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  1. Thanks to your query, reminds me of my dad explaining me this almost 3 decades back and here is an explanation i found very much like what i heard from my dad . http://www.mygreatbaba.com/ All the problems faced in life can be basically categorised mainly in three types: Adi bhautik (Physical)- Related mainly to body; e.g. hunger/thirst, snake bite, wars or fights with other living beings Adi Devik (Divine)- Generated by Prakriti, e.g. Extreme weather, earthquake, excessive rain or lack of it Adhyatmik (Spiritual)- Related to the Mental plane, e.g.anger, greed, infatuation, recurring doubts, infidelity etc. These problems are also inter-related, eg. Persistent.Adhyatmik cause can turn to bhautik and vice versa. Or they could alsobe combined in a particular case leading to increased intensity. Human Beings are unaware of the starting point of this environment which actually initialises while they werein their mother’s womb. To explain MAHA RORAV NARAK the worst of the hells (pain) is to remain upside down in complete darkness and along with mal-mutra viz the natural wastes in lower abdomen for over 3 months
  2. Understanding The Sri Akal Ustat.

    Unfortunately it doesnt make sense to me, where is he drawing the reference from? There is more Chandi Bani in Dasam Granth Sahib and that i dont believe would be written for the sake that someone wanted to hear the Ustat and Maharaaj composed .
  3. Understanding The Sri Akal Ustat.

    Thanks a ton for sharing veera
  4. Why Sikhi failed to spread

    Singh Sabha was made to understand by the Macaulay that the Hindu was a boa constrictor ! if the Hindu was a boa constrictor why would there be contribution to people joining Khalsa ...before any formal divide there have been families with generations having chilldren either follow Sanatan or Sikhi..and Sikhi never faced dwindling numbers as in today ..if there were subtractions then there were additions too..i know of families here who say their great grand father or the forefathers was Sikh or Hindu or who's half family is following either of the two religions. Arya Samaaj themselves dont get well with rest of Hindus and they made an attempt to curb a separate identity formation motivated by the British which i feel perhaps shouldn't have happened ...
  5. Why Sikhi failed to spread

    There has also been an attempt by Arya Samaaj to curb the distinct identity of the Khalsa..you need to draw the line bro...Khalsa is a Panth born in Bharat and will have the same base as other religions born in India ..the concept of Chitargupt and Yamraj and 84 lakh joon..Hindu is a geographical identity only. So even though you love and respect Sikhism you should respect the fact that they are a distinct Panth
  6. Sikh Astrologer

    i am currently working on this line, some times are as such when nothing seems to work ..learning the planetary positions i would want to do bani more
  7. Absolutely, there is no Bani which is gender conscious
  8. Devteya naalo Guru mahan, Yog naalo Gatka mahan, Rakhdi naal vi vair..Taksali logic ..sum of all the crap is I am mahan rest all are beimaan.
  9. Rather than getting into this agnostic hatred a person of like you should focus on higher subjects
  10. So what do you want to say ? You want to do some comparison on who created what and prove someone not worthy of respect like neo taksalis and anti dasam gang do ?
  11. very happy to have you on the forum brother, like you i too am from a hindu family background. The explanation about Kaliki Avatar, i too have most times felt the same. As a child I remember seeing a painting depicted of Kalki Avtar seated on a horse in Blue attire and i too used to connect to Guru Dasmesh Pita however in this case in His composition of Kalki Avtar Guru Sahib mentions the birth of Kalki Maharaj in the village of Sambal located in Himachal Pradesh if i am not wrong.
  12. just copy the text and paste in word file mere veer.
  13. Dusht Daman!?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHpcc4cLpM8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbzsI0IYWmA
  14. Dusht Daman!?

    Ohh is it ! thanks for letting the Panth know, So you want to say Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa Bhindranwale who did Katha of Bachitar Natak bani was also a Hindu Mitihasak ?