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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6716921/Medical-cannabis-access-appalling-drug-legalised-UK.html
  2. I haven't got itunes or a google account so I can't hear them.
  3. Veer ji my PM box is full right now. 1) The tongue should just slightly touch the roof, it should essentially just rest there - no significant pressure is applied. I'm going to tell you what works for me, and I think people adapt techniques to suit them. Remember that your lung capacity is very likely changing now that you've cut down/given up the fags. When I started simran, my breathing was very shallow at first, but this changed over time. I now go for long slow breathing. It might be a practice thing, so it might take you a little bit of sustained effort to get it? Maybe I misled you a bit, really if I think about it, the first two syllables (WAAAAAAAAHE) are one deep drawing in of air (through the nose). Then I hold it in for a second. (Pause) Now for the exhalation (which for me is the longest part), I slowly breath out to GUUUUUUUURRRUUUUUUUUUUUUU. When I get to the end I try and pause for a second again. This exhalation I repeat is much longer than the inhalation for some reason. Then start again: WAAAAAAAHE The simran should help you (in time) to let go of the triggering thoughts. I've been getting flashbacks too of late. But I recognise them for what they are. I don't think I was mentally ready or mature enough to fully understand and deal with the past before. I think the repressed thoughts coming out now are a sign that you are finally ready to deal with them (not that it this is easy). Letting go and living in this moment onwards (easier said than done) is the biggest aid to overcoming regrets like you mention. It's wahegurus hukam.
  4. Have you had any insights into the roots causes of your anger?
  5. We need the original. The ending sentences of this are significant too. I think these are political/military strategies that have been coded. Like you alluded to, this one suggests being caught out without resources by the enemy. It speaks of being prepared. Then when we look at the next chariter, it seems to elaborate on this. I don't know if we should openly discuss these any more. It might give our enemies ideas and insights that we are better off hiding from them?
  6. Keep at it. Try and incorporate a little Sukhmani Sahib in as well. Breaking thought patterns isn't an overnight thing. Slow the breathe rate too. I find the long slow exhalation on GU RU really chills me out.
  7. Another thing that is implicit here is that the rani must have seen something in the young man that she found very attractive. Something that her husband lacked perhaps? That's why she was so keen to get her daughter married off to him. This must have been outside of wealth and status because the young man was disguised as a mendicant. I have to say at this point. I don't think all chariters are necessarily directly related to the over framing root tale. I've also heard that Bindra's work was essentially an English translation of a Panjabi translation. This makes me feel that we are missing important subtle nuances in the original. It can't be that CP is essentially a monotonous repeating of the point in the first over-arching tale. That breaks all rules of good writing. There is much more to this than a surface reading would give.
  8. From what I saw in the video a leopard appears to be exactly like a large billi/billa?
  9. Those people didn't seem scared. If it was a tiger or a lion it would be different. Leopards are beautiful.
  10. Got daym! Didn't know there were leopards in Jalandhar!??! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6653325/Leopard-goes-rampage-shot-tranquillizer-gun-mauls-people-India.html
  11. Absolutely. That's the best plan!
  12. Take it step by step. People here can help with questions.
  13. Definitely do this brother. It makes a big difference and once you master it, it makes reading/pronunciation SO MUCH easier.
  14. Seriously. Find a decent women who is physically compatible with you, and get married.
  15. Look at that nonce from Huddersfield: Dhaliwal. From what local guys said on SS, people didn't dare challenge him because his grand-dad was some Gurdwara pardaan and all that status ish. That's what happens when pendus take their external look and status obsession to its conclusion. This bhundh-yaari deference to people projecting a religious persona is a pure fudhoo bundha move, and we don't have a shortage of people who act like this.
  16. Like I said previously, I think it highly likely that she didn't actually planned to have him killed but that banged up Singh might have gone a bit bonkers when he was supposed to just batter him?
  17. You know I must be going senile. I forgot one of the most powerful things for a Sikh to calm anger and anxiety down. Get some Sukhmani Sahib going on.
  18. They seem like a rich family anyway bro. To have a young guy like that spring out the readies for a TV channel isn't a cheap move.
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