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  1. gurfateh ji any one know the history of the bunga mastuana taksal which was i think was started by baba attar singh i think , correct me if im wrong any info will be great thanks
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    On Sunday 30 May at 1.30pm there will be an open meeting at the gurdwara sahib regarding their party hall. the issue is the consumption of alcohol and serving non vegetarian food on the premises. the committee has decided that this matter should be left to sangat to decide whether to allow or disallow. Sangat decision will be final, THIS ISSUE IS IMPORTANT IF NOT MORE AS DASRSAN RAGI. the Sikh Temple 6 maidstone road grays essex 01375 37 60 86 reg charity: 1123363 this sunday 30 may 1.30pm Sandesh issued my Sri Akal Takht Sahib - April 2006. Any form of intoxicants (alcohol, drugs etc) and preparation or consumption of foods such as meat, fish and eggs are not permitted on Gurdwara property. Guru-ka-Langar should be prepared and observed in accordance to Gurus' maryada (tradition). No person under the influence of intoxicants is allowed inside Gurdwara property. Inside the property of the Guru Sahibs, only the recital of Gurbani, katha, kirtan and reccounting of the Gurus' history are permitted. Buildings bought or constructed using the Daswand (one tenth of earnings) of the Sikh Sangat or Gurdwara donations are solely to be used to be used for Gurmat purposes and the betterment of society. Anand Karajs (Sikh wedding ceremonies) etc must be performed in Gurdwaras in accordance to Gurmat and the Panthic accepted Sikh Rehit Maryada. There is no permission granted for dancing and singing or any acts which go against the principles of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. dis is against guru sahib did the shaheeds give up everything for this We as sikhs are not allowed to eat meat and eggs but for some reason we think that it is okay to do so in property which is under the Gurudwara i.e that is linked to our Guru sahib Sangat dont have the right to decide GURU sahib has already Dere is no point of looking like a sikh going to march in central ldn for 17 sikhs or 84 n den not care about dis which is beadbi of mahaaj because this attacks the very teachings of guru sahib Remeber for Sant ji it was satkaar was more important than freedon thats why he launched the morcha intially Jathedar of Akal Takht going to be in plumstead on the 31st so he must be in the country on sunday Benti someone get hold of him and take him down there Also we ALL need to get down there to stop the vote or make sure the vote swings in the gurmat way there should not be voting anyway on Gurmat issues also we need to phone the gurdwara make them aware that this is the biggest issue think about it we complain about punjab being full of drugs and alchol yet our Gurdwara wants to happily promote these evils
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