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  1. Akaal ! Why do you want to be judged by someone ? Jin Prem Kiyo tin hi Prabh paayo. You have love for Gurbani, you feel anand listening to Gurbaani rather than learning the meanings. Do what your soul tells you. He must have said that sentence to let the sangat feel that let Simran and doing paath be not just an exercise. He is not wrong bhha ji . He must have said a 100 other things to help you progress however you took him negatively because what he said hurt you. Maybe, what perhaps you would want to try is get a translated sateek of Sukhmani Sahib. Remember we are Sikhs of the Guru, a Sikh is always a student, see the brighter side that what he said has hurt you because you have Prem for Gurbani. Let this Prem progress into Bhagti of a higher level. Thank him for giving you this jolt to wake up and do things which will help you progress and maybe a year or so down the line you will want to thank him for saying what he said. My apologies if i said anything that may have hurt you. The Guru knows the Best ! Akaal hi Akaal !
  2. absolutely ! do namaz and get khatna done too...follow what the Messenger of Allah said ...and that start believing that the last messenger is (SAW) ..end of the story !
  3. Thats called 600 pack ! you need to be patient to find the pack
  4. its terrible ! getting killed over a trifle matter...i wish someone had smashed that norwegian bully's skull
  5. Babbeyo , Gutka Sahib kitho manga sakde ? Main Hindustan ch rehinda haan ji
  6. Dhanvaad maalko ...how is the Paath supposed to be done ? there are like 3 days important of Diwali ..should we do the whole paath every day ?
  7. they are sympathizers of the commie mentality and supporters of Rozana Spokesman, i have spent a few years on their forum only to be blocked time and again.
  8. thanks bro , i did that on friday however this is a scanned copy so cant search
  9. Veer i have tried different websites , i think i need to dig more, i have read somewhere..but now i cannot recollect
  10. i am trying find veer , will let you know
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