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  1. HAHAHAHAHA I like it!!!!
  2. If you go to www.GurmatChanan.com they have many many files of SANT Ji's Keertan, Very good site for all Kirtani Break Down to find the keertan: 1)Go to www.GurmatChanan.com 2)Select Live Recordings 3)Scroll down to the bottom, there will be a folder named SANT SUJAN SINGH JI 4)Open the folder, other folders will appear, open them and you will find there keertan which You can download 5)Next to the shabad that you want to download there will be a green circle with the play sign in it, click it and it will give you the option to download or play, 6)Saves in to folder and Your ready to be in ANAND!!!!! Hope I could be of some Help...?
  3. Was it at Karol Bagh Nanaksar asthan??? Ok kool i didnt no that, So sant sujan singh didnt do kirtan for baba isher singh ji at nanaksar kaleren? Currently at the Nanaksar kaleren is it sant baba Lakha singh ji looking after things? after sant babab sadhu singh ji?
  4. Hi Guys, I am really intrested In the life story of BABA NAND SINGH JI maharaj and everything about NANAKSAR, I was wondering if anyone can give me a little insight in to what happend with SANT SUJAN SINGH JI after Babaji returned to sachkand, did they stay at Nanaksar Kaleren and carry on doing Kirtan for BABA ISHER SINGH JI maharaj? because as i try to find more information, i cannot find anything about this topic, soo hopefully anyone can help me out!!!! Appreciate!
  5. Wow what an amazing experiance, Its amazing some of the sakhis we here of the Nanaksar Mahpursh simply mind blow,Thank You for Posting, i have read this at a time where for some odd reason my faith is being tested and im swinging from side to side but this has assured my confidence back into my sikhi.. thank you once again