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    Itihaas. Impact of British colonisation on Sikhs/Panjab. How to cook a tasty and healthy meal. Herbal/natural remedies. Dasam Granth. Singh Sabha lehar. The Panjabi language. Sikh art. Historiography.

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  1. Watched Scorsese's The Irishman on Netflix yesterday (it's a long film!) Excellent film, well worth a watch!

    1. Soulfinder


      It does like a great movie as both al pacino and robert de niro are finally in the movie together.

    2. dalsingh101


      They were in Heat together too. This film is bigger though, shines light on long term mysteries: Like who killed Hoffa and why? Who killed JFK and why. The background to the Cuban crisis. How brutal war experiences can turn people into psychopathic hitmen. Family relationships. The relationship between government and organised crime. 

    3. Soulfinder


      Thats interesting veer ji so it seems like a story on how the system creates these hitmen from normal people sounds like a good movie. 


      It also reminds me of vaastav hindi movie which shows how a normal guy becomes a gangster in mumbai. That was a good film i liked.


      Heat i will look out for that one as that does look like a good movie.

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