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  1. Am i going to sunn the right way ?

    have you taken proper sleep ? you sure its like sunn and not fatigue ? how many hours do you sleep ?
  2. veer i dont have knowledge, i felt it could be from Sarabloh Granth sahib looking at the composition style . Muaaf karna ji ..The first image the composition is from Dasam Granth Sahib ji too...however i somehow felt the Japji Sahib would be of Sarabloh Granth sahib ji ..was just a guess ...
  3. https://www.scribd.com/doc/118627477/Sarbloh-Japji-Sahib-Sri-Sarbloh-Granth-Manglacharan
  4. Seems to be from Sri Sarabloh Granth Sahib ji's Japji Sahib
  5. Guru Samrath de...

    i have firm belief in hukum..if i did not see light at one point of time it was that i did not have the hukum to see light then..how much ever targets i personally plan..if there has been no hukum given ..come what may things wont happen. At the same time my efforts have to come ..hukum to get success will come whenever it has to..
  6. Guru Samrath de...

    was discussing the same with a friend and he told me about what Baba Bulleshah would say - Kazi Panj vele te Bulla har vele ...which means for the Kazi it was Namaz time five times in a day however for Bulleshah every time was for namaz.. I find this inspiring ..restrictions if you ponder on will always be..i have given in to such excuses and lost time...i feel it was just excuses for me for not doing bhagti.
  7. Guru Samrath de...

    the concept is clear and i had overcome the hurdle about timing restriction
  8. Guru Samrath de...

    what do you think would have happened
  9. Guru Samrath de...

    Sukh vele Shukrana Dukh vele Ardas ..Har Vele Simran...this we keep reading hearing time and again...i had asked an abhyasi once and he told me bluntly..is there any time for bhog? you get feelings and you get into the act ! its like that ..you feel to do now ..or any time you just do it..no restrictions ...thats what struck me ..my two cents ..Waheguru knows the best !
  10. i personally feel we need to balance too..as a householder let there be no neglect to your husband ..physical hug is also of equal importance. Its about your thought process , at this stage the feeling to hug was strongly on your mind and those pangtis gave your thought process a gear up . Let the experiences keep coming...love fear, tears ..various expressions. I experience that my urge generally gets strong ...its all natural
  11. If you are okay with him living a Sikh way of life and standing by his principles which may be very different to what you have living with and also if he is comfortable going to another country where the culture is very different it would be easy for him to accept that way of life then it would be okay. Has he stayed away from you as in you would meet say like once or twice a year? There are a number of factors to be considered.
  12. Thanks to your query, reminds me of my dad explaining me this almost 3 decades back and here is an explanation i found very much like what i heard from my dad . http://www.mygreatbaba.com/ All the problems faced in life can be basically categorised mainly in three types: Adi bhautik (Physical)- Related mainly to body; e.g. hunger/thirst, snake bite, wars or fights with other living beings Adi Devik (Divine)- Generated by Prakriti, e.g. Extreme weather, earthquake, excessive rain or lack of it Adhyatmik (Spiritual)- Related to the Mental plane, e.g.anger, greed, infatuation, recurring doubts, infidelity etc. These problems are also inter-related, eg. Persistent.Adhyatmik cause can turn to bhautik and vice versa. Or they could alsobe combined in a particular case leading to increased intensity. Human Beings are unaware of the starting point of this environment which actually initialises while they werein their mother’s womb. To explain MAHA RORAV NARAK the worst of the hells (pain) is to remain upside down in complete darkness and along with mal-mutra viz the natural wastes in lower abdomen for over 3 months