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  1. I think Bhai Vir Singh was a head of the Khalsa Tract society (KTS). If Giani Gian SIngh handed over his manuscripts to the Singh Sabha lehar, and his accounts of the events around and during the Sikh-Anglo wars wasn't inline with the line the colonising firenghees were pushing, it would explain why BVS, in an act of political expediency (remember the SS lehar was essentially patronised by the colonisers in both sense of the words), hid that text. Where would it be now? Where did BVS leave his manuscript collection? People commonly seemed to have donated their collections to libraries back then, did BVS leave his collection in this way? If so, is the manuscript there? Might be this place? http://www.bvsss.org/museum.html Contact details are here: https://www.bvsss.org/contact-us.html Do let us know if you have any luck. If so, we can maybe start transcribing and translating the text.
  2. Not being disrespectful, but I don't get what you are talking about: From my perspective we've come leaps and bounds in facing this issue compared to only a decade ago.
  3. No I didn't have any luck but I found a manuscripts of another sections on PDL. Maybe if you contact the owner of these in Chandigarh (if I recall rightly?) he might be able to help? Where are you based?
  4. Watched Scorsese's The Irishman on Netflix yesterday (it's a long film!) Excellent film, well worth a watch!

    1. Soulfinder


      It does like a great movie as both al pacino and robert de niro are finally in the movie together.

    2. dalsingh101


      They were in Heat together too. This film is bigger though, shines light on long term mysteries: Like who killed Hoffa and why? Who killed JFK and why. The background to the Cuban crisis. How brutal war experiences can turn people into psychopathic hitmen. Family relationships. The relationship between government and organised crime. 

    3. Soulfinder


      Thats interesting veer ji so it seems like a story on how the system creates these hitmen from normal people sounds like a good movie. 


      It also reminds me of vaastav hindi movie which shows how a normal guy becomes a gangster in mumbai. That was a good film i liked.


      Heat i will look out for that one as that does look like a good movie.

  5. I struggle to talk about it, and many people were directly affected by events infinitely more than me.
  6. Love this guy's stuff. DOn't watch if you're of an excessively sensitive disposition:
  7. Chatanga, the CP threads you had going on were getting really interesting. Why did you stop? I thought you wanted to get through that granth sharpish? 

  8. ^^^^ I don't know what this guy is like in real life, but I got to say, I do admire his articulation when discussing this (to my mind) knotty subject.
  9. 'I admire the rebel against injustice, man or women, because I know that it is to them that all real progress is due.'

    Frank Sproson

  10. You know, maybe some Canadian brothers or sisters can give us some advice on dealing with these types of antiSikh government actions? You lot seem to have more experience than us in this?
  11. Warning, lots of Panjabi swearing, don't watch if you are of a sensitive disposition:
  12. Look how quick these have sold out!! Pendus back home need to get in on the action. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-7701269/CBD-gummies-Starpowa-100-product-sells-minutes.html
  13. @Yodah If you haven't already, I strongly advise downloading and reading this report, that was sent to the Home Office. It contextualises things very well:
  14. Yes, but it's the longstanding establishment attitudes that essentially gave the pak groomers carte blanche to do what they do unchallenged, the goray were fully aware of situation but deeply entrenched cultural attitudes cause them to be indifferent to it. If anything, they would be confused about how strong Sikh feelings about the issue was/is. But as we can see, the reaction by Sikhs and some working class goray forced their hand. But don't for one minute think that all wc goray share the attitudes shown by those in the Mohan Singh video. Some don't care and would rather this all goes away so they can continue with their hedonistic lifestyles. Some of them are closet racists who want to exploit the situation for a wider attack on brown men and immigrants. Many of them have sullay married into their families too, and this affects their stance. It's all very murky and this is another reason for us to be somewhat aloof from baharlay bundhay. This stuff could've been nipped in the bud decades ago but establishment orgs (like the police and mainstream media) deliberately ignored it and vilified the Sikhs who were forced to confront it. WC goray have achieved the objective of forcing the gorment to confront the issue their girls are facing (fairplay and well done to them), and many white working class goriaan are generally aware now. In all this the establishment has persistently (to this day) ignored and detracted from Sikh concerns. You have to get your head around the true attitude of the anglo establishment attitudes towards Sikhs, that have consistently been one of contempt, use and abuse for centuries, despite covering this up with nostalgic, neo-colonialist propaganda. I'm not knocking Bhai Mohan Singh, I have the utmost respect for him. He's done what was necessary and shown the average gora what goes on is wider than just goriaan getting targeted. That being done, it's on us to protect our community and this involves many things, not just street level vigilance and activism, but also a cultural shift amongst our own through education, this is happening as we speak. Even I get asked to talk to young apneean now (by their parents and families) to clue them up these days. Sikh channels are on it, and we've got a few orgs dealing with it (despite the determined attacks and obfuscation attempts from the establishment). You need to realise that protecting our community is our own dharam (spiritual duty) as Singhs and not rely on others for it. That will end disastrously. WC goray full well know our position now (thanks to people like Bhai Mohan Singh and many others behind the scenes at ground level), not all of the goray are bothered about our issues though. This is our dharam yudh. They've done what was necessary to forewarn and protect their kurian, we need to carry on with doing this on our end, and we should not rely on outsiders for this, that's further emasculation. Organise, be aware and spread awareness. Some of our people have been doing this for a while now, we're bearing the fruits of it now. But this looks like it will be a long and dirty battle. And this will change our communities attitudes towards those in power here, and they will continue to try every dirty trick in the book to avoid this. We have to be proper Singhlike to win this. For the record, I think when we get paks off this, other races will come in fill that void and start targeting apneean in the same way.
  15. Some of us twigged on years ago that this stuff goes all the way to the top: Prince Andrew smiles and waves as he breaks cover for the first time since the Queen sacked him and stripped him of his £249,000 'salary' following Jeffrey Epstein scandal https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7710285/Prince-Andrew-smiling-waving-breaks-cover-time-Queen-sacked-him.html
  16. I get you, but until we sort our own issues out, we'd be foolish to think we can help others with their issues. Plus we do have a conflict of interest. Don't you think we should expect the christian community to sort out their own internal issues with grooming/pedophilia before forming any hypothetical alliance - I mean I know lots of RC christians and they know that they have their own mad issues with a lot of their priests. As for CofE, I mean look, as we speak, the head of that 'church' (the queen) has her own son stuck in the middle of a grooming/pedo case. From my longitudinal perspective, more has been achieved than most apnay would probably realise, but that is not to say more doesn't need to be done. The indigenous society here has a very strange attitude towards grooming. Remember their own police force and politicians have covered it up for decades. Goray need to confront their own ruling classes and establishment orgs like the police and social services, to get answers about why so many of their own girls were ignored when they were being abused - and stop buying into that bullshyte that it was because the establishment goray were afraid of being called racist, which is clearly obfuscation. This is an internal matter for them. You should realise that some of the apneean that were groomed and pimped out weren't just sold to other paks, but also goray too. I think it is well worth watching this whole video till the end. Bhai Jagraj Singh makes many important points about self-sufficiency here. I've seen that Bhai Mohan Singh video before, and I think that avenue has been fully explored by Sikhs now. Other communities have their own agendas. Brits have a habit of running to SIkhs when they are in over their heads only to suddenly discard them when they see fit. It's like the people in the video in the OP have said: there is a cultural issue with pedophilia in this country. It has been normalised - look at all the nonces in the BBC like Saville and Rolf Harris etc. Look at how the policeman in the OP clearly states how the police were essentially indifferent to the pimped out girls, and harassed them instead of the men who groomed them. Says a lot. It's the longstanding cultural attitudes towards these things that need to change in england. These attitudes are older than recent immigrant arrivals.
  17. I don't think forging 'alliances' with other communities in this way is a good idea at all. I think we should keep in mind that in the UK the grooming issue that Sikhs face is one that mainly stems from elements within the pakistani community, and not throw that on all and every sullah community. Yes, some other sullay may have jumped on that too following the pak lead, (like afghans and various stray converts) but we have to be careful of 'mission creep.' We don't want what is essentially dealing with sociopathic, rapist, pimps from within the pak community to turn into some pointless wider war against sullahism in general. These other communities have their own issues too, and it is very easy to use and abuse a smaller group and then discard them whenever is suitable, this is common practice. Some docile Sikhs just keep seeming to fall for this one again and again, especially when it comes to anglos. If we do what you suggest, the underlying implicit message is that apnay can't look after their own issues and need help like wimps, which isn't a position we want to be projecting. Plus we already have issues with attempts at infiltration by various 'gorment' agencies with gadaar, sycophantic members of our own community - that we need to be on top of. Linking with outsiders, will only increase the risk of this a thousandfold. This is all about setting and maintaining healthy boundaries.
  18. Man, you got to love this geezer - cally Monty Panesar a kunjar panc***aa! lol
  19. I hear you! Those latter types are simply kiers (cowards). But no one has the excuse of ignorance either these days. All the work of the past paid off. We got Sikh channels facing up to it. Mainstream media has had to face up to the grooming gangs (although they only seem to care about white girls and tried to deflect it on the wider 'asian' community). As for the old schoolers, they were pretty much compelled to go into some of the less savory things to eat. Waheguru will judge them - no one else.
  20. Some of the younguns have done great work. Regardless of what might come out in the smear campaign that is underway, Deepa Singh of SYUK comes to mind. At least more people are aware than ever and people (internal and external) trying to obfuscate or deny the issue will have a harder time than previously. Regarding the people who put in work and sacrifices in the past in the face of apathy. Whatever else, dasmesh pita can see who cared and who didn't. That matters more than anything else.
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