up against me that much. lol
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