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  1. jaikaara

    30,000 jaap of a shabad

    just something what i have felt and a little bit of experience of this state of mind.
  2. jaikaara

    why we are opposing namdhari baba thakur dalip singh

    i feel he speaks the harsh truth, very practical reasons which people do not want to believe in.
  3. jaikaara

    30,000 jaap of a shabad

    i personally feel that just like there are some degrees which are not achieved just by doing study for hours for eg. say if you study for 8 hours a day it still doesn't guarantee that you would be a doctor. Similarly numbers of Jaap cannot guarantee that you would be a sidh. It is still considered as a abhyas. The Kathakaars give those examples since they want to inspire the sangat to be engrossed in Naam. Someone who does Jaap abhyaas would be lost in meditation and would lose the count. Naam Ras gives you peace and tranquil, you stop worrying about things happening around. Who will count for you ? The Jaap is nirantar inside...you will want to lose count. Siddhis come and are a blessing of Akaal. However i personally feel that energy will only reside in that body that can hold it. There are peoople who may start seeing things and predicting future but then along with these capabilities comes haume, arrogance. This arrogance kills abhyas with time. So rather than focussing on magic , i personally want to request you to focus on abhyaas. Let Parmatma be the decision maker, He always is , but as for now we feel we would do so and so and we would become so and so. My 2 cents bro, Waheguru Ang Sang Sahaai.
  4. jaikaara

    How do you make Kesar Tilak?

    Yes you dry grind..i personally feel don't get into grinding it all together and storing hassle.Rather just grind a few strands adding a drop of water..and you can grind it to a fine texture. It would be easier to apply and retain. There wouldn't be non commercial kesar .. everything that's sold is commercial.
  5. jaikaara

    How do you make Kesar Tilak?

    bro i know a friend who applied kesar tilak for a specific spiritual purpose. I consulted him yesterday and what he would do was just grind 1-2 strands adding a small drop of water regularly . He also suggested that you could get pure kesar and grind it all together using a mortal and pestle and store it . When ever you want to apply tilak just take a small quantity and add a small drop of water.
  6. jaikaara

    Suraj Kavach Astotar

    Kota Kot dhanvaad hai mere veer...Waheguru sadaa hi tuhannu charhdikala ch rakkhe
  7. It was a minor clash but limited to an area..some Singh slapped a small girl selling something outside the Gurdwara..
  8. there is a video of one of the Singhs of Charhdikala jatha taking santhia from Giani Gurvinder Singh ji Nangli wherein the Singh mentions about his abhyas experience
  9. jaikaara

    Havan (Fire Ritual) Maryada

    You can watch Namdharis doing Hawan on youtube
  10. jaikaara

    Havan (Fire Ritual) Maryada

    Sikhism is an Indic religion so the base is going to be the same.
  11. jaikaara

    Havan (Fire Ritual) Maryada

    how are they different?
  12. jaikaara

    Havan (Fire Ritual) Maryada

    Puratan maryada does have HOM/HAVAN..Brahm Kawach mentions
  13. if i were to go by what Giani Thakur Singh ji has repeatedly said in his Bachans, a hair cut person certainly can. I am not a kesdhaari however with the kirpa of Guru Sahib the Bani of Brahm Kawach is recited by a lowly person like me too. Also the Brahm Kawach Bani says, Ihh Kawach Brahma ko 32sa parrhe jo nitt Chhatri Rann Jeet leh Nirbheet rahe Ridh Sidh paave Atri, Leh Bed Bhed jo yah padhe Bipra Baisya Dhan Sukh Sampata, Dhan Dhaam tan arog sundar paaye sukh akampta... Which means Bipra or Baisya (Non Sikhs) can also read the Kawach.
  14. With due respect to your devotion, of whatever little i have known of Sikhi is. There is respect for the Avatars however worship of any individual Avatar is not in the concept. When you come across names of the various Avatars in Sri Aad Guru Granth Sahib ji, the Bhagats and Guru Sahibs refer to them in context of Akaal Parmatma. Also in Sanatan Dharam, the Vedas focus on Nirankaar is what is i have heard. I have heard my father using the terms Microcosm and Macrocosm. The Avatars are the Microcosm is what i have understood.