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  1. Okay, you've said your piece now. If you are really Sikh, I really do hope you go through the effort of learning Gurmukhi and start reading our written heritage. It should give you a whole new vocabulary and ideas/frameworks to start conceptualising the things around you.
  2. Man, you throw all the vocab of 'SJW', 'bleeding heart', 'commie' and whatnot that I typically hear from certain people into the mix. Is your thinking that constrained by other communties politics and rhetoric? I wonder if you are neurobiologically capable of seeing the world through any other sort of lens outside of the one that seems to have been implanted in your head (and deeply too). You know I'm not atheist, You seriously think I'm a communist?? I know full well how detrimental lefty thinking can be for the communities they purport to try and champion. I think you need to reconsider your assumptions. What I said in terms of the effects of socio-economic issues on communities can apply to many other communities too - this isn't just about black people, I told you how this can equally apply to say native American too for example. Us. I mean you came here, delusioned, angry as hell, detached from your heritage and wanting some advice on how to connect to it (which a lot of us do), and then in the face of some independent thought - you've done a knee-jerk reaction and pushed out some seriously far-right worldviews that I rarely hear from apnay. That does surprise me. I did not know people like yourself existed in Malaysia (where I think you are?). And those 'breathing exercises' you referred to previously are a central part of your heritage called simran btw, not woo woo nonsense. Like I said, we go out in the world, we learn things about people, and online too, I'm learning a lot of things I never knew before too. Boy, if this is the type of thought patterns that emerge from your subconscious when you try and still your mind, it's no wonder that you feel so angry after you've tried to do some simran. I'm just saying here, because you did ask for advice before, and I'm just going to put this to you and leave it - maybe try and get that thinking outside of the confines of left and right and somewhere else. We aren't just constrained with these polar opposites - we have a much more flexible and free mind than this. Do you have any idea of what goes on back home these days in terms of corruption and drug dealing? Just open your eyes up a bit. Well, I've certainly learnt a lot from this interaction. I think we're better off drawing a line on it myself too now.
  3. How do you know how I live? Do you think I'm wrapped in in these 'first world luxuries'? I've come here living amongst them, and have had to deal with them blatantly ignoring the grooming thing for decades where young girls of your own race have been abused en mass because any Sikh with any conscience should do this. Do you think that I'm in some sort of good books of the government for this? I'm not going to go into details, but don't you think they've tried to attack me for doing this? This is about facing up to the truth about these things. You seem more passionate and worried about boers than the most vulnerable people in your own community getting fed to the wolves. And it was you that came here on the ropes with his life decisions wanting advice before you give it the large veer ji. You're views are your views, you are entitled to them. If someone puts alternative opinions out on them, it isn't the end of the world. Both of us could learn something from them. I'm certainly learning that certain apnay hold views that I thought had died out decades ago. I used to hear all of what you were saying when I was younger - always from neo-nazis. So I'm familiar with it. I just didn't know that there are pockets of apnay who bought into this. Good, I'm glad you mentioned those other peoples. Especially the indigenous Americans and Aboriginals. Notice how what has happened on their lands seems to have a similar effect. It causes deep rooted dysfunction, alcoholism and drug abuse and criminality. They never had these issues before. I do have some degree of empathy for their situation. That doesn't make me a SJW or Lefty. Just human. We're only focusing on Africans because that's the example you brought up. The very same thing could be said about the other communities above. Regarding your last point. Maybe it's because the Chinese were at a much more advanced stage, and that for a very prolonged period. So for them to return back to previously established working norms for their society after colonialism, wasn't too difficult. Compare that to us, we just about, with (literally) Guru ji's grace dragged ourselves out of savagery and prolonged periods of foreign subjugation to establish some sort of independent society. Just about. On the backs of major sacrifice and facing serious savagery. Then this was attacked and dismantled after the annexation. Look where we are now. You can go to some villages in Panjab and see how the poorest people are living Jageera. It's only slightly better conditions than those Africans in the mud huts. Plus plenty of people don't live like you are describing in Africa: Look at these mansions in Nigeria for example: I'm sure you can find lots of such properties in Africa as well as shanty towns and mud huts.
  4. And you know what section of our community is especially good at this. You've worked with them, as I have. Strange isn't it. That's exactly what blacks experienced. I thought discussion is what we are here for???? All I'll say is that if you agree that blacks are the least of our problems, you sure hold very strong opinions about them..... "Without the Punjabi race there would be no Sikhi,mind you. No Gurgaddi was given to Madrasis,Gujratis or Bengolis. It was only Punjabis. So if you don't believe in race you have no problem with Girls in your family marrying blacks?And you will happily encourage them to do so? This is the problem. Once we stop believing in race and preserving it,we implode. No need for anyone to attack from outside." Have you checked out where the panj piaray are from bro? They weren't all Panjabi. I wouldn't have a problem with my daughter marrying a decent genuine Sikh guy whatever his colour. I've seen a few cases of others insist on their daughters marrying a certain way (like caste or whatnot) only for it to turn out very badly because the guy is abusive, alcoholic, drug addicted. Only for them to just let the rest of children make their own choices - which sadly goes outside of Sikhs. That's the reality. Do you honestly have no vision of Sikhi outside of Panjabis? Seriously?
  5. You're going all over the shop now brother. I'm just making the point that your criticisms of blacks can be applied to some of our own community. What this might suggest is that particular circumstances/environments can play a part in how people behave? Get where I'm going with this? Hell, even India messes with that image of degenerate, drug abusing, criminals with apnay. And just to clarify, I don't give a toss about race. If it is so important to you, you should be affiliating with those across the border from us in our homeland. That's where most of the members of 'our race' Panjabis reside. It isn't race, but the ideas enshrined in Sikhi that attracts me. Even with all my uncountable flaws. Even if I REALLY struggle with them. Those ideas are what push me higher. If I went by race, wouldn't I behave like those duplicitious desi ar5ehole employees you mentioned in your previous post? That's your experience of the race. We all struggle with that grey area between culture and our dharam. I think you know full well how some elements of our culture can be detrimental with all its emphasis on boozing, casteism and prancing about and acting a fool as well as anti-intellectualism amongst other things. That's why we need HEAVY doses of Sikhi to counteract this. Black people are the least of our problems.
  6. You know what! I had a similar thought regarding Trump and Putin. I bet Putin's got some serious dirt on trump.
  7. @Jageera What do you make of all the apnay in Canada that are heavily into violence and drug dealing though bro? Are they any different to the black people you mentioned previously?
  8. Critiquing western white society doesn't mean I hate them brother. I've been around them a lot. I'm talking about the structured institutions and long term cultural norms (most of which developed during the centuries of looting and pillaging) that dictate their interactions with our community in a negative way. I notice they have these things in different variants when they are dealing with different groups. I'm not that retarded that I don't know that at ground level, we are dealing with individuals with differing personalities and beliefs - I'm talking about something bigger than individuals.
  9. Let that poison out brother. Purge yourself of it. What I'm saying doesn't stem from any particular affection for blacks (as you put it). It's just how I see things in relation to history, race and politics. Today you are saying all these things about blacks, tomorrow we'll be hearing similar stuff about us. That's how it goes. You talk about Boers having to give up their weapons, just like us post-annexation. I tell you what, I'm genuinely shocked at just how hate filled certain brothers can be when it comes to certain other races. I mean I knew it was there, but when it shows its ugly head like this it's startling. Just so you know, blacks don't have a monopoly on violence and drug dealing. Take a look: https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/metros-deadly-gang-war-going-after-a-familiar-cast-plus-new-players Vancouver police Supt. Mike Porteous explained that those linked to the RS were known as the Grewals, the Kangs and the Dhaliwals after leaders of each faction. They had carved up the Lower Mainland into areas where each ran dial-a-dope lines. “They were traditionally at odds with the Sandhu-Sidhu group, which is more of an Abbotsford group,” Porteous said. Those loyal to Jimi Sandhu, who has since been deported to India, and his associate Sandeep Sidhu, were connected to the UN side. Underlings in both groups began battling several years ago on Townline Hill in Abbotsford, leading to assaults, shootings and murders. The violence spilled over into other communities and even to Edmonton, where Sidhu’s brother Navdeep, 24, and Harman Mangat, 22, were shot to death in January 2017. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/gangland-traps-punjabi-kids/articleshow/66114671.cms Police in Canada have stated that 33% of all gang and drug violence in Vancouver is by Punjabis. The Canadian media have released several news reports where the Punjabi community was targeted to show that guns and violence in the community was a major problem. http://dailysikhupdates.com/police-33-gang-violence-drug-crimes-punjabis-canada/ https://www.surreynowleader.com/news/watch-new-targets-video-takes-aim-at-gang-violence-in-surrey/ I bet you some other races over there are saying similar stuff like you have been about apnay bro. Here in the UK, some of us are concerned about the persistent way the establishment here has covered up the grooming and abuse of Sikh girls for decades. I know blacks aren't angels, but like you said, we have to look after our own (because no one else will). This is more of an issue for us than blacks doing the stuff you mention (which they seem to do indiscriminately - even to each other).
  10. This case study is interesting: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-7273413/Former-Miss-UK-34-battling-terminal-cancer-claims-medicinal-cannabis-CURED-brain-tumour.html
  11. Not at all. The non white immigrants didn't just turn up uninvited and start taking over the land. Whites actually brought them in to do stuff they either couldn't or didn't want to do originally. And then let's look at white people jumping into other countries, messing up the existing political balance and creating hell on earth - which leads to a mass exodus - i.e. refugee crisis. I think South Americans like Colombians, and others like Paks or Afghans do more to spread hardcore drugs about than blacks btw, because they actually manufacture them. There are lots of dealers in London. They are every last colour. So I don't think being black and drug dealing is connected. You talk about prostitution - in the UK right now it's brown (Paks) and whites (Eastern Europeans) that dominate this 'business' nowadays. Not blacks. You talk about blacks enjoying the benefits of what whites brought to them in SA? Which ones? Certainly not the ones ram packed in shanty towns, who had to sit watching whites live in luxury whilst they were living like third rate citizens on their own land. What, you seriously think that a black man would have the same chances of employment as a white man in some lucrative job? Seriously...... Cause and Effect. If you create certain situations, they have an consequences. When you repeatedly keep doing the same thing, it shows contempt. White institutional racism is a reality. You can't pretend it doesn't exist - or that it doesn't effect all our lives. Creating vastly unequal societies leads to such things. As a Sikh you should get that because, the very idea of a Sikh society is rooted in equality. Its like Jews and Germans post ww1. Jews supposedly prospered whilst Germans were struggling. Look how that ended up..... This is nothing to do with being a lefty of an SJW - I'm neither. But I do acknowledge the impact of actions that can affect things generations down the line. I do realise that power differentials between communities gives one potential power to abuse the other. This is just grown up reality. And I do see plenty of white men causing a huge amount of deaths globally when they start their wars abroad for oil and whatnot. I think it is because Sikh society has basically been overtaken by peasant society with their own peculiar style of petty thinking and excessive internal competition but sycophantic attitudes towards outsiders. These people are so close-knitted that any attempts towards a wider unity (outside of caste clannishness) and a grand vision for Sikh society gets derailed by them for some reason. These people are shockingly selfish and self-serving. They prefer being big fish in a small pond than trying to compete on a global level as a community. That style of petty thinking makes them easy to manipulate and great slaves. I don't know if this is a consequence of their culture or genes though?
  12. Yeah but then you open up the topic of people being allowed to remain owners of their own ancestral lands. I'm not doubting that whites did do all those developmental things you talk about - but does that justify land grabs and subjugation? What about all the savagery that lies behind it - that most whites shy away from facing - is that justified? Should people be allowed to live like their culture dictates on their own land essentially? Even if this is deemed 'inferior' or 'under-developed' by other communities standards? Or does this lack of development by western standards justify violent land grabs in order to 'civilise' these people? And was the purpose of these invaders ever actually about some perceived benevolence towards the original inhabitants, or where they just seen as objects/obstacles to their own aspirations and agendas. If you're going to talk about the violence and savagery in SA right now, can you honestly say that this is definitely not a consequence of white interjection and the changes it causes to society? Because, from what it looks like, wherever they go - this is how things end up eventually. Look at our own traditional homeland and partition for an example close to home. You can see the madness that was brought about in Iraq and Syria recently too.
  13. I'm not condoning the violence but is that really their country anyway?
  14. Doesn't every last western white person not actually realise that this is what their society does as a norm politically? And have been doing for centuries. I know you'll get a few simple-minded 'special needs' type that truly can't see through the 'gorment' propaganda (like we didn't have hordes of these in our own community during the colonial period), but I'm pretty sure every last one of them outside of this knows what is going on and sort of keep an unspoken agreement to never speak of it. On another note, should our Panjab itself also invest and build up an arms manufacturing industry for economic reasons? We had one previous to goray turning up.
  15. I watched it a bit NE0, I didn't find it that funny. Maybe I watched the wrong video? (will try some more) I grew up in England. At this stage of my Iife I find that I like my humour seriously dark and twisted. It's got to be offensive on some level. lol This just seems like white girls saying what every woke man knows (or should know!) about white men but still enjoying all the perks and privileges. Now, if they grabbed one and beat him about the head with a pool cue and then rammed it up his ar5e ala Sopranos, and filmed that - then I'd be impressed. Plus these aussies: those b1tches great grandpa was probably some serial paedo rapist that the english loaded up on a 'transport' boat over here and shipped out over there in the 1800s. I prefer stuff like Andrew Schulz, Jimmy Carr, Jim Jefferies (even that Canadian b1tch Katherine Ryan who seems to have made a full time career off british comic panel shows) and whatnot. Paul Chowdhry is good too, but you never know when these brown b@stards are going to sell out their roots for the next big upward move of the career ladder - but probably more likely is them reaching that point in their 'ascent' that the average brown c**t at ground level (who used to be their bread and butter) can't relate to them anymore. Just like that 'Superwoman' from your country. {That's an example of the kind of warped humour I like btw!]
  16. Obviously, this section of CP has deeply mined existing romantic folktales. It pretty much like a commentary and adaptation of these.
  17. I think this Jalal and Bubna story is a Rajastani folktale.
  18. I don't know what's going on in the English translation above?
  19. A big thank you to the brother in the video who shared his experiences with Thomas Clark, giving the rest of the panth a heads up. Especially the hordes of naive gullible people.
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