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  1. Bir ras is not new, my forefathers were Rajputs and i have been told about Bir ras and Chandi in my childhood by my father.This was years back before i knew anything about Sikhi
  2. Remember one thing, Punjab has had a strong Shakt tradition. Chandigarh, Jallandhar the rakshas killed by the Chandi, Ambala though now in Haryana geographically the name is associated with the Amba form of Chandi. When someone gets very angry they say Chandi jagrit ho gayi ohde ch ...for the Kshatri vansh they Primary form of worship is of the Shakti. Today's day prachariks are giving different stories and explanations because they dont want to get into the mess of being called rss agents or of hinduising Sikhi is what i feel.
  3. jaikaara

    "RSS was silent during the 1984 riots"

    yes the marxist leninist brain types..they believe in cold blooded murders.
  4. If you believe that they exist and will Darsahn then you will surely experience. Faith can move mountains, you just need to have it.
  5. bro this feeling to be One with Akaal has to come from inside and with kindness and compassion . It shouldnt be krodh against any form . Sehajta is a state which is like a seed to the beginning of the feeling of everything merging in Akaal. Sri Akaal Ustat sahib Bani is what i feel Dasam Paatsaah ji who would have been in that state while composing . It is tough to describe since i have not understood it or experienced it .
  6. Absolutely, i feel Jaap Sahib lays stress on this concept indirectly. The tuks have 'terms which are opposite to each other in describing Akaal. There is sargun and nirgun both.
  7. jaikaara

    "RSS was silent during the 1984 riots"

    muslim contribution are stray cases..congress workers saving Sikhs i haven't heard of . I mean they had orders from Rajiv Gandhi directly who is said to have personally supervised...
  8. jaikaara

    "RSS was silent during the 1984 riots"

    they were saving Sikhs at that time i had heard of stories in Delhi and in the city where i reside i saw a live example wherein the house i had rented the owner was Sikh and had neighbors who were rss members ..when the mob came these rss members stood outside his house not allowing anyone to enter and claiming it was their house.
  9. Its all about finding peace whether it is temporary or permanent Time will tell..atleast for now she is happy with her new found religion. I have no background of Sikhism , Gurbani gave me solace so i turned to Sikhi...i was 17 when movement towards Sikhi started after being given diksha by a monk of good awastha of Ramkrishna mission. ..i started visiting Gurdwara and attending Diwans on a regular basis ..partaking langar ..i was not into doing Nitnem paath ...just Sukhmani Sahib ..there was a mental stage that developed inside me around 2010 -2011 wherein i started thinking radical..during that time period i disowned every association to anything that would be Hindu. I even wanted to change my religion in the certificate. ..Gradually as i started doing paath this radical thought receded ..the concept of Akaal became more clear ..Aad and Dasam Bani helps me stay strong ..
  10. we cant comment anything brother...who are we to decide? what is the source? do you have any proof of rebirth ?
  11. Some Mahapurush even mentioned Raja Janak as one of the Panj Pyare..i read it somewhere donit remember now. It a good way to connect with Bhagats and Devtas is what i feel.
  12. jaikaara

    Am i going to sunn the right way ?

    have you taken proper sleep ? you sure its like sunn and not fatigue ? how many hours do you sleep ?
  13. veer i dont have knowledge, i felt it could be from Sarabloh Granth sahib looking at the composition style . Muaaf karna ji ..The first image the composition is from Dasam Granth Sahib ji too...however i somehow felt the Japji Sahib would be of Sarabloh Granth sahib ji ..was just a guess ...
  14. https://www.scribd.com/doc/118627477/Sarbloh-Japji-Sahib-Sri-Sarbloh-Granth-Manglacharan
  15. Seems to be from Sri Sarabloh Granth Sahib ji's Japji Sahib