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  1. Oh, okay. I do love some spicy food though. Bhai ji I experiment with diets and for the last long while I tried a lowish carb diet and it works well for me. It keeps me lean and toned. You should do juicing sometimes if you can. It's a really good way to get loads of nutrients in you. Mix them up, have some karela, an apple, a little ginger, celery, carrots, cucumber. Yeah!!
  2. Veera I believe a lot of our pendu brothers could actually live a decent quality life out there. Better than the one many of our brothers here in certain urban areas do anyway. For a lot of them, I think going abroad is more about 'keeping up with the Jonese' than genuine poverty.
  3. Absolutely. But until Panjab itself sorts out its economy and makes itself into a prosperous place of opportunity this won't end. Apnay over there need to take on the task of investing into and developing the state themselves. There is plenty of money for development through Gurdwara donations alone. I think it's a mentality thing over there?
  4. I heard from faujis themselves that donkey bohoth gundhay nay.
  5. Notice the difference in interpretations. In one the princess throws the sorma in her dad's eyes, but in the other uses the sorma to disguise the lover (as a janani). Overall though, this chariter is relatively straightforward. The women is sexually attracted to the goldsmith who is in very good physical shape. This one gives a very good account of female psychology. Note how the original uses the word ਮੂੜ to describe the father. The chariter is essentially telling us that fathers should be aware of what their daughters are doing, and those that aren't are fools. Notice that there are no sensational deaths either.
  6. Happy Vasaikhi everyone!
  7. Can we really eat chilli raw all the time? hmmmm You're making me want to eat prontay (which I haven't in years).....lol You've got a good point though. Although some foods do retain their medicinal qualities after being cooked like say karela.
  8. This guy isn't claiming that veer ji. He's saying his family is doing good back home. Most faujis that come here aren't poor backhome (to Indian standards) in my opinion. A lot of them love the status and lifestyle out here. They could live relatively comfortable lives back home if they wished. Those that are genuinely poor and desperate are probably stuck out there and have no chance of getting out.
  9. I always like growing cayenne chillies. Gives me even more incentive now. Could spicy food offer hope in tackling cancer? Tests show compound that gives chili peppers their kick can slow down the progression of lung cancer Researchers based at Marshall University examined the effects of capsaicin They discovered the compound stopped the first step of cancer metastasis Only one in ten patients is still alive five years after their lung cancer diagnosis This is because the illness has often spread elsewhere - known as metastasis They're known for being spicy and giving your meal a little kick. But now scientists say chili peppers may have more use than just adding some fire to a curry - and could even tackle cancer. Tests have suggested capsaicin, the compound that gives chili peppers their kick, may the disease from spreading Researchers at Marshall University, West Virginia, examined the effects of capsaicin on three types of cancer cell in the laboratory. The team of scientists discovered the compound stopped the first step of cancer spreading, known as metastasis. And tests on mice battling metastatic cancer found those who consumed capsaicin had smaller areas of aggressive cancer cells in their lung. Further trials showed capsaicin suppressed lung cancer metastasis by blocking a protein that plays a role in cell growth, called Src. The findings were presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Investigative Pathology in Orlando, Florida. Jamie Friedman, a PhD candidate who led the study, said: 'Lung cancer and other cancers commonly metastasize to secondary locations like the brain, liver or bone, making them difficult to treat. 'Our study suggests that the natural compound capsaicin from chili peppers could represent a novel therapy to combat metastasis in lung cancer patients.' Mr Friedman added: 'We hope that one day capsaicin can be used in combination with other chemotherapeutics to treat a variety of lung cancers. WHAT IS LUNG CANCER? Lung cancer is one of the most common and serious types of cancer. There are 46,400 cases of lung cancer in Britain each year and 35,500 deaths, making it the biggest cancer killer. In the US, around 230,000 new diagnoses are made each year, while the disease kills around 140,000 people. Most patients who get lung cancer, which is often symptomless in its earliest stages, are smokers or former smokers. There are usually no signs or symptoms in the early stages of lung cancer, but many people with the condition will eventually develop symptoms. Only one in ten patients is still alive five years after their diagnosis because the illness has often spread elsewhere, figures suggest. Source: NHS Choices 'However, using capsaicin clinically will require overcoming its unpleasant side effects, which include gastrointestinal irritation, stomach cramps and a burning sensation.' There are 46,400 cases of lung cancer in Britain each year and 35,500 deaths, making it the biggest cancer killer. In the US, around 230,000 new diagnoses are made each year, while the disease kills around 140,000 people. Most patients who get lung cancer, which is often symptomless in its earliest stages, are smokers or former smokers. Only one in ten patients is still alive five years after their diagnosis because the illness has often spread elsewhere, figures suggest. It is not the first time researchers have found capsaicin – a form of vanilloid – has cancer-fighting properties. Scientists say it triggers a cell receptor called TRPV1 which controls which substances the cancerous growth can feed on. As it fights to battle this, the growth eventually self-destructs. As more and more cancer cells die, the tumour is stopped from growing larger. Other experiments have found the family of compounds capsaicin belongs to can kill cancer cells by attacking their powerhouse, the mitochondria. But experts have repeatedly warned that it is unlikely just eating lots of spice alone could help to combat any form of cancer. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6898633/Spicy-food-offer-hope-tackling-cancer.html
  10. Yeah I agree. Unless it explicitly mentioned Sikhs he wouldn't have put it in. I think things might have gone quiet in that period between Banda SIngh and the 1750s. Singh's must have been operating in gupt, and consolidating themselves. I've got that "Sicques Tigers and Thieves" somewhere.
  11. Was this in J.S.Grewal's Persian Sources book?
  12. Hmmm...why would Zakira Khan ask for the release of the Indian prisoners? Where these the people he kidnapped to try and build a city in Persia?
  13. This one is really eye opening too. I like the fearless way he has dissected US/European history. I saw the complete shyte hole the former soviet union had become in the cold war on tv. Goray would gloat at it. It was a dire, bombed out place with starving people having to form massive queues for simple basic food. The way Putin has put the place back on the map is an example for us all on a raj-niti tip. Yeah, I know he's probably had to deal with all manner of 'strong-arm' people and do all sorts of dark ish to do it, but he made his country into something out of nothing in front of our eyes. You got to respect that.
  14. One of the comments in the above article: How sad and the truth will come out at some stage. The UK is the largest manufacturer and exporter of medical marijuana products IN THE WORLD. Companies who are connected with the ruling classes are making millions while the benefits of this medicine are denied to ordinary people whose lives could be changed for the better.
  15. This is an absolute disgrace. Shameless! Mother of severely epileptic nine-year-old girl weeps after Southend Airport border control seize vital cannabis oil that ease daughter's deadly seizures Emma Appleby, from Aylesham near Dover, wept at Southend airport in Essex Three-month supply of medical cannabis oils for her daughter was confiscated Teagan, nine, suffers up to 300 seizures a day due to rare chromosomal disorder https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6893903/Mother-severely-epileptic-nine-year-old-girl-weeps-Southend-Airport-border.html
  16. You don't see big time leaders talking about religious beliefs in this way. Interesting.
  17. I love this raw type of stand up comedy. Not for the easily offended! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOtdqUs54ic
  18. I think quality is better than quantity myself. Do what works for you.
  19. This works sehajay sehajay and you make very subtle but significant progress without realising it at the time: Notice that you are more infinitely more attuned with your psychological state now. You are watching it now instead of just reacting to it or acting on it obliviously. Keep doing what works for you. I'm on 20 (sometimes 25) minutes of internalised breathing simran now. This thread helped me up the time. That experience you had might be a significant release of negative emotion from within. You have to stop thinking the simran is anything bad for you (at the very least be neutral about it, if not positive). Could it be that those strong emotions you felt was a revolt of your munh, now that it has twigged on to the fact that you are regularly doing simran to try and limit it's power over you? The mind plays tricks like that on you to try and stay in complete power. Also, when you read Anand Sahib, pay close attention to the instances and of the word munh and how the word is used. You are engaging with your munh now, and you are trying to be munh-jeet (a conqueror of your munh) - but the munh will try and resist this . That might be what you experienced? A desperate attempt by your munh to keep in control.
  20. Good for people looking for original Panjabi texts. https://www.scribd.com/user/88680449/rehatnama
  21. Far right extremists in Britain have viewed ISIS terror and bomb manuals says security minister Almost half of extremists identified by the government are from the far right Security minister Ben Wallace today told Parliament about current terror threats He admitted far right extremists have been viewing Isis terror training manuals He said the right wing threat was highest in the north east and north west https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6877975/Far-right-extremists-Britain-viewed-ISIS-terror-bomb-manuals-says-security-minister.html
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