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  1. Thanks, this was very helpful I was looking for the chaupai sahib translation
  2. Can anyone get me a translation of chaupaee sahib, but its written in urdu in my path book I want a punjabi translation which takes 4 minutes to do, thanks JS
  3. What happenend how did they drown?..
  4. Hey Neo can you get these links up again pls?
  5. This link doesnt work but I would like to watch it, I understand its an old thread but can you give us the youtube link if possible?
  6. Yeah classic thanks for that one Neo. His nephew Rehat Fateh Ali khan is gonna do a tribute to him along with the symphony orchestra happening in London and Bham
  7. 12981 lets keep em comin ppl
  8. i'll try my best
  9. has got home and is still waitin for her weekend to start go figure!

  10. that link above N30 S!NGH says it cannot be found.. KAURAGEOUS - Uniting Sikh Women www.kaurageous.com
  11. N30 S!NGH that link doesnt work can you post it again?