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  1. it takes months to Katha is what i meant veer, yes please post..me and many others would be interested
  2. i doubt thats possible , it could take months
  3. jaikaara

    Dr.Pankaj Naram (Master Healer)

    He is a Sindhi
  4. jaikaara

    Dr.Pankaj Naram (Master Healer)

    was good , he is popular but personal attention may not always be possible
  5. jaikaara

    Dr.Pankaj Naram (Master Healer)

    i have been to his clinic in Mumbai, was close to my home
  6. jaikaara

    Afghan Singh Shaheeds

    that government was different than this one. That government imported Rohingyas.
  7. jaikaara

    Afghan Singh Shaheeds

    bhaa ji eh ki gal ho gayi..Delhi already has Afghani Sikhs settled in the last 20 years and in my city too i have interacted with Sikhs coming from Quetta . India is their first home by default , no government bjp or congress will stop them. All those of us who are using Twiter, just tweet Sushma Swaraj. Open a page on Facebook which will have copies fo those tweets and just let it spread.
  8. jaikaara

    Waheguru Gurmantar

    As you jaap continuously your mind will be at peace and balanced. There will be questions in the mind as to do you really need the wish to be fulfilled. Hukum of Akaal , Rabb da Bhaana mann ke jeevan byatit karan di chaah honi pehnji.
  9. jaikaara

    Dhadrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    Taksal was never the worst enemy, in fact it was only during the time of Sant Jarnail SIngh ji that Indira gandhi and the Taksal communicated . Whatever went wrong and it resulted in turmoil that we all are well aware about. By the way, for your information Indian Government is not some Mughal king that the people remain the same. The government then was congress and now it is bjp. Bjp and Akaalis have had a relationship in long . How is it that you claim that Jathedar Baba Harnaam Singh Dhumma was chosen by the government ? You are making serious allegations against a Sampraday just like the person who you are following. You want to prove that the strength of the Khalsa is so weak that any tom harry will easily enter and change it accordingly. If it was also so easy then why did the Mughals not do so ? they were more crafty and could have easily been successful in dismantling the whole Panth. The whole idea of your thinking is , saare chor ne bas assi hi saaf suthre chitte hai. I t doesnt work like this buddy .
  10. jaikaara

    Dhadrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    please bring up a complete video proving he didn't meant to challenge the rituals and might have said it in a different context. Had he not criticized the Taksaal and the rituals he wouldnt have fallen in the eyes of the people. I wish he understands sentiments and apologizes for what people understood about him. Waheguru sammat bakshe
  11. jaikaara

    Dhadrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    to consider his views as intellect is in itself weird. According to him everything is a hoax. Parkrama , ishnaan, amritvela, ..the only thing holy is his words sounding right from his nose.
  12. jaikaara

    Who is Bhavani/Chandi?

    Namo Aaad Shakti Maharaani Chandi Aad Bhavaani Bhagouti
  13. i was given this advice and i believe it, Har Vele Simran. When you start doing Simran you will miss the feeling when you cant do it.
  14. jaikaara

    Dhadrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    Veer of all what i have heard of his bachans he seems to be influenced by the so called 'rational' Anti Dasam brigade . He started this in fact, he started criticizing Taksaal..in one of the videos i heard him saying eh kam Taksaal da hai sannu karna painda..this got the Taksaalis agitated . Last but not the least, he questioned bathing in the sarovar at Amritsar Sahib and it was in a rude way is what i feel. He said something to belittle the ritual