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  1. jaikaara

    Havan (Fire Ritual) Maryada

    You can watch Namdharis doing Hawan on youtube
  2. jaikaara

    Havan (Fire Ritual) Maryada

    Sikhism is an Indic religion so the base is going to be the same.
  3. jaikaara

    Havan (Fire Ritual) Maryada

    how are they different?
  4. jaikaara

    Havan (Fire Ritual) Maryada

    Puratan maryada does have HOM/HAVAN..Brahm Kawach mentions
  5. if i were to go by what Giani Thakur Singh ji has repeatedly said in his Bachans, a hair cut person certainly can. I am not a kesdhaari however with the kirpa of Guru Sahib the Bani of Brahm Kawach is recited by a lowly person like me too. Also the Brahm Kawach Bani says, Ihh Kawach Brahma ko 32sa parrhe jo nitt Chhatri Rann Jeet leh Nirbheet rahe Ridh Sidh paave Atri, Leh Bed Bhed jo yah padhe Bipra Baisya Dhan Sukh Sampata, Dhan Dhaam tan arog sundar paaye sukh akampta... Which means Bipra or Baisya (Non Sikhs) can also read the Kawach.
  6. With due respect to your devotion, of whatever little i have known of Sikhi is. There is respect for the Avatars however worship of any individual Avatar is not in the concept. When you come across names of the various Avatars in Sri Aad Guru Granth Sahib ji, the Bhagats and Guru Sahibs refer to them in context of Akaal Parmatma. Also in Sanatan Dharam, the Vedas focus on Nirankaar is what is i have heard. I have heard my father using the terms Microcosm and Macrocosm. The Avatars are the Microcosm is what i have understood.
  7. jaikaara


    Indonesia and Malaysia have Southern Indian influence . Punjabi influence i havent heard of .
  8. jaikaara


    it seems to be Portuguese influence to me
  9. Veere sangat forgets that the person is a kathakaar..they do sewa as if he is some great Guru..i somehow cannot do what they do ..if the kathakaar is aged at the most i will touch his feet.
  10. What happened and if it at all it happened wouldnt be supported but what plans do you have to stop it ? Can there be a farman to stop meeting ladies in loneliess for these Gianis ? What steps are you wanting to have a the Sangat take to stop any damage fruther?
  11. I have fought with depression and anxiety listening to his bachans. See, my take is do not give space to a person so much that he would take advantage of the situation. In that lady's case why did her husband and she not take the stand that she will not go alone. When the lady was called to his room alone , in the first place there was no need to go . The moment she heard what he said , she must have been in a shock but instead of confronting after a long time wherein facts get distorted action should have taken then and there. Power corrupts, nobody is above. Even the puraatan Rishis have lost control if you have come across the stories. Kamm is more powerful than anything else. A man can deny money but denying a woman is difficult. So, take whats useful to you and leave the rest. If you have the power to take action yourself then its a different thing.
  12. i was repeatedly banned otherwise i might have stayed on ..that so called giani from malaysia was a pain in the ass
  13. yes bro..well i was the 'rss' agent for them because i was open about my Hindu background. Antonia was the only one supporting me , i have had telephonic conversations with her when i was on a short visit to California.
  14. Its a anti Dasam group and has been active since a few years now ..there is one self proclaimed Giani of Malaysia who is a croonie of the Spokesman group. One person who made sense was a American lady who died of cancer i believe a couple of years back probably.