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  1. In case you are not aware, there was a documentary about Sikhs and Afghanistan on the BBC a few days ago. You have just under a month to watch it on BBC iPlayer. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0005y6f/our-world-the-last-sikhs-of-afghanistan
  2. The pakistanis are obviously clustered into a ghetto because white racism is so prevelant. It's not a problem as long as they physically avoid being around whites as much as possible. I wouldn't trust those guys from Stoke. The 'ethnics are being favoured' is the favourite excuse of all closet white racists. I don't think it's a big deal that muslims got some land on lease for a mosque virtually for free. They have to build a community centre for all locals to use. This will cost a lot of money which will come from the pockets of ordinary muslims.
  3. Well the organiser Carroll was talking rubbish when he said there are no modern park facilities for the estate where he grew up while the Asians have a state of the art one. There is a new up-to-date park five minutes from Caroll's estate which he must be aware of. He appears to be a mischief-maker. Clearly he has no genuine example of anti-white discrimination or else he would have used that instead. So I don't trust his claim of innocence with regard to his BNP nomination. The EDL is supposed to have an issue with cultural changes and unethical practices of Islam but obviously many of their rank and file are overtly and rabidly racist like the guy saying things like "we want our country back". I'm not certain if the guys from Stoke are racist but their terminology seemed euphemistic for race. It seemed like "Working class" = white, "Muslim" = non-white. One lamented that an area has become "mini Afghanistan" and "Muslim town" when the city is only 6.5% non-white. In the same breath he says if he has kids they might have to move to Australia for better prospects! Singh is just a PR tool to make the EDL look like it's not racist hence he is pushed to the front. Is this man Rajinder Singh's son or what? It's a good documentary, definitely something for non-UK Singhs to watch. For folks outside the UK you can download a torrent of this. Search isohunt. File size is 550mb.
  4. The guy definitely deserved a jhapad for disrespecting the pagh. Actually I was surprised the Canadian judge considered childhood trauma a mitigating factor. I couldn't see that happening here. I have also noticed the gora trait of frothing at the mouth over games of football. It isn't just chavs, the entire crowd is belligerent. Even BMEs into the game don't have the same demeanour. Sports spectator crowds in places like China and India are way more layed back. I think football mimics tribal warfare more so than other competitive sports and this is why they go ape over it. It's their extreme warlike nature. I've noticed this as well. Another thing is a phobia about ethnics speaking their native tongue. I've heard this complaint many times. I asked one guy what the big deal was and he said they will be badmouthing whites on the sly! I doubt he was unique in this belief. It is total nonsense of course, but it is exactly what many of them do so they assume that everyone else does the same. I bet the employment lawyer you mention sees only the tip of the iceberg. Most victims won't even bother complaining since they can't prove it and they will only be accused of being race card-playing compensation-scrounging uppity troublemakers. My general observation is that a lot of racism is done using malicious complaints, disiplinary proceeedings, internal investigation, passive-aggressive hostility, etc rather than cross burning type stuff. These kinds of tactics are a recurrent theme in the police.
  5. It's hard to say for certain who started it but as people say it is usually goray who start these things. Maybe I could understand a sullah starting it (though even that is relatively rare - they just fight back more) but not a Sikh. Plus if the Sikhs did hold a negative stereotype of whites one has to wonder what caused it. Actually this reminds me of a case in the UK which involved multiple sullay who were tried and convicted of attacking a white boy with a hammer outside his school. The school was majority white/minority Asian. I immediately wondered whether the victim had done something to provoke it. It was claimed to be a race attack but one has to wonder why a bunch of 18-20 year olds would attack a 15 year old outside his school in front of 100 witnesses instead of picking a target in a back alley on a dark night if that was their motive. Initially the picture painted was that a gang of sullay kids at the school were bullying whites. This was substantiated by children, parents and teaching staff, who were all white. The prosecutor said that the sullay singled out the victim because of his distinctive appearance. The victim of the attack was 15 year old 6ft 2in rugby player of stocky build. He had 'agreed' to have a 'fair' one-on-one fight with a 14 year old sullah boy described as "diminutive". The sullah then phoned the defendants for backup. The defendants reckoned the rugby player was a bully. One said that he had previously approached the headmaster twice about the bullying of a young Muslim pupil by him, but was told that there was no racism at the school. Another said that their aim was to make a show of strength to "deter the bullies". After the trial a the rugby player's family (who blamed "multiculturalism" for the whole mess) sued the school for damages. Here the head told the court that all race tensions stemmed from white antagonism towards Asian pupils. He said some Asians did congregate in a group of 10-15, but it was not a problem as far as he could see. He said they were pleasant to him and pointed out that white children formed groups as well. I wonder why none of the trial witnesses said any of this? Hope you don't think this is off topic, I think it has some relevance in terms of racism and people collectively lying about stuff and feigning innocence.
  6. This is a really good article. The 3000 riot police sound like storm troopers. Cass is most interesting - he seems to be a closet racist, the type who finds ways of harming BMEs without breaking the law or leaving clues, e.g. by excusing other racists, blaming the victim, or using the rules to harm them jobsworth style. The type Rajinder Singh would never see through. Notice that he blames Asians and anti-racism activists like Peach but there is no mention of him blaming the NF! I bet a lot of police regarded Peach as the enemy within as much as the NF and this hatred will have played a role in his killing.
  7. Yes it is a great movie with some great songs. Just a tip: This movie played fine on my PC but when I put it in my standalone DVD player with the TV the picture was all scrambled. I got it to work by reprocessing the file with DivX Converter. The more recent versions allow you do this without reducing the size.
  8. I have to hand it to the pakistanis though. They've got some bottle. Despite being outnumbered 6 to 2 they squared up to them in front of a TV camera. Then one spat in the white nationalist parliamentary candidate's face, who is an ex-marine. Most of the time each Asian was being attacked by two BNP guys. Despite being outclassed and outnumbered they still fought back as best they could. The marine went down hard at one point after he took a swipe at the big sullah. I think the latter decked him. The guy at the end is right, the BNP people went beyond self-defence by chasing them, plus they attacked all of them when only one had spat. The candidate used racist language as well!
  9. This film is being shared as a torrent. Search isohunt for "udham singh". It's a 1.54gb file, divx format.
  10. She looks like the grim reaper. Only the scythe is missing!
  11. I saw the clip. It is disgusting to spit on someone but remember the NF & BNP do the same and worse to Asians up and down the country. Even one of their councillors was filmed bragging about posting shit through someone's letterbox. So I have no sympathy for them. And yeah, the 'Asian Men' are definitely sullay.
  12. Here is someone deserving praise. A Hindu chef who has taken it upon himself to leave his home in Europe to feed hundreds of destitute people in Indian society. He is shown giving them baths and shaves as well as food. It was when he saw a man eating his own faeces that he decided to embark on the project. Sickening or what. It really brings home how desperate things are for some people. http://www.cnn.com/2010/LIVING/04/01/cnnheroes.krishnan.hunger/index.html I was watching a program recently and it said that unlike other parts of India there are no beggars in the streets in Panjab. Can anyone confirm this, and if it is the case, is the reason entirely because the poorest of the poor can eat in Sikh langars and are therefore not forced to beg or are the reasons more complex?
  13. Have you tried this: Slice up an aubergine. Make a batter from besan, water, beaten egg, lemon juice, mirch, masala, ground coriander seeds, and salt. Heat a frying pan with sunflower oil in it. Dip the aubergine in the batter and fry until browned (about couple of minutes each side). It's really nice!
  14. I had okra years ago. I can't remember the taste but I hated it. My favourite Panjabi dish is any kind of daal. Maa thi rajma is great. I like a good tharka - fry onions, tomato puree and cumin seeds and put in after the daal is cooked. My two favourite sabji dishes are potato & aubergine, and courgettes. Nice with roti with besan mixed with the atta. For meat chicken is good, and lamb and peas is great. Saag and mukhi di roti is great too. A good tip is to keep fresh green chillis and coriander in the freezer. Also try to get whole garam masala and grind it yourself in a blender. The flavour is better. Pretty standard Punjabi fare! BTW did any of you see the Keith Floyd series on India? I only caught a bit of one episode where he was in Gujarat. It showed some really good stuff. He was crackling mustard seeds and bay leaves in hot oil to really bring out the flavour before adding other stuff. It wasn't just set in a studio either, he was going around Gujarat. Maybe he did one in Punjab as well, I don't know.
  15. The Opium Wars were very bad indeed. It was good for us that the Germans lost WW2 anyway. If they had won the European countries would have united and attacked India for trying to become free, just like the Opium Wars. The carnage would have been far worse than the slaughter of 1857.
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