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  1. wow..respect to the nihang singhs and the buddha dal..woooooooo
  2. eyebrows and moustaches dont make you more sikh penji.
  3. Word is born.. The industrys not making any money..pretty soon bhangra is gonna die!!
  4. yeh jokes aside, thats a beautiful picture u posted singh..me thinks thats probably what one of the heavens look like
  5. Im REALLY hurt drawof..i should have been the mahapursh of tim hortons..pardhan at least..i didnt even make it in the list of members. I hereby declare a new path..an alternative to these tim horton wahabis.. yes, its called the Rockys Jatha.. (for all you non londoners, tough teddie poo!) brrrrrrrruuaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  6. I grew my kesh, now i cut my dhari..and i STILL dont chase after women. Any ideas why i did it hardeep?
  7. I agree we should listen to guru jis "commands".. Kesh is part of guru jis "commands" henceforth iam not a sikh. But i hope those same people who follow guru jis "commands" (nudge nudge wink wink) follow gurus jis commands of being compassionate, seeing god in all, not replacing virtue with relegious garms,etc etc. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh!
  8. singh47, i hope ur comments werent directed at me..i was actually sympathizing with the khalistanis
  9. Challenge everything is spot on..impressionable kids are going to see this flyer (blushes) and assume its about sikhi when its really just about recruiting yet more people to hate other people which in turn is going to make other people (i.e. me) hate them people, which isnt good for any of us..
  10. Well this is where im confused tableji.. I dont beleive to be a sikh you have to be an amrit dhari.. Maybe im wrong..but i find it hard to beleive that amrit gives "salvation"..i find it hard to beleive that the same guru who abolished the whole idea of there being a priestly caste, would say to reach god you have to go through the panj pyarai..that sounds really bad i know, and i hope i dont cause anyone offence..but hey, i gotta ask these question or i'll never learn.. Also, where does that leave the likes of banda singh bahader? Or indeed the bhagats who contributed to the guru granth sahib? Were they amrit dhari? If they werent elightened beings, then why do we bow to them? Cant the same truth which pervaded their hearts and minds exist in the khalsa, and vice versa? Doesnt that then void the need for amrit..? Ok im going off topic (the point of this paragraph was to just emphasize that one can reach spiritual heights without being khalsa.) Also, when guru gobind singh ji compiled the guru granth sahib (or made baba deep singh write four copies i think it was) why then didnt guru ji in gurbani explicitly state that the gurus sikh has to take amrit..? the only hukkamnama i can remember which defines a gursikh is "he who calls himself a sikh of the guru, should rise at the ambrosial hours and contemplate on gods name".. At the end of the day, what narsingha said is true..im going to justify my actions by asking these questions..and ur going to refute them because u dont want destabilise what u beleive in..so try and be nice
  11. On a serious note, i wish more sikhs would dance..them gyanis need to sort out their tids!
  12. Apparently my jatt tribe were born from the hairs of shiva! -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mod Note: Please visit Jatt related websites to discuss more on this subject. Thanks!
  13. aaj sariya nooo bhangra paun diyooo, ni raal kushi manayee-e-e-e brrrrrrrrrruaaaaaaaaaaaah
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